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Architectural Technology Courses: The Architectural Technology section deals with the

ever-changing interrelationships of material, functions, environment, and production. All of

these must be evaluated and manipulated in order to achieve the optimal performance,
balance, and maximum efficiency of the building system.
This science is the translation of design concepts into graphic images, and then converting
these graphic images into technical drawings and specifications that ultimately result in the
creation of the built environment.
The main goal of this field is to prepare students for the workplace through extensive
training in building products and materials, structural analysis and design, and building
Therefore, knowledge and theory concerning the processes of design, and building science
such as construction, and environmental issues are very important and must be developed
alongside the skills needed for drawing, communication, and presentation. This is an
extremely important link between design and production.
Architecture students must gain a unique understanding of the inseparability of disciplines
involved in architecture and buildings, as well as the connection between building
technology and design. We have carefully chosen courses that are concerned with the
quality of the constructed environment, its architectural design, and its structural resolution.
The following Architectural Technologies courses will provide you with the knowledge and
skill required in creating buildings and other architecture and thus provides you with the
necessary skills upon entering the workforce.
Architectural Technology Courses:
How Buildings Work: Understanding Buildings
o Part 1 Structure:
Intro: Understanding Architectural Structural Support
A) The Architecture of Compression
B) Beams and Frames
c) Beams and Frames
o Part2: Enclosure
A) The "small" house enclosure
A) Large Buildings enclosure
o Part 3. Climate Services
o Part 4. Utility Services
o Part 5. Lighting
o Part 6. Acoustics
o Part 7. Fire Safety
Building Courses
o Architectural Terms
o Architecture Design Process
o Steps in Building a Building
o Building Materials
o What are building materials?
o Wood Properties
o We have a detailed section about how to build a House that discuss a lot of the technical
aspects. Please refer to Build a Home.
How to Build Your Own House
o Overview
Permits, Foundation
Interior, Doors
Home Finishes and Exterior
o Beginning Construction
Building Codes
Basement Slab
Framing & Vents
o Construction Mid-Stage
Decorative Trim
Indoor Stairs
o Construction Finishing
Interior Finishes
- See more at: http://www.architecturecourses.org/architectural-