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Solutions for Recycling Elmwood Park

RecycleTech Corporation is an innovation-driven company

utilizing the latest technology to provide solutions for recycling
and waste reduction. Founded in 2004 as specialized recycler of
EPS - Expanded Polystyrene, commonly known as Styrofoam
- scrap material, RecycleTech Corp. has set up its first
processing facility in Lakeland, Florida in 2005. In a partnership
with the Solid Waste Division of Polk County, some 4,000 lbs
of material is processed daily from the post-industrial "loose
foam" scrap received from the local organizations. In 2008, an
Innovative Waste Reduction and Recycling Grant was awarded
to RecycleTech to stop the flow of EPS waste into
landfills. Through the grant RecycleTech has placed its EPS
processing machines in several counties and businesses
throughout the State of Florida.
Current Operations Locations
RecycleTech has its epuipment installed and running at over 100 client locations
throughout U.S. & Canada.
RT's clients list include many major electric, apliance, motor, and retailing companies.

Reverse Vending Machines
RVMs - are automated machines that utilize advanced technology to identify, sort,
collect and process used beverage containers. RecycleTech's cutting edge Reverse
Vending Machines have unique features that will effectively promote recycling among
the public, especially the younger generations.
MT-500 Reverse Vending Machine can do much more than just crushing cans and
MT-500 Reverse
Vending Machine
has 42" LCD video
display for ads and
Video Player
Personalized magnetic/IC chip
card system issues the users
reward points. The system may
be integrated with other types
of personal accounts, i.e. school
ID or library card.
Reward Point System
MT 500
Waste to Energy Systems
The system processes waste materials
thermo-plastics, waste tires, synthetic fibers,
etc. by applying heat in the absence of
oxygen, triggering chemical endothermic
reaction that breaks down the carbon chains
inside: The materials are decomposed into
carbonized hydrogen chemical compounds
from which gaseous, solid, and liquid fuels
are extracted.
It's not science fiction any more. RecycleTech's high molecular pyrolysis Waste-to-
Energy system can produce fuel from waste.
Virtually Self-sustaining System (Output gas
used as fuel for operation)
Minimal CO2 Footprint
No Polluting Emissions
High Efficiency & Profitability
Plastic Foam Densifiers
Plastic Foam Densifier XT 200
XT 200 Specifications
Weight: 1,400 lbs
Capacity: 200 lbs/hour
Overall Dimensions (w/ safety guard):
47"(W) x 43"(L) x 65 "(H)
Hopper Opening: 25" x 20"
Power Requirements:
220 Volt / 3 Phase / 16~40 Amp
(60 Amp circuit breaker required)
Why XT200
Competitively priced / Cost effective Convenient and Safe for
public use Easy to move around (Can be mounted on a truck to
form a Mobile EPS Recycling Station) Easy to maintain.
Small to mid-sized warehouses/
retail stores
Small to mid-sized electronic
recycle & repair centers
Schools or Government Offices

For more information please visit

Headquarters & Sales Office
418 Falmouth Ave.,
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407.
Telephone: 201-475-5000
Fax: 201-475-5001
U.S. South East Operation
Bartow Municipal Airport Blvd 104
Bartow, FL 33830
Telephone: 863-665-3755
FAX: 863-665-3866