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My name is Lacksumiy D/O Murthy and I am a student in the (2) PISMP
(MU/BAH/SEJ). Firstly I want to thank god because completed the english
coursework it is 1,2 and 3. During the coursework process there are many
challengers that I come a long to way complete the English course work. I want to
thank to English lecturer for guiding me and our counterparts in the complete of this
My English lecturer Mr. Tarsame Singh A/L Masa Singh are also provided more
information about the speaking skills, reading skills and writing skills. I am also thank
to my classmate who really understand and helped to constribute idea and support.
Through this assignment I have collected English information at the library
and search the internet. My English lecturer Mr. Tarsame Singh A/L Masa Singh also
give more information about three parts of speech it is about conjuctions,
prepositions and interjections are we all doing this coursework. I also refer each
other to further exchange my idea to complete the coursework 1 it is search many
notes about three parts of speech . In this grammer parts of English, I have
understand more about English. Even before I had learned it in school, but this time I
was required to provide to do explanation about three part of speech and identify
from internet, newspaper and journals base on the three parts of speech. I have a
problem when I identified the three parts of speech it is in the part interjection. In that
parts I didnt get more words from the three types of text. I ask help from friends and
lecturer to find the three parts of the speech from the text types. Language
instructions, guidance and coaching with my English lecturer about the coursework
can be completed successfully.
From this doing coursework 2 it is listening and analyzing a song. I listen a lot
of song In my life but for these coursework I choose song Numb by Linkin Park. I also
write the moral value and why I choose this song and why I recommend others listen this
song. I also can strengthen my knowledge in the subject English language. In my
prepration to became a teacher must equip themselves with the knowledge in the
chest so that it remains unable to adapt to school as a teacher who as knowledge on
a universal level.

Lastly, I have completed my English coursework as requsted by lecturer at the
right time. That is helped to me improved my English in a big way doing the how to
improve my English in writing, reading, and listening. I would like to express gratitude
thank to all who are directly involved in the process of completing my course work.
Thank you.