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SI unit of momentum is________

a. g cm S
b. kg m S
c. kg cm S
d. None of these
2. Convex mirror is used in street lamps hile concave
mirror is used in headlights of car because_______.
a. !ocal length of convex mirror is negligible and focal
length of concave mirror is si"able.
b. Convex mirror produces erect and enlarged image
hile concave mirror produces erect and diminished
c. Convex mirror produces diverge light and concave
mirror produces strong parallel beam of light.
d. Convex mirror produces large field of vie and
concave mirror produces acute field of vie.
#. $ars happens to be closer to the %arth ever&__
a. 2' b. 12 c. () d. #2
(. If glass rod is rubbed on silk cloth* hat ill be the
direction of transfer of electrons+
a. !rom air to glass rod
b. !rom silk cloth to glass rod
c. !rom glass rod to silk cloth
d. ,oth a&s* from silk cloth to glass rod and from glass
rod to silk cloth
a. .entilators are located near roof of the room.
b. /eaters are placed at loer levels of room.
Choose the correct option to 0ustif& above statements.
a. 1o balance light and air in the room
b. /eat radiation travels in straight line
c. 1his arrangement saves energ&
d. 2arm air rises arid cold air sinks
'. In hich of the folloing media* speed of sound ill be
a. Solid b. 3i4uid c. 5as d. 6lasma


8 pure metal ring shon in figure is heated over 2)) 9C.
2hat ill be its shape then+ :
;. <School bags have broad shoulder straps.< 2hich
formula can 0ustif& above statement= if s&mbols have their
standard meanings.
a. ! > mg b. 6 > !?8 c. !1 > - !2 d. ! > !1@ !2 .
A. $ass of electron > B x mass of proton. /ere
approximate value of CBC ill be_______
a. 1?1))) b. 1?2))) c.1?1)))) d. 1?2))))
1). Convert 72 km?hr into $BS s&stem.
a. 2)) m?s b. 2 m?s c. ).2 m?s d. 2) m?s
Stud& the velocit& - time graph.
Choose the incorrect statement from the folloing.
a.8fter - sec* bod& increases its velocit&.
b.,eteen 1) s and 1- s* bod& has negative
c. In first - sec* bod& travels 1)) meter
d. 8fter 1- sec* bod& comes to rest.
12. ,rightest star in the night sk& is_
a. Sirius b. 6olaris c. 8ntares d. 6ollux
1#. 2hich of the folloing pairs of instruments ork on
same principle+
a. 1hermos and 1hermometer
b. 1hermos and Calorimeter

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c. Calorimeter and 6ressure Cooker
d. Solar ater heater and 1hermos
1(. 8 stone tied ith string is in uniform circular motion at
- rotations?minute. Choose the incorrect statement.
a. It has uniform velocit&
b. It takes 12 sec to complete one rotation
c. Its speed depends on the length of the string
d. It ill be thron tangentiall& if cut off from the string
1-. 8 car travels #) km at uniform speed of () km?h and
next #) km at uniform speed of 2) km?h. 2hat ill be the
average speed of car+
a. 2) km?h b.#) km?h c. 2'.' km?h d. #2.# km?h
1'. 1hree persons travel from C8C to C,C from three
different paths 61* 62 and 6# as shon in the figure. If 21
22 and 2# represent respective ork done b& them* then
choose the correct option for above situation.
a.2l D 22 D 2# b. 22 > 21 D 2#
c. 21 > 22 > 2# c. 22 > 2# E 21
17. Identif& the scientist associated ith folloing
inventions* a. Feflecting speaker s&stem b. Fevolutionar&
suspension s&stem for car c. 8ctive noise reducing
a. 8mar ,ose b. Sat&endranath ,ose c. G. C. ,ose
d.Fan0an ,ose
!or a mercur& barometer shon above* hat ill be C6C if
6) is atmospheric pressure.
a.6 > 6) b. 6 > )
c. 6 > hpg d. 6 > 6) - A.;-'' x1)
1A. If an ob0ect of 1) kg is taken to the centre of the
%arth* hat ill be its eight +
a. A; kg b.A; N c. ) kg d. ) N
2). In electric circuit s&mbol means+
a. Be& b. ,atter& c. Fesistance d. Insulator
21. Choose the incorrect statement for electric guitar.
a. %lectric guitar is heavier than normal guitar
b. It has a hollo bod&
c. $agnets are inbuilt components of electric guitar .
d. No. of strings in electric guitar and normal guitar are
22. 5asH
6lasma 1his change is categorised
a. Subtle change b. Cooling b& evaporation
c. h&sical change d. Chemical change
1he diagram shos observer CIC and ob0ect C8C. 2hat ill
be the distance beteen CIC and image of C8C in mirror+
a. 1) cm b. - cm c. 1)2 cm J -- cm
2(. <In a higha&* it is necessar& to tie safet& belts
hile travelling in a car.< 1his can be explained


a. 3a of gravitational force b. !irst la of motion
c. Second la of motion d. 1hird la of motion
Ibserve the diagram. 2hich Cpole ill be induced at C,C
end of the fourth pin+
a. Interchanging b. Nil c. North d. South
2'. $ass of a block of length ( cm* breadth # cm and
thickness 2 cm is 2) gm. Kensit& of li4uid in hich it ill
float should be_______
a. ).; gm?cm
b. ).' gm?cm

c. less than ).' gm?cm
d. greater than ).A gm?cm
27. $ineral oil is found nearl& _______ meter deep in the
boels of the %arth.
a. 2-*))) b. 2)*)))
c. 1-*))) d. 1)*)))
2;. 2hich to planets in the solar orbit do not have an&
a. $ercur& and Lranus b. Lranus and Neptune
c..enus and Neptune d.$ercur& and .enus
Ibserve the diagram hich shos ob0ect C8C and C,C kept
on each other. If force applied on each to move ob0ect ,
to its left* is 61 62 and 6# respectivel&* choose the correct
a. 61 E 62 E 6# b. 6# E 62 E 61
c. 61> 6#< 62 d. 61>62>6#
#). 2hich instrument is preferred to detect direction
and strength of small current in circuit+
a. 8mmeter b. 5&rometer
c. 5alvanometer d. .oltmeter
#1. 1he current s&stem of chemical notation as
invented b&________.
a. $endeleev b. ,er"elius c. Kalton d. Futherford
#2. Select the incorrect statement for matter.
a. occupies space b. has volume
c. is ductile d. is made up of particles
##. Select the correct expression from the folloing_____
a. 8 > Number of neutrons
b. !or isobars CMC ill be same
c. M > No. of protons @ No. of neutrons
d. N > 8 - M
#(. Ibserve the diagram. 2hen a burning matchstick
ill be taken near the test tube* hat ill happen+
a. It ill burn ith hite crackles
b. It ill be put off immediatel&
c. It ill burn ith a pop
d. It ill burn ith a bright hile flame
#-. Calculate the number of atoms in - g of /&drogen.
a. #.)11 x 1)
b. 1.-)- x 1)
c. 1.2- x 1)
atoms d. 7.-27- x 1)
#'. 2hich t&pe of coal ill give out maximum heat+
a. 3ignite b. 6eat c. ,ituminous d. 8nthracite
#7. In afer packets Nitrogen is used to keep afers
crisp because _______ .
a. it is ma0or component of air b. it is non-reactive
c. it absorbs moisture
d. it acts as antifungal agent
#;. 2hen Copper sulphate cr&stals are heated in a dr&
test tube* some ater droplets are observed in the test
tube. 1his ater is _____ :
a. atmospheric moisture b. ater of h&dration
c. ater of cr&stallisation d. ater of sublimation
#A. Cranes have metallic rope-ires for lifting load
because metals _______ .
a. are hard b. are malleable
c. are ductile d. have tensile strength


(). Choose the best option for demonstration of 1&ndall
a. $olten ghee b. .inegar
c. Fefined oil d. !resh orange 0uice
(1. 2hich method is used in industries to separate
sugar cr&stals from saturated sugar soulution+
a. !ractional distillation b. Kistillation
c.Centrifugation d. Sublimation .. .
(2. 2hich of the folloing holds true for number of
electrons in outermost shell of an atom of a non-metal+
a. # b. - c. <( d. #
(#. Kuralumin used in manufacture of aeroplanes is an
allo& of.
a. 8l* Cu* $g* $n b. 8l* Mn* Cr* Sn
c. 8l* Cu* $n* Sn d. 8l* Mn* $g* $n
((. %lectronic configuration of an element is* IS

. 2hat ill be its valenc&+
a. 2 b. ; c. ) d. '
(-. 2hich of the folloing is a normal salt+
a. ,aking soda b. 2ashing soda
c. Caustic soda d. Caustic potash
('. 3i4uids and gases are called fluids* because______
a. the& ac4uire shape of the container
b. the& free"e on cooling
c. the& evaporate on heating
d. the& can flo
(7. 6ermanentl& hard ater can be softened b&____
a. boiling
b. distillation
c. adding Sodium carbonate
d. adding %psum salt
(;. 2hich method &ou can use to separate acetone
and ater from the mixture of both+
a. Kistillation b. Centrifugation.
c. Separating funnel d. Sublimation
(A. 2hich noble gas is used in minerCs cap lamp+
a. 8rgon b. /elium c. Br&pton * d. Fadon
-). Number of molecules present in 1 mole of /&drogen
and 1 mole of Ix&gen are respectivel&_______.
a. '.)2#.x 1)
and '.)2# x 1)

b.'.)2# x 1)
and '.)2# x 1)
c. '.)2# x 1)
and '.)2# x 1)

d.'.)2# x 1)
and '.)2# x 1)
-1. 2hich of the folloing is a decomposition reaction+
a. !e @ CuSI( N!eSI( @ Cu
b. 26bONI#P2 N 26bI @ (NI2 Q@ I2QR
c. 28l @ #I 2 N 28lI#
d. !e @ 28gNI# N !eONI#P2 @ 28g
-2. 2hich of the folloing represents cane-sugar
a. C'/12)' b. C'/12)# c. C12/22)11 d.C'/22I'
-#. Select the incorrect option for I2 and CI2
a. ,oth are colourless and odourless gases
b. CI2 is collected b& upard displacement of air in
laborator& preparation
c. I2 is freel& soluble in ater
d. I2 is collected b& donard displacement of ater in
laborator& preparation
-(. Select a group of ions having e4ual valenc&.
a. $ercurous* !errous* Cuprous
b. !errous* Cupric* $ercuric
c. 6lumbous* !erric* Cuprous
d. 6lumbic* Stannic* Cupric
--. 1&pe of solution of Sodium amalgum is _______
a. solid in 5as b. solid in solid
c. gas in solid d. li4uid in solid
-'. Identif& the reaction that takes place in a fire
a. CaCI# @ 2/Cl NCaCl2@/2I @ CI2
b. C/( @ 2I2 NCI2 Q @ /2I @ /eat
c. 2Na/CI# @ /2SI( NNa2SI(@ 2/2I @ 2C)2Q
d. C)2 @ /2) N /2C)#
-7. Identif& the cr&stal lattice of Kiamond from the
-;. Chlorine atom is_____
a. bigger in si"e than chloride ion
b. smaller in si"e than chloride ion s
c. ame in si"e as chloride ion
d. CanCt sa&
-A. $aximum ho man& electrons can fit in third orbit
of an atom+
a. 2 b. ; c. #2 c. 1;


'). 2hich of the folloing molecular formulae of
compounds is not correct+
a. 812OS)(P# b. BNI# c. Ca2O6)(P# d. CuSI( . -/2I
'1. 2hich of the folloing contains maximum amount
of vitamin C+
a. 8mla b. 3emon c. Irange d. Seet lime
'2. 2hich of the folloing plants does not bear floers+
a. 5rass b. ,etelnut c. ,an&an d. C&cas
'#. Identif& the folloing figure.
a. 8spergillus b. Chlam&domonas
c. 6enicillium d. Seast
'(. 2hich of the folloing cell organelle has cis and trans
a. Nucleolus b. 5olgi complex
c. Chloroplast d. %ndoplasmic reticulum
'-. 2hat are the applications of deep ell in0ection
a. Kisposal of nuclear aste
b. Kisposal of ha"ardous aste ater
c. %nhancing oil production from oil ell
d. 8ll of the above
''. Select the correct statement.
a. Fohu has both= cartilage and bones as endoskeleton.
b. Kog fish and Kolphins do not have scales.
c. Fa& fish has no scales.
d. $&xine is an eel.
'7. Select the odd one out on the basis of commercial
use. a. Serpentina b. Faanbhendi c. 5ulvel d.
';. 2hich of the folloing is not related to commands
carried b& efferent nerve+
a. /olding a bag tightl&
b. 1o run aa& on spotting a snake
c. 1o detect fragrance of a floer
d. Cheing food
'A. 2hich of the folloing is not cultivated for human
a. ,arseem b. ,arle& c. 3ettuce d. Iats
7). 2hich one of the folloing ould lack cell
8. Salmonella b. Nitrasomonas c. 2,C d. /1N1
71. Select the odd one out.
a. 6ollen grain b. Ivum c. M&gote d. Sperm
72. Identif& the correct diagram for a piece of 3ad&Cs
finger in C,hindi $asalaC.
7#. Select the odd one out of the folloing.
a. 5um b. Starch c. Fesin d.Catechu
7(. Kigestion of hich of the folloing food-nutrient ill
start in mouth+
a. Starch b. 6rotein c. !at d. 8ll of these
7-. Select the correct statement for difference beteen
x&lem tracheids and x&lem vessels.
a. 1racheids are dead cells hile vessels are living cells.
b. 1racheids are permeable hile vessels are
impermeable to ater.
c. 1racheids conduct food hile vessels conduct ater.
d. 1racheids have tapering ends hile vessels are ider
continuous tubes.
7'. 2hich ra&s help in preventing spoilage of potatoes
due to sprouting+
a. ra&s b. Infrared ra&s c. ra&s d. uv ra&s
77. Select the incorrect statement about photos&nthesis.
a. Fate of photos&nthesis varies ith avelength of light.
b. It is the a& of releasing solar energ&.
c. Insectivorous plants carr& out photos&nthesis.
d. It is the natureCs a& of fixing CI2.


7;. Select the odd one out on the basis of vegetative
a. Seet potato b. 1urmeric c. Colocasia d. Canna
7A. 2hich of the folloing muscles ill bring about
contraction of stomach+
;). Select the correct statement of the folloing.
a. 8ll plants are producers.
b. !lo of energ& in an ecos&stem is c&clic.
c. %cological role of an organism in an ecos&stem is
d. 8 tree is an example of a biome.
;1. 8riitbiotics are not effective in hich of the folloing
a. 1&phoid b. $alaria
c. Kiarrhoea d. Common cold
;2. 2hich of the folloing is not the use of lac+ .
a. 5rinding heel used for sharpening knives
b. 1o produce red ink for gel pen
c. !or sealing envelopes
d. Geeller& making
;#. Select the odd one out.
a. Shrikhand b. Cheese c. ,asundi d. Sogurt
;(. 6athogens of hich of the folloing diseases
primaril& affect nervous s&stem+
a. Fabies* 1etanus* 6olio b. Fabies* Fubella. $umps
c. Kiphtheria. 6olio* 5erman measles
d. 6olio. $easles* 1etanus
;-. 6etals of shoefloer are made up of_______ tissue.
a. epidermis b. parench&ma
c. phloem d. sclerench&ma
;'. 2ater slides don fast from the surface of lotus leaf*
8. ater floats on small air pockets present on leaf
,. leaf has ax& coat
C. leaf is flat
a. Inl& a b. b and c c. a and b d. Inl& b
;7. Select the odd one out on the basis of parasitism.
a. Cuscuta b. .anda c. Sandal ood d. 3oranthus
;;. In pasterisation of milk* it is heated to a temperature
of ______ and cooled don 4uickl&.
a. ') 9C b. 7) 9C c. 7- 9! d. ;) 9C
;A. Select the correct option for humus.
a. It is a non living substance
b. It is the micro organisms in soil
c. It does not contain Carbon
d. It is deca&ed soil
A). Identif& unicellular alga of the folloing.
a. Llothrix b. $oss c. Kiatom d. Fhi"obium
A1. Choose the correct option for gorrilla glass.
a. 6&rex
b. 8luminosilicate glass dipped in hot 6otassium salt
c. 3ithium glass
d. ,orosilicate glass dipped in hot 6otassium salt bath
A2. 2hat is the peculiarit& of C6inakC* the ne antivenin
produced in $aharashtra +
a. 1ablets made from traditional antivenin
b. Intravenous drip made from a&urvedic extracts of
flame of forest. Gasmin* Gamun etc.
c. 1ablets made from extracts of flame of forest. Gasmin.
Gamun etc.
d. In0ection made traditional antivenin
A#. Select the correct option for rainfall in a cloudburst.
a. E -) mm?hr. b. E 2 inches?hr.
c. E 1)) mm?hr. d. E ; inches?hr.
A(. 2hat is the main purpose of the pro0ect IFNSS b&
a. 1o provide IndiaCs ver& on 56S s&stem.
b. 1o develop indegenous techni4ue to position a satellite
in geos&nchronus orbit.
c. Continuation of Chandra&an?moon probing.
d. Cloud mapping and eather forecasting to aid INS81.
A-. INS Sidhurakshak* as a Ckilo classC submarine. 8
Ckilo classC submarine uses ______ t&pe of fuel.
a. Nuclear b. Kiesel-electric
c. Br&ogenic d. 2hite Berosene
A'. 2hat is C6ro0ect 3oonC b& 5oogle+
a. Cloud computing b& 5oogle
b. 6roviding internet services in remote areas of the
orld c. Internet call s&stem
d. Katabase safet& programme b& 5oogle


A7. Sunscreen lotion contains _______ and _______ to
protect skin from solar radiation.
a. $agnesium oxide and Minc oxide
b. Minc oxide and oil
c. Minc oxide and 1itanium oxide
d. $agnesium oxide and oil
A;. 2hat is C5FI/8C +
a. Irganisation to design eco-housing for developing
b. 1raining tribals to protect forest through life st&le
c. %nvironmental audit of construction activit&.
d. National rating s&stem for green buildings.
AA. 1he Celection-inkC leaves mark on skin because it
contains ._______
a. ink from ink sacs of octopus
b. iron gall ink
c. silver nitrate
d. charcoal poder and gum arabica
1)). 6erson having the rare C,omba& blood groupC does
not have _____ in his blood.
a. Fh factor b. / antigen
c. 8 and , antibod& d.I antigen


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