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Technical Analysis & Levels Technical Analysis & Levels

for 15 September 2014 for 15 September 2014

Prepared by Nicola !"e Prepared by Nicola !"e

Pa#e 2 $%P&S '&(&S
Pa#e ) A&&S &S*P+
Pa#e 5 '&($%P &S,-.
Pa#e 5 &S,A '&(*P+
Pa#e / $old 0T1 21L
Pa#e 3 A4 S&P
Pa#e 5 .TS'
Tal"in#6.ore7 is !ni8!e in that it is the only a!dio service in the 9orld that is available 24 ho!rs a day and e7cl!sively
for .4 traders: 1t is delivered by o!r hi#hly s"illed team of Tal"in#6.ore7 analysts aro!nd the cloc" from S!nday
evenin# thro!#h to .riday evenin#: 'very member of o!r team has a different mar"et speciality and each one has a
n!mber of years e7perience 9or"in# for an investment ban"; hed#e f!nd or financial ne9s a#ency:
<ost importantly Tal"in#6.ore7 analysts are completely independent and ne!tral in their opinions:
.riday 9as a small bearish han#in# man after testin# & failin# to clear 1:/250
resistance: *itters ahead of Th!rsdays referend!m co!ld see !s sell off and retest the
lo9s: Side9ays consolidation of Th!rsday=.riday loo"s to brea" lo9er:
.o!r -o!rly vie9>
(esistance 1:/23565)?ma@orA 1:/)20 1:/)43 1:/)35 1:/415 1:/5)/?ma@orA 1:/535
S!pport 1:/2)0 1:/215 1:/155 1:/1/4 1:/100 1:/0/0 1:/000?ma@orA 1:5B53?ma@orA
Side9ays tradin# above 1:25/B s!pport level; last T!esdayCs b!llish Piercin# Line Pattern has
tri##ered lon# in a possible ho!rly risin# fla# or 9ed#e pattern: Dery interestin# lon# set !p for
co!nter6trend traders; this is a b!llish harmonic pattern on the daily chart too:
.o!r -o!rly vie9
S!pport 1:2B51 1:2B15 1:2534 1:25/0 1:2520 1:2353 ?ma@orA
(esistance 1:2B51 1:)013 1:)04) 1:)10)60B 1:)145?ma@orA
%earish accceleration & #ap lo9er almost into o!r fibonacci ma@or s!pport at 0:5B50 %elo9 this
the ne7t tar#et is 0:5B15 -o9ever 0:5B50 is ma@or s!pport level and 1 am 9atchin# the price
action closely here:
.o!r -o!rly vie9
(esistance 0:B000 0:B0)5 0:B050 0:B1)) 0:B1/3 0:B212 0:B2)5?ma@orA
S!pport 0:5B5060:5B3) 0:5B40 0:5B15 0:555B?ma@orA
,losed .riday at 103:)06)5 resistance; b!t b!t no price action to sell yet; altho!#h this is a very
#ood level for a p!llbac": 1f 9e brea" hi#her ne7t the ma@or cl!ster level is 105:)0:
-o!rly Die9
S!pports 10/ 55 10/:45 105:/0 105:4)?2014hi#hA 105:00
(esistance 103:236)0?ma@orA 105:12 105:)0
%ac" in the ran#e after bearish reversal; this chart is the referend!m tradeE '7pect 3BB0 &
5020 to cap rallies today 9ith 3B/B pivot & consolidation lo9er to contin!e: No trade here today
aily chart vie9
S!pport 0:3B4) 0:3B)) 0:3B12?ma@orA 0:35B5?ma@orA
(esistance 0:3BB5 0:50)5?ma@orA 0:5055 ?ma@orA 0:5100
%easrish 9ee"ly shootin# star at ma@or tar#et & 50fib at 0:B4: This #ood sell a#ainst 0:B400
.o!r -o!rly chart vie9
S!pports 0:B)23 0:B2B3 0:B230 0:B242 0:B135
(esistance 0:B)43 0:B)35 0:B400?ma@or ma@orA 0:B455 0:B5B2?ma@orA
%!llish brea"o!t above !pper nec"line of inverse -&S; 9o!ld li"e to see a p!llbac" to b!y this:
aily vie9
S!pport 1:1050?ma@orA 1:1025 1:10 1:0BBB?ma@orA 1:0B)0?marab!Fo lineA
(esistance 1:1112620 1:1130 1:12)3?ma@orA 1:1233?2014hi#hA
%!llish brea"o!t above 1)5:24 tar#ets 1)B:35 b!t 9e are in a resistance Fone here 1)5:30635 to
1)5:B2: A p!llbac" to retest resistance at 1)5:24 or 1)3:B5 sho!ld become s!pport for
retracement lon#s:
aily vie9
S!pports 1)5:24?ma@orA 1)5:00 ?ma@orA 1)3:35 1)3:)4 1)3:02605
(esistance 1)5:30635 1)5:B2 1)B:35 ?ma@orA
%earish contin!ation 9e are pretty stretched from the ma@or movin# avera#es and liable to
bo!nce to *!ne lo9s at 1240 for resistance b!t this is bearish & "ey trend resistance is 12/5
-o!rly vie9
(esistance 1240 124B:50?9ee"ly marab!Fo lineA 1253:50 12/2 12/5?ma@orA
S!pports 12)4:24 12)0:30 1223:40 1212:40?ma@orA
OIL &S 0T1 cr!de 2ct f!t!res
2n the 9ee"ly 9e are testin# important trendline s!pport from 200B lo9s: %ac" retestin# lo9s &
the B1:2)650 ma@or s!pport; 1 am loo"in# for some evidence of bottomin# pattern:
-o!rly chart
S!pport B1:2)?<a@or & *an lo9A B0:50 5B:35 5B:14
(esistance is at B1:B0 B2:50 B):00 B):B0 B4:50 B5:B5?ma@orA
aily vie9 G Still bearish technically b!t sittin# on bottom rail of risin# channel & belo9 B/04
s!pport co!ld see a bo!nce this mornin#; a brea" of the rail has tar#et B))5 initially:
.o!r -o!rly vie9
S!pport at B/04?ma@orA B535 B430 B))5
(esistance B/04 B/51 B300 B345 B3556B5?ma@orA B523
,hoppy overlappin# correction from the )Sep hi#hs and sittin# on bottom rail of channel this
mornin# loo"s to b!llish tone for <onday mornin#: (esistance at 1B54 9o!ld be bearish and
set!p a correction to 1B//
-o!rly vie9
(esistance 1B54?ma@orA 1B5B61BB0 2000 2005 2005 2013?ma@orA
S!pport 1B33 1B/3?ma@orA 1B5165) ?ma@orA
aily vie9 G %earish b!t s!pport at the )5:2fib from A!#!st lo9 at /530 co!ld see a rally to
/535: 0ea" $%P H more attractive .TS' stoc"s: Sell rallies b!t be9are event ris" :::
.o!r -o!r chart
S!pport /350 /3/0?ma@orA /31/?ma@orA ///1
(esistance /350 /51/ /5)0 /53/ /B02 /B50