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Good Morning..Is that Mr. Sridhar..????

This is Shailendra, calling from Goldman communications

I believe you are the general manager of retail banking with ank of !eylon.....?
Great.."" I#m currently working closely with senior $rofessionals like you across ma%or banks in &'&! region, and while
discussing with them I got to know that now a days increasing the banks profitability by enhancing customer
experience through DIGITAL BA!IG and impro"ing the performance of different channels has become one
of the key challenge#
&nd I am sure you will agree with this
. $ight % Absolutely&
So, in order to gain insights ( learn some of the best Strategies that would drastically im$act the future of )igital
banking ma%or banks have $ro$osed to come together on a common $latform.
*ow, based on the $reliminary research with senior banking $rofiles, we have conce$tualised a convergence of Sr.
'rofiles from the region coming down to understand the +uture of )igital anking which would be a , )ay
engagement $rogram led by one of the world renowned e-$erts in the area of .etail ( )igital banking /ohn erry
&nd %ust to let you know, we have a tremendous res$onse and I#m working on the last few $ositions o$en as I see my
system ( I was sur$rised to see why is your bank not listed as to attend here, so I thought to s$eak to you $ersonally
( take it further.
0ave you heard of /ohn erry before?
/ohn is an internationally recogni2ed e-$ert and trainer in the retail ( digital banking world with over ,3 years of
industry e-$erience he was the former Managing )irector at a ma%or retail bank &bbey *ational 4now $art of anco
Santander5 in 6uro$e he has also $rovided his services to banks in India, 'akistan, angladesh and many other
0e will be focusing on the key challenges ' opportunities of Digital banking such as:
(ow to increase producti"ity across all channels whilst maximising the opportunity presented by
digital banking
7nderstanding the key revenue drivers and 0ow they change in a digitally driven world
8hat is the likely im$act of digitisation on $roduct design, marketing and $rofitability
9earn about innovations in sectors such as retail and technology : what are the key changes influencing
future customer behaviour and interaction
Sridhar as I was s$eaking to most of the senior ankers; they did mention that their s$ecific focus is on the digiti2ation
$lans in !ustomer 9oyalty, Innovations in !hannels ( 'roduct )evelo$ment, *ew &ge ranch )esign , *ew methods
of Marketing ( !ommunications etc
So if I could ask you, what would be your s$ecific focus in digiti2ation?
That#s $recisely the reason why we have organi2ed this Master !lass. 4Match the content as $er his needs (
&lso i would like to inform you that, the investment to the , day master class is I*. =3>?? $er $artici$ant as of today
and will increase to @3>?? from AAAAAAAAAAA hence your <uick decision to attend or a$$rove your team to attend will
certainly save you <uite significantly.
Great))## 9et me send you the course agenda to your email address immediately and call you tomorrow at BBBBBB
Time, to confirm you ( your team#s 'artici$ation for this Masterclass?
0ave a great day ahead""