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Write a for&against essay on:In life the most important thing is not where you are,but the

direction you go to
You say I and you are proud of this word.But greater than this although you will not
believe in it is your body and its great intelligence,which does not say I but
performsI.Whether human beings should live their days as if there was no tomorror or start
becoming the architects of their future,remains debatable.
In the first place,it goes without saying that every single second we are constantly
making choices that effect our future selves.However,spending time and energy in each moment
worrying about the path of tommorows land actually causes more harm than the choices
themselves!Not only will living in the present have a dramatic effect on your emotional well-
being,but it can also impact your physical health!One very convincing point in favour of this
argument is that by living in the present,you are swimming in the ocean of acceptance,you gain
the ability to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made! For instance,in the documentary
Flight for Death:The Quest For Immortality a social psychologist describes adult human
consciousness as awareness of both past and future.Little do we know that unlike other
animals,the brains of humans evolved an ability to consider or imagine its future self,a blessing
as much as it is a curse.It is widely maintained that we become provident but
anxious,contemplative but worrisome,reflective but perhaps self-involved.
Although the conversional wisdom is that one should only live in the present,it cannot be denied
that we control involuntary,at least to some extent,what happens in the future.As a
result,consiously or unconsciously, the minute you decide to focus on something you've got to
give it a meaning,Nevertheless,in order to make extrodinary things happen in a lifetime,one may
firstly change his inner space and then start setting admirable goals!It must be said that not only
living processes,but the individual human mind embodies powers which are truly creative,which
transform the moment of the past or present,alike,into a new quality of existence which had not
existed before that time. To some degree,human beings should not be judged by the place in
which they were born or by the education they received but only by their pure dreams.In
fact,such can be the power of one inner strength that the chapter of inevitable may seem
surprinsingly different in an admirable way!
For the above-mentioned reasons therefore,I firmly believe that people should always
find a balance between futures goals and present,in order to keep alive a sense of
reality.However,were I to tell you that by fully living in the dimension of now we are
constantly losing sight of what is most note worthy,would you agree with me?