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9/7/2014 How to succeed the SAP Hana certification - The Sap Jobs

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How to succeed the SAP Hana certification
Posted by Guest | May 22, 2012 | SAP Certifications, SAP Hana
Hi All,
In order to succeed the SAP HANA certification you can take the class.. Or you can study by yourself the
following Materials:
Notes of the TZHANA Course
Modeling Guide
Development Guide
Master Guide
Technical Operations Manual
All of the above materials can be found on the SAP Market place and would help you clearing the test with a
good grade!
Comments from Tripan Ghuman:
1.Modelling is most important part.I had 27 questions(total:80) from this part.
Please make sure you read Attribute View , Analytical View and Calculation view again and again as most tricky
questions are from these.
2.Reporting is second most important. There is a graph showing various connectivity options
JDBC,ODBC,ODBO,MDX,BICS. There will be good chunk of questions around these.Also functionality of BO
Explorer,Analysis,crystal Reports will be there.These will be easy to answer if we have gone through the
document.Those having practical knowledge of BO will breeze through the answers.
3.Data Provisioning is third most important.Most of easy questions are in this section.
Mostly BODS & different methods of data provisioning.Pay special attention to pros and cons of all methods like
which does real time etc. Also make sure you study all the data flows as to what happens when.
4. There will be 6 to 8 questions related to security.Please try to get hold of TZH300 for that.You should know
about all privileges and roles in SAP hana.
5.There is a diagram related to Architecture. Make sure we know that by heart as there are direct questions from
there.Also persistence layer questions will be straight forward.
6.I would suggest to answer the ones that you are confident about in one go.Just flag those which are
doubtful.You can go back again and again to check your questions.
Once you have gone through all of them thrice you will be able to answer most of them.
Just be careful with questions having more than one answer right.
Comments by Srinivas Chaganti
1. Business Content ( ~ 6 questions)
2. Data Modeling (~ 27 questions)
3. Data Provisioning (~ 25 questions)
4. Optimization (~8 questions)
5. Reporting (~ 7 questions)
6. Security/Authorization/Import-export (~7 questions)
As said earlier, going through TZHANA in detail along with Modeling Guide, Development Guide, Master Guide,
Technical Operations Manual help a lot to clear the certification
Cleared HANA Certification on 08/03/2012 with 95% markssome tips on preparation!
Wanted to quickly summarize my experience in preparing for HANA certification and clearing it with 95%
1) I have many years of SAP BW experience and I felt that this background helped me easily understand the
modeling concepts in HANA .
2) I did not go through any training but read a bunch of documentation which I listed below (preparation period =
10 weeks, ~3hrs each day).
3) TZHANA is the most important document that folks need to go through from a certification stand point. But
keep in mind, TZHANA is a little outdated and hence not everything in there is accurate in the current world. For
example, TZHANA mentions that Point in Time recovery and log back up of HANA database are not possible.
But if you read the latest Backup and Recovery Guide you would notice that both these features are now
9/7/2014 How to succeed the SAP Hana certification - The Sap Jobs
http://www.thesapjobs.com/sap-hana-certification/ 2/3
available in HANA 1.0
4) Hence my recommendation is to go through TZHANA, understand all the concepts and then go through the
remaining documentation I listed below for more accurate information.
List of Documents:
HANA Master Guide
Technical Administration of HANA (optional, but a nice read)
Backup and Recovery of HANA
HANA Security Guide (important to understand all security concepts)
Modeling Guide
SLT Configuration
Sample Question & Answers (probably found on SCN)
5) Pay attention to all concepts covered in TZHANA even if they seem irrelevant for HANA (for example, reporting
features of BI Suite Crystal, WEBI, Xcelsius etc)
6) Understand the importance of all schemas and when they are accessed during modeling (SYS_BIC,
7) Lastly, but most importantly, make sure you get some hands on experience with the system while reading
through TZHANA, TZH300. There will be a few certfication questions which can only be answered by prior hands
on experience. This experience doesnt have to come by working at a client location. I opened an account with
Amazon Cloud Share (Amazon web services) and found this to be the easiest/economical way to get your hands
on a HANA system.
If you are comfortable with the above listed documentation, I am +ve that you can easily clear the certification
exam. My only recommendation is to understand the concepts than just remembering the answers as this would
significantly help in real implementations in the future. Good luck!
Cleared HANA Certification My Experience 08/25/2012
Wanted to summarize my experience on HANA certification
I have not taken any training, I just read the following documents
o HANA Concepts (1st 3 Chapters IBM RED Bookhttp://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redpapers/pdfs/redp4814.pdf)
o Data Replication to HANA - https://websmp103.sap-ag.de/~sapidb/011000358700000604552011
BODS (Overview)- Starts on 20-Minute Ends Around 60 Minutes -
DXC (Have not received Any Qs but better to go through) - https://websmp206.sap-
o Modeling - http://help.sap.com/hana/hana1_model_en.pdf
SP04 Features SAP HANA Modeler - https://www.experiencesaphana.com/docs/DOC-1798
o Security - http://help.sap.com/hana/hana1_sec_en.pdf
o SQL Script - http://help.sap.com/hana/hana_dev_sqlscript_en.pdf
o LCM (Important Transporting mechanism) - http://help.sap.com/hana/hana_db_lcm_en.pdf
o Backup and Recovery - http://help.sap.com/hana/hana1_imdb_backup_en.pdf
o Reporting
IDT Go through the link http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-8461 on following sub topics
Getting Started
Connecting to SAP HANA
Webi Go through the http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-7819 on Getting Started (1st links fine)
BOE Go through the http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-8675 on Key concepts and Managing Information
If you want can go through Dashboard / CR Getting Started
o New SPs Document like http://help.sap.com/hana/hana_sps4_whatsnew_en.pdf later this year SP5 might
o Keep looking
SDN HANA discussion forums and expert answers - http://scn.sap.com/community/hana-in-memory/content
Technology resources under https://www.experiencesaphana.com/community/resources
o While reading keep eye on HANA Studio system how they are and practice will help, once you are done with
9/7/2014 How to succeed the SAP Hana certification - The Sap Jobs
http://www.thesapjobs.com/sap-hana-certification/ 3/3
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these documents on last week before you go certification if you have you can go-through summarized
documents of above are
o While reading Every point is important but NOT important are the steps they explain like go there right click
and click on new bla bla for this perspective go to system and do practice rather than reading
o As you are aware every SAP document 1st chapter will be repeating so you can skip if it is the same
I know the list looks big but it really help and gives you confident to clear exam and any sort of issues in your
future projects on HANA. As you are aware basic concepts are so important to success.

Link to related blog about the SAP Hana Certification: http://www.thesapjobs.com/c_hanaimp_10certification-

Here you can find some training material provided by SAP: http://www.thesapjobs.com/sap-hana-training-
Quote Form people who passed the certification:
I cleared my examination on Wednesday. The great part about it was that i did not require TZH300 for
it. The alternative information from OHA10 is quite useful as well although it does not cover all the
information required.
I have passed HANA certification. I only read Book TZHANA . Of cause this book cant cover all the
question. But it is sufficient to pass the exam. I got 75 percentage correct questions.
Thanks for all the inputs I received from the fellow group members regarding Certification. Would
definitely pass on the inputs/tips who is preparing for certification. Apart from TZHANA notes going
through Modeling Guide, Development Guide, Master Guide, Technical Operations Manual (all available
at service market place) would help in clearing the Certification with good percentage.

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