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Kavitha G.
English B.Ed.
Reg.No. 13371005
M.A.E.T. Training College,

Name of the Teacher Trainee: Kavitha G.
Name of the School: A.R.R.Public School
Standard: IX
Strength: Thirty (30)
Subject: English
Topic: Preposition of place
Date: 01/09/2014
Duration: 45 Minutes
Materials: key, pictures, Laptop, Projector.

The learner
learns and uses the concept through games
identifies in which situations the target form can be used
develops communication skills
frames yes/no questions
understands to describe a place using preposition
practices using preposition

Phases Classroom Process


Informal interaction

(Teacher comes to the classroom)

Teacher: Good morning everybody, it is such a
beautiful sunny day, isnt it? and I am happy about
it . So, How do you feel today?

Learners: Fine, teacher.

Tr: Ok, I am glad to hear that you are happy too.
How was your weekend? Is there anybody to talk


Creating the Context:


about the weekend?

Lr: I enjoyed it well. Then

Tr: Yes Vaishak, we are listening to you.

Lr: I went to the zoo and museum in the weekend.
Tr: Hmmm, such a nice weekend for you Vaishak ,
which animals did you see in the zoo?

Lr: lion, giraffe, tiger..etc.

Tr: Ok then, thank you so much Vaishak for
sharing with us. Is there someone else to talk?

(Learners responded well.)

T: Ok everybody, nice to listen about your weekend
activities. Now , Let us play a game. Are you ready?

Lr: Yes, teacher.

(Teacher divides the students into two groups.
Teacher provides them with a small key.)

Tr: This is a hide and seeks game.
One group should leave the room when the other
group hides the key. When you come back into the
classroom, ask questions to the students to find
out where the key is hidden.
You can ask questions like
Is the key under something? No, it isn't.
Is it on something? No, it isn't.
Is it behind something? Yes, it is.
Is it behind the curtains? No, it isnt.
When you have found the key, it is now the other
groups turn to play.
The groups take turns in leaving the classroom
while the key is hidden in new places.
Groups score one point every time they ask a
Count the number of questions each team requires
before they find the key.
The team with the lowest number is the winner.

Arranging class

Playing the game



(Learners listen to the teacher.)

Teacher arranges the class. Learners follow the
instructions of the teacher. They play the game.

After the game the teacher provides them with a
picture using a PowerPoint presentation and
provide the with activity cards.

Tr: Write down the things you see in the picture.
Learners write down the things using prepositions.

Tr: Write a description of your room.