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Sananda: Together, Forever, One

Hello, everyone, and greetings from the Galactic Federation ships, where we are discussing the
Disclosure we have planned for the near future. I want to prepare you for the fun, and let you know
that whatever you have in mind when you think Disclosure, it may not !e what we are planning. "f
course, our plans evolve as conditions on the ground evolve, so we have already gone from the
doomsday scenario we had planned in the #$%s & to swoop down and pick you all up on millions of
ships when the nuclear holocaust that was planned looked imminent.
'o reassure you, (eloved "nes, we had the drill well practiced. )e could have air&lifted all of you in
a matter of minutes if it had !een necessary. Fortunately, that horrific possi!ility has !een stopped,
now that the nuclear weapons on your planet are inoperative, and the diplomatic option is !ecoming
more and more effective. *es, we !reathed a sigh of relief when we were permitted to intervene +ust a
!it, !ecause our Great ,reator will not permit such folly to ever occur again.
-ow, we are looking forward to greeting you less dramatically, as we have !een doing for some time
now. . sighting over /ondon recently helped to solidify the recognition for the (ritish people that we
are here, and we !ring greetings. It does not matter which ship of the massive fleet under the .shtar
,ommand happens to !e allowed to present themselves for photographing. 0eople on the ground do
not yet have the e1pertise to identify or understand our crafts or where they might !e from. It doesn%t
matter, you see, !ecause all are here for the same purpose & to o!serve your evolution to higher
vi!rations and to !e of assistance if possi!le.
Generally, we are not allowed to push or tweak your affairs on the ground, no matter how omnipotent
you may think we are2 we are not permitted to use our powers to change the course of a civili3ation2
you must !e allowed to rise up on your own. )e have !een permitted to help you in the form of these
messages !ecause it is now the end of the cycle of growth which will allow for your mass .scension,
and !ecause ,reator saw that without greater contact with us you would not !e a!le to reach a high
enough vi!ration to accomplish it.
It is your opportunity now, Dear "nes. 'he nourishing energy from the ,entral Sun of ,reator is now
flooding your planet, giving you the e1tra !oost to carry you to your goal. *ou and I have !een on this
path for thousands of years, suffering many set!acks and reversals as we faced the manipulations and
cruelty of the Dark "nes. )e must not now allow the one interference that would stand in the way of
our .scension. It is despair, depression, disillusionment, discouragement and worst of all, a loss of
Here !ehind the 4eil, you have the comple1 disadvantage and challenge of maintaining your !alance
and seeing yourselves as the Gods and Godesses you really are. *ou think there is no proof that there
even is a God, and e specially that you are a completely integrated part of the GodSoul. *ou ask:
)ho am I5 I want to know who I am in the hierarchy of Heaven, and you search and implore
psychic mediums who finally tell you, *es, you are an incarnation of 6other 6ary, or *es, you are
an aspect of 7esus. It is true, you know. )hatever you have !een told is true. *ou are an aspect of
me, as I am an aspect of you.
I want to tell you a great 8niversal 'ruth, !ecause I think you are ready to understand the 'ruth. 'hat
is that you are all aspects of the ,reator, direct links to the energy of the Great ,entral Sun, +ust as I
am, +ust as 6other9Father God and all the other 6asters you have learned to speak with and love are
linked with you. 'hat link is felt through your heart & the same place where you feel the deep
connection with your children or your parents.
)hen we say to you, Dear "nes, )e are "ne, we mean it. )e are not +ust telling you a nice !edtime
story. )e are informing you of the simple truth which !eings in all the 6ultiverse know in their hearts.
*ou are among the last to truly accept this truth, are you not5 'he trees, the animals, the planets and
the stars all live in peace with the knowledge that they are an e1pression of the heart of Great ,reator.
*our race of humans has !een created to e1perience the /ove and deep happiness of knowing you can
never !e alone, never isolated, never separated from the "ne who is /ove.
*es, even your 0lanet, 6other 'erra, is created with the purpose of helping to raise humankind to the
level of acceptance, through and through & the acceptance that tells you deep within your unconscious
mind that you are good, you are enough, you are /oved without end and without :uestion & and the
acceptance which !rings peace. *ou have lived on a warring planet !ecause you are at war with God.
*ou argue and de!ate, :uestion and demand e1planations, when the 'ruth is right there in your heart.
*es, humankind is the ,reator race in every sense of the word, !ecause of your intelligence,
imagination and will, !ut you, the soul that you are, are not human. *ou have come here to e1perience
things intensely, to perhaps help the race to elevate itself to accept its true place in Heaven, as every
other species and every other human&like race !efore you has done. *ou, Dear Soul (rothers and
Sisters, are fulfilling God%s plan +ust as the ant on the sidewalk is, +ust as the whale and the dolphin and
the eagle are e1pressing themselves as God.
.ll come Home at the end of their incarnations. .ll live within the warm em!race of /ove, an
integrated and happily included mem!er of the great Heavenly host of !eings, all of whom e1perience
themselves as e:uals, partners in the great ;1perience which is /ife. Here in the Heavenly realms we
do not e1perience ourselves as part of a hierarchy2 we +ust are. )e do know of our e1periments in
individuation, in feeling ourselves to !e separate and e1periencing free will, and we also know that
those travels into separation were, in the final greater understanding, an illusion.
)e always come home to the loving arms of our ,reator, and the other energy forms we recogni3e as
our (rothers and Sisters, our 'win Flames, our soul partners and soul mates. -ow it is the ne1t step in
your development to see the continuum of /ife which runs through all your e1periences, whether you
are here in a human !ody or traveling the 8niverse in your light !odies, or incarnating on a distant
planet to e1perience a life of comfort and harmony.
(eloved "nes, we are like the fish of the sea & any fish, any sea & in that we swim in the great ocean of
God%s /ove. )e !reathe the air of God%s creation, we eat the food God created for us, and we live out
the lifetime of the !ody we have chosen to inha!it for this life e1perience. )e cannot !e a!andoned !y
God, no matter how dark our thoughts might !e2 we cannot !e punished !y God for sins or for anything
else, !ecause God sees us as a part of him9herself, and loves all ,reation as "ne. God would find it
unthinka!le to punish any creature, any !eing, !ecause it is not a part of the Great 0lan to control or
destroy the precious !eings who were created in /ove.
)e are given free reign to live well or !adly, whichever we choose, and to learn from the e1perience.
)hen you !ecome used to incarnating here on ;arth, it is easy to !egin to feel that this e1perience of
suffering and conflict is +ust the way of the 8niverse, or what /ife is, !ut it is not true. /ife is /IF;.
'he life force that courses through your veins is not concerned with whether you feel it or not, whether
you acknowledge its presence or not, it +ust is, and it will remain to sustain you as long as you continue
in this !ody. It is a gift, a !lessing that is given freely and without conditions. It is only you, Dear
"nes, who place conditions and +udgments and restrictions on your own +oy.
God did not create you to suffer, or to worry, or to feel alone and separate. /et%s !e clear here. *ou, the
soul that you are, are an integral part of the whole that is ,reator. 'here is no parting from that, or
!eing left out, or separating yourself. It cannot !e done. "nly when you come here & the soul that you
are & to inha!it a human form, do you !egin to think in terms of how you are alone in the 8niverse, and
wonder if there might !e intelligent life somewhere in the ,osmos like you. From the point of view of
the higher dimensions it would !e amusing that you would even think to ask such o!vious :uestions,
and that you might actually !elieve you are the only conscious !eings, if it were not so completely and
sadly delusional.
*ou see, your suffering comes not from the physical conditions of your life, for it takes very little for a
human !eing to live happily, as many indigenous cultures have shown us throughout the ages. /ook at
a !a!y, and see +ust how much that child really desires. . reasona!le supply of nourishing milk, a deep
and loving ga3e from a parent, a little comfort in the form of a clean diaper and a co3y hug, and the
child will supply the rest from their connection with God, their guardian angels, and the light and
energy patterns surrounding them.
I will continue to shower my /ove upon you, (eloved "nes, until you are a!le to a!sor! that love and
until you can hear my voice whispering love poems in your ear and feel my kisses on your face and my
arms surrounding you, for I am !ringing you the /ove I feel from our ,reator. I am simply e1pressing
what I feel and what I know in the deepest part of my heart & that we are loved and cherished, and it
will always and forever !e so. I give this /ove to you freely and without condition, !ecause it is given
to me freely, every moment, every day, for eternity.
I am here for you always, and I will remain with you in /ove, as long as we shall !reathe the eternal
/ight and /ove of our ,reator.
I am your Sananda.
'ranscri!ed !y <athryn ;. 6ay, 7uly =>, ?$>@, >$ 06, -ew *ork
0ermission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without
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