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George & Ethel Beokman
8-40 Kamizono-cho
Nlshinornlya 662, Japan
(of America)
April 3. 1976
Richc.:,^C Margayrct Snf^vre
Route- 1 -
Brodiiead", Wisconsin 53520
"Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs
forth, do you not perceive it?" Isaiah 43:19
'Dear Ohri'stian Friends:
Spring is always a time of newness - new life in God's creation.
Here in Japan it is the beginning of a new year - in schools and in
the government. Thus tl.ere are very bu;-:y times es thf-^ -^Id year draws
to a close with graduations, entrance e:<.ar:ilnati.o' ei..c;,, and the new
year begins,
For those of us conn.ected wj.th the Seminavy, too, these are busy
and joyous days, ^ur young^peuyple graduated^from Osaka Bible Seminary
March 26. who na3^"be;eh?"w6rk'lng Ith the Rokko Church while
a student, has gone 00 the Gomen Church In Shlkoku to become their new
preacher. lytp^ Tanabp is continuing his eduation in the theological
department of Kansei Gakuin here in Nlshinornlya. Misses Mtshio and
Hanad^ reterned to their home churches to work. We' ask yc",:? prayers
for each of them.
Three young women have taken the entrance exam to enter the Semin
ary this month, so we expect to have thrJlP mci^-nnd four women enrolled
teis next -term. We pray that more young men will be led to dedicate
their lives to the ministry and come to study.
One of the greatest highlights at this season was the All Japan
.Convention of the Churches of Christ held in Nagoya this yea^r. The
Nagoya Church did a superb job in planning the convention and taking
care of everyone. A total of 24l persons attended. The most encourag-
,ing feature was the large number of families or couples who attended
together, indicating a growth in strength in the church in Japan,. Six
women from Ethel's Wednesday Bible Class attended, some of them ac
companied by their husbands or children, making a total of nineteen.
One woman also took her parents. Ethel was given the honor of being
asked to be one of those to teach an hour's lesson on I Corinthians 13
on Sunday morning. At the close of the convention one young woman
indicated her decision to accept Christ after her return to her home
Immediately following this convention 55 missionaries and children
and friends held a two day convention in the~Same hotel, which was al
so a great blessing to all as we had fellowship in thanksgiving and
prayers together besides the inspiring messages that were given.
We have reservations on a Pan American charter flight leaving
Tokyo for Los Angeles. After spending the weekend with the
Harold C^'es there we will go to Wisconsin and then to attend Jenann's
graduation from Minneso.ta Bible College, May 22. George is scheduled
to give the conTmencementeaddress,
We rejoice th'a^'^eha'fin plans to return to Japan as a missionary
and especially ask your prayers for her that she might receive adequate
support to return with us this Fall or as soon after as possible.
_ . We.will be spending, the rest of-. May and_the first part of.-.Jwn,e ,in
Wisconsin and Illinois until we go to.Kansas for Ruth and David's wed
ding on June 26., From there we hope to attend the N.A.C.C,, and visit
George's family in South Dakota on our way back to Wisconsin. After
visiting the remaining Living Link churches we will visit as many others
as possible before our return to Japan, September 12,
The four graduates from Osaka Bible Seminary.
Ethel's classes, that may continue until summer vacation. We are
thankful one of the members of the Rokko Church will live in our
home while we are gone.
Jenann as she graduates and makes preparation to return to Japan.
Mr. Kawahara, preacher of the Akashi Church, who has recently been
released from a tuberculosis hospital.
The new students in Osaka Bible Seminary. We will introduce them
in our next newsletter.
In His loving service^
George a Ethel Beckman
0-S-A-K-A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N M-I-S-S-I-O-N, I-N-C.
(of America)
Missionaries: ^ Forwarding Agents:
George &Ethel ^eckmanj Richard &Margaret Saevre
8-40 Kamizono-cn^=='^ Route 1
Nishinoralya 662, Japan Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520
June 2, 1976
"Therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man
is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day."
(NAS\0 2 Cor. 4:l6
Dear Christian Friends:
On April 13th three young women began their studies In Osaka Bible
Seminary. Miss Inonue comes from the Tanabe Church in Wakayama
Prefecture, Miss Tsuruda from the Kajaki Church in Kagoshima Prefecture,
and Miss Takano from the Asashina group in Nagano Prefecture. Miss
Takano is helping in the Sunday School at Koyoen until summer vacation
in July, taking Ethel's place.
^ Mrs. Miyake and daughter, Seiko, moved into our
home in^KIshinomiya to take care of it while we are gone. Mrs. Miyake
is a member of the Rokko Church and is happy to be there to be able to
attend regularly and to take an active part. We are all praying for
her husband to learn more of Christ and accept Him as his saviour.
During our absence Miss Vivian Lemmon is teaching Ethel's women's
Bible classes in a combined class each Wednesday. On May 12th, the
women honored Ethel and welcomed her with a feast of Japanese dishes
after the Bible study.
left Japan on Saturday evening for Los Angeles, where we arrived
five o'clock the same day. We were met by Harold and Leone Cole ^
and spent Sunday with them before going on to Wisconsin.
We rejoiced to see Harold looking and feeling so well after his
surgery. He will have to take chemo-therapy treatments every six
weeks until March, 1977.
Qn M&y^22nd, we were happy to take part in the Baccalaureate and
Commencement program of Minnesota Bible College and witness J_gpann
graduate m^^gn^cum laude, and receive membership in Delta Epsilon Chi,
a national honor Traternity of the American Association of Bible Col
leges .
The directors of Osaka Christian Mission, Ind. (of America) held
their annual meeting, Tuesday evening, June 1st at Footville after a
sukiyaki dinner served by Ethel, Margaf'btT^and'Jenann with the help of
Ella Dunbar, Kay Roth, and Carol Demert. At, the meeting the directors *"2-
voted to include^^enann as a third missionary of ' Osaka Christian Mis-
.sion. Inc. (of Ai^erlca")"t'6 help her obtain her visa to Japan. Jenann's
forwarding address will be the same as ours as the Saevres will be her
forwarding agents also.
1. Vivian Lemmon and Ethel's Bible classes in Japan.
2. Miss Takano and the Sunday School at Koyoen.
3. .-.Jenann as she seeks to raise her support as a missionary to Japan.
4. R^h^^ancLIDavid Hinson on their wedding, June . 26th.
5. A special prayer of thanksgiving for Dick and Margaret Saevre for
the wonderful help they are to us. They plan to visit each of our
living link churches with us this summer so as to be identified y
with us.
6. Mr. &Mrs. Higakl as they will be studying on their own during our
absence. Mrs. Higaki plans to be baptized on June 6th, Pentecost
Sunday. Mr. Higaki has given his consent but does not yet see his
need for baptism. Pray that his faith will grow to obedience.
In His loving service,
George & Ethel Beckman
says, "Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement; I
"Tifihally graduated 1 I trust that prayer will be answered and I will be
able to return to Japan in September with ray parents and begin learning
the written and spoken Japanes language on an adult level."
"Praise the Lord!"
Aloha in Jesus,
#0aka OIl{rtsttan (Mtaston,
Gorge & Ethel Beckman
8-40 Kamizenocho
Nishinomiya 662, Japan
Dear Christian Friends:
(not for Profit corporation)
September 4, 1976
Forwarding Agents
Richard & Margaret Soevre
R. R. I
Brodhead, WlKontin 53520
Jesus has promised to all those who would follow Him that they would receive a
hundredfold anything they had left to follow Him. Time and time again we have been re
minded of this during our brief stay here this summer, as we have been welcomed into your
homes, fed and shared in fellowship with you and been sent on our way rejoicing. To any
of you that we have not been able to thank with a personal note, we want to express our ap
preciation for your kindnesses to us.
This summer has been quite different than many others, but no less busy. We were
able to visit three of our living link churches, Beloit and Footville, Wisconsin and Rockford,
Illinois, in June before going to Kansas for Ruth's wedding.
I . ^J||j|||n j I m The wedding was lovely and we were able to
I " >4 see the bride and groom one evening during their
B ^ ? ' I honeymoon. They are now settled in an apartment
jw ^ t Jl on the campus of Manhattan Christian College
I jm 9* p Ak Ijj and have completed two weeks of classes. Their
I 4 ^ E aim after graduation is to come to Japan as mis-
jff A mm sionaries, for which we praise the Lord and ask
M 'J! Hi te His blessing upon them.
Following the wedding Jenann and we paid a brief visit to Oden and Rema Brown in
Mountain Grove, Missouri, John and Tsai in Stiliwater, Oklahoma and Paul and Marcia
Nielsen in Del City, Oklahoma, before going on to Denver for the North American Christian
Convention, a rare treat for us.
From Denver we returned to Wisconsin by way of South Dakota to visit George's sis
ter and brother and the families of his two brothers. On our way from South Dakota we left
Jenann in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where she was to be the missionary for their DVBS. We also
visited the Kenneth Enders in Omaha.
The last Sunday in July we visited our living link church in Waukegan, Illinois, and
the first week of August found us with the Traders Point Christian Church in Indianapolis,
The highlight of the month of August was a family reunion of Ethel's brothers and
sisters. They were all able to be together except one brother, Kenneth in California. Two
brothers, Roy in Pennsylvania and Lloyd in Colorado had not seen each other for twenty-two
One more trip into southern Indiana completed our itinerary for the summer. A spe
cial thanks goes to brother-in-law Donald Nelson for the use of his car for all our summer's
Now we are on our way to the coast on our return trip to Japan with stops along the
way to say farewell to John and Tsai and Ruth and David. Mary will see us of in San
Reports from Japan have been encouraging. Ethel's Bible class has been well at
tended and ably taught by Vivian Lemmon. The Miyakes have_ taken excellent car of our
house and yard. We are returning with great anticipation and expectations.
In Christ,
George & Ethel Beckman
Jenann says: "I thank God for the pleasure of attending seven Vacation Bible Schools,
a Christian camp and the North American this summer. I made new friends, spoke about
Japan, taught a class twice and led songs at VBS, assisted a team leader and was also a
'cabin mom' at Junior Camp and chaperoned children at the convention. I could wish for
several more weeks of the same activities if I weren't so anxious to get home to Japan.
Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers all along the way."
Ciaaka Cijrtsttan (Mission, ,3nc
George &Ethe(^el(mOT^
8-40 Komizono-cho
Nishinomiyo 662, Japon
Dear Christian Friends:
(noJ for Profit corporation)
November 8, 1976
Forwarding Agents
Richard & Margoret Saevre
R. R. I
Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520
On Friday, September 17, we were met at Osaka Airport by Mrs. Motobayashi, the
mother of Shoji, who had become a Christian while an exchange student at Pryor, Oklahoma .
We found every thing well taken care of by Mr. & Mrs. Miyake during our absence, so it
didn't take us long to get settled back in and ready to go to work.
The next Monday Jenann went to see about enrolling in language school and began
classes that week - five days a week from nine until noon. The school is in Ashiya City,
close enough for her to ride her bicycle to school.
George began teaching four days a week, three hours a day from Tuesday, the 21st.
During his spare time at home he has trimmed the hedge, cleaned out the garden and planted
strawberries, peas and onions for next summer. We miss the brocolli, brussel sprouts and
cauliflower we usually have in the winter, but it was too late to set out the plants by the
time we got the garden ready.
Ethel's first class of women met on Wednesday, September 22. The women brought
food for lunch to welcome her back, and one new member joined the class, making a total
of sixteen in the class studying the book of Acts together.
Since the twenty-third was a national holiday the English Bible Class did not meet
that first Thrusday. Since they began three new members have Joined the class, each one
brought in turn by a new member who had started the week before, They are studying the
book of Hebrews.
Friday, October 29 was the date for the Kobe Women's Luncheon. We had an over
flow crowd of nearly 530 women so that about 150 had to eat in separate rooms across the
hall from the'main room after the program was over.
On November 2 and 3 was the 14th an
nual Tanemaki Kai at Osaka Bible Sem
inary, with a total registration of about
160. (See picture at left) George had
the keynote message on Tuesday even
ing on the theme "My Grace Is Suffi
cient For Thee." On Wednesday after
noon the alumni presented George,
Martin Clark and Ray Mings with spe
cial recognition for their 26 - 28 years '
of service to Osaka Bible Seminary.
Mr. & Mrs. Higaki attended the meet
ing for the first time, and Mr. Higaki
was especially well impressed with the
1. Mrs. Higaki finds great joy in her Christian life since her baptism in June. Mr. Higaki
is becoming more and more receptive. We pray his decision will be made soon to ac
cept Christ.
2. The Rokko Churh is planning a special evangelistic meeting from Sunday, November 21
thru Tuesday, November 23, which is Japanese Thanksgiving Day, with two meetings on
that day. Mark and Lynn Pratt will be our evangelists. We pray that some young people
may be led to come to church, and that Mr. Kita, a high school student who has been
attending regularly for over two years, will become a Christian; so Shoji Motobayshi's
sister - Yuri.
3. We are all rejoicing that Jack Makishima, who lives with Vivian Lemon, has become a
Christian and is studying Acts at the Seminary. He is trying to win his friend, Mr.
Takaki to Christ.
4. Pray for Jenann as she studies the language. Also, that she will receive regular support
so that she will not have to find a part time job in order to stay here and work.
5. Some of the women in Ethel's classes are beginning to believe. Pray that they may have
the conviction to step out and become Christians.
In Christ,
George & Ethel Beckman