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c u r r i c u l u m v i t a e


Telephone +306974068790
E-mail coniliakis@gmail.com
Skype coniliakis

Nationality Greek

Date of birth 07/08/1987

Education and training

Date (from to) Sept. 2011 - Sept. 2013
Name and type of organisation
providing education and training
Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (CIHEAM)
Duration of the program of study 2 years
Principal subjects/occupational
skills covered
Econometrics, Organizational Management, Agricultural Marketing, Microeconomics,
Macroeconomics, Operations Research

Title of qualification awarded M.Sc. Business Economics and Management
Final mark obtained 78/100 (cum laude)

Date (from to) Dec. 2013 - Feb. 2014
Name and type of organisation
providing education and training
Hellenic Open University, Greece
Duration of the program of study 4 months
Principal subjects/occupational
skills covered
Total Quality Management
Title of qualification awarded Postgraduate specialization program
Final mark obtained 7.8/10

Date (from to) Sept. 2005 - Aug. 2010
Name and type of organisation
providing education and training
University of Macedonia, Greece
Duration of the program of study 4 years + half-year internship
Principal subjects/occupational
skills covered
Conflict Resolution, Microeconomics, Sustainable Development, Political Philosophy, Political
Parties & Ideology
Title of qualification awarded B.A. International & European Studies (International Politics and Diplomacy)
Final mark obtained 7.1/10 (cum laude)

graduation thesis

Title New Generation Cooperatives: Adding value through cooperation in times of recession
Resilience of cooperative models; a comparative of top European dairy cooperatives & privately
owned competitors in the last decade
Language English
Supervisor Prof. George Alexopoulos, Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development,
Agricultural University of Athens. Greece, (peered review for evaluation)
Thesis Summary New generation cooperatives are often presented as more resilient to market failures due to a
solid structure and value-adding ability. In this study financial data was collected from top
European dairy firms and categorized based on their characteristics and behavior. Their financial
performance was assessed to spot trends in the level of surplus being generated. A variety of
factors that do not project a consistent influence on the economic behavior of agents were
reviewed. Reasoning behind a passive or aggressive behavior towards competition was
assessed. Urged by the new economic thinking, equilibrium economics and fallacies, I proposed
a basic schematic to describe the general effect of public/government policies on the occurrence
of market failures or speculations that shrink economic activity in a general environment of
economic unawareness. Also the transition from individual to collective action as a response to
realized systemic instances (inefficiencies) was reviewed.


Certifications of language knowledge English
Certificate of Proficiency in English CPE, University of Cambridge, CPE

Goethe- Zertifikats: Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD), Goethe Institut

Work experience, stages,
studies abroad

Date (from to) Aug. 2014
Name and address of firm/university Taxbusiness solutions
Type of business or sector Accounting and business advisory
Type of employment External associate
Main activities and responsibilities Management of EU funding programs

Date (from to) Mar. 2013 - Aug. 2014
Name and address of firm/university Economic Chamber of Greece
Type of business or sector Broader public sector
Type of employment Fixed-term (5 months contract), external
Main activities and responsibilities Local branch office work, accounts and registry management

Date (from to) Apr. 2013 -
Name and address of firm/university Freelance Business architect
Type of business or sector Services
Type of employment Self-employed
Main activities and responsibilities Project planner and media marketer, business strategist for individuals and local businesses

Date (from to) Mar. Jun. 2013
Name and address of firm/university University College Cork
Type of business or sector Academic Institution
Type of employment Erasmus, training exchange
Main activities and responsibilities Work on thesis preparation and field work, held the Center of Cooperatives Office

Date (from to) Mar. 2012 Aug. 2012
Name and address of firm/university Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (CIHEAM),
Dept. of Business Economics and Management
Type of business or sector Academic Institution
Type of employment Internship
Main activities and responsibilities Office work and assisting with administrative and computer needs
Date (from to) Sept. 2012 Dec. 2012
Name and address of firm/university Center for Vocational Education KEK MAICh
Type of business or sector Educational Center
Type of employment Internship
Main activities and responsibilities Office work and assisting with administrative and computer needs

Date (from to) Mar. 2011 Aug. 2011
Name and address of firm/university EFG EUROBANK EQUITIES S.A.
Type of business or sector Banking sector, securities
Type of employment Internship
Main activities and responsibilities Front office support, contract signing, customer services and briefing

Date (from to) Sep. 2010 Mar. 2010
Name and address of firm/university Municipality of Thessaloniki
Type of business or sector Broader Public Sector, Municipality
Type of employment Voluntary
Main activities and responsibilities Teaching primary students basic subjects (language literature, mathematics)

Personal skills and

Mother tongue Greek

Other languages

reading Excellent
writing Excellent
speaking Excellent

reading Good
writing Good
speaking Good
reading Elementary
writing Elementary
speaking Elementary

Social skills and competences
- Team work: I have worked in a variety of research groups during my postgraduate
studies and as a Team Leader for other projects (results publicized)

- Mediating skills: I participated in various workshops on media marketing and planning,
international policy making and human rights. Most actively, included the collaboration
and communication with a variety of ages and educational background

- Intercultural skills: Living in a multicultural region, I am familiar with cultures from many
countries and have undertaken initiatives that do not realize borders. As an activist I
participated in support activities to populations that seek temporary protection during
political or war crises

- During my visit at the University College Cork (Rep. of Ireland) as part of an Erasmus
training program, I spent time in Ireland and studied various institutions such as credit
unions and cooperative sector development. I effectively adapted to the Irish culture
and created interesting connections

Organisational skills and

- Whilst working as secretary general for a local NGO, I organized various speeches of
cultural interest with renowned persons, concerts and public events. I became
experienced with the efficient budget and time management. I actively involved into
local matters, issues of environmental preservation and sustainable development. Also
served as a financial auditor for the NGO
- During my voluntary work I developed teaching skills that helped me coordinate
interactive activities with young people, speaking to the public, instructing inspiring
audiences and motivating others
- Heading the front-desk of a national equities firm, I dealt with a variety of matters that
included accounts management, contract signing and customer service for the firms
greatest branch. I learned about securities and stock market assessment. During this
period I gained experience at maintaining emotional control under stress
- Whilst working at the local branch of the Economic Chamber of Greece, I manage to
successfully complete major duties from registry to financial management of the local
- During my thesis preparation, I became familiar with analysing big data, coping with
deadlines, writing reports, compiling statistics and proposing new theoretical
- Being interested in new technologies and innovation, I follow the latest trends on the
web, write reviews, gather information and suggest functional solutions on similar
matters through a website I maintain and generate revenue through advertising

Technical skills and
! General computer use, file management and office suites
(Microsoft Office, LibreOffice in various environments; Windows,
Linux, OS X)
! Graphic arts, audiovisual editing and authoring (Swift Publisher, Photoshop)
! Publishing tools: Scribus, Ibooks Author
! Analytical tools: MicroFit (Oxford University Press),
Gretl (Econometrics, Open Source), Eviews (Econometrics, Time series),
JMP (Statistics)
! Experience with advanced social media marketing and social network analysis tools
and services
! Web publishing: websites, content management software, e-publishing

Artistic skills and competences
I attend a theatre school and previously gathered 5-year education on the piano

Other skills and competences

Adaptable, responsible and with constant urge to learn about innovation and human
achievements. Motivated by the inequalities that create friction in society and anomalies in the
economic activity range

Additional information
Available to travel abroad

European driving licence (Cat. B) since 2005

References supplied on request