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Horlicks Marketing Strategy

Taller Sharper and Stronger Horlicks MARKETING Strategy

Horlicks, a GlaxoSmithkilne Consumer Healthcare India Limited, owned drink,
whichcaters to the nutritional needs of the Indian diet has been
a popular brand in the Indian market since 1930s leading with a market share
of over 50% in the Food Drink segment. Horlicks MARKETING strategy has
been health oriented. This leading health food drink in India underwent a
revamp in the year 2003 ofers a pleasurable nourishment with delicious
variety in favors like Vanilla, Tofee, Elaichi and Chocolate.
Marketing Strategy of Horlicks
Horlicks has been around for almost 125 years in market.
Horlicks MARKETINGstrategy initially was as The Great Family Nourisher.
After that the brand has launched new communication campaigns to match
with their new products and changing times.
1992 The Company launched a new segment Horlicks Biscuit.
1995- The Company launched Junior Horlicks for Pre-School kids.
2003 Harlicks MARKETING strategy as well as the brand went through a
massive transformation from the taste to its favor as well as its packaging. It
positioned itself as nourishing, yet so tasty. The company even re-launched
Junior Horlicks, with better packaging and more nutrients to develop internal
resistance of 1-2-3 years old.
2005 The brand tried to communicate with the kids and not just their
mothers. It came up with the famous tagline Taller, Stronger and Sharper. It
tried to convey through its advertisements that children who consumed
Horlicks were taller, stronger and sharper. It even launched another new
variant Horlicks Lite (Healthy drink and Biscuits), which holds the distinction
for being the only drink to be endorsed by the Diabetes India and suitable for
the diabetics. It was promoted heavily through all media with Zero
Cholestrol, Zero Added Sugar campaign.
2009 The Horlicks MARKETING strategy took a new direction when
Women Horlicks was launched by the Company. Konkana Sen Sharma was
chosen to endorse the brand as the face of the urban Indian woman balancing
career and home combined with its tagline- Because your body needs you
too captured the essence of the brand image with simplicity.
2010 With Horlicks Foodle, the brand entered in a new segment- Instant
Noodles (the grain noodle with nine power nutrients). The tagline used to
promote this is- The More Nourishing Noodles with a slogan(as shown in the
TV advertisement) Ek baar khaoge toh sir se nahin nikaal paoge.
2012- Horlicks healthy biscuits- Nutribic was launched. But, the company got
in trouble as Britannia fled a case against GlaxoSmithCline
with allegations that the new product is a copy of their product Britannia
NutriChoice. Horlicks even launched a new communication strategy for its
brand by presenting itself as The New and Improved Horlicks with a mix of
15 vital nutrients. The Scientifcally Proven health drink which makes children
Taller, stronger, sharper, highlights 5 signs of growth in children More
Bone Area, More Muscles, Better Concentration, More Active Nutrients and
Healthier Blood. This New Horlicks with improved formulation and packaging
has been advertised throughout to communicate the value proposition of the