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Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas/Semester : IX/ I (Satu)
Hari/Tanggal/Waktu :

I.Choose the best answer by crossing a,b,c, or d.
1. Which statement is showing certainty from these sentences ?
a. All right c. I really sure
b. I dont agree. d. I dont think so

2 Is there cartoon film on TV today ? Im not sure .
He underlined the sentence is showing us abaut :
a. Certainty c. Uncertainty
b. giving a response d. A bad response

3. Teacher :Look at the sky over there ! Its going to rain here ?
Veely :.because the cloud is far away.
a. Im sure it is c. Im certain it will
b. I think so d. I doubt that

4. Susi :Look at the waterfall over there.
Ayu :wow
Susi :Its not only beautiful but also amazing !
Ayu :Right.Ive never seen waterfall like this before.

a. The watwefall is beautiful isn it.?
c What is beautiful but also amazingbit is.
b. How is the waterfall
d. What a beautiful waterfall is.

The following dialog is for numbers 5 to 6.
Mrs.Heru :Excuse me,would you show me where the post office is ?
Yoan :..(5).
Mrs.Heru :Could you show me the way to the post office ?
Yoan :Hmm..go straight.It s about 200 meters from the market.
The post office in our left.
Mrs.Heru :.(.6)
Yoan :My pleasure.
5. a .Are you sure about it ? c .I beg your pardon, madam.
b. What can I help you,madam. d. Is that important,madam.?

6. a. so do I c. Thank you
b. I have to d Sorry.what did you say

Read the text and answer questions number 7 and 8
Sender : Andy
December 2010
09.45 a.m
Boby,our plan to have a picnic today is postponed by Mrs.Sandy because of the
heavy rain.
She just informed me the picnic will done tomorrow.

7. According the message above,Andy and Boby are going to have a picnic on.
a. Sunday c. Tuesday
b. Monday d. Wednesday
8 What is the purpose of the text above ?
a. to invite someone to have a picnic
b. to ask someone to join a vocaction
c. to tell the plan of having a trip
d. to inform someone about the changing of picnic time

9. Whom was the message for ?
a. Someone c. Andy
b. Mrs.Sandy d. Boby

Read the following text and answer quesrions 10-13.

At MITRASETIA we provide only best quality pets,Dogs. Cars,
hamsters,rabbits,and many others. Come and see our newest and complete
A complete range of pet food,toys,cages,and pet essentials are also available.
Affordable price, comportable place,experience staff, and a mini animal farm.
Where kids can play with some pets.
Disscounts up to 25% are available only this month !
Jl.Mangkubumi 14 surakata
Telephoe (0271) 326571

10. MITRASETIA is ..
a. a place to play with animals
b. a shop that sells pets and pet stuff.
c. a mini animal farm
d. a shop that sells animals.

11. The following service is provided at MITRASETIA, except.
a. Costumers have many options to choose
b. Costumers can ask questions about their pet problems to the stuff.
c. Costumers can not bring their children to the shop.
d. costumers do not have to pay a lot money to buy a pet.

12. which of the following discount is NOT offered to the costumes ?
a. 30% c. 25%
b. 20% d. 15%

13. What is the type of the text ?
a. Procedure c. Advertisement
b Report d Announcement.

Read the text and answer the question numbers 14-17

Monday,April 21 is the Kartinis day.to celebrate it,each class must present a couple of
a boy and a girl. They have to perform and wear the traditional costumes .Also, there
will be acookin competition. Each class present two groups, i.e. one group of boy and
one group of girl
Each group consist of 3-4 students. The categories for judging will be the best
performance and creativity.Winners will be receives prize at 02.00 p.m in the school hall
on the same day.for more information please confirm with your class teacher.
14. To celebrate it
The underline word refers to..
a. Monday c. A couple
b. Kartini day d. Annuoncement

15. Why will the school hold the competition ?
a. To celebrate a couple a boy and agirl c. To celebrate school winners
b. To celebrate a day d. To celebrate the Kartinis day

16. Where and when will the winners get their prize ?
a. In the class, 21 April. c. .In the school hall at 02.00
b. In the school hall at 02.00 a.m d. On Monday,21 April.

17. Who are the competition for ?
a. Boys c. Boys and girls
b. Class teacher d Girls

Read the text and answer question for numbers 18-21.

Healthy food preparation
Food which has been prepared or shared in unhealthy conditions causes many people
to become ill.here are several steps you can take when preparing food at home to
minimize the risk of getting sick.
1 Wash your hands well.Use soap and water and wash at least 20 seconds-the same
time as it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice.
2 Dont forget to clean under your finger-nails too.
3 Rinse off the soap then dry your hands on a clean towel.
4 Throughtly wash fruits and vegetables, especially if they will be eaten raw.Just use
water, dont use soap for that.
5 Keep uncooked and cooked meat sparate.
6 Cover cooked food so flies dont walk over it.

18. what is the text about ?
a. Several steps about healthy food preparation.
b. wasys to wash our hands well
c. ways how to wash our finger-nails.
d. several steps about fruit and vegetables.

19. Why do you have to prepare healthy food ?
a. To wash hands well
b. To clean under finger nails.
c.. To minimize the risk of getting sick
d. To keep uncooked and cooked meat .

20. What do you need to wash fruits and vegetables ?
a. Only soap c. Soap and water
b. Only water d. Meat

21. Cover cooked food so flies dont walk all over it.The underline word
a. A kind of animal c. A kind of fruit
b. A kind of vegetable d. A kind of food

The text is for numbers 22-24.
Fish are animals that live in water.
Fish have fins that help them to swim. Most fish have slimy skins covered with scales
with are very small and can hardly be seen.
Fish breathe through gills. These look like a comb and lie on each of the head. Fish take
in water all the time.The water flows in though the mount, over the gills and out through the
sides of the head. When a fish takes in water, it not drinking but breathing and the gills absorb
oxygen from the water.
The body of a fish is made up of the head, the trunk, and the tail fins.
There are many different kinds of fish which have main different shapes and
colors.Some fish are long and thin, which others are flat and rounded.Most fish have bodies
which are broad at the trunk and narrow towards the head and tail.

22. What is the function of the fins ?
a. for breathing c. For swimming
b. For eating d. For drinking

23. There are ..main parts of the body of the fish.
a. two c. four
b. three d. five

24. These look like a comb and lie on each side of the head ( paragraph 3).The underline
word refer to
a. Skins c. fish
b. Fins d. gills

The text is for numbers 25- 27.
Making Colored Egg
Materials :
-Hard boiledegg(colored
-papers towels
-food coloring

Steps :
1. Rinse egg in cold water and dry it with paper towels to make the dye, pour half a
small bottle of food coloring into a glass jar and add 300 ml of water.
2. Add 300 ml vinegar and 15 ml salt,lower and egg into the jar of dye and leave for a
few minutes.Check the color of the egg regulary.
3. When the eggs have reached the desired color,lift it out and repeat the process the
remaining eggs.

25. The purpose of the text above is
a. to describe how to color the eggs well.
b. to explain how to cook the eggs.
c. to tell about the history of colored eggs.
d. to suggest the housewife to make colored eggs.

26. Food coloring and hot water are needed to make.
a. rinse eggs c. dye
b. vinegar d. paper towels

27. Lower and egg into the jar of dye and leave for a few minutes
The underline word is similar to
a. dip c. crack
b. Water
d. peel

For number 28 30 complete the passage with the best choice.

Mice(28)rodent animals.They ..(29) ..four
legs.They (30).meat and rice. They ..(31..) run

28. a. is c. are
b. have d. has

29. a. have c. has
b. are d. is

30 a. eats c. eat
b. ate d. eaten

31. a. is c. are
b. have d. can

32. Arrange these words into a good sentence !
Made - always - is - wood - bamboo - from - Javanese - house - and
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

a. 8-2-3-1-6-7-4-9-5 c. 7-8-1-2-3-6-5-9-4
b. 7-3-2-1-8-6-4-9-5 d. 7-8-3-2-1-6-4-9-5

33. Arrange the following sentence into a good paragraph !
1. Almost all the roads in big cities are very busy
2. We must look the right and the left
3. We must be carefull before crossing the road
4. If the road is free we can cross it safety

The best arrangement is ..
a. 1-2-3-4 c. 1-3-4-2
b. 1-3-2-4 d. 3-2-4-1

34. Choose the arrangement of these words. !
People - their - Indonesian - choose - will - next President - June
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
a. 3-1-5-4-2-7-6-8 c. 1-3-4-2-7-5-6-8
b. 6-8-7-5-4-2-1-3 d. 7-5-4-2-1-3-6-8

35. My older sister and I ..to my aunts house yesterday.
a. Went c. go
b. Goes d. gone



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