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Passive - Use

We only use the passive when we are interested in the object or when we do not know who caused the action, or it is not important for
us or it is obvious.
Example: Appointments are required in such cases.
We can only form a passive sentence from an active sentence when there is an object in the active sentence. (Transitive verbs)
Form to be + V3
How to form a passive sentence when an active sentence is given:
- object of the "active" sentence becomes subject in the "passive" sentence

When the person who does the action is not important:
Active: They builds Volvo cars in Sweden

Passive: Volvo cars are built in Sweden.
When we do not know who did the action:
Active: Someone has stolen my car.

Passive: My car has been stolen

When it is obvios who committed the action:

Active: The police have arrested 12 smugglers

Passive: 12 smugglers have been arrested.

Active Peter builds a house.
Simple Present
Passive: A house is built by Peter.

Active: Peter built a house.
Simple Past
Passive: A house was built by Peter.

Active: Peter has built a house.
Present Perfect
Passive: A house has been built by Peter.

Active: Peter will build a house.
Passive: A house will be built by Peter.

Active: Peter can build a house.
Passive: A house can be built by Peter.

Put in the correct form of the verb in Passive into the gaps. Use the verb and the tense given in brackets.

Example: A letter __________ by Peter. (to write - Simple Present) Answer A letter is written by Peter.
1) The words by the teacher today. (to explain - Simple Present)
2) We a letter the day before yesterday. (to send - Simple Past)
3) This car . It's too old. (not/to steal - will-future)
4) This street because of snow. (already/to close - Present Perfect)
5) A new restaurant next week. (to open - will-future)
6) He to the party yesterday. (to invite - Simple Past)
7) The blue box . (can/not/to see - Simple Present)
8) I the book by my friend last Sunday. (to give - Simple Past)
9) The dishes by my little brother. (not/to wash - Present Perfect)
10) I by Robert. (not/to ask - will-future)
Rewrite the given sentences in Passive voice. Sometimes there are two possible answers (two objects in the active sentence).

Tim gave Lisa some flowers. Answer: Some flowers were given to Lisa by Tim. or Lisa was given some flowers by Tim.
1) They don't speak English in this shop. .
2) Kevin asked Dennis a question. .
3) Somebody built the house last year. .
4) She gives him a box. .
5) Max will look after him. .
6) The waiter brought Fred a big steak. .
7) Somebody broke into our bungalow last Friday. .
8) The teacher told us a joke. .
9) They will meet Doris at the station. .
10) Michael has not sent me a text message. .

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