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T!"n#s t$ %!e%& be'$re !"r"n# (n E%$))er%e
Webs"te De*e+$,)ent C$),(ny "n B!-b(nes.(r:
Are you planning to hire a professional to build your online store? If youre
not a developer and have limited technical knowledge, it can be difficult to
hire the right person for your project. To help you make the best decision,
here are some uestions to ask before hiring an
Ecommerce Website Development Company in Bhubaneswar to build your
online store. !ake sure you have answers to these important uestions before
you spend any time and money.
C(n y$- ,r$*"de e/(),+es $' e%$))er%e
.ebs"tes t!(t y$-r %$),(ny des"#ned0
"ooking at the design style of these sites will help you evaluate the
design diversity of the company. Also note the performance of the sites,
whether the navigation is easy to use, if the websites are well#crafted, if
the designs are current and modern, and how well the design matches
the business style. Ask uestions. $ind out why things were done the
way they were.
W!(t s,e%"(+ 'e(t-res %(n y$- de*e+$, '$r )y
$n+"ne st$re0
This may be a bit of a technical uestion but you really just want the
developer to be very clear about how much work they will be putting
# Are you using an e%isting theme or building a custom theme?
# &ill you be building any features from scratch?
# !ake sure to address these items in your written agreement
W!(t (re t!e ter)s $' $-r %$ntr(%t0
'o matter the case, you absolutely want to have a written agreement
that outlines the following(
Fees (nd ,(y)ent ter)s ) *ome developers prefer to be paid hourly
for their work and others will give you a price for a project.
Add"t"$n(+ 'ees ) +ou want to understand e%actly whats included in
the fees. *ome common ,surprise- fees that you want to negotiate
upfront are( hosting, **" certificate, additional features, themes, and
backup solutions.
De(d+"nes ) +our timeline is e%tremely important. If you are planning a
launch or other big event to coincide with your new website, youll
want to ensure that the company you hire can meet your e%pectations.
.et specific on your e%pectations for completion and ask what
milestones will be marked along the way, so you can ensure things are
moving at a pace youre comfortable with.
In%+-de (++ e/,e%t(t"$ns ) &rite down everything that you e%pect to
be delivered on the final site.
M("nten(n%e %!(r#es ) &hat are the fees for maintenance after the
project is complete? /ow uickly can I e%pect your help?
W"++ I be (b+e t$ ed"t (nd )(n(#e )y .ebs"te
st(t"st"%s ."t!$-t %$nt(%t"n# y$-0

0nce your online store is up and running, youll have to update

content, photos, banners, etc. +ou may even want to be able to add or
modify features to your site. $ind out what your developer will be
doing to make sure that editing your site wont be a headache every
+ou should have access to absolutely everything1 0ne day this person
may no longer be your developer and youll need to share passwords
and code with a new hire. 2nsure that all files, logins and passwords
are shared with you. +ou should be the owner of all the accounts
associated with your site. Also, I strongly recommend that your
developer e%plains how they are keeping backups of your site.
W"++ )y e1%$))er%e s"te be )$b"+e 'r"end+y0
'ow days, this is a must. +ou want to be able to offer your customers a
seamless shopping e%perience from a mobile and tablet device. Ask
your developer what they will do to make sure that your site is mobile
friendly and responsive.
W!(t SEO '-nd()ent(+s ."++ y$- "nte#r(te0
'owadays, almost all websites should be coded with *20 in mind.
There are all kinds of technical issues that a new website can
introduce. +our developer should be implementing *20 best
practices and make it easy for you to update should your *20
strategy change. All the money you spend on your online store will
go to waste if customers cant find you1
D$ y$- $''er $n1#$"n# )("nten(n%e ('ter )y
s"te #$es +"*e0
As technology and trends change, you may want to have additional
web design and development work done on your website. This could
include updating content or updating compatibility with browser
changes. Ask the web design firm if they offer maintenance services
and if they are provided on an as-needed, on-going, or retainer
arrangement. Find out what the prices are to update content, and
make minor and major edits.
In todays aggressively competitive world of internet, each
company is fighting tooth and nail to grab the attention of
consumers. o ma!e your site stand"out in the clutter and to
generate more revenue# needs the handling of e$perience
If you are a start"up or a medium enterprise, its hard to have a
bunch of s!illed e"commerce website developers in your team
initially. %o its better to outsource the tas! of developing your
e"commerce site to those who !now the &ob inside"out.
Choose %yon India, the best
Ecommerce Website Development Company in Bhubaneswar,
then be rest assured about the field of ecommerce
development company.
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