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Iqbal Kurniawan


This response is written by Iqbal Kurniawan.
In the essay The Reason Why We Should Control Population Growth which was
written by Wiryono (the lecturer of the university of Bengkulus forestry school) and
published on Friday, February 22 2013, 10:16 AM. Wiryono said that we should control the
population growth in order to survive in the future. As an ecologist, Wiryono believe that
population growth is a fundamental cause of environmental problem. The human population,
like other organisms, has the capability of growing exponentially, or very quickly. Besides
the environmental problem, the uncontrolled population growth cause another problems such
as competition among human that leads to war, increase predation, and decrease the age of
natural resources. I agree with the writer that we should control population growth in order to
save our future generation.
As we know from the essay The Reason Why We Should Control Population
Growth that the human population grew slowly in several hundred thousand of years before
it reached 1 billion in 1804. The population has doubled in 1927. It proved that time needed
to add another billion people on earth get shorter. The population reached 3 billion in 1960, 4
billion in 1974, 5 billion in 1987, 6 billion in 1999 and 7 billion in 2011. On the other hand,
in Indonesia according to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Indonesia population has
doubled in 40 years from 119,2 billion in 1971 to 237,6 billion in 2010. In another 40 years
out population will reached 450 billion. The facts that are stated above prove our population
grew rapidly. In the essay Wiryono stated that this problem can lead us to many serious
The uncontrolled population may cause environtmental problem such as excessive
exploitation in natural resources that cause the ecosystem get worst. Because of limits of
natural resources it will cause competition among human which can lead to war, as we know
the world never free from war. One of the root of wars is competition to get natural resources.
For example, we have seen Israel attack Gaza because Gaza has huge oil reserve. Moreover,
it may cause poor health care or bad education. Increased population density will increase the
incidence of disease. Contagious diseases spread quickly in slum areas that are densely
populated and lack sanitation. In Indonesia, some Indonesian muslim are not worried because
they strongly believe that God will provide every creature with the necessary resources to
live. I agree with writer, as a moslem he understood the religious basis for having many
children but he also knows our religion supports birth control, in order to provide better
education and health for future generation.
Thus, in the end, the people should be open-minded that birth contol has many
advantages. Besides it prevent us from the serious problems it also can lead us to a better
future. Moreover, it will save our future generation.