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Western Civilization

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Western Civilizations will introduce the social movements in Europe from the Italian Renaissance to the
French Revolution. Students will be asked to evaluate critically the evolution of expression, religion,
science, law and government. Major topics include: Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution, Age
of Exploration, Age of Absolutism, Enlightenment and French Revolution. By the end of the semester,
students will be able to outline an understanding of essential questions from each unit, while they learn
to analyze, articulate and write about history through primary and secondary sources.
Students will be using reading, communication (especially writing) and critical thinking skills
throughout the course. Most classes will consist of direct discussions; students must complete
nightly homework assignments and arrive in class prepared to discuss the material under
World/European History Units
Text: McDougal and Littell, Modern World History: Patterns in Interaction
I. Review
a. Prologue
II. The Renaissance and
a. Chapter 1
III. The Global Age
a. Chapter 2
IV. Rise of King and Empire
a. Chapter 5
V. The Enlightenment
a. Chapter 6
VI. The Age of Revolution
a. Chapter 7
You will also have assorted primary and secondary source reading throughout the year.

Course Requirements:
Learn and have fun!
Respect your classmates and the classroom
Class participation
Be on time to class
Complete assignments on time
Bring a writing utensil and notebook (or computer) to class everyday
No food or chewing gum in class (bottled drinks are fine)
Dress appropriately
No cell phone usage. Do not bring it to class

Your grade will be based on class participation, homework, quizzes, writing, tests,
individual/group projects, research papers, and semester examinations. You will have roughly
one test or paper per week.
Since a large portion of your grade will require class participation, it is required that students
complete the assigned homework/reading before coming to class each day. Failure to do so
will result in a lower final grade. Tardiness for attendance and assignment will result in a lower
Homework and other assignments will be posted in Veracross. Please make sure to check
Veracross regularly in case assignments have been updated or changed.
Be sure to check your email regularly throughout the year for changes in assignments, links and
other course material.
My Email: biggartm@avonoldfarms.com