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Real-time gyro orientation and

measurements while drilling


Simultaneous real-time gyro
and magnetic MWD surveys

Reliable PowerPulse
telemetry, proven in more
than 2 million circulating
hours of operation

Real-time inertial and gravity
toolface while sliding

Ability to combine with LWD
formation evaluation services

Gyro battery that is used
only for gyro compassing
PowerPulse turbine powers
gyro at other times
The GyroPulse service allows accurate
well trajectory determination in real time.

Surface-hole drilling from
multiwell platforms or pads

Oriented kickoffs
sing GyroPulse* gyro while drilling
saves rig time by providing simultaneous
real-time gyro orienting and magnetic
MWD on a single trip into the hole.
Battery life is not a concern because the turbine
in the PowerPulse* MWD telemetry system powers
the gyro in all phases of the operation except gyro
compassing. Use of the PowerPulse system allows
drilling to continue to section total depth without
interruption. The rig time this saves can reduce
drilling costs significantly, particularly in deep water.
Because it is possible to take surveys more
often, well trajectories determined from GyroPulse
surveys are generally more accurate than those
derived from multiple gyro single-shot runs or
gyro steering tools run on wirelinethe traditional
methods for making directional surveys when
there is magnetic interference from nearby
wells. Such interference often is a problem
when drilling surface holes from multiwell
platforms or performing oriented kickoffs.
Reliability of the PowerPulse MWD telemetry
system used in the GyroPulse service has been
proved during more than 2 million circulating hours.
The gyro is mounted below the PowerPulse system
in a proprietary, shockproof collar to be as close
to the bit as possible.
The GyroPulse service can provide real-time inertial
(gyro) and gravity toolface while sliding and provide
simultaneous gyro and magnetic surveys when
the pipe is stationary. In addition, it is combinable
with LWD formation evaluation services, such
as arcVISION* Array Resistivity Compensated
tools and other VISION* formation evaluation
and imaging while drilling services.
The GyroPulse service is an enhancement to
conventional MWD surveying, allowing accurate
well trajectory determination with no additional
rig time in situations in which there is magnetic
interference from nearby wells. This reduces
the risk of both stuck pipe and well collision
in surface holes. The fact that the service
can be combined with simultaneous formation
evaluation measurements while drilling yields
further savings in rig time and provides additional
data for optimum well placement.
A single source for MWD and gyro services
Uphole saver sub
Downhole saver sub
Downhole connection,
75/8-in regular pin,
4.1875-in inside
diameter (ID)
Uphole connection,
75/8-in H-90 box
Uphole connection,
75/8-in regular box
Distance to
survey point,
1.8 ft
reference point
(readout port)
Downhole connection,
75/8-in H-90 pin
9.5-in OD
GyroPulse Directional SpecificationsGyro Sensor
Directional measure point from GyroPulse reference point 1.80 ft [0.55 m]
Update period 5 s
Accuracy (1 s) 1 (3 resolution)
Survey time to display 90 s at 6 bps
Inclination accuracy (1 s) 0.1

Azimuth accuracy (1 s) below 20 inclination 1

For inclination of less than 20, the accuracy of the gyro is equal to or higher than that of conventional MWD measurements.
PowerPulse Directional SpecificationsMWD Sensor
Inclination Range Accuracy
Stationary 0 to 180 0.1 at 1 s
Continuous 20 to 180 0.2 at 1 s
Stationary 0 to 360 1 at 1 s
Continuous 20 to 340 2 at 1 s
Stationary 0 to 360 1.0 at 1 s
Continuous 0 to 360 1.0 at 1 s
Gamma ray
Stationary 0 to 250 API 7%
GyroPulse Mechanical Specifications
Collar OD 9.5 in [24.13 cm]

Collar ID 5.90 in [14.99 cm]

Collar length 24.88 ft [7.58 m]
Weight with gyro insert 4,250 lbm [1,927.8 kg]
Drill collar connections
Uphole 7
8-in H-90 box
Downhole 7
8-in H-90 pin
Joint makeup torque

saver sub to drill collar 74,000 to 83,000 ft.lbf [100,331 to 112,533 N.m]
Drill collar to downhole INCONEL saver sub 80,000 to 89,000 ft.lbf [108,465 to 120,668 N.m]
Bending strength ratio (BSR)
Uphole connection 2.64
Downhole connection 2.69
Moment of inertia 370 in

Equivalent bending stiffness 26.2 ft [7.99 m]
Maximum dogleg
Sliding 10.5/100 ft [10.5/30.48 m]
Rotating 7.5/100 ft [7.5/30.48 m]
Flow range 400 to 1,200 galUS/min [1.5 to 6.1 m
Pressure drop Less than 60 psi [413 kPa]
Maximum pressure 20,000 psi [137,895 kPa]
Maximum differential pressure 5,000 psi [34,474 kPa]
Maximum temperature 300F [150C]
Maximum torque 35,000 ft.lbf [47,454 N.m]
Maximum weight on bit 340,000/L

Maximum tensile load 1,094,000 lbm [496,230 kg]

Maximum system shock level 30 min at Shock Level 3 (50 g threshold), or accumulated 200,000 shocks above 50 g

Other sizes available on request

L = distance between stabilizers in feet

GyroPulse tool.
*Mark of Schlumberger
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names are the properties of their owners.
Copyright 2008 Schlumberger. All rights reserved. 08-DR-101
GyroPulse gyro while drilling offers
simultaneous real-time gyro orienting
and conventional magnetic MWD
on a single trip into the hole.

Significant rig-time savings, particularly in deep water

Frequent and accurate directional surveys in environments where there is magnetic interference

Lower risk of stuck drillpipe because pipe is stationary for less time

Smaller survey ellipsoid of uncertainty, facilitating closer well spacing in surface holes

Single source for MWD and gyro services

Safer operationno wireline rig-up and rig-down required
Versatile and combinable