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Title: Setup External Mail for J.D. Edwards

Abstract: This document details the steps and requirements to set up external mail
for the J.D. Edwards Software.
Product J.D. Edwards 5 & OneWorld Software
Suite Technical
Release ERP 8.! "e! Pre#"e
Document ID ott##$%
Date Created $&'&%
Date Reiewed (&)8&%$
Date Reised (&)8&%$
Ta!le of Contents
". #eriew
$. Setup to Ena!le External Messa%es usin% SMTP
&. M'PI and External Messa%in%
(. )re*uentl+ 's,ed -uestions on External Messa%in%

The *ri+ar, *rotocol -sed for sendin. in the J.D. Edwards software is
0s -sed when sendin. Wor1flow to an e2ternal e#+ail address.
0s -sed 3, the Send /essa.e s,ste+ f-nction when sendin. a +essa.e to an
e2ternal e#+ail address.
0s -sed 3, re*orts and 3atch a**lications to send to e2ternal e#+ail
/4P0 has li+ited f-nctionalit, in the J.D. Edwards software and as of Ser5ice Pac1
%% and an a5aila3le ES6 for "e and ERP 8.! is 3ein. re*laced with S/TP. Prior to
this ser5ice *ac1 and ES6! /4P0:
0s -sed when *ressin. the E2ternal /ail 3-tton fro+ the Tools e2it 3ar *rior to
a**l,in. the a5aila3le ES6 that this f-nction to -se S/TP
0s -sed 3, the Wor1 Center 7P)%5)8 to access 7send and read8 e2ternal +ail
s-ch as O-tloo1 and 9ot-s :otes. 0f -sin. O-tloo1 for e2a+*le! the -ser will
see another folder in Wor1 Center titled ;O-tloo1;. Within Wor1 Center! the
sender will ha5e the sent +essa.e in the O-tloo1 sent ite+ folder and the
recei5er will ha5e the +essa.e in the O-tloo1 in3o2. This f-nctionalit, e2ists
*rior to Ser5ice Pac1 %%
.#TE: 4t this ti+e! 9ot-s :otes can onl, 3e -sed onl, for sendin. e#+ail fro+ the
Wor1 Center or ;E2ternal /ail; Tools E2it <ar 3-tton. Chec1in. or readin. 9ot-s
:otes e#+ail fro+ the Wor1 Center is not s-**orted.
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Setup to Ena!le External Messa%es 0sin% SMTP
This set-* will allow sent 3, wor1flow *rocesses! the Send /essa.e s,ste+
f-nction and 6<E co+*letion to 3e sent to e2ternal +ail.
0pdate t1e JDE.ini file on t1e 2or,station '.D t1e Enterprise Serer
O*en =de.ini on Windows or Win:T director,
Search for 1e, R-le) in >JDE/409? section
Set the5al-etoR-le)@ABOPTB/409SERCER@D,o-r S/TP ser5er na+eE
Set-* for R-le%! R-le$ and R-leF 7nor+all, lea5e as it is8 ! or chan.e the
do+ain na+e fro+ ;; to whate5er is a**ro*riate in the
c-sto+er site
Sa5e JDE.ini
Setup t1e 0ser in 'ddress /oo, and Define t1e Mail Preference
Set the +ail *references correctl, for the -ser who is to recei5e the 6<E & Wor1flow The -ser needs to 3e set-* in the J.D. Edwards software 4ddress <oo1.
Gro+ +en- H%! select E+*lo,ee I-e-e /
0nJ-ire on the 6ser address 3oo1 n-+3er.
Ho into the Preference of the -ser the -ser and hit *reference on the
row e2it8
S*ecif, the +ail t,*e and enter a 5alid e#+ail address for the -ser.
Set -* the 6ser *rofile to incl-de the -serKs address 3oo1 n-+3er. Each 6ser
0D sho-ld ha5e a 5alid address 3oo1 n-+3er associated with it in the 6ser
Profiles Pro.ra+ 7PA%8 in the J.D. Edwards software.
4t this *oint! all 6<E! wor1flow and internal +ail for that -ser will 3e sent
to the -serKs e2ternal +ail address s*ecified a3o5e. 0f the *reference is not set for the
sender! the sender will 3e *ro+*ted to set *references when tr,in. to send e2ternal
:ote: 0t is not *ossi3le to set-* certain 7s-ch as Wor1flow +essa.es8 to .o
to E2ternal /ail and other 7s-ch as 6<E Co+*letion /essa.es8 to .o to the
Wor1 Center. C-rrentl, all +-st .o to the sa+e location of either E2ternal
/ail or the Wor1 Center. Lowe5er! it is *ossi3le to define the *reference on a -ser#
3,#-ser 3asis so so+e -sers recei5e their in the Wor1 Center and others
within their e2ternal +ail *ro.ra+.
3erif+in% t1e Setup of t1e SMTP serer
6se the followin. ste*s to 5erif, the set-* of the S/TP ser5er.
). ping the S/TP ser5er. 0t sho-ld ret-rn with s-ccess.
%. To test the connection to the S/TP ser5er! iss-e the followin. for+ the client
PC and the enter*rise ser5er telnet <smtpost! "#. Gor e2a+*le: telnet %5. 0t sho-ld ret-rn ""$ <S%T& ser'er name! ES/TP.
$. 0f the line co+es 3ac1 3e.innin. with %%! this 5erifies the inte.rit, of the
S/TP connection.
:ote: The 5al-e -sed for smtpost in the a3o5e telnet test sho-ld 3e the sa+e 5al-e
for the +ail ser5er that was entered in the =de.ini for the R-le ) +ail ser5er.
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M'PI and External Messa%in%
The -se of /4P0 for e2ternal within the J.D. Edwards software is
3eco+in. o3solete.
S4R '5F'%) re+o5es the f-nctionalit, to -se /4P0 to read O-tloo1 e#+ail fro+
within the Wor1 Center as of Ser5ice Pac1 %%.
There is an a5aila3le ES6 that the *rocess of sendin. +ail fro+ the E2ternal
/ail tools o*tion to -se S/TP rather then /4P0. This chan.e is a5aila3le on an ES6
for S4R '5)F%$ for J.D. Edwards software release "e and S4R 'F($''A for ERP
Set up to 'llow Messa%in% on t1e 2or,station usin% M'PI
). Re5iew and install Windows / on the wor1station
%. 0nstall e2ternal +ail client s-ch as O-tloo1 or 9ot-s :otes
$. Create a new Profile need a Windows ad+inistrator or +ail ser5er
ad+inistrator to do this8
O*en Control Panel
O*en the o*tion for /ail
0f the +achine has a *rofile! clic1 on the Show Profiles 3-tton! else .o to the
ne2t ste*
Clic1 on 4dd 3-tton in Profiles of Windows /
Select the radio 3-tton ;+an-all, confi.-re infor+ation ser5ices; and clic1
0n*-t ,o-r *rofile na+e and clic1 ne2t. Mo- can na+e it an,thin. ,o- want
7e... 9ot-s8
4 new window ;Pro*erties of D*rofile na+eE; o*ens! clic1 on the add 3-tton
Select ser5ice ;9ot-s :otes /ail; for 9ot-s :otes or ;/S E2chan.e Ser5er;
for O-tloo1.
0n*-t ,o-r +ail ser5er na+e and *assword
0pdate t1e 4de.ini file on t1e wor,station
O*en =de.ini on Windows or Win:T director,
Search for 1e, +ailProfile in >JDE/409? section
Set 5al-e to +ailProfile@D*rofile na+eE 7i.e. *rofile na+e created a3o5e e...
+ailProfile@9ot-s. This settin. allows the Wor1 Center to send and read
e2ternal +ail.
:ote: 0f the sender does not ha5e the +ailProfile *ara+eter! the Wor1 Center will
*ro+*t the -ser for the correct *rofile to -se when he&she tries to send an e2ternal
Set up 0sers in 'ddress /oo,
The *erson who will 5iew e2ternal fro+ the J.D. Edwards software
Wor1 Center a**lication needs to 3e set-* in the 4ddress <oo1 a**lication
The *erson who recei5es E2ternal +ail is not reJ-ired to 3e set-* in the
4ddress <oo1. Gor e2a+*le: if ,o- select the e2ternal +ail o*tion and enter
an e2ternal e#+ail address! that *erson is not reJ-ired to 3e set-* in the
address 3oo1.
Set -* the 6ser Profile to incl-de the -serKs address 3oo1 n-+3er.
The followin. window 3o2 will *o* -* when clic1in. ON d-rin. sendin. an e2ternal
+ail if the +ail *rofile or -ser *reference is not set-* correctl,.
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)re*uentl+ 's,ed -uestions on External Messa%in%
I). 0 want +, +essa.e to .et sent to O-tloo1! 3-t when 0 r-n a re*ort! the 6<E
co+*letion +essa.e .ets sent to Wor1 Center! not O-tloo1O
4). Cerif, the e+ail *reference and e#+ail address associated with the -sers address
3oo1 record. 0f there is a 5alid +ail t,*e and e#+ail address then r-n the re*ort with
o5erride location 9OC49. 0f the +essa.e .ets sent to O-tloo1! then the =de.ini on the
wor1station is set -* *ro*erl, and the S/TP ser5er is f-nctionin.. :e2t! 5erif, the
+ailSer5er section on the =de.ini settin.s on the enter*rise ser5er has the *ro*er
S/TP ser5er 0P address. 6s-all,! the =de.ini on the enter*rise ser5er is not set -*
I% P When a +essa.e is sent! it is not 3ein. sent to the a**ro*riate -serO
4% P The address -sed for the +essa.e is retrie5ed fro+ the 6ser 0D of the -ser that
s-3+itted the re*ort or 3atch a**lication. 6sin. the 6ser Profile a**lication! 5erif,
what address n-+3er is associated with the -ser id that s-3+itted the re*ort.
I$# 0 a+ r-nnin. an a**lication that sends +-lti*le le5els of error
Lowe5er! when sendin. the +essa.e to e2ternal +ail! onl, the first le5el of 6<E
co+*leted is sent e2ternall,. The +-lti*le le5els of drill#down errors are not 3ein.
sent to e2ternal +ailO
4$ # /-lti#le5el drill down created 3, certain <atch 4**lications within JD
Edwards are alwa,s sent to the Wor1 Center. C-rrentl, the f-nctionalit, does not
e2ist to send these t,*e of drill down e2ternall,. 0f the -serKs e#+ail
*reference is e2ternal! the, will recei5e a +essa.e that the 6<E *rocess co+*leted
with errors! howe5er the s*ecifics of the error will need to 3e 5iewed
thro-.h the wor1 center. S4R 5$5%A( e2ists in the s,ste+ reJ-estin. an
enhance+ent to send f-ll detailed error to e2ternal +ail.
IF P 0s it *ossi3le to disa3le the 6<E co+*letion within the s,ste+
4F P 0t is not *ossi3le to do this on a .lo3al 3asis for all 6<E re*orts. 0t is *ossi3le to
do it on a re*ort#3,#re*ort 3asis. The ste*s for disa3lin. the co+*letion for
an indi5id-al re*ort are the followin.:
). Create a C <SG: that calls ;<OO9
-3eRe*ortQDisa3leSend/essa.e79P<LCRCO/ *<h5rCo+8;
%. Loo1 -* this C <SG: an,where in the re*ort.
This will disa3le the each ti+e ,o- r-n that *artic-lar re*ort.
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