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By Chompi n



My nickname is Chompin and I want to share with you one of the easiest systems for
making money that you will ever come across!

It entails making a bet then collecting your winnings or trading out for a quick profit!

It is not for the greedy or the impatient, you will not get rich quick, but you WILL get
rich slow!

You can start with just 2 or 200 or more! It is up to you, but no matter what you
start with you will in time increase your starting bank many, many times safe in the
knowledge that your bet is one of the safest you can have.

You will be betting at odds on Betfair of 1.1 or lower!

Now I know that doesnt sound very much profit for you but lets have a quick look at
what can happen after only 10 bets with Odds of only1.09 carrying over the profit
onto the next bet starting with a bank of 100

Bet 1 100 profit 9.00
Bet 2 109 profit 10.90
Bet 3 119.90 profit 11.99
Bet 4 131.89 profit 13.18
Bet 5 145.07 profit 14.50
Bet 6 159.57 profit 15.95
Bet 7 175.52 profit 17.55
Bet 8 193.07 profit 19.30
Bet 9 212.37 profit 21.23
Bet 10 233.60 profit 23.36
Bank now 256.96 a profit of 156.96

More than doubled your bank in 10 bets and this can be done at least once a week!

So this all sounds OK but how can the bet be safe?

But, for betting, first you need an account on Betfair, its free, get it here:

http://chompin.esy.es/betfair It will open a window like this:


Fill the form with your data, there is a promo code, dont change it, its my promo
code, for all my Betfair partners Ill provide full free of charge support and also some
of the best methods for trading on Betfair on different markets: football, horse racing,
tennis etc, then click Continue Securely.

Then you have to put some money in your new account, in order to start your first bet.

You can use your credit card or you can use your Skrill account ( it is similar to
PayPal, but Skrill works with the majority of the betting sites); if you dont have a
Skrill account, you can open it here, it also free:


Once you have your Betfair account and some money to start, minimum deposit on
Betfair is 6 Euro, but its better to start with 50-100 Eur, its up to you, read the entire
guide, then youll decide.

Football betting in the over/under 4.5 goals market.

You will be betting on a football match with under 4.5 goals, this means that if there
is 4 goals or less scored, then you win! On the other hand if more than 4 goals are
scored you lose!

It doesnt matter who wins the match or even if it is a draw as long as no more than 4
goals are scored you will win!

Here is a typical football match that you could have bet on:


You can see from the above screen shot that under 4.5 goals, before the game starts,
has odds of 1.09 on this match I actually got 1.1 by placing my odds and waiting for it
to be matched (which it did!)

Below you can see what that the profit, on a bet of 100 at odds of 1.09, is 9 Euro.

You can see it is 9.00Euro, not a lot for the stakes, but remember it IS a PROFIT!
If you look at some past results for football matches you will see that a very small
percentage( under 10%) of them end with more than 4 goals, so statistics are on our
side too, we are safe.

You can use this sites to see the statistics: www.xscores.com and
www.flashscore.com; its better to chose games where both teams scored low amount
of goals in their last games, games where the two teams are in the middle of the
standings; also, the statistics show that in the second leagues, for the majority of
European countries, there are less goals scored than in the first leagues; in the
argentinian and Brazilian football, also, there are low amount of goals scored.


Also, be aware to bet on games there are a lot of money matched, see near the
Refresh button, there should be some tens of thousand of Euros matched already,
see the first image above.

Now lets make this an ever safer bet!

Most games on Betfair that offer the odds for over/under 4.5 goals are also games that
can be bet on in play in fact I recommend that you only bet on matches that are in
play with betfair.

Once the match starts, keep an eye on the odds for LAYING under 4.5 goals the
longer the match goes without any goals the lower the odds go for laying it, so as soon
as the odds get below what you bet at, you can then lay it and guarantee yourself a
profit before the end of the match or even before any goals are scored!

For instance you bet at odds of 0.9 and you notice that the odds for laying it is lets
say 0.8 if you now lay it, you will make an instant profit! Not as much if you had let
the game go on to the end but still a profit.
Even if there has been 3 goals scored the odds for laying can still go down especially
if there is only 10- 15 minutes of play left.

Even if things are looking bad like there has been 4 goals scored 1 more and you will
lose your bet, but even if this does happen (and it rarely does) you can still trade out
by laying the game and taking a small loss.

The point is, you will always have control of your bet and plenty of time to trade out
for a profit or small loss.
Below are some screen shots of the match above in play to show how the odds
change during the game.


9 minutes played 0-0 and lay odds are 1.08 a profit can be made now

14 minutes played 0-0 and lay odds are 1.07 a profit can be made now


20 minutes played 0-0 and lay odds are 1.06 a profit can be made now

25 minutes played 0-0 and lay odds are 1.05 a profit can be made now


27 minutes played 0-0 and lay odds are 1.04 a profit can be made now

32 minutes played 0-0 and lay odds are 1.03 a profit can be made now


Half Time 0-0 and lay odds are 1.02 a profit can be made now

As you can see above anytime during the first half you could have made a profit and
got out, but why do this? There are only 45 minutes of play left and no goals scored!

55 minutes played 0-0 and lay odds are 1.01 the lowest the lay odds can go!


You could lay it now and have nearly all the profit you would get at the end of the
match if 4 goals or less.

With no goals scored at this point I am still going to let my bet run to get the full

But you can see now just how safe this method of betting it!

The match finished 0-0 no where near 5 goals! How safe was that?

Ok not all matches will end 0-0 but 9 times out of 10 the scores will be less than 5

You could also check the recent results of the teams playing to see if they are high
goal scorers or not and if they are, then they are best left alone.

As I said earlier I advise that you only bet on games that are in play on betfair there
can be up to 5 games a day like this includinginternational matches this averages 25
games a week! You only need 10 games to OVER double your money.

So if you have lets say 100 Eur to invest, you can earn around 130 Eur/ week extra

But if you have 300 Euro to invest you can make around 400 Eur profit a week!

How easy is that?

Be patient dont get greedy and you can make your self a nice second tax free income.

So open now your account to make some easy, fun and low risk money

Under/Over 4.5 Goals: maximizing profits

Trading on soccer (football) is all about waiting for the right moment to get involved
and then all you have to do is open and close your trade and collect your moneyits
fun, easy and profitable!

This guide contains step-by-step instructions, screenshots and real-life examples, so it
doesnt matter if your betting experience level is beginner, advanced or professional.

With all of the above in mind, lets get started!

Betfair soccer betting markets

On the Betfair homepage, click on the Sports tab:


At the left of the next page you can find the Markets menu.

Now click on Soccer next click on Coupons and finally click on Thursday
In-Play Coupon; this will get you to the In-Play matches for today

Im only interested in the UEFA cup semi finals:

1. Werder Bremen / Espanyol
2. Sevilla / Osasuna
Next I will need to know what is happening in both games.

You can watch live scores on plenty of websites but I just use one of these two:

www.xscores.com www.flashscore.com

Okay, now that we are all set up and ready, we only need to wait for a trading
opportunity to present itself

Betfair soccer trade Werder Bremen vs Espanyol

While keeping an eye on both games, I wait, and wait, andBAM!!!

Only 4 minutes in and Werder Bremen is already taking the lead!

So I open that game on Betfair and have a look at the Over/Under markets from the
menu at the left.

Because its still very early in the game, I open the Over/Under 4.5 Goals market to
check it out


And this is what it looks like right after that early goal came in

- OPEN -

As you can see, I opened my trade with a 100 BACK bet on Under 4.5 Goals at
odds of 1.38

After this first bet, my net profit will be:

100 x 1.38 =138 - 100 =38 5% commission =36.10

if there are 4 or less goals in this game,

and I will lose my 100 stake if there are 5 or more goals in this game.

Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the odds to come down.

Because this is a bet on Under 4.5 Goals I still have a safety margin of 4 more goals
before I will lose this bet as it is now.

Thats pretty safe!

The game goes on and except for a red card for Klose (W. Bremen) nothing else
happens until half-time.

A perfect time to get out of this trade and to collect my profits


To lock in my guaranteed profit, I closed my trade with a 124 LAY bet on Under
4.5 Goals at odds of 1.11

To calculate the amount of money for your LAY bet, you just use this easy formula:

(Back odds / Lay odds) x amount of your back bet =amount to lay (1.38 / 1.11) =
1.24 x 100 =124 for the lay bet

After this second bet, my net profit will be: 23.14 if there are 4 or less goals in this
game, 22.80 if there are 5 or more goals in this game.

Final result: Werder Bremen vs Espanyol: 1-2

Final net profit: 23.14

Mmh, not too bad for only 45 minutes work

One more time step by step

Lets have a look at the steps one more time


Login to your Betfair account and go to the In-Play Coupon of the day.


Open www.xscores.com or www.flashscore.com to keep an eye on what is happening.


As soon as a goal is scored in any of your In-Play soccer games, go and check out
the odds in the Over/Under 4.5 Goals betting market.


When the odds are still big enough to leave room for a decent profit, open your trade
by placing your BACK bet first.


Now wait while the odds are dropping and close your trade by placing your LAY bet
to lock in your guaranteed profit.

Betting bank and money management

You dont need a lot of money to start implementing this easy trading system. Your
betting bank should grow fairly quickly when following all the steps in this tutorial.

Just make sure that your Betfair account has enough money in it to cover both of your
bets, back and lay. If not, you wont be able to close your trades and lock in your
guaranteed profit.

On average you should be able to get a 20% 25% return on your trades.

Say you have a starting bank of 50.00 and you will use 50% of it for every BACK
bet, and 50% for every LAY bet.

- - - 50.00
25.00 25.00 5.00 55.00
25.00 25.00 5.00 60.00
25.00 25.00 5.00 65.00
25.00 25.00 5.00 70.00
25.00 25.00 5.00 75.00

Now that your betting bank has grown by 50% (from 50 to 75) you recalculate the
new BACK and LAY stake for the next 5 trades which will now be 50% of your new
bank or 50% x 75 =37.50

- - - 75.00
37.50 37.50 7.50 82.50
37.50 37.50 7.50 90.00
37.50 37.50 7.50 97.50
37.50 37.50 7.50 105.00
37.50 37.50 7.50 112.50

Again, your betting has grown by 50% from 75.00 to 112.50

Your new BACK and LAY bets will now be 50% x 112.50 =56.25

And your profit per trade =20% x 56.25 =11.25

Continue like this and you will soon be trading with 100 BACK and LAY bets,
making you on average between 20.00 and 25.00 for every completed trade.

Okaythese numbers do not take into account the 5% Betfair commission and the
fact that your LAY bets will always be slightly bigger than your BACK bets to
guarantee a profit, no matter the final result in the game.

But you can see that it wont take too long before you will start to earn 10, 15 or
20 several times a day. Depending on your betting bank you can do even better than


Some final notes

You dont always have to use the Over/Under 4.5 Goals market for your trades.

It all depends on when a goal comes in.

Remember that 2
game between Sevilla and Osasuna? The first goal was scored at
the 37

I didnt trade on it, but just out of curiosity I had a quick look at the Over/Under
markets after that goal came in.

Over/Under 4.5 and 3.5 Goals

The odds were too low because it was almost half-time

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

The odds to BACK were at a very nice 1.90, and with only about 8 minutes until half-
time, there was still a 2 goals safety margin for this game to open a trade on it. At
half-time the odds had come down to about 1.70 to LAY, so it would also have been a
successful trade.

Anyway, the Over/Under 4.5 Goals market would be best to start with, and after
you have gained more experience and confidence you can try out the other
Over/Under markets.

Open now your Betfair account to make some easy, fun and low risk money:


And optional (you can get from Skrill an MasterCard, available on over 2 millions of
ATMs all over the world, and you can use it only for betting, your bank will never
know your winnings )

Skrill: https://account.skrill.com/signup?rid=563090

Good Luck and happy Betting!!!


Email: chompin64@gmail.com

PS: I sent you, also, in excel, a powerfull tool that helps you to make easy the

Below Ill shaw you some earnings, on the same odds, Back at 1.09 and Lay at 1.01,
using different stakes, the calculations were made with this tool.

As youll see, the possibilities are endless, all you have to do is to start trading on
Betfair; using this method, youll make small amount of profit each trade, but step by
step, starting from a deposit of 50-100 euro and banking all your profits, in few
weeks, youll be able to make 50- 100 Euro/day or even more and withdraw each day
some of them.

Back Bet 2 Eur, profit 0.16 Eur

Back Bet 5 Eur, profit 0.39 Eur


Back Bet 10 Eur, profit 0.79 Eur

Back Bet 20 Eur, profit 1.57 Eur


Back Bet 50 Eur, profit 3.93 Eur

Back Bet 100 Eur, profit 7.86 Eur


Back Bet 200 Eur, profit 15.73 Eur

Back Bet 500 Eur, profit 39.32 Eur


Back Bet 1000 Eur, profit 78.65 Eur

Open now your Betfair account to make some easy, fun and
low risk money:

And optional (you can get from Skrill an MasterCard, available on over 2 millions of
ATMs all over the world, and you can use it only for betting, your bank will never
know your winnings )

Skrill: https://account.skrill.com/signup?rid=563090

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