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Travel & Outer Space

29 March 2014

Q: More questions then, now about location. If we can create things with thought energy, we can find
these things? Locate them, the same way.
C: The location of something is its code or frequency signature or pattern; there are many words that
can be used to describe the footprint, the image or the mark of something. It is the alignment with the
resonant frequency of the thing that locates it. To locate is also to travel to the place of the thing.

Q: You mean like sound? Resonant frequency of sounds, that each thing has?
C: Yes, precisely. Each separate object on Earth has a sound frequency its structure creates and
reflects. The Earth perception of this is energy of what you call sounds; the energy waves that travel
through air. Briefly we review what is well known on Earth; human hearing perception detects a range of
frequencies below what many animals can hear, and as the frequencies reach the lower end of the scale,
humans can feel them.

These resonant frequencies are not only receptive they are also transmitive; they broadcast the signature
of the object and this includes its location.

Travel through space involves this matching of frequencies; this is easily demonstrated on Earth. An
object when struck will be drawn to a similar object because the sound frequencies match. If the struck
object is held in place, the similar one will be drawn towards the one struck.

Absent the physical limitations an Earth environment presents, such as traction, gravity, air resistance and
so forth, the similar objects will move towards one another easily and what seems almost effortlessly.

Your planet is reached from many parsecs of your distance units in a matter of only an hour or so of your
time; by this method.

Q: The traveler space vessel coming to Earth locates Earth how?
C: We suggest your astronomy of visual and radio telescopes; this allows examination through the
frequencies these devices detect. Expand the detection and also the ability to analyze the information
observed; this exists not yet on Earth. It comes in time, in some time as little purpose would it serve,

As a location is detected the way on Earth its visual footprint would be detected it can then be
analyzed. We take as an example the stars well known to anyone looking to the cloudless night sky. The
speed of light seen as the limitation of the universe, places the travel time to the star seen in light years;
that so many Earth revolutions around the sun would occur as the light travels from the source to Earth to
be seen. The light travels much faster; not years of your Earth time are taken but minutes to hours for the
entirety of your galaxy. The portion Earth inhabitants perceive and know how to detect bleeds off and is
seen to be limited to three hundred thousand kilometers or one hundred eighty six thousand miles per
second. This is the stray portion of the electromagnetic energy which wanders into the the spectrum
human detection and perception capture.

Earth transmits, by its existence, a similar outward energy, unique to Earth. Principally this mark
indicates where and what; it is but a matter of attuning to the information and creating a like resonance, in
the higher vibration dimensions. This draws the vessel and Earth closer.

Q: You have told us earlier that this occurs along circles, the outer edges of spheres. How?
C: Observe the ever expanding ripples traveling out across a calm lake surface after a stone has been
thrown in; travel occurs along these edges. Across space, these are not circles but spheres. As there occurs
an intersection, it is possible and simple to switch or transfer to another sphere. Much as a connection or
junction of roads or rail lines are encountered.

Q: So how does the vessel reach Earth specifically?
C: The solar system of Earth, the groups of stars near Earth, the area of the galaxy all transmit these
location prints, all easily mapped and pursued. As the travel along the larger spheres intersects with the
sphere of the next step, if you will, the space vessel switches tracks and continues. Eventually it arrives
close to the mapped destination. The frequency detection and matching are dialed back, reduced and the
rate of travel slows also.

Q: Sounds like Star Trek and warp drive.
C: This programme of television made reference to this very process. As each sphere is traversed,
time and spatial relationships can become warped or bent in relation to the absence of the spherical

Q: So how are these vessels propelled?
C: The generation of matching frequencies is done with a version of nuclear energy, as you know it.
We say a version, because primitive Earth knowledge of atomic properties only knows of massive fusion
or fission; the ability to separate just a few molecules and split them, controlling the sub, and sub and sub
atomic particles released, allows use of this energy without the risks human use does not recognize, not

Q: This power does what?
C: It is easily converted to electrical energy and thus generation of matched frequencies of all
intermediate and final destinations is achieved.

Q: How does a vessel move through Earths atmosphere, once here?
C: This is done through magnetism; a similar charge is generated and this repels the vessel, thus
holding it in place or moving it.

Q: How fast can a vessel move through Earths atmosphere?
C: The hull materials will resist velocities up to approximately twenty thousand kilometers or twelve
thousand miles per hour, at the density of the surface air, at the level of the seas. This is approximately
five times the muzzle velocity of the highest speed rifle slug now used.

Q: These vessels always go slower, though.
C: Yes, they never require these velocities although they have been used to escape detection and
threats, such as human combat aircraft and other launched projectiles. The approach to these velocities
makes it difficult for the human eye to even see the vessel.

Q: Weve heard of the vessels being attacked and then the aircraft is disabled. Is this true?
C: Yes, the subject visitor vessel can emit a strong magnetic field, similar to the one used for
atmospheric or local propulsion, in the vicinity of a planetary magnetic field. This localized magnetism
disables the aircraft, often permanently. The pilot must eject and the aircraft is magnetically pushed to fall
in a place where no harm or damage will occur.

Q: Do visitor vessels orbit Earth?
C: Yes, this is possible but not common; it is easier to remain stationary or move around at will. The
maintenance of orbit requires course deviations to maintain and also deviations around and away from
human satellites. The following of an ellipse around Earth versus stationary positioning is like walking
versus sitting. Observation is easier from a sitting position.

Q: Can we locate almost anything we want on Earth, this way?
C: Yes, you often can. The manner in which some people, as you might call psychics or mediums do
it, attunes to the same energy pattern. Rare is the need to supply the human with the information; it is
simply detected. All humans have this talent, this ability, to a certain level and can enhance it, if they
believe it possible. To travel to the location, in human energy density, is not possible. The use of a
ceramic vessel the materials used for interstellar flight contains much of what you call ceramics and
other silicone and carbon based compounds Earth knows not yet is necessary, possibly a metallic one,
yet the metals present themselves certain resonant and magnetic challenges which complicate the process
at lower relative velocities.

Q: Can our extraterrestrial visitors manifest things the way you described in the previous entry?
C: Yes, somewhat more than humans and somewhat more quickly but there are limits there also.
Your extraterrestrial cousins also journey through life in a path of understanding and enlightenment a
dense existence provides.

Q: Committee, thank you.
C: Our pleasure, do re-visit. Good travels.

cristina 30/03/2014 6:18am
Sooo interesting this bit "These resonant frequencies are not only receptive they are also transmitive; they broadcast
the signature of the object and this includes its location." --- it reminded me of "Star Wars" movie
and of tv show "Friends" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ev_ob4mVwg --- the last one is fun :P

Sara 30/03/2014 11:12pm
Very interesting, I wonder where these extra terrestrials live an wha planet?
And I wondering about black holes? What is really in the black hole?

Denis 01/04/2014 9:14am
I listen to a song and recall a place, a feeling, a sensation, a smell, so I unknowingly put a signature frequency of the
location in the sound at that time, Now I can experience the place again.
Fascinating information thanks, Patrick and Committee.