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MS-06/803, Kendriya Vihar, Sec-56 | Gurgaon, HR-122002 | sachin.sisodia@gmail.com | LinkedIn URL | 09911481084

Profile Summary
The Certified CSM, PMP, ITIL V3 - OSA, LSS and Six Sigma Green Belt with 11+ years of experience in IT industry. Currently,
associated with Axalta Coating System and have gained experience in EAI (Tibco, webMethods, SeeBeyond, Axway)
and Java/J2EE with dynamic cross functional roles like Software Operations, Software Quality Assurance, Process Engineering,
Risk and RCA Analysis, Process Capability baseline analysis, Process Improvement, have been instrumental in Axalta- DuPont
EAI/B2B Separation project as Enterprise Architect. Defining and improving Axalta EAI/B2B Enterprise Architecture by
leveraging existing E.I DuPont applications, utilities and infrastructure. Have knack for Quality details, initiated several process
improvement initiatives that resulted in effective process institutionalization.

Skill Set

Domain Knowledge Business Skills Technical Skills
Agile Scrum Methodology
Lean & Six Sigma
ITIL V3 Foundation
Requirement Gathering and Analysis
Business Process Reengineering
End to End Process Transformation
Technical Consulting and Training
Management Reporting
Communication Skills
EAI (webMethod, Tibco, Axway, SeeBeyond)
Axway CFT
Java/Web Technology
Eclipse, Tortoise CVS ver 1.10.7, Rational
rose, MS Office

Professional Profile

Scrum framework knowledge and implementation (including transition from other SDLC), certified Scrum Master since May 2011
Agile engineering practices and methods knowledge and implementation
Teamwork and team management including work in distributed and multi-national teams, coaching.
Creating and ensuring adherence to various processes like the Project Delivery process, Cost management process and various
quality checkpoint reviews.
Developing IT Services Management (ITSM) solutions based on ITIL a best practice that focuses on the people, process, and
technology perspectives providing business solutions within the IT infrastructure.
Developing execution strategies & proposals for large scale projects.
Engaging business teams for ensuring strong support for projects and to validating project charters and ensuring the project
scope, deliverables, timeline and value capture metrics are well defined.
Facilitating project teams on Quantitative Project Management (QPM) and Causal Analysis (CAR) and Resolution of their
respective projects.
Worked on multiple projects in integration development, support and maintenance using webMethods 6.1/6.5/7.X
Worked extensively on Tibco suites (Business Works 5.X, RV 7.2, EMS,HAWK, Admin).
Worked and design multiple integration solution in SAP PI and Seebeyond for A2A implementation.

Recent Key Achievements

First PMP certified resource in DuPont, India
Successfully launched the first PMP batch in DuPont, India and given 4 PMP certified resource to DuPont, India from 1st batch
Successfully executed Asias biggest Warehouse EDI project
Successfully executed DMAIC six sigma project
Refined/Streamlined global PMO activities and created the delivery framework at organization level.

Seeking Challenging Assignments in Consulting/Analytics/Management with an organization of repute

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Educational Background

Career Summary

Organization Role Technology Duration
Axalta Coating System, Gurgaon
(Earlier DuPont Performance Coating)
B2B / EAI Separation Lead
Axway B2Bi, Axway CFT, Tibco, EDI
Sep12 Till Date
E.I. DuPont, Gurgaon Solution Designer
SAP PI, SeeBeyond, Java/J2ee
June09 Sep12
FCS, Hyderabad Project Manager
webMethods, Tibco
Sep08 Jun 09
HCL Technologies Project Manager
webMethods, Java/J2ee
May04 - Aug 08
SDG India, Noida Software Engineer
Dec03 May04
NIIT Technology, Delhi Programmer Java/J2ee Aug03 Dec03
Fidelity National Information Services Software Engineer Java/J2ee Sep02 Jul03

Project Details

Project #1
Project Name
Axalta- DuPont EAI/B2B & eCommerce Separation
Sep12 -Till date
Axalta, Gurgaon
Description Axalta utilizes both dedicated and leveraged applications, utilities, and infrastructure in the DuPont Extranet for
eCommerce and M&S functions.
For the SLA exit process Axalta requires information about current running eCommerce Extranet including
Axalta specific applications, their interfaces, middleware dependencies, databases and storage, architecture and
data metrics, software licensing and fees, etc. and the same detail for all shared applications and utilities used
by Axalta to make a proper judgment to move and/or replace the DPC Extranet applications and functionality.
Technology Axway, Tibco, JSP, Servlet, SAP
Responsibility Capture detailed documentation, environment diagrams, spreadsheets across application
Capture recommendations from current application development and support teams regarding how to
separate the eCommerce and M&S Extranet applications and services from DuPont.
Architecture design for File file transfer between different application
Architecture design of manufacture message bus (Tibco)
Create process and technical document for migrated application
Coordinate/work with different vendor in separation activities
Project #2
Project Name
DuPont ICC
Jul09 Sep12
DuPont, Gurgaon
Description DuPont system consists of multiple solutions that are combined to satisfy the business need for an
electronically connected solution. Process is further divided into 2 processes (Logistic and Sale to Cash). Logistic
process deal with all transport system wherein Sale to Cash deal with all sales transaction. DuPont internal EAI
system deal with only ChemXML, XML IDoc and native messages. Due to this DuPonts partners communicate
with Elemica which take care of all security measure and validate/transform received message to message
that can be handled by DuPont system.
Technology SAP PI, SeeBeyond, SAP, EDIFACT,EDI, ChemXML, XML IDoc
Responsibility Helping the SBUs and functions of DuPont to adjust rapidly to unexpected or changing conditions; deals
effectively with new and different situations;
Responsible for generating demand and Front end Loading
Involved in customer engagement with business CPOs.
Coordinating business requirements, deliverables for development, deployment and risk assessment.
Implementing new processes and methodologies for better project management procedures.
Resource allocation and optimization
Project #3
Highest Degree Acquired Institution/University Pass out Year % Attained
Masters in Computer Application (MCA) Pt. R. S. S University Raipur 08/2002 76%

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Project Name
DuPont Direct
Jan11 to Jan 12
DuPont, Gurgaon
Description DuPont Direct is an application that provides the capability for authorized extranet users to enter orders and
track order history as well as check invoice and account status. This application is used by many businesses in
DuPont across all regions. Its available in more than ten languages. DuPont. Direct Administration Tool (DDAT)
is a web-based system designed to provide all necessary tools to maintain DuPont Direct User Account
Information, Customer Data Tables, Sales and Product
Information, Messaging and System Administration for DuPont Direct.
Technology Java,JSP.Oracle8i,SAP,webLogic
Responsibility Responsible for entire delivery process, including not only development but also quality, resource
management, SLA monitoring, Cost and Schedule Controlling, communication and risk mitigation
Demonstrated ability to extend a specific problem statement to an enterprise-level set of requirements
and define a compact, scalable solution to meet the initial problem;
Working with business representatives, infrastructure engineers, software developers, business process
analysts and external service providers, when necessary;
Coordinating business requirements, deliverables for development, deployment and risk assessment.
Accountable for the delivery of the middleware platform including milestone progress and risk mitigation.
Negotiate and mediate skills in dealing with a variety of areas across the DuPont.
Implementing new processes and methodologies for better project management procedures.
Project #4
Project Name COLT Integration support
Client COLT, Gurgaon
Duration Sep-08 to May -09
Organization Software AG, Bangalore
Description The current Colt webMethods production environment has multiple integration servers and brokers running in
standalone as well as cluster mode (More than 15 Production Servers and 30 + non production Boxes)
WebMethods being an integration layer enables most of the applications in COLT to interact with each other
and act on business data; hence it becomes imperative that webMethods run time components are up and
running. We have adopted Agile methodology to run this project.
Technology webMethods 6.X , Different components of webMethods , Java, RedHut Enterprise linux
Responsibility Developed infrastructure Metrics and other KPIS such as message success, trends, volumes etc.
Provided expert counsel to team on projects
Involved in systems analysis, design, development, unit and integration testing, project plans, scheduling,
resource allocation
Contributed on standards and process development for naming convention, dashboards, metrics,
deployments, reusability etc. in architect and engineering guidelines.
Validated, Tested and Troubleshooted end-to-end flow from partners to back end
Recommended & designed solutions for complex problems requiring new solutions
Managed Root Cause Analysis (RCA) processes across multiple suppliers and solution providers and defined
CAR/DAR for the project.
Project #5
Project Name Merck COMET
Client Merck, USA
Duration Aug-07 to Aug -08
Organization HCL Technologies
Description Merck & Co., Inc. is a global research-driven pharmaceutical company dedicated to putting patients first.
Established in 1891, Merck discovers, develops, manufactures and market vaccines and medicines to address
unmet medical needs. There are lots of internal applications run in Merck. Tibco is used as a middleware
platform to link those applications and pass relevant information to process it further. SAP is used as source
applications which create, change, and delete Cost Center Hierarchies IDocs which further validate, transform
and publish by Tibco middleware.
Technology Tibco (Business Works 5.X, RV 7.2, EMS, HAWK, Admin), oracle9i
Responsibility Managing the scheduling, planning and work assignation among team members
Overall responsible for the deployment of releases.
Regular sharing weekly status reports to client and senior management
Analyze and understand the business flow of technical services operation.
Created design Specifications, Performance management.
Involved in quality process for Integration Testing and Documentation.
Create different metrics reports to get the project health.
Project #6

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Project Name Deutsche Bank Direct connectivity (DBDC)
Deutsche Bank,Singapore
Dec- 06 to July-07
HCL Technologies, Singapore
Description DBDC application is all about to handle different channel by which Deutsche banks client send files to their
environment (Gateway) and vise versa (Delivery). There are different channel by which interaction happens in
between partners and Deutsche bank likes: AS1, AS2, AS3, HTPPS1867, HTTPS1847, FTPS, File Polling, EMAIL,
MQ, SFTP and Partner Pull.
Technology webMethods Integration Server 6.5, Developer 6.5, Broker 6.5, Modeler 6.5
Responsibility Analyze and understand the business flow of technical services operation.
Configured FTPS port for Auth-TLS and handle the request for the same.
Creating design Specifications, Proof of Concept, Performance management.
Development of the DBDC product.
Involved in quality process for Integration Testing and Documentation.
Project #7
Project Name EAI Migration, Mindspeed
Mindspeed, USA
Sep- 06 to Nov-06
HCL Technologies, Gurgaon
Description This project is all about to migrating entire EAI integration from 6.1 to 6.5. There are around 32 core
integrations which have been divided into the following categories:
1. SAP to Oracle
2. Oracle to Oracle
3. Oracle to LDAP
Technology wM Integration Server 6.5, Developer 6.5, Broker 6.5, SAP Adapter6.5 and Oracle 9i
Responsibility Creating the project plan, estimating the efforts at offshore.
Creating technical design.
Developing the interfaces using flow service, creating utility services.
Created Unit test plan and Integration test plan documents with sample inputs provided from client.
Provided support during the testing.
Provided production support after the completion of the project for 3 weeks.
Project #8
Project Name Mindspeed-Huawei B2B (Rosettanet 3A4/3A7)
Jan- 06 to Nov-06
HCL Technologies, Gurgaon
Description Huawei is an existing customer of Mindspeed. Mindspeed receives PIP 3A4 purchase orders from Huawei. Once
received PO, an acknowledgement sends back. The PO is processed and submits to SAP system in Mindspeed,
and an acknowledgment is sent back to Huawei as processed acknowledgment.
Mindspeed use PIP3A7, "Notify of Purchase Order Update" to notify the buyer when the product line is either
accepted or rejected. It enables a buyer to change a purchase order, and a seller to acknowledge if the changes
are accepted, rejected, or pending. Changes to a purchase order are initiated after the receipt of a seller-
initiated change in PIP3A7, "Notify of Purchase Order Update."
Technology WebMethods 6.5, Trading Network6.5, Modeler 6.5, mywebmethods 6.5
Responsibility Analyze and understand the business flow of technical services operation.
Developed services to fetch the RosettaNet information from TN Server and map with the respective
database related fields with few transformations of datas wherever required and insert into the Portal
Configured the TN Server, TN Console with RosettaNet PIPs.
Create Model based on the PIPs and the requirements.
Involved in quality process for Integration Testing and Documentation.
Project #9
Project Name eManage2.0
Client Mindspeed
Duration Jun-04 to Oct-06
Organization HCL Technologies, Gurgaon
Description This project is made for a US client Mindspeed. Mindspeed is a company that deals in chip making and has
many clients. eManage project is all about to capture/manage Mindspeeds channel partners (representative
and distributor), programs (solution), product and contacts. Distributors stock Mindspeed product and their
customers (consumers of Mindspeed chips) can purchase product from the distributor who can extend credit to

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them. Representatives are typically an extension of Mindspeed Sales team and Field Engineers. Mindspeed
work with third party firms trained on their products to supplement their own sales staff and to assist in selling
their product into the marketplace. Reps and DISTYs are referred to collectively as their Channel Partners.
Technology Java, Servlet, JavaScript, Struts1.1, Siteminder6, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, Netscape LDAP Directory Server
5.1, Weblogic8.1
Responsibility Designing the structure of the application on the basis of client specification, initialization of different fields,
validation, interaction of the users data through the database, Coding, Conducted Online Testing and
Implementing the Project.
Project #10
Project Name Mindspeed web Portal
May-04 to Oct-06
HCL Technologies, Gurgaon
Description The client has off-shored its IT-related activities to HCLT. There are total 7 major web applications till date that
are to be maintained/enhanced/developed. These are: Website portal mindspeed.com, Product Documentation
Administration Tools (PDAT), Design Tracking System (DTS), Employee Self Services (ESS), Mindspeed Learning
Tool (Plateau), Order Management System, Engineering Planning System (EPS). EPS and Order Management
System are developed from scratch. DTS, PDAT and Web Portal are enhanced regularly with the new features.
EPS is aimed to digitize the current manual process by enabling the designated users to track project
milestones, allocate resources to projects and generate reports on projects, scorecard and resources.
Technology Java, JavaBeans, Servlet, JavaScript, HTML4.1, Siteminder4.6, webMethods4.6, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, HP-
UX, Netscape IPLANET Web Server
Responsibility Worked as a team member for Web projects, Design and Implementation of Portal, Maintenance and
enhancement of all clients web applications
Project #11
Project Name Mindspeed EAI Integrations
Client Mindspeed
Duration Jan- 05 to Oct-06
Organization HCL Technologies, Gurgaon
Description This project is about integration of Mindspeed packaged applications, custom software and legacy software in
real time mode. It helps to keep consistent data across the different databases. Mindspeed uses ODS (Oracle
Database) to maintain data for different modules. Earlier TIBCO was being used for the integration of SAP and
ODS (Oracle Database). Due to the phasing out of these modules in TIBCO, all the modules were developed in
WebMethods to integrate SAP and ODS. It helps to integrate some critical applications with each other. There
are around 32 core integrations which have been divided into the following categories:
1. SAP to Oracle
2. Oracle to Oracle
3. Oracle to LDAP
The key performance areas to create these integrations were:
1. To manage the data across different oracle schema.
2. To integrate some critical application in real time mode.
3. To keep accurate and consistent data in different database tables.
4. To keep SAP and oracle database in sync.
5. To keep information in broker server whenever some exceptions is occurred and inform/manage the
data for further processing.
6. To handle the logs and exceptions.
Technology wM Integration Server 6.1, Developer 6.1, Broker 6.1, SAP Adapter 4.6 and Oracle 9i
Responsibility Analyzed the existing integrations. Understood the flow of the integrations and migrated the same to
webMethods Integration Server. Replaced all the deprecated services being used in the environment with the
new ones. Provide technical support.

Personal Dossier

Fathers Name Sh. L.P Singh
Marital Status Married
Date of Birth April 08, 1978
Permanent Address 175/3/1, BHEL, Haridwar, Uttrakhand.
Passport Valid

Visa and Onsite
Singapore in 2007-08 for 8 months
USA in 2010 for 2 weeks. (B1-B2 multiple entry visa for 10 years)