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Technical Analysis & Levels Technical Analysis & Levels

for 09 September 2014 for 09 September 2014

Prepared by Nicola !"e Prepared by Nicola !"e

Pa#e 2 $%P&S '&(&S
Pa#e ) A&&S &S*P+
Pa#e 4 '&($%P &S,-.
Pa#e / &S,A '&(*P+
Pa#e 0 $old
Pa#e 1 2T3 4il A5
Pa#e 6 S&P/00 .TS'
Tal"in#7.ore8 is !ni9!e in that it is the only a!dio service in the :orld that is available 24 ho!rs a day and e8cl!sively
for .5 traders; 3t is delivered by o!r hi#hly s"illed team of Tal"in#7.ore8 analysts aro!nd the cloc" from S!nday
evenin# thro!#h to .riday evenin#; 'very member of o!r team has a different mar"et speciality and each one has a
n!mber of years e8perience :or"in# for an investment ban"< hed#e f!nd or financial ne:s a#ency;
=ost importantly Tal"in#7.ore8 analysts are completely independent and ne!tral in their opinions;
At 1;0001) :e reach the /0> retrace of the rally from *!ly1) lo:s< and at 1;/961 :e
are at an A%?, :here the decline from 1/*!l to 1;0/)0 is e9!al to c!rrent decline;
This sho!ld #ive the mar"et pa!se; %e:are &@ data at 09A)0London mi#ht bo!nce it
aily chartA
(esistance 1;010/ 1;026)BmaCorD 1;0)1/ 1;0402 1;0/)0BmaCorD 1;000 BmaCorD
S!pport 1;0000 1;001)BmaCorD 1;/961BmaCorD 1;/100BmaCorD
$rindin# lo:er & tar#et remains 1;2140790 b!t sittin# on a nice s!pport level this mornin# at
1;2614 B*an2011 lo:D co!ld see a small bo!nce today< bac" to 1;29)0< not a trend chan#e
-o!rly vie:
S!pport 1;2919 1;2614 1;2161 BmaCorD
(esistance 1;)011 1;)04) 1;)10)709 1;)14/BmaCorD
2hat a horror sho:< if it :ere not for false brea"o!ts there :o!ld be no set !ps left; After /
:ee"s of side:ays doCis and a false brea" hi#her :e roll over lo:er; =y b!yin# advice of
yesterday :as all :ron#< sorry; -ere is the daily :ed#e< :e are abo!t to test the bottom r!n#<
ass!me it holds !ntil it doesnEt;
aily vie:
(esistance 0;9210 0;9)22Bmarab!Fo lineD 0;9)26BmaCorD 0;9)/1 0;9)1071)BmaCorD
S!pport 0;92)6BmaCorD 0;920/ 0;9101 0;91))
(allied thro!#h the 10/;00 fibonacci cl!ster level & trendline from A!#!st 1996 hi#h for no: &
ne#ated bearish reversal candle; Ne8t fib cl!ster is 100;))7100;41 b!t yo! cannot sell this
:itho!t short term price action tri##er; 4r b!y it :hen it is so stretched G so :e :ait for si#nal
.o!r ho!rly Hie:
S!pports 10/;10 10/;/0 10/;4)B2014hi#hD 104;)0
(esistance 100;)0 100;4/ 101;21BmaCorD
Tested the A!#!st hi#h at 0;60)/ and it holds for no:; 3 li"e this to clear that for tar#ets 0;60//
& 0;61// b!t may need to p!llbac" f!rther first; 2atchin# 1960 1910 & 19//
.o!r -o!rly chart vie:
S!pport 0;1916762BmaCorD 0;1906 0;19// 0;19)2 0;1690 0;161/BmaCorD 0;16)0
(esistance 0;601/ 0;60)/BmaCorD 0;60/0 0;6014BmaCorD 0;61//
$rindin# hi#her to 0;9400 tar#et b!t loo"in# a bit overstretched this mornin#; onEt see a trade
here< not a place to sell and needs some consolidation to b!y here;
.o!r -o!rly chart vie:
S!pports 0;9)2/ 0;9210 0;9246
(esistance 0;9)16 0;9)61 0;9400 0;94//
%ro"e the :ed#e hi#her on a bi# dollar day; No: at 1;0990 A!#!st hi#h; 3f :e clear this level its
a proper brea"o!t for &S,A and sets !p tar#ets m!ch hi#her at 1;1040 and 1;119
.o!r -o!rly vie:
S!pport 1;0942 1;09)0Bmarab!Fo lineD 1;0920
(esistance 1;0990 BmaCorD 1;1010 1;102) 1;1040BmaCorD
%!llish reversal above the "ey 1)/;12 s!pport< this chart is loo"in# li"e a b!llish pennant since
*an!ary; %elo: 1)/;12 there is a vac!!m to 1;))/0;
.o!r -o!rly vie:
S!pports 1)0;02 1)0;40 1)/;12BmaCorD
(esistance 1)1;00 1)1;20Bmarab!Fo lineD 1;)1)) 1)6;00BmaCorD
aily chart sho:s a b!llish bat harmonic pattern s!pport here; These patterns are abo!t 10>
reliable; So potential reversal bac" to test the trendline brea"do:n co!ld be settin# !p;
1200701 #ood resistance level to :atch for shorts & 1216760 #reat level to reload if :e #et there

-o!rly vie:
2atchin# for 12/1 to hold on a retest G trend is still bearish
(esistance 12/6 1202 121/;)0710 1260
S!pports 12/6700 12/1 12)07)9BmaCorD
OIL &S 2T3 cr!de 4ct f!t!res
aily Hie: I 2e bro"e the 92;04701 s!pport and altho!#h :e #ot bac" above it b!t the lon#er
term trend is bearish to 91;2)7/0 maCor s!pport
-o!rly chart
S!pport 92;01 91;60 91;2)B=aCor & *an lo:D
(esistance is at 9);00 94;/0 9/;9/BmaCorD
aily vie: I Sold off yesterday a#ainst the !pside tar#ets 916/79/ b!t the price action lo:er is
choppy and not imp!lsive :hich means a retest of the hi#hs is possible; Still a sell on rallies
.o!r -o!rly vie:
S!pport at 901/ 9016BmaCorD 9000 9/1/ 9410
(esistance 916/79/BmaCorD 9909 10041
aily vie: After 4 days of doCis closin# aro!nd 2000 the b!llish close then missin# a day :e
closed bac" there yesterday; 3 e8pect :e mi#ht do the same today; The imbalanced sentiment
favo!rs shorts; This ro!nded top pattern at ro!nd n!mber 2000 is not b!llish
3ts very easy to #et chopped aro!nd in this ti#ht ran#e< better :ait and be ready;
-o!rly vie:
(esistance 2000 200/ 2006 2011BmaCorD 20/0BmaCorD
S!pport 2000 1994 1991;)0BmaCorD 1961 1964BmaCorD
2ee"ly vie: I (eversal off the maCor 0900 level a#ain sets !p a trip to the bottom of the ran#e;
%earish< li"e the A5;