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American History- Syllabus

Instructor Chelsea Langworthy E-mail Chelsea_mk30@yahoo.com

Phone 405-610-2848 Grade
Cell 405-595-7543

First Semester: Exploring America v.1: History, Literature, and Faith - Columbus
through Reconstruction textbook.

Second Semester: Exploring America v.2: History, Literature, and Faith - Late
1800s Through the Present

American Voices: A Collection of Documents, Speeches, Essays, Hymns,
Poems, and Short Stories from American History. ISBN-10: 1933410612
(Students will need this textbook for class) You can find it at Mardels, Amazon
and the Notgrass website.

We will be reading a few historical novels throughout the school year. I will send
a letter home with the student and an email and let you know what book to
purchase when it comes up.

American History. The student will survey American history from the time
Of the Native Americans and first European explorers to the 21st Century,
Including the George W. Bush Administration. The course discusses actions
And developments on the national level, especially involving the Federal
Government, as well as issues and events in American culture. A special
emphasis is placed on the role of slavery and subsequent racial issues in
American history. The student will read a significant number of original
documents and speeches while studying the narrative of lessons.
English (American Literature and Composition). The student will read
classic works of American literature, from The Scarlet Letter to The Giver.
The literature will include novels, short stories, essays, autobiographies,
memoirs, poetry, and hymns. Emphasis is placed on how the literature
reflects the historical settings in which the works are set.
Bible: Issues in American Christianity. The student will examine
developments in American religious history, from the role of religion
in the founding of the colonies to contemporary moral and spiritual
issues such as abortion and evolution. The student will study American
religious movements such as the First and Second Great Awakenings,
Fundamentalism, and groups founded in America. The student will also
study how religion and spirituality have played a role in the unfolding
of American history. Bible studies bring Biblical teachings to bear on the
historical issues discussed.


1. Develop an appreciation for the study of U.S. history.

2. Master a broad body of historical knowledge.

3. Gain an understanding of the significant people, issues, ideas, and events
of U.S. history.

4. Demonstrate an understanding of historical chronology.

5. Improve reading, writing, and research skills.

6. Improve critical thinking skills.

7. Analyze, interpret, evaluate and apply data from original documents,
including cartoons, graphs, letters, and pictures.

8. HAVE FUN!!!

Class Expectations:
Students are expected to:
1. Respect the opinions and feelings of fellow classmates.
2. Take an active role in class discussion.
3. Maintain a positive attitude.
4. Be prepared for class. (Pen, paper, folder, books, and assignment
5. Hand in assignments on time.
6. Use appropriate language.
7. be responsible for their actions.
8. HAVE FUN!!!

American Voices: A Collection of Documents, Speeches, Essays, Hymns,
Poems, and Short Stories from American History. ISBN-10: 1933410612
3 inch Binder
4-5 dividers
Loose Leaf College lined paper
12- No. 2 lead pencils
Black Expo Dry Erase Marker


Students will be graded according to class discussion, worksheets, essays,
journal entries, current event presentations, research papers, projects and

American History
Course Schedule: The Topic will be the Unit we will be covering
that week in class. Therefore, I have listed the required
reading/Homework that will need to be done the week before for
that Unit. I.E. Unit: Why Study History is covered over chapters

Week Topic: Unit we will be
covering that current
Required Reading:
(Homework for
following week)
1 Student Introduction,
Class Rules, Review
2 Could you pass a
Citizenship Test?
Chapters 1-5
3 Why Study History? Chapters 6-10
4 Exploration and
Chapters 11-15
5 English Settlement of
Chapters 16-20
6 English Colonies in the
Chapters 21-25
7 Revolution Chapters 26-30
8 The Constitution and the
New Nation
Chapters 31-35
9 The Era of Thomas
Chapters 36-40
10 The Era of Good
Chapters 41-45
11 The Era of Andrew
Chapters 46-50
12 America Expands Chapters 51-55
13 The Approaching Conflict Chapter 56-60
14 The Nation Divides Chapters 61-65
15 The Terrible Conflict Chapters 66-70
16 The Nation Rebuilds Chapters 71-75
17 Moving Forward Chapters 76-80
18 Politics in the Gilded Age Chapters 81-85
19 Changing America Chapters 86-90
20 The Turn of the Century Chapters 91-95
21 The Triumph of
Chapters 96-100
22 America and the Great
Chapters 101-105
23 America in the Twenties Chapters 106-110
24 The New Deal Chapters 111-115
25 World War II Chapters 116-120
26 Postwar America Chapters 121-125
27 The 1950s Chapters 126-130
28 The Turbulent Sixties Chapters 131-135
29 The 1970s Chapters 136-140
30 The Reagan-Bush Era Chapters 141-145
31 The 1990s Chapters 146-150
32 The New Millennium

I will not have exams in my class. I feel that exams only make history
unenjoyable. This is not my wish for my students. I want them to enjoy learning
about history not dread it. I will however have pop quizzes on occasion, this will
not be graded. It will only be for my assurance that the students are retaining
what I am teaching them.
Disclaimer: If I feel that students are not doing their part in class I will give them