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Name: Lee Sok Fen

Matrix: 162490
Subject: FHR 4606 Recreation Marketing

1. Beri pengertian pemasaran rekreasi.
- Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating,
communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for
customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Recreation marketing is the
marketing of leisure for the purpose of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure and is
considered to be "fun".

2. Bincangkan proses pemasaran
- Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a recreation product or
service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service. The
process involve introducing a new recreation product or rejuvenating the present
product in new package and selling to other; But at the same time, the needs for
the product must have its own market segment to certain user as well as can attract
new user. The product must have its own term of value which can compete to
other similar product, which it involves promotion to public, and the price is
compatible. The promotion can be through media social, word of mouth which
show and prove to public the product. Of course in recreation, it more prefer to
service type product, thus word of mouth based on worker performance and
hospitality can be the best physical evidence to show. On the other hand, the
product must be user-friendly which not opposite with the social interest.

3. Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan sistem pemasaran pada produk rekreasi
- A market system is any systematic process enabling many market players to bid
and ask: helping bidders and sellers interact and make deals. It is not just the price
mechanism but the entire system of regulation, qualification, credentials,
reputations and clearing that surrounds that mechanism and makes it operate in a
social context. Recreation product are more to service provided, thus it rely on the
hospitality of the workers to client. At the same time its involve the process on
how the product been delivered to customer who they feel either satisfied or
dissatisfied. The process is the ways to interact and deal with customer,
understanding their needs, and delivered the service which they request. In
addition, the physical evidence cannot be ignore, which either the customer is
comfortable with service provided, or else an alternative should be performed in
the ways to adopt a more approach and choices to customer.

4. Nyatakan 5 jenis produk rekreasi.
- Gym
- Swimming pool
- Recreation park
- Canyon
- hot air ballon

5. Nyatakan 5 jenis aktiviti rekreasi
- Muscle training and yoga
- swimming
- Picnic or family day
- Photography
- sunset and sunrise viewing

6. Apakah yang terdapat pada 7 P didalam pemasaran rekreasi.
Product - Having or producing a product or service required by others. This
could be your sport, the club, the competitions, stalls or other activities on
People - Customers or the people who use the services or products on offer.
Includes your employees, volunteers and members.
Price - Pricing the product or service at market price. Includes membership
fees and structure, discounts and the cost of members time.
Promotion - Ensuring the potential customers are aware of your product. This
can be advertising, publicity, sponsorship, brochures, posters or personal
Place - Where the product is bought. Includes where you train, compete (home
and away) and other facilities on offer.
Process giving a service, behaviour of those who deliver are crucial to
customer satisfaction. E.g. waiting time, info provided and helpfulness of staff
can make customer happy
Physical evidence demonstrated by an organization must confirm the
assumptions of the customer e.g. hotel services in a formal setting while a
birthday entertainment company should adopt a more relaxed approach