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Technical Analysis & Levels Technical Analysis & Levels

for 10 September 2014 for 10 September 2014

Prepared by Nicola D!e Prepared by Nicola D!e

Pa"e 2 #$P%SD &%'%SD
Pa"e ( &%'%SD A%D%SD
Pa"e 4 %SD)P* &%'#$P
Pa"e + %SD,-. %SD,AD
Pa"e / &%')P* #old
Pa"e 0 1T2 3il DA4
Pa"e 5 S&P+00 .TS&
Tal!in"6.ore7 is ni8e in that it is the only adio service in the 9orld that is available 24 hors a day and e7clsively
for .4 traders: 2t is delivered by or hi"hly s!illed team of Tal!in"6.ore7 analysts arond the cloc! from Snday
evenin" thro"h to .riday evenin": &very member of or team has a different mar!et speciality and each one has a
nmber of years e7perience 9or!in" for an investment ban!; hed"e fnd or financial ne9s a"ency:
<ost importantly Tal!in"6.ore7 analysts are completely independent and netral in their opinions:
Daily vie9 = do>i day at the 1:/1 level; no Snday "ap fill: Tar"et is still 1:/0 and chart is
still bearish 9ith shallo9 pllbac!s: -orly 9ed"e cold brea! hi"her for attempt on "ap;
bt 2 prefer sellin" rallies for 1:/0 even do9n here: 1:/1/+ is "ood resistance
-orly chart?
'esistance 1:/1/+ 1:/25(@ma>orA 1:/(0+ 1:/4/2 1:/+(/@ma>orA 1:/// @ma>orA
Spport 1:/115 1:/0/0 1:/01(@ma>orA 1:+B50@ma>orA 1:+000@ma>orA
Daily chart = potential bllish harmonic pattern at 1:25/B spport level: Technically &%'%SD
shold end p in the lo9 1:20Cs bt there is a by pattern here that may start a short s8eeDe
'emember this is a potential pattern; it still needs a price action tri""er to "et lon": Tar"et 1:(+
Daily chart
EURUSD contined
-orly chart; consolidationE loo!in" for a lon" tri""er: A brea! belo9 1:25+5 means the pattern
has failed and lon" setp is not valid: 2 realise many 9ill thin! 2 am mad contemplatin" lon"s;
bt there is potential for a short s8eeDe here bt pattern is there & 9e cold bonce a lon" 9ay
9ithot chan"in" do9ntrend:
-orly vie9
Spport 1:2504 1:25/0 1:2520 1:2050 @ma>orA
'esistance 1:2B+/ 1:(010 1:(04( 1:(10(60B 1:(14+@ma>orA
$ro!e the bottom rn" of the 4 month consolidation and bearish contination overni"ht bro!e
the 0:B1/0 spport; ne7t potential spport is 0:B1((: Sell rallies ntil then @at leastFA A bonce
there is an opportnity to resell 0:B2(5
.or -orly vie9
'esistance 0:B1/0 0:B20+ 0:B2(5@ma>orA
Spport 0:B1((@ma>orA B050 5B0(
,onsolidation pattern at the fibonacci clster at 10/:((610/:40; it !eeps trippin" ot those
tryin" to sell it 9ith too ti"ht of a stop @yes; yoFA: 2 still li!e this short; bt 9atchin" for a
tri""er or pattern to sell
-orly Gie9
Spports 10+:00 10+:+0 10+:4(@2014hi"hA 104:(0
'esistance 10/:(0 10/:4+ 100:20@ma>orA
,onsolidation belo9 the A"st hi"h at 0:50(+ and it holds 2
test: 2 still li!e this to clear
0:50(+ for tar"ets 0:50++ & 0:51++ bt belo9 0B50 short term ran"e spport sends s to 0B:4+
9here its a screamin" by: 0B50; 0:0B/( & 0B4+ the spports to 9atch then:
.or -orly chart vie9
Spport 0:5012 0:0B05652@ma>orA 0:0B/( 0:0B4+ 0:0B2+ 0:050+@ma>orA 0:05(0
'esistance 0:50(+@ma>orA 0:50+0 0:5004@ma>orA 0:51++
#rindin" hi"her to 0:B400 tar"et bt 8ite choppy at these levels: DonCt see a trade here; if yo
are lon" hold on E not a place to sell and needs some consolidation to by here:
.or -orly chart vie9
Spports 0:B(2+ 0:B200 0:B245
'esistance 0:B(05 0:B(50 0:B400 0:B4++
,leared the 1:0BB/ A"st hi"h bt closed belo9 so 9e ris! some more do9nside before hi"her:
$ac! above and its a proper brea!ot and shold tar"et 1:1040 and 1:11B
Still bllish for no9
.or -orly vie9
Spport 1:0B42 1:0B(0@marabDo lineA 1:0B20
'esistance 1:0BB/ @ma>orA 1:101/ 1:102( 1:1040@ma>orA
$llish contination of the reversal above the !ey 1(+:02 spport; this chart is loo!in" li!e a
bllish pennant since )anary: $elo9 1(+:02 there is a vacm to 1:((+0:
Above 1(5:24 tar"ets 1(5:506B0 & 1(B:0+
.or -orly vie9
Spports 1(/:/2 1(/:40 1(+:02@ma>orA
'esistance 1(0:0+ 1(5:00@ma>orA 1(5:24@important top of ran"eA 1(5:50 1(B:0+
Daily chart sho9s bllish hammer and bllish bat harmonic pattern spport here: These
patterns are abot 00H reliable: So potential reversal bac! to test the trendline brea!do9n
cold be settin" p:
-orly vie9
'esistance 12+5 12/2 120+:(060/ 1250
Spports 12+56/0 12+1 12(/6(B@ma>orA
OIL %S 1T2 crde 3ct ftres
Daily Gie9 = Golatile inside day arond the B2:/46/0 spport and altho"h 9e "ot bac! above it
bt the lon"er term trend is bearish to B1:2(6+0 ma>or spport
-orly chart
Spport B2:2( B1:51 B1:2(@<a>or & )an lo9A
'esistance is at B(:00 B4:+0 B+:B+@ma>orA
Daily vie9 = $earish; sold off B05+6B+ bt bears not ot of the 9oods yet: Ne7t spport is B/04
and the trendline from early A" lo9: $elo9 that increases bearish tilt:
.or -orly vie9
Spport at B/0+ B/15@ma>orA B/00 B+0+ B400
'esistance B/0+ B05+6B+@ma>orA BB0B 10041
Daily vie9 A bearish day; imbalanced sentiment still favors shorts: 1e are tradin" belo9 the
lo9s of the last 2 9ee!s & belo9 the )ly hi"hs: #reat levels to 9atch on retests to sell
$ottom of possible descendin" channel:
.or -orly vie9
'esistance 1B5B 1BB1 2000 200+ 2005 2010@ma>orA
Spport 1B54@ma>or & 2(fibA 1B0+600 1B// 1B+0@ma>or DoneA
Daily vie9 = 'eversal off the ma>or /B00 level; inside day; still bearish potential:
-orly chart side9ays consolidation mi"ht see head & sholders today
Spport /51/ /050 /0/0 /01+
'esistance /52B /B02