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University of Development Alternative (UODA)

Faculty of Engineering
Department of CSE
Semester Final Examination (May-August) !"#
$ame of t%e course& 'ro(a(ility an) Statistics
Semester+ ,atc%& -"

.otal Mar/s& 0! .ime& -&!! 1ours
Ans2er any five of t%e follo2ing 3uestions
"4 a4 What do you know about normal test? Mention assumption and test statistic for normal
test. 0
(4 In a sociological investigation two groups of children drawn at random from
socioeconomic classes called A and B were classified as bright and non bright. Out of !!
children in the first group" #! were found to be bright and out of $!! children in the second
group %!" were bright. &o the children belonging to the two classes differ significantly in
their intelligence? 'se () level of significance.
4 a4 &efine level of significance" type*ii error" acceptance region and re+ection region.
(. ,wo different types of drugs A and B were tried on certain patients for increasing
weight. -ive persons were given drug A and seven persons were given drug B. ,he increase
in weight in pound is given below. 5
&rug A . /! // /0 / /%
&rug B . /0 /! / /$ /( /1 /#
&o the drugs differ significantly with regard to their effect in increase weight? 'se () level
of significance
-4 a4 What is the relation between binomial and poisson distribution? Mention uses and
characteristic of poisson distribution. 0
(. On an average ( in /(! items are defective. If the items are packed in bo2es of 0(!.
What is the probability that any given bo2 of items will contain
i. All good items.
ii. 3ess than or e4ual to two defective items
iii. ,wo or more defective items
#4 a4 What is normal distribution? 5ow many parameters does a normal distribution have?
Mention properties of normal distribution? #
(4 ,he mean and variance of daily income of $!!! workers are ,k.0!! and ,k.6
respectively. ,he income of the workers is normally distributed. -ind the e2pected number of
workers whose daily income is. *
i. Between ,k./!! to ,k./!(
ii. 7reater than ,k.//!
iii. 3ess than ,k.6!
04 a4 Why do we use regression analysis? &efine regression coefficient. -
(4 -ollowing data shows the test scores made by salesmen and their weekly sales. 6
8alesmen . / 0 $ ( % 1
,est score . ! 1! (! %! #! (! 6!
8ales9!.!!,k: . 0.( %.! .! (.! .! 0.( (.(
;alculate the regression e4uation of sales on test scores and estimate the probable weekly
sales volume if a salesman makes a score of 0!!.
*4 a4 &efine sample and sampling. What do you know about error" sampling error and non
sampling error? 0
b. Mention different methods of collecting sample. 5ow can we collect sample using
lottery method and stratified random sampling method? 0
64 a. Mention properties of regression analysis.
(4 ;atalogues listing te2t books were e2amined to discover the relationship between the
cost of a book and the number it contains. ,he perusal gives the following data for the si2
books. 5
<ages. (! (( ! %! %( #!
<rices. ( $ 1 # /!
What increase would you e2pect for a book if it is decided to increase the number of pages of
a book by /!!?