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Technical Analysis & Levels Technical Analysis & Levels

for 08 September 2014 for 08 September 2014

Prepared by Nicola !"e Prepared by Nicola !"e

Pa#e 2 $%P&S '&(&S
Pa#e ) A&&S &S*P+
Pa#e 4 '&($%P &S,-.
Pa#e / &S,A '&(*P+
Pa#e 0 $old 1T2 3il
Pa#e 4 A5 S&P/00
Tal"in#6.ore7 is !ni8!e in that it is the only a!dio service in the 9orld that is available 24 ho!rs a day and e7cl!sively
for .5 traders: 2t is delivered by o!r hi#hly s"illed team of Tal"in#6.ore7 analysts aro!nd the cloc" from S!nday
evenin# thro!#h to .riday evenin#: 'very member of o!r team has a different mar"et speciality and each one has a
n!mber of years e7perience 9or"in# for an investment ban"; hed#e f!nd or financial ne9s a#ency:
<ost importantly Tal"in#6.ore7 analysts are completely independent and ne!tral in their opinions:
After hi#hli#htin# the importance of the )8:2 fib at 1:028) the brea" of this level means
ne9 tar#et is 1:00 and 9e sell rallies !ntil then:
2 am loo"in# at 1:028) & 1:0)/064/ to sell for 1:00 b!t bo!nce may be less than that:
4hr chart=
(esistance 1:028)>ma?or@ 1:0)4/ 1:0402 1:0/)0>ma?or@ 1:000 >ma?or@
S!pport 1:010/ 1:0000 1:0000>ma?or@ 1:/400>ma?or@
Not yet at s!pport; loo"in# for bo!nces to 1:)014 & and the marab!Ao line at 1:)04) to resell:
.oc!s is on the $%P; b!t all &S crosses have only had v shallo9 bo!nces:
-o!rly vie9
S!pport 1:2B1B 1:2844 1:2484 >ma?or@
(esistance 1:)014 1:)04) 1:)10)60B 1:)14/>ma?or@
&pside brea" of pivotal level 0:B))0 & messy brea" !p thro!#h nec"line at 0:B)/) & 0:B)4)
means 9e are #rindin# hi#her to fib tar#ets 0:B40B & 0:B4/0
0:B)00 & 0:B)40 are #ood levels to b!y a#ainst
.o!r -o!rly vie9
(esistance 0:B)/4 0:B)4064)>ma?or@ 0:B410 0:B4/0
S!pport 0:B)40 0:B)28>ma?or@ 0:B280 0:B240644 0:B2)8>ma?or@
%earish reversal day at the bi# 10/:00 fibonacci cl!ster level & trendline from A!#!st 1BB8 hi#h:
The hi#h co!ld #et retested or spi"ed b!t 2 am a seller a#ainst this hi#h:
10/:)0 #ood level to loo" for short entries or 104:/8
-o!rly Cie9
S!pports 104:0B 104:44 104:24 10):B/6104:0)>ma?or@ 10):40>ma?or@
(esistance 10/:)0 10/:4)>2014hi#h@ 10/:00>ma?or@ 100:10 100:)/ 104:24>ma?or@
-!#e over 1D #ap hi#her S!nday ni#ht 2 still really li"e this lon#; b!y dips bac" to 0:4B08 &
0:4B// for tar#ets 0:80/0 & 0:81//
-o!rly chart vie9
S!pport 0:4B48682>ma?or@ 0:4B08 0:4B// 0:4B)2 0:48B0 0:484/>ma?or@ 0:48)0
(esistance 0:801/ 0:80)/>ma?or@ 0:80/0 0:8044>ma?or@ 0:81//
Testin# last 9ee"s hi#hs; B)28 is interim fibonacci resistance & tar#et is hi#her at 0:B400
S!pport to b!y for contin!ation lon# entry at 0:B240 & 0:B2/0 is marab!Ao line entry
.o!r -o!rly chart vie9
S!pports 0:B240 0:B2/0 0:B18068/>ma?or@ 0:B140 0:B1/0 0:B11)
(esistance 0:B)2/ 0:B)48 0:B400
Colatile inside day: Still a ran#e trade this leans bearish to 1:0442 b!t mi#ht drift hi#her first:
The middle of a 9ed#e E donFt diddle in the middle
.o!r -o!rly vie9
S!pport 1:0B10 1:0880 108:/4 1:0804 >ma?or@
(esistance 1:0B42 10B:/4 1:0B8/>ma?or@
1)/:42 is really "ey s!pport for '&(*P+; belo9 that there is a vac!!m to 1:))/0
-o!rly vie9
S!pports 1)4:01 & 1)4:/0 1)4:)4 1)4:0)
(esistance 1)8:00 1)8:24 >200B triple top@ 1)8:0060B
Side9ays consolidation b!t at "ey b!llish trend s!pport 12/8600 9e have b!llish reversal candle:
&pside tar#ets 1)0/ ne7t: 1200604 9hich is 9here 9e are is #ood level to reload shorts:
1204:/0 for b!lls to b!y
.o!r -o!rly vie9
(esistance 1200604 124/:)0640 128) 12B)6B/ 1)0/60>ma?or@
S!pports 1204:/0 12/8600>ma?or trend s!pport@ 12/1
OIL &S 1T2 cr!de 3ct f!t!res
aily Cie9 E B2:046B):00 s!pport loo"s to s!rvive 4
test: A ran#e trade & at the bottom of the
ran#e favo!rs lon#s as 9e start the 9ee" b!t the lon#er term trend is bearish to B1:2)6/0:
-o!rly chart
S!pport B2:44 B1:/0>ma?or@ B1:2)>*an lo9@
(esistance is at B4:/0 B/:B0 B0:)/
aily vie9 E -it the !pside tar#ets B48/6B/ the A5 is a sell a#ainst these levels for me as 9e
start the 9ee"
.o!r -o!rly vie9
S!pport at B018>ma?or@ B000 B/4/ B440
(esistance B48/6B/>ma?or@ BB0B 10041
aily vie9 After 4 days of do?is closin# aro!nd 2000 the b!llish close above that level 9as
interestin# b!t it 9as not ne9 hi#hs so the imbalanced sentiment ma"es me contin!e to loo" for
shorts: 2f it is b!llish then 2000 9ill hold as s!pport for lon#s
-o!rly vie9
(esistance 200/ 2008 2014>ma?or@ 20/0>ma?or@
S!pport 2000 1BB4 1BB1:)0>ma?or@ 1B84 1B84>ma?or@