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E-3/ 7 Labony Estate Salt Lake Kolkata-7000!

Mob"le# $%&-%'3&(-730'%
E)a"l# s*)an&&7%+,)a"l-.o)
/0o1ess"onal E23e0"en.e

O0,an"4at"on# Techno Consultants

A..o*nts E2e.*t"5e

6*0at"on# No5e)be0 700' 8 T"ll 9ate

Job Profle:
Follow up customers contact, liaison with departments within the
Generate simplifed reports and provide supported documents.
Manae !uality control o" all orders are in wor#in condition.
$esponsible to prepare the wee#ly details mis reports o" sales %
fnancial purpose.
Manae accounts chart, all o&ce vouchers, debtors % creditors list.
'nsure proper maintenance o" records and trac# the fnancial transactions
to ma(imi)e
the business opportunities % fnali)e company accounts.
Monitor revenue and e(penses, handle accountin operations
includin *+$, *+P.
Prepare fnancial statements and analy)in reports o"
company,s operations.
*ssist in carryin out company,s internal audit "unctions.
Prepare the salary sheet o" employees, monthly closins o" fnancial %
ban# transaction.
O0,an"4at"on: $ainbow -ndustrial .olution Pvt /td

A..o*nts Ass"stant

6*0at"on# May 7007- O.tobe0 700'
Job Profle:

$esponsible to maintain the boo# o" accounts in Tally 0.

$esponsible to prepare the fnancial statements, employees lists etc.

Maintained employee,s valuable documents, accounts chart, all
o&ce vouchers.
Prepared all documents on reular basis to manae the "unctional wor#

E9*.at"onal :*al";.at"on #
<0a9*ate o1 Co))e0.e =B-Co)>? Un"5e0s"ty o1 Cal.*tta -
Ce0t";.ate "n @n1o0)at"on Te.Anolo,y =C-@-T> 10o) CMC Lt9
Ce0t";.ate "n B"nan."al A..o*nt"n, an9 Ta2at"on 10o) @@CT
/ost <0a9*at"on =M-B-A> =6-E> 10o) Anna)ala" Un"5e0s"ty
- 70&7-

/ost <0a9*at"on =M-B-A-> /0oDe.t:
/0oDe.t T"tle# Team e1ectiveness a case study o" Calcutta Telephones,
ObDe.t"5e o1 tAe 30oDe.t# The pro4ect aims to study the team "unctionin in
a modern orani)ation and locate "actors impactin team e1ectiveness.
There are many "actors that create super teams in orani)ations,
instrumental in deliverin orani)ational per"ormance.
The pro4ect deals with those "actors in an -ndian orani)ation and tries
toether employees, perception on each o" them.
Key @-T Sk"lls#
5.67os, 8ni(, 9indows :;P, <==>?.
Tally60'$P, Fact, *ce.
Ms 5&ce, @isual basic .cript, -nternet Technoloy.
@nte0ests an9 Hobb"es#
Travellin, Music, .ports, $eadin, 7rivin, -nternet surfn.
/e0sonal 6eta"ls#
7ate o" 2irth: A<
7ecember A0B=
3ationality: -ndian
/anuaes: 'nlish, Cindi, 2enali.