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1.- According to Chomsky there are four Criticisms about structural linguistics.

Name two criticisms

and explain one, giving an example.
Chomsky defines a substantial change, make the main difference between humans and animals
and set language. Based on this idea develops other:

-The ability to speak to humans is genetically determined.
-For example: The ability to acquire language is simply a process of development of innate
faculties, so that children learn to speak in the same form as the tree roots grow.
Chomsky understands the inner language, individual and intentional.Internal is much that has to
do with the internal state of the mind-brain of a person and is independent of other elements of
the world.The language I is the knowledge that has a speaker on his tongue (unconscious), and the
source of that knowledge.He is interested in the study of language as a system that is represented
in the mind of each individual.
Chomsky says, the syntax indicates that everything can be repeated many times, a formal process
by which you can create endless prayers from the application of a finite number of rules.

2. Basically, what does Chomsky think about the structuralism?
He had three point of view about Structuralism,
Chomsky said that structural linguistic giving a few examples of regular constructions.
Structure linguistic was deeply into structure. They didn`t consider the sentence structure.
Structure linguistic there was no study or analysis of process of sentences formation and
sentences interpretation.
3. Name and explain two differences between generative grammar and structuralism.
Structuralism Generative Grammar

Concerned with the function of language
e.i: communication

The main concern is related to the knowledge
of language.
e.i: representation in the mind

Language is a conduct to communicate
e.i: social institution to communicate

Language is the knowledge that enables to
grammatical relations.
e.i: when a person understand and produce

4.According to the text, what is your opinion about Chomkys criticism to structuralism? Support
your point of view and give an example.
We think that the criticism about structuralism are coherent and adequate because as Chomsky
says, structuralism limit us to create and specific system of words or allow us use only the
information that we can see but never give us the opportunity to create new words or introduce
new information in a sentence.
For example, using generative grammar we can use recursive properties to make a sentence in
that we constantly embed new words. We use it when for example give information somebody:
She is my sister, she lives alone in her flat, she is a doctor and she.
In this case we can add extra information to continue with the sentence but in contrast, when we
talk about structuralism we cant embed new words or information, we have to use only the
information that we know and we can check with facts or evidence.

5. Write a brief summary about structuralism.
Structural Grammar: A grammar intended to explain the working of language in terms of the
functions of its components and their relationships to each other without reference to meaning.
Also, structuralism keep out semantics (construction of meaning) while analyzing individual
phonological units of sounds (phonemes), the construction of words (morphemes and inflections),
and syntax (function and relationship between sentence parts).

6. What said Chomsky about generative grammar? Explain.
Generative grammar extended from the work of Noam Chomsky and is find the idea that a deep
cognitive structure generates a syntactic base of all language and it consists of rules governing
phrase structure that are implemented in transforming elemental rules into complex expressions.
That means, there are naturally occurring cognitive rules for phrase formation that are naturally
applied in the construction of complex expressions of sentences as language expressions. The
transformations are expressed on the surface social structure as actual language. Various
languages have the same deep structure, it is postulated, while each has a different surface
structure expression.