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Jojimar Kenneth M.

Gonowon September 8, 2014

Pre- Postulant

Unconventional Par Excellance
Sticking to the conventional is so called stereo-typing. It seems that we are all guilty in this
kind of attitude. Yet, life is not that easy to live because of traditions, cultures and even the
orientation that we are into. We describe life as full of hardships yet full of challenges. In the movie
that I have watched, the unconventional way of education and practical instances in our live reflects
the beauty of living without the limits of others.
3 Idiots is a story of true friendship, leadership and fulfilment of dreams. The dreams that we
dream of are always have the stumbling blocks that would hinder us to achieve them. The movie that
I watched gave justice and presented the most crucial and the most sensitive part of the characters of
being decisive in their lives. The sense of decisiveness is a sign of maturity in themselves. Their
decision paved way to their own selves. This is one of the best movies I ever seen. I never regret that
I watched again this movie. I remember my professor in Pilosopiya ng Tao sa bawat pag-uulit ay
merong kahulugan. At sa bawat pag-uulit meroong panibagong nalalaman at naiisip. I found
something new in the course of watching the movie. Although, it is a quite long movie yet
worthwhile. Rancho, one of the main characters in the movie, is undeniably a great person, a great
friend, a great leader and a great student. At the first day of school, he did not go to the conventional
way of entering the premises but he denied the initiation rites when it comes to reception of the
freshmen. He opposed at it seems yet the students were shocked due to his reaction - a reaction that
may trigger to meet the 2 brothers that will last forever. Though he did not so good things, he still
done it for a good purpose. His purpose was to trim down the conventional way of living. He gave
windows to the people to try something new and not focusing on the conventional way that we are
doing. He always knew his friends. He definitely gave time and effort to love them through his
actions. He never thought of his own sake. He gave his own self for her friends. He was never
selfish. He will do the best of his capabilities in order to help them without counting the cost.
Because of his principles in life, and his unconventional way, he was able to set examples
and impact to the lives of the people around him. The part of the movie that really amazed me is the
moment wherein they have to perform an emergency delivery. From there, with the help of
everyone, the delivery was a great success. Although, Rancho was caught getting the leakage for the
exams, he still gave himself to the situation exhausting all the practical and very analytical type of
being a human. Rancho really did well in making the students coordinate and make the delivery
successful. It was the effort of all who contributed the success of the event. And that would be a
turning point for Rancho to be considered for graduation. He was the greatest student on the history
of the college. Despite of what had happened, Mr. Virus, with all humility, embraced Rancho for
affirming the he was the greatest student that ever lived in this institution. And as a sign of his
affirmation, He gave the pen that represents the par excellance.
The pen symbolizes the height of our passion. We do have crosses and trials that we may or
might encounter in our lives. We cannot help but to accept them but it must not be hindered to
pursue our goal in life. In our institution, we cannot deny that competition is not present in our lives.
Competition may give us the striving capacity to achieve something greater than the person. But the
motivation is wrong. We achieve things because we want to be excellent on our craft. We achieve
things because we love to do it. Although it seems so hard for us to achieve it, but when we love
what we are doing, whether it is difficult or hard it is, we definitely give more time and effort to
achieve it. The ultimate reason for achieving things is the LOVE and PASSION for what we are
doing. Life is full of paradoxes. There are people who are putting you down and a lot of people
inspire you not to give up in life. This movie really paved way for understanding reality of life that
life is not that easy yet a fulfilling and inspiring one with our friends journeying together with