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On a narrative statement provide background information on the following: 1) Where did
you have your OJT (ompany and !ddress)" #) $ow did you choose the company% &) 'our
reason(s for choosing the company) *) When did you start having your OJT% +) What were
your choices (the companies)" if any" before finally deciding to pursue your internship(OJT%
,) $ow long (the time) have you devoted before finali-ing and formally starting with your
1) .hilippine /ong 0istance Telephone ompany" G/F PLDT Bldg. MH del Pilar St. East
Grace Park, Caloocan City
#) One of the most prominent company in telecom industry is pldt) (.aki puri na lang si
./0T)) 1 choose the company that would give me the best knowledge about my
course(specialty) ! company that has e2perienced in the field of ece)
&) 3araming nagrecommend for me to try the company) .ili lang ang nabibigyan ng
pagkakataon na makapagtraining sa knla) 4elated sa course and passion ko as
electronics engr5g student
*) !pril 1+" #61& as soon as 1 got my id)
+) 3anila international airport authority) (31!!) 3as convenient at mas madali ang
transportation pag papasok)
,) 3as mahaba ang pagpprocess ng re7uirements sa 31!!" kaysa sa pldt) 8ung nagpunta
kami sa pldt inentertain kami agad at pinagpapasa na agad ng mga re7uirements
samantalang sa 31!! maghihintay pa kami ng higit 1 buwan para maprocess at aking
mga papers)
1t takes me a long time to think" decide and finali-e because 1 carefully think for the best
company that would help me to my speciality and a company where 1 can gain more
knowledge about electronics and communication) !nd when 1 found out that pldt suits to
it" 1 finali-e and formally apply for my internship)
!reas of /earning
A. Co"n#$#%e or In$ellec$&al Learn#n" (What are the new things(concepts you have
learned from the 9ob and from the company that have helped you increase your mental
ability and capacity%)
1n network" mas natuto ako sa programming in terms of :clarity;) 3araming kaming mga
department na naassignan) 8oong una nasa PLDT Grace Park Central Office Main Distribution Frame we learned
many things about telephony !n ad"ance to our upcoming sub#ects mayroon na kaming mga idea
!n terms of Clarity$ dito yung ineencode ang lahat ng data$ "oice$ and data and "oice %ung mga records$ dapat irepair at mga ichcheck
na mga "accant ports
B. A''ec$#%e or E(o$#onal Learn#n" (What are the new things(concepts you have learned
from the 9ob and from the company that have helped you increase your emphatic ability
and capacity%)
8atutunan kong magpahaba ng pasensya sa mga ginagawa) 0ahil paulit ulit at madaming
proceso) 8atuto akong makisalamuha sa ibat ibang tao" kung saan makakasama mo ang mga
masasaya" tahimik" masungit" perfectionist at minsan naman ay sobrang masayahin)
15ve learned to be patient in every thing 1 do) ompany5s clients(subscribers called for
assistance and sometimes there5s subscribers that are hot headed that5s why 1 really need to be
in patient for me to assist the clients calm and correctly)
C. P)*c+o(o$or or P+*)#cal Learn#n" (What are the new things(concepts you have
learned from the 9ob and from the company that have helped you increase your physical
ability and capacity%)
1n physical" kailangan ay physically fit dahil kailangang mabilis kumilos ngunit tama ang mga
1n a company like pldt" 1 have to do task underpressure" on time and correctly) 1 need to make
tasks as fast as 1 can because there are many things to do)
Note: <ach may include any or all of the following:
0escriptions on the level of learning you have had from the 9ob(company) 0id you learn
a lot" a little or none%
3arami akong natutunan" at maraming ibat ibng karanasan kasama ang ibat ibang tao)
0o you think you should have to e2tend your stay to further learn things you need to
1 want to e2tend" not because 1 didn5t learn a lot but 1 wanna learn more dahil papasok
na sa industry natin ang) =iber to the home na iaapply sa mga subscriber) 3as gusto ko
pang mage2tend dahil maraming makabagong mga teknolohiya na papasok sa ating
A. A-o&$ Sel' (<valuation of self on the possible improvements" if any" needed for
B. For $+e OJT Co(.an* (<valuation of the student on the possible improvements" if any>
needed for the OJT ooperating ompany with respect to support to OJT students))
C. For $+e OJT Pro"ra( (<valuation of the student on the possible improvements" if any"
needed for the program OJT .rogram))
Note: ite weaknesses on each (!" ? and ) that you have found necessary to improve" if
!& RECOMMENDATIONS (For each of the item of III A, B ad C!
"he legth sho#ld $e limited to %&' (ages o short $od (a(er )ith the follo)ig
s(ecificatios* e+#al margis of % ich, Arial as fot face, fot si,e is %', -#stified ad sigle
s(acig. .o eed to (ro/ide a co/erig (age, oly the follo)ig iformatio o to( of the
Na(e/000000000000000000000000000000000 Fac&l$*1In1C+ar"e/ 000000000000000000000
Na(e o' Co(.an* 2 De.ar$(en$/ 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
S&-3ec$ 2 Sec$#on/ 0000000000000000000 Se(e)$er 2 Sc+ool !ear/ 000000000000000000
"he (a(er sho#ld oly icl#de the highlighted )ords/(hrase or statemets as its headigs.
Italicized items are only guides in the development or preparation of the paper. Do
not copy the format as is, only the outline.