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Technical Analysis & Levels Technical Analysis & Levels

for 16 September 2014 for 16 September 2014

Prepared by Nicola !"e Prepared by Nicola !"e

Pa#e 2 $%P&S '&(&S
Pa#e ) A&&S &S*P+
Pa#e , '&($%P &S-./
Pa#e , &S-A '&(*P+
Pa#e 6 $old 0T1 21L
Pa#e 3 A4 S&P
Tal"in#5/ore6 is !ni7!e in that it is the only a!dio service in the 8orld that is available 24 ho!rs a day and e6cl!sively
for /4 traders9 1t is delivered by o!r hi#hly s"illed team of Tal"in#5/ore6 analysts aro!nd the cloc" from S!nday
evenin# thro!#h to /riday evenin#9 'very member of o!r team has a different mar"et speciality and each one has a
n!mber of years e6perience 8or"in# for an investment ban": hed#e f!nd or financial ne8s a#ency9
;ost importantly Tal"in#5/ore6 analysts are completely independent and ne!tral in their opinions9
0ee"ly b!llish hammer failed to tri##er <yet=9 196001 <,0> of *!ly 201) 5*!ly 2014
rally= is also an A%?- meas!red move from the *!ly 2014 hi#h9 1t seems !nli"ely 8e
8ill #et a s!stainable rally from here 8itho!t testin# that level9 1962,3 is "ey resistance
from here for a b!llish reversal9 Side8ays consolidation loo"s to brea" lo8er9
/o!r .o!rly vie8@
(esistance 1962)4 1.6278-83 196403 196460 1.6536
S!pport 1961A3 1.6164 1 19611A00 1960B0 1.6001
'&(&S is in f!ll bear mode b!t fo!nd s!pport at 192B 5 %!llish piercin# line last
T!esday9 Sittin# on s!pport: ho!rly 8ed#e pattern 8ill si#nal ne6t move9 ;arab!Co line
resistance 19)04) on a brea" hi#her9 aily chart is a b!llish harmonic pattern9
/o!r .o!rly vie8
S!pport 1.2925-32 192B11 192AA1 192A66 1923,, 1.2766
(esistance 1.2957 1.2980 1.3016 1.304
/ibonacci S!pport Cone at 09ABA0 is 619Afib of 2014 lo8s to hi#hs & 2961Afib e6tension
of A!# rally9 ;aDor level for co!nter trend lon#s if tri##ered ta"es !s bac" to
09B1A0<)Afib=509B2 8ee"ly marab!Co line & April E ;ay lo8s9 /irst 8e stop #oin# do8n:
then 8e loo" for reversal9
/o!r .o!rly vie8
(esistance 0.9000 09B0), 0.9080 0.9111 0.9180
S!pport 0.8980 09AB3) 09AB40 0.8847 0.8752
0e are movin# by fibonacci e6tensions hi#her: choppy consolidation here belo8 103920
resistance b!t 10B900 is the ne6t level of note !pside on the ;onthly chart9 0ee"ly
marab!Co line s!pport 106916
/o!r .o!rly Fie8
S!pports 103901 1069,2 106.16 105.52 10,924 1049BB
(esistance 103923 10A901 10A9)0 109.00
oDi day in the middle of the ran#e yesterday and loo"s to be bear fla# or D!st a ti#ht ran#e
side8ays9 (esistance at 093BB, or 09A013: or a brea" belo8 093B,0 co!ld send !s on a second
le# lo8er to the *!ly lo8s
aily chart vie8
S!pport 7960 3B4) 3B2A 7890
(esistance 3BB, 8017 8037-39 A064 8084
%earish 8ee"ly shootin# star at maDor (esistance9 & ,0fib at 09B49 This #ood sell a#ainst
09B40009B)BA is the ,0> retracement of the decline from 201) to 2014 lo8s & &S havin# a
rest9 Shorter term .&S pattern co!nter trend short bac" to daily marab!Co line at 09B24A
/o!r .o!rly chart vie8
S!pport 0.9350 0.9332 09B)12 09B2A1
(esistance 09B)A1 0.9395 09B411 0.9457
%!llish of inverse .&S: on its 8ay bac" to retest the nec"line for s!pport this is one of the fe8
c!rrencies the &S still loo"s #ood a#ainst9
aily vie8
S!pport 1.1050 19102A 1910 1.0999 1.0930
(esistance 191112520 191130 1.1237 1.1277
%!llish brea"o!t above 1)A924 tar#ets 1)B93, b!t 8e are in a resistance Cone9 A p!llbac" to
retest resistance at 1)A924 or 1)39B, sho!ld become s!pport for retracement lon#s9
aily vie8
S!pports 138.24 1)39BA 137.61
(esistance 139.00 1)B9A6 140906 140.98
Potentially b!llish .arami inside day9 The brea" of "ey s!pport ma"es 11A0 inevitable b!t not in
a strai#ht line9 1226 level is 3A96fib & 200B hi#hs9 Above 12)A9)0 tar#ets 1240920<*an lo8s= &
12,09,0<G8ee"ly marab!Co line= %elo8 1226 is 1206 & 11B09 Not a trend chan#e yet9
.o!rly vie8 H bear fla#I
(esistance 12)09A 1240.2 124,93 1250 1257.50 1273.50
S!pports 1226 1206 1190 11A0
OIL &S 0T1 cr!de 2ct f!t!res
2n the 8ee"ly 8e are testin# important trendline s!pport from 200B lo8s9 0ed#e pattern
formin# above B192)5,0 s!pport: this co!ld be a reversal or a bear pennant: brea" confirms
.o!rly chart
S!pport 91.23 B09,0 AB93, AB914
(esistance is at B19B0 B29,0 B)900 B)9B0 B49,0 95.95
aily vie8 H Still on bottom rail of risin# channel & belo8 B604 s!pport co!ld see a bo!nce this
mornin#: a brea" of the rail has tar#et B)), initially9
/o!r .o!rly vie8
S!pport at 9604 B,3, B430 B)),
(esistance B604 B6,1 B300 B34A 9785-95 BA23
-hoppy overlappin# correction from the )Sep hi#hs and sittin# on bottom rail of channel this
mornin# loo"s to b!llish tone for ;onday mornin#9 (esistance at 1BA4 8o!ld be bearish and
set!p a correction to 1B66
.o!rly vie8
(esistance 1984 1BAB51BB0 2000 200, 200A 2017
S!pport 1B3A 1B349,0 1967 1951-53