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Black Crow

Manuel Alexander F. Kahapay

459 Christobal Street
Sampaloc, Manila
Bernadette J. Sanchez
165B Prudencio Street
Sampaloc, Manila
John Cedric G. De Las Alas
402 Vicente Cruz Street
Sampaloc, Manila
1.1 Project Context
The increasing demand of technology in this generation
gives an opportunity to the gaming world to excel in this time.
Many games have been developed and played by many players.
As per observation, every computer cafes is earning so much
because of games installed in their computers and servers. Most
of the users in every computer shop are playing online games,
LAN games and offline games. So the researchers decided to
promote a type of game that everyone may try and enoy. The
proposed game allows the users to learn different !ind of birds
as represented by different characters and discover fan" fictional
planets created by the game developers.
#omputer games are very popular. $ven traditional games
are one by one being converted as computer based game. %t helps
every gamer to thin! logically, and let them learn so much
information by ust playing games. Many people have played
games that developed their way of thin!ing and help them create
so many ideas that are fresh in their mind.
The creators intend to create a game that gives fun,
entertainment and most of all information that can educate every
gamer. This way the gamers can learn something new while
1.2 Purpose and Description
&ur game will be developed to promote birds spacial
identification, fictional ideas and stories that can be built while
playing the game, 'lac! #row. %t can also improve the motor and
thin!ing s!ills of the player, relieve stress, improve the player(s
eyesight and helps them to ma!e faster decisions. The
developer(s purpose is to promote learning through this game.
The developer of this game are also gamers that is why they
decided to create their own game to test their own intelligence
and experience from the previous games that they have played.
The game(s environment and model will be in )* but
not all cut scenes will be in )*. This game will include A.% and
save menu where the players progress can be saved. The player
can also revisit the previous levels that are finished.There are
five levels in the proposed game each level will consist of four
mission.The proposed game will feature cut scenes and boss
fights at some point in the game. As the level of difficulty
increases, the levels of the enemies and the mission will also
increase. %n doing so, the player can upgrade his vehicle and
purchase sub weapons. This game will have multiple obectives
per mission not li!e other games with an obective of ust going
to point A to point ' without destroying or eliminating all
enemies. The game is also inspired by anime art and story line.
1.3 Objective
The programmers obective is to test their own
intelligence and experience from the previous games that they
have played. As information technology students, they also want
to apply all their learning from the subects that they have ta!en
and to advance their learning ahead from others. They also want
to ta!e this opportunity to excel from the gaming world and
increase their confidence as students of their chosen field. The
programmers also want to complete the re+uirements in the
#apstone ,art -.
1.3.1 Specific Objectives
To develop a game that will provide learning and
enoyment to the players.
To test the abilities of the developers
To be an asset to future developers
1. !cope and "i#itations
The scope and limitations contain the strengths and
wea!nesses of the proect.
1.4.1 Scope
The game consists of five worlds. There will be four
missions to accomplish in each world. The characters are named
after different birds. The game(s environment is fictional and
created from the ideas of the programmers. Not all cut scenes are
in )* environment some might use .*. The information of the
birds being use and info about space are found at the game lobby
in the library section.
1.4.2 Limitations
The game will only consist of five levels and four
missions in each, exceeding from that will not be covered by the
programmers. The gamers can only save their progress in the
lobby given in the game. The characters are only fictional and the
planets, it does not exist in the real world. The names of the
characters are ta!en from the selected bird only and not all !inds
of bird are used. The characters are cartoonish and will not use
any realistic designs.
2.0 R$%I$& O' R$"(T$D "IT$R(TUR$
This chapter presents information which comes in the
form of local and foreign studies and other literature that are
found to be relevant in the study.
2.1 'OR$I)N "IT$R(TUR$
/ollowing are relevant writings which were ta!en from
the indicated foreign boo!s and articles.
*2+ )a,-e $.re#an/ 0PC 1a2a3ine4/ 2005
The researchers read that according to 0ayle $hremen,
we cannot relegate computer games to the cesspit of pop culture,
solely on the evidence of the current crop of games. The industry
is too young and the situation is too dynamic for us to dismiss
computer games so easily. 1e must consider the potential, not
the actually. 1e must address the fundamental aspects of
computer games to achieve a conclusion that will withstand the
revenges of time and change.
*1+ Robert N,stro#/ 0)a#e Pro2ra##in2
Patterns4/ 2011
0ames have much in common with other software, but
also a number of uni+ue constraints. Some of the patterns in this
boo! are well"!nown in other domains of software development.
&ther of the patterns are uni+ue to gaming. %n either case, 2obert
Nystrom bridges from the ivory tower world of software
architecture to the trenches of hardcore game programming.
*3+ !i#on 6ac7son/ 0!o ,ou 8ant to be a
Unit,3D 2a#e deve-oper94/ 2013
The game engine we are using is 3nity so naturaly
there should be an article about 3nity. According to Simon
4ac!son 3nity)* has been ma!ing great strides of late, it(s has
been one of the big go"to middleware engines for budding i&S
and Android game developers and even expanded its reach to
1eb, 1indows des!top and other platforms.
"OC(" "IT$R(TUR$
/ollowing are relevant writings which were ta!en from
the indicated local articles and boo!s.
*+ :arbara 1arc.adesc./ 0)a#e on; t.e
present and <uture o< 2a#e deve-op#ent in t.e
P.i-ippines4/ 2011
%t usually ta!es three to six wee!s, on average a month,
to create an advergame. 5%t(s a very +uic! process, especially
when you(re dealing with advertising agencies who want it
+uic!,6 says Lu. She adds that the pace can get to some older
programmers7 but it(s also often an advantage for /ilipino
developers. 5Sanay tayo sa mabilisan7 we can usually get things
done a lot +uic!er and that(s good when you(re ma!ing
*=+ (--an 1auro %. 1ar<a-/ 0 R$(D>/ !$T/
)(1$? )et to 7no8 t.e 2a#e deve-op#ent
industr, at t.e !@T &ee74/ 2013
featured in the *&ST"%#T& series of road shows are
the exhibits of several games and mobile applications made by
/ilipinos. %brahim said that the activities are designed to
encourage the youth, especially high school students to ta!e %T
and other computer"related courses, and present to them the
wealth of opportunities available in this industry.
*A+ P.i-ippine Co#puter )a#in2 "ea2ue
After visiting the website of PCGL, the researchers
found out that people without original ideas for games fell bac!
on the sports games as model around which to design. This
served a useful mar!eting purpose8 who would a conservative
consumer buy a game with a title and subect completely alien to
his experience9 'etter to offer him a game he is already familiar
with. Thus, we have games based on bas!etball, baseball, soccer,
tennis and others. All of these games ta!e liberties with their
subect matter to achieve playability. The most enoyable aspects
of the computer game have very little to do with the real game.
This is fortunate, for a slavish attempt at replication would have
produced a poor computer game. &nly by substantially altering
the original games were the authors able to produce a decent
design. $ven so, sports games remain the wall flowers of
computer gaming.
2.3 'OR$I)N !TUDI$!
These are writings from indicated foreign studies
which have relevance in the group(s study on 'lac! #row.
*B+ 6os. Parne-/ 0 "i#it T.eor,; (n In<inite/
Procedura- !pace )a#e4/ 2012
The researchers discovered a game called Limit Theory8
An %nfinite, ,rocedural Space 0ame it is a !ic! started game that
features 2,0, 2TS, and sandbox space exploration game all"in"
one. $xplore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural
universe. all of which are also elements in our proposed game.
*C+ tdcDuser/ 0 Unit, '-i2.t !i#u-ation Tutoria-4/
After a few research again. The researchers found a
study on how to ma!e model fly using a simple, customi:ed
script. Scroll down for the /lying"Tan!).s script, as well as step"
by"step instructions, and controls
*5+ C.ris De"eon/ 0Unit, Rapid Protot,pin2;
'-i2.t !i# Contro-/ Terrain :asics/ C.ase Ca#/
!7,box4/ 201
This unity flight simulator study shows us how to
import a model to 3nity, add physical properties to it, and add a
script to it so it you can fly it around with ,itch, ;aw, 2oll, and
"OC(" !TUDI$!
These are writings from indicated local studies which
have relevance in the group(s study on 'lac! #row.
*10+ Under2raduates t.esis on 2a#in2 s,ste#
b, Pau- "eonard Padi--a and $ve-,n C.an
The researchers founnd an undergraduate thesis of one
of their student. After studying the said thesis, the researchers
couldn(t disagree of what this honorable student had said that
computer contributes to the development in all fields of studies.
Science, $ngineering, Medicine even entertainment and many
fields rely on these machines to accomplish their tas! much
faster and easier. The use of computer has brought about the
level of accuracy and efficiency but reali:ed before their
2.3 !,nt.esis
All of these studies and literature are related to our
proposed system. $ach element can be use as a source material
for our proect. $lements that we can incorporate to our proect.