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Credit Cards

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Find: Reading a Credit Card Statement and answer the following:
1. What is the minimum payment amount !"#.##
$. What is the re%uired minimum payment percentage $&
'. (ist the total credit limit a)aila*le: !$+,-"..#
What does total credit limit a)aila*le mean /otal credit limit a)aila*le is the total
amount of money that you are a*le to *orrow.
,. (ist the cash ad)ance A01: $1.22& purchases A01: 1".22&
". 3escri*e what a *alance transfer is and what happens 4t is the transfer of 5part of6 of
the *alance 5either money or credit6 in an account to another account+ often held at another
-. Where should the payment *e mailed 5locate address6 2222 7ain 8t.
Anytown+ /9 222222
:. What is the customer;s new *alance !$+"',.$#
.. <ow much was the =nance charge !',.$# What is a =nance charge 4t is any fee
representing the cost of credit+ or the cost of *orrowing. 4t is interest accrued on+ and fees
charged for+ some forms of credit. 4t includes not only interest *ut other charges as well+ such as
=nancial transaction fees.
Find: Credit Card Repayment
1. A $& minimum payment+ !1### at 1'& interest would *e paid o> in 1$., years
$. A 1#& minimum monthly payment + !1### at 1'& would *e paid o> in '.# years
Find: Credit Scores and Reports and Reading Credit Report
1. Who does ?onathan 7oneymaker work for 1eally @ig Company 4nc.
$. (ocate his loan through (onecomet Credit.
What is his current *alance !#
'. What was his highest *alance !11+""2
,. What type of loan was this Automo*ile
". 4s the loan opened or closed Closed
Find: Credit Scores
1. What is a credit score and what does it tell you 4t is a three digit num*er calculated
from you dataArich credit report and is one factor used *y lenders to determine your
creditworthiness for a mortgage+ loan or credit card. Bou score can a>ect whether or not you are
appro)ed as well as what interest rate you are charged.
$. (ist the " categories and their percentage of impact:
1. credit miC
$. new accounts and credit re%uests
'. length of credit history
,. total inde*tedness
". record of paying your *ills on time 5payment history6
'. (ist " ways you can impro)e your score:
1. pay your *ills on time
$. get current with missed payments
'. understand that paying o> a delin%uent loan won;t remo)e it from your report
,. contact your creditors or a credit counselor if you;re ha)ing trou*le
". keep *alances low
,. What is the *est score range :-#A."# /he worst score range "##A":2
". What are $ things that create a %uick hit on your credit score
1. Dnpaid medical *ills and parking tickets
$. <ea)y credit use can lower it+ e)en if you pay large *alances o> in full in a short