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Task I
You have had a bank account Ior a Iew years. Recently you received a letter Irom the bank stating that your account
is $240 overdrawn and that you will he charged $70 which will be taken directly Irom your account. You know that
this inIormation is incorrect.
Write a letter to the bank. Explain what has happened and say what you would like them to do about it.
uear Slr/Madam,
l am wrltlng to express my dlssatlslactlon wlth the letter recelved lrom your bank about charglng me
$70 lor a mlstake.
1he bank sent me a letter and stated that l have overdrawn my account and as a result the bank charged
me and took wlthdrew money lrom my account. Surprlslngly, they dld not send me a detall llst ol my
account transactlons and when l contacted the bank, they told me there ls no mlstake ln thelr
calculatlon, but they relused to glve my bank balance. l belleve lt ls my rlght to get detalled lnlormatlon
about my account speclally when there ls such an lnconslstency, so please prepare your documents as
soon as posslble, and then we can solve the problem. Ctherwlse, l wlll send a clalm to local court and
ask them to lollow the case.
l look lorward to hearlng lrom you very soon.
?ours lalthlully,
Lhsan Amld
1ask ll
Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish .why do you think this is happening? What can government do
to help reduce the amount oI rubbish produced?
Cne ol the maln ellects ol modern llle ls productlon ol huge amount ol rubblsh every day. 1hls rubblsh
ls lrom very dlllerent categorles, some ol them are the waste ol good we use ln everyday llle and the
reset ls produced durlng productlon tlme. Although, most ol these waste materlal do are not produced
by government, lt can push people and lndustrles to reduce rubblsh productlon.
ln the llrst place, all the goods that we buy ln our llle are packed by materlals that we generally do not
need and alter buylng we wlll dlspose ol them. Slnce, most ol the packlng materlals are synthetlc
products, they wlll accumulate ln envlronment lor long tlme. 1he maln reason lor thls packlng ls that
many products are produced ln one place and must transler to other cltles or countrles. So, producers
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AlA8lnLSP lLL1S - tel:021-88640490
need new materlal that can preserve the content lor a long tlme. 1he other noteworthy reason lor new
packlng system ls maklng the product attractlve to customers.
1he rubblsh that ls produced durlng productlon tlme, ls the second polnt to conslder. 1he maln concern
ol most lactorles all over the world ls produclng wlth lower prlce and better quallty but they usually
never thlnk about the waste materlal whlch ls produced durlng process tlme. 1hey throw away thelr
rubblsh ln envlronment because lt needs large amount ol money and cost to translorm them thelr
appllcable recyclable materlals.
As long as people and manulacturers maln concerns are prlce and quallty, government ls responslble to
lor lorclnge people and lactorles to reduce rubblsh productlons. When lt comes to people, government
must push lamllles to separate dlllerent types ol rubblsh , so they can be treated ln dlllerent proper
ways. lor lactorles , government must put pressure on them to lmprove thelr processes ln order to
reduce the waste materlals and also rellne the toxlc output that have been reallzed ln envlronment.
Addltlonally, government must get more tax lrom lactorles that cannot lmprove the methods, so ln
order to make lt competltlve lor the whole marketd.
ln concluslon, desplte customers' lnterest ln prlce and quallty and producer competltlon ln competltlve
market , lt ls government's responslblllty to supervlse all actlvltles that wlll result ln rubblsh productlon
and control them ln proper manner.
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