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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy

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1. Introduction
2. Polic !tate"ent# principle! and ai"!
$. %er"inolog
&. 'ontext
(. )e per!onnel in the !chool
*. +ole! and re!pon!ibilitie!
,. -ood practice guideline!
.. /bu!e of tru!t
0. 'hildren who "a be particularl vulnerable
11. Support for tho!e involved in a child protection i!!ue
11. 'o"plaint! procedure
12. If ou have concern! about a colleague
1$. /llegation! again!t !taff
1&. Staff training
1(. Safer recruit"ent
1*. 2xtended !chool and off3!ite arrange"ent!
1,. Photograph and i"age!
1.. e3!afet
19. Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures
+ecogni!ing abu!e
Indicator! of abu!e
I"pact of abu!e
%a5ing action
If ou !u!pect a child i! at ri!5
If a child di!clo!e! abu!e
6otifing parent!
'hildren with !exuall har"ful behaviour
'onfidentialit and infor"ation3!haring
+eporting directl to child protection agencie!

1 'ode of ethical practice for !chool !taff
2 7hi!tle blowing code
$ 'onfir"ation of receipt for"
& I"age! con!ent for"
( School welfare concern for"
* +ecord of concern
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
1. Introduction
%hi! polic i! one of a !erie! in the !chool8! integrated !afeguarding portfolio. 9ur
core !afeguarding principle! are:
It i! the !chool8! re!pon!ibilit to !afeguard and pro"ote the welfare of
'hildren who are and feel !afe "a5e "ore !ucce!!ful learner!
+epre!entative! of the whole3!chool co""unit of pupil!# parent!# !taff
and governor! will be involved in polic develop"ent and review
Policie! will be reviewed annuall# unle!! an incident or new legi!lation
or guidance !ugge!t! the need for an earlier date of review.
Polic !tate"ent
7e recogni!e our "oral and !tatutor re!pon!ibilit to !afeguard and pro"ote the
welfare of all children. 7e endeavour to provide a !afe and welco"ing environ"ent
where children are re!pected and valued. 7e are alert to the !ign! of abu!e and
neglect and follow our procedure! to en!ure that children receive effective !upport#
protection and ;u!tice.
%he procedure! contained in thi! polic appl to all !taff and governor! and are
con!i!tent with tho!e of +ich"ond upon %ha"e! Local Safeguarding 'hildren 4oard
%he !chool will en!ure that the welfare of children i! given para"ount
con!ideration when developing and delivering all !chool activit
/ll children# regardle!! of age# gender# abilit# culture# race# language#
religion or !exual identit# have e>ual right! to protection
/ll !taff have an e>ual re!pon!ibilit to act on an !u!picion or
di!clo!ure that "a !ugge!t a child i! at ri!5 of har" in accordance with
thi! guidance
/ll pupil! and !taff involved in child protection i!!ue! will receive
appropriate !upport fro" the !enior "anage"ent of the !chool who will
follow thi! polic guidance in doing !o
%o provide all !taff with the nece!!ar infor"ation to enable the" to
"eet their !tatutor re!pon!ibilitie! to pro"ote and !afeguard the
wellbeing of children
%o en!ure con!i!tent good practice acro!! the !chool
%o de"on!trate the !chool8! co""it"ent with regard to !afeguarding
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
!. Terinology
Safeguarding and pro"oting the welfare of children refer! to the proce!! of
protecting children fro" abu!e or neglect# preventing the i"pair"ent of their health or
develop"ent# en!uring that children grow up in circu"!tance! con!i!tent with the
provi!ion of !afe and effective and nurturing care and underta5ing that role !o a! to
enable tho!e children to have opti"u" life chance! and to enter adulthood
Child protection refer! to the proce!!e! underta5en to "eet !tatutor obligation!
laid out in the 'hildren /ct 10.0 and a!!ociated guidance <!ee 7or5ing %ogether to
Safeguard 'hildren# /n Interagenc -uide to Safeguard and Pro"ote the 7elfare of
'hildren= in re!pect of tho!e children who have been identified a! !uffering# or being
at ri!5 of !uffering har".
Staff refer! to all tho!e wor5ing for or on behalf of the !chool# full ti"e or part ti"e# in
either a paid or voluntar capacit.
Child refer! to all oung people who have not et reached their 1.th birthda.
Parent refer! to birth parent! and other adult! who are in a parenting role# for
exa"ple !tep3parent!# fo!ter carer! and adoptive parent!.
". Conte#t
Section 1,( of the 2ducation /ct 2112 re>uire! local education authoritie! and the
governor! of "aintained !chool! and further education <F2= college! to "a5e
arrange"ent! to en!ure that their function! are carried out with a view to
!afeguarding and pro"oting the welfare of children.
Section 1(, of the !a"e act and the 2ducation <Independent School! Standard!=
<2ngland= +egulation! 211$ re>uire proprietor! of independent !chool! <including
acade"ie! and cit technolog college!= to have arrange"ent! to !afeguard and
pro"ote the welfare of children who are pupil! at the !chool.
+e!earch !ugge!t! that "ore than 11 per cent of children will !uffer !o"e for" of
abu!e. Due to their da3to3da contact with children# !chool !taff are uni>uel placed
to ob!erve change! in children8! behaviour and to recogni!e the outward !ign! of
abu!e. 'hildren "a al!o turn to a tru!ted adult in the !chool when the are in
di!tre!! or at ri!5. It i! vital that !chool !taff are alert to the !ign! of neglect and
abu!e and under!tand the local procedure! for reporting and acting upon their
concern! <!ee !ection * for further guidance on thi!=.

+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
$. %ey personnel&
%he designated senior person for child protection in thi! !chool i!:
'ontact detail!:
The deputy designated person in thi! !chool i!:
'ontact detail!:
%he noinated child protection go'ernor for thi! !chool i!:
'ontact detail!:
The headteacher is&
'ontact detail!:
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
(. )oles and responsi*ilities
/ll !chool! "u!t no"inate a !enior "e"ber of !taff to coordinate child protection
arrange"ent! and thi! per!on i! na"ed in thi! polic guidance. %he local authorit
"aintain! a li!t of all designated senior persons +DSPs, for !afeguarding and child
The school has ensured that the DSP&
i! appropriatel trained
act! a! a !ource of !upport and experti!e to the !chool co""unit
ha! an under!tanding of LS'4 procedure!

5eep! written record! of all concern! when noted and reported b !taff
or when di!clo!ed b a child# en!uring that !uch record! are !tored
!ecurel and reported onward in accordance with thi! polic guidance#
but 5ept !eparatel fro" the child8! general file
refer! ca!e! of !u!pected neglect and?or abu!e to children8! !ocial care
or police in accordance with thi! guidance and local procedure <!ee
below at footnote=
notifie! children8! !ocial care if a child with a child protection plan i!
ab!ent for "ore than two da! without explanation
en!ure! that when a child with a child protection plan leave! the !chool#
their infor"ation i! pa!!ed to their new !chool and the child8! !ocial
wor5er i! infor"ed
attend! and?or contribute! to child protection conference! in accordance
with local procedure and guidance
coordinate! the !chool8! contribution to child protection plan!

develop! effective lin5! with relevant !tatutor and voluntar agencie!
en!ure! that all !taff !ign to indicate that the have read and under!tood
thi! polic
en!ure! that the child protection polic i! updated annuall
liai!e! with the no"inated governor and head teacher <where the role i!
not carried out b the head teacher= a! appropriate
5eep! a record of !taff attendance at child protection training @ <plea!e
note that thi! i! al!o reported to +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 via the
Local /uthorit.=
"a5e! thi! polic available to parent!.

%he deputy designated person+s, i! appropriatel trained and# in the ab!ence of

the de!ignated per!on# carrie! out tho!e function! nece!!ar to en!ure the ongoing
!afet and protection of children. In the event of the long3ter" ab!ence of the
de!ignated per!on# the deput will a!!u"e all of the function! above. %he governing
bod en!ure! that the !chool ha!:
Plea!e note that +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 operate! local procedure! which are ba!ed upon and
aligned to regional and national procedure! in re!pect of !afeguarding children and child protection. For
local procedure! vi!it: www.procedure!online.co"?rich"ond?childcare and for regional vi!it:
www.londoncp.co.u5 . For national procedure! vi!it: www.wor5ingtogetheronline.co.u5
Local te"plate! for reporting to child protection ca!e conference! are available on +ich"ond upon
%ha"e! LS'4 webpage! at: www.rich"ond.gov.u5?l!cb
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
a DSP for !afeguarding and child protection who i! a "e"ber of the
!enior leader!hip tea" and who ha! underta5en the approved LS'4
training in inter3agenc wor5ing# in addition to ba!ic child protection
child protection polic and procedure! that are con!i!tent with LS'4
re>uire"ent!# reviewed annuall and "ade available to parent! on
Procedure! for dealing with allegation! of abu!e "ade again!t "e"ber!
of !taff including allegation! "ade again!t the head teacher
Safer recruit"ent procedure! that include the re>uire"ent for
appropriate chec5! in line with national guidance <!ee:
pdf =
/ training !trateg that en!ure! all !taff# including the headteacher#
receive child protection training# with refre!her training at three3earl
interval!. %he DSP !hould receive refre!her training at two3earl
/rrange"ent! to en!ure that all te"porar !taff and volunteer! are
"ade aware of the !chool8! arrange"ent! for child protection.
%he governing bod no"inate! a "e"ber <nor"all the chair= to be
re!pon!ible for liai!ing with the local authorit and other agencie! in the
event of an allegation being "ade again!t the head teacher. /n annual
report will be !ub"itted to the local authorit about how the governing
bod8! dutie! have been carried out. /n wea5ne!!e! or area! of
concern will be rectified without dela.
The head teacher&
en!ure! that the !afeguarding and child protection polic and
procedure! are i"ple"ented and followed b all !taff
allocate! !ufficient ti"e and re!ource! to enable the DSP and deput to
carr out their role! effectivel# including the a!!e!!"ent of pupil! and
attendance at !trateg di!cu!!ion! and other nece!!ar "eeting!
en!ure! that all !taff feel able to rai!e concern! about poor or un!afe
practice and that !uch concern! are handled !en!itivel and in
accordance with the !chool8! whi!tle blowing procedure!
en!ure! that child8! !afet and welfare i! addre!!ed through the
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
-. .ood practice guidelines
%o "eet and "aintain our re!pon!ibilitie! toward! children# the !chool co""unit
agree! to the following !tandard! of good practiceA
treating all children with re!pect
!etting a good exa"ple b conducting our!elve! appropriatel
involving children in deci!ion3"a5ing which affect! the"
encouraging po!itive and !afe behaviour a"ong children
being a good li!tener
being alert to change! in child8! behaviour
recogni!ing that challenging behaviour "a be an indicator of abu!e
reading and under!tanding all of the !chool8! !afeguarding and
guidance docu"ent! on wider !afeguarding i!!ue!# for exa"ple
bulling# ph!ical contact# e3!afet plan! and infor"ation3!haring
a!5ing the child8! per"i!!ion before doing anthing for the" which i! of
a ph!ical nature# !uch a! a!!i!ting with dre!!ing# ph!ical !upport
during P2 or ad"ini!tering fir!t aid
"aintaining appropriate !tandard! of conver!ation and interaction with
and between children and avoiding the u!e of !exuali!ed or derogator
being aware that the per!onal and fa"il circu"!tance! and life!tle! of
!o"e children lead to an increa!ed ri!5 of neglect and or abu!e.
/. A*use of trust
/ll !chool !taff are aware that inappropriate behaviour toward! children i!
unacceptable and that their conduct toward! all children "u!t be beond reproach.
In addition# !taff !hould under!tand that# under the Sexual 9ffence! /ct 211$# it i! an
offence for a per!on over the age of 1. to have a !exual relation!hip with a per!on
under the age of 1.# where that per!on i! in a po!ition of tru!t# even if the relation!hip
i! con!en!ual. %hi! "ean! that an !exual activit between a "e"ber of the !chool
!taff and a child under 1. "a be a cri"inal offence# even if that child i! over the age
of con!ent.
%he !chool8! 'ode of 2thical Practice !et! out our expectation! of !taff <!ee:
appendix 1=.
9. Children 0ho ay *e particularly 'ulnera*le
So"e children be at increa!ed ri!5 of neglect and or abu!e. Ban factor! can
contribute to an increa!e in ri!5# including pre;udice and di!cri"ination# i!olation#
!ocial exclu!ion# co""unication i!!ue! and reluctance on the part of !o"e adult! to
accept that abu!e happen!# or who have a high level of tolerance in re!pect of
%o en!ure that all of our children receive e>ual protection# we will give !pecial
con!ideration and attention to children who are:
di!abled or have !pecial educational need!
living in a 5nown do"e!tic abu!e !ituation
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
affected b 5nown parental !ub!tance "i!u!e
a!lu" !ee5er!
living awa fro" ho"e
vulnerable to being bullied# or engaging in bulling
living in te"porar acco""odation
living tran!ient life!tle!
living in chaotic# neglectful and un!upportive ho"e !ituation!
vulnerable to di!cri"ination and "altreat"ent on the ground! of race#
ethnicit# religion or !exualit
involved directl or indirectl in pro!titution or child traffic5ing
do not have 2ngli!h a! a fir!t language.
Special con!ideration include! the provi!ion of !afeguarding infor"ation# re!ource!
and !upport !ervice! in co""unit language! and acce!!ible for"at!.
11. Support for those in'ol'ed in a child protection issue
'hild neglect and abu!e i! deva!tating for the child and can al!o re!ult in di!tre!!
and anxiet for !taff who beco"e involved. 7e will !upport the children and their
fa"ilie! and !taff b:
ta5ing all !u!picion! and di!clo!ure! !eriou!l
no"inating a lin5 per!on who will 5eep all partie! infor"ed and be the
central point of contact. 7here a "e"ber of !taff i! the !ub;ect of an
allegation "ade b a child# a !eparate lin5 per!on will be no"inated to
avoid an conflict of intere!t
re!ponding !"patheticall to an re>ue!t fro" a child or "e"ber of
!taff for ti"e out to deal with di!tre!! or anxiet
"aintaining confidentialit and !haring infor"ation on a need3to35now
ba!i! onl with relevant individual! and agencie!
!toring record! !ecurel
offering detail! of help line!# coun!elling or other avenue! of external
following the procedure! laid down in our whi!tle blowing# co"plaint!
and di!ciplinar procedure!
cooperating full with relevant !tatutor agencie!.
11. 'o"plaint! procedure in re!pect of poor practice behaviour
9ur co"plaint! procedure will be followed where a child or parent rai!e! a concern
about poor practice toward! a child that initiall doe! not reach the thre!hold for child
protection action. Poor practice exa"ple! include unfairl !ingling out a child# u!ing
!arca!" or hu"iliation a! a for" of control# bulling or belittling a child or
di!cri"inating again!t the" in !o"e wa. 'o"plaint! are "anaged b !enior !taff#
the head teacher and governor!.
'o"plaint! fro" !taff are dealt with under the !chool8! co"plaint! and di!ciplinar
and grievance procedure!.
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
12. If you ha'e concerns a*out a colleague
Staff who are concerned about the conduct of a colleague toward! a child are
undoubtedl placed in a ver difficult !ituation. %he "a worr that the have
"i!under!tood the !ituation and the will wonder whether a report could ;eopardi!e
their colleague8! career. /ll !taff "u!t re"e"ber that the welfare of the child i!
para"ount. %he !chool8! whi!tle blowing code <appendix 2= enable! !taff to rai!e
concern! or allegation! in confidence and for a !en!itive en>uir to ta5e place. /ll
concern! of poor practice or concern! about a child8! welfare brought about b the
behaviour of colleague! !hould be reported to the head teacher. 'o"plaint! about
the head teacher !hould be reported to the chair of governor!.
1!. Staff 0ho are the su*3ect of an allegation
7hen an allegation i! "ade again!t a "e"ber of !taff# !et procedure! "u!t be
followed. It i! rare for a child to "a5e an entirel fal!e or "aliciou! allegation#
although "i!under!tanding! and "i!interpretation! of event! can and do happen. /
child "a al!o "a5e an allegation again!t an innocent part becau!e the are too
afraid to na"e the real perpetrator. 2ven !o# we "u!t accept that !o"e adult! do
po!e a !eriou! ri!5 to children8! welfare and !afet and we "u!t act on ever
allegation "ade. Staff who are the !ub;ect of an allegation have the right to have
their ca!e dealt with fairl# >uic5l and con!i!tentl and to be 5ept infor"ed of it!
progre!!. Su!pen!ion i! not "andator# nor i! it auto"atic but# in !o"e ca!e!# !taff
"a be !u!pended where thi! i! dee"ed to be the be!t wa to en!ure that children
are protected.
/llegation! again!t !taff !hould be reported to the head teacher. /llegation! again!t
the head teacher !hould be reported to the chair of governor!.
%he full procedure! for dealing with allegation! again!t !taff can be found in
Safeguarding 'hildren and Safer +ecruit"ent in 2ducation <pp (,3*,=
For further infor"ation on "anaging allegation! again!t !taff contact our Local
/uthorit De!ignated 9fficer <L/D9= at the following e"ail addre!!:
1". Staff training
It i! i"portant that all !taff have training to enable the" to recogni!e the po!!ible
!ign! of abu!e and neglect and to 5now what to do if the have a concern. 6ew !taff
and governor! will receive training during their induction. /ll !taff# including the head
teacher <unle!! the head teacher i! the DP= and governor! will receive training that i!
updated at lea!t ever three ear! and the DSP will receive training updated at lea!t
ever two ear!# including training in inter3agenc procedure!.
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
1$. Safer recruitent
9ur !chool endeavour! to en!ure that we do our ut"o!t to e"plo D!afe8 !taff b
following the guidance in Safeguarding 'hildren and Safer +ecruit"ent in 2ducation
<pp213(&= together with the local authorit and the !chool8! individual procedure!.
Safer recruit"ent "ean! that all applicant! will:
co"plete an application for"
provide two referee!# including at lea!t one who can co""ent on the
applicant8! !uitabilit to wor5 with children
provide evidence of identit and >ualification!
be chec5ed through the 'ri"inal +ecord! 4ureau a! appropriate to their
role and be regi!tered with the Independent Safeguarding /uthorit
<fro" 2111 onward!=
be interviewed.
/ll new "e"ber! of !taff will undergo an induction that include! fa"iliari!ation with
the !chool8! !afeguarding and child protection polic and identification of their own
!afeguarding and child protection training need!. /ll !taff !ign to confir" the have
received a cop of the child protection polic <!ee: appendix $=.

1(. E#tended school and off4site arrangeents
7here extended !chool activitie! are provided b and "anaged b the !chool# our
own !afeguarding and child protection polic and procedure! appl. If other
organi!ation! provide !ervice! or activitie! on our !ite we will chec5 that the have
appropriate procedure! in place# including !afer recruit"ent procedure!.
7hen our children attend off3!ite activitie!# we will chec5 that effective child
protection arrange"ent! are in place.
1-. Photography and iages
%he va!t "a;orit of people who ta5e or view photograph! or video! of children do !o
for entirel innocent# under!tandable and acceptable rea!on!. Sadl# !o"e people
abu!e children through ta5ing or u!ing i"age!# !o we "u!t en!ure that we have
!o"e !afeguard! in place. %o protect children we will:
!ee5 their con!ent for photograph! to be ta5en or publi!hed <for
exa"ple# on our web!ite or in new!paper! or publication!=
!ee5 parental con!ent
u!e onl the child8! fir!t na"e with an i"age
en!ure that children are appropriatel dre!!ed
encourage children to tell u! if the are worried about an photograph!
that are ta5en of the".
For an exa"ple i"age con!ent for"# !ee: appendix &.
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
1/. E4Safety
Bo!t of our children will u!e "obile phone! and co"puter! at !o"e ti"e. %he are a
!ource of fun# entertain"ent# co""unication and education. However# we 5now that
!o"e "en# wo"en and oung people will u!e the!e technologie! to har" children.
%he har" "ight range fro" !ending hurtful or abu!ive text! and e"ail!# to enticing
children to engage in !exuall har"ful conver!ation!# webca" photograph or face3
to3face "eeting!. %he !chool8! e3!afet polic explain! how we tr to 5eep children
!afe in !chool. 'ber3bulling b children# via text! and e"ail!# will be treated a!
!eriou!l a! an other tpe of bulling and will be "anaged through our anti3bulling
'hat roo"! and !ocial networ5ing !ite! are the "ore obviou! !ource! of
inappropriate and har"ful behaviour and children are not allowed to acce!! the!e
!ite! whil!t in !chool. So"e children will undoubtedl be Dchatting8 on "obile! or
!ocial networ5ing !ite! at ho"e and we have produced a !hort fact!heet to help
parent! and children under!tand the po!!ible ri!5!. For "ore infor"ation on e3!afet
!ee: http:??www.rich"ond.gov.u5?l!cb_!trateg_211..pdf
19. Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures
)ecognising a*use
%o en!ure that our children are protected fro" har"# we need to under!tand what
tpe! of behaviour con!titute abu!e and neglect.
/bu!e and neglect are for"! of "altreat"ent. So"ebod "a abu!e or neglect a
child b inflicting har"# for exa"ple b hitting the"# or b failing to act to prevent
har"# for exa"ple b leaving a !"all child ho"e alone# or leaving 5nive! or "atche!
within reach of an unattended toddler.
%here are four categorie! of abu!e: ph!ical abu!e# e"otional abu!e# !exual abu!e
and neglect.
Physical a*use
Ph!ical abu!e "a involve hitting# !ha5ing# throwing# poi!oning# burning or !calding#
drowning# !uffocating or otherwi!e cau!ing ph!ical har" to a child. Ph!ical har"
"a al!o be cau!ed when a parent or carer fabricate! the !"pto"! of# or
deliberatel induce! illne!! in a child <thi! u!ed to be called Bunchau!en8! Sndro"e
b Prox# but i! now "ore u!uall referred to a! fabricated or induced illne!!=.
Eotional a*use
2"otional abu!e i! the per!i!tent e"otional "altreat"ent of a child# !uch a! to
cau!e !evere and per!i!tent adver!e effect! on the child8! e"otional develop"ent. It
"a involve conveing to children that the are worthle!! or unloved# inade>uate or
valued onl for "eeting the need! of another per!on. It "a feature age @ or
develop"entall3inappropriate expectation! being i"po!ed on children. %he!e "a
include interaction! that are beond the child8! develop"ental capabilit# a! well a!
overprotection and li"itation of exploration and learning# or preventing the child
participating in nor"al !ocial interaction. It "a involve !eeing or hearing the ill3
treat"ent of another. It "a involve !eriou! bulling# cau!ing children fre>uentl to
feel frightened or in danger# or the exploitation or corruption of children. So"e level of
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
e"otional abu!e i! involved in all tpe! of "altreat"ent of a child# although it "a
occur alone.
Se#ual a*use
Sexual abu!e involve! forcing or enticing a child or oung per!on to ta5e part in
!exual activitie!# including pro!titution# whether or not the child i! aware of what i!
happening. %he activitie! "a involve ph!ical contact# including penetrative and
non3penetrative act!. %he "a include non3contact activitie!# !uch a! involving
children in loo5ing at# or in the production of# pornographic "aterial or watching
!exual activitie!# or encouraging children to behave in !exuall inappropriate wa!.
6eglect i! the per!i!tent failure to "eet a child8! ba!ic ph!ical and?or p!chological
need!# li5el to re!ult in the !eriou! i"pair"ent of the child8! health or develop"ent.
6eglect "a occur during pregnanc a! a re!ult of "aternal !ub!tance "i!u!e. 9nce
a child i! born# neglect "a involve a parent or carer failing to provide ade>uate food
and clothing or !helter# including exclu!ion fro" ho"e or abandon"entA failing to
protect a child fro" ph!ical and e"otional har" or dangerA failure to en!ure
ade>uate !upervi!ion# including the u!e of inade>uate care3ta5er!A or the failure to
en!ure acce!! to appropriate "edical care or treat"ent. It "a al!o include neglect
of# or unre!pon!ivene!! to# a child8! ba!ic e"otional need!.
<Definition! ta5en fro" 7or5ing %ogether to Safeguard 'hildren=
7hile bulling between children i! not a !eparate categor of abu!e and neglect# it i!
a ver !eriou! i!!ue that can cau!e con!iderable anxiet and di!tre!!. /t it! "o!t
!eriou! level# bulling i! thought to re!ult in up to 12 child !uicide! each ear.
/ll incidence! of bulling !hould be reported and will be "anaged through our anti3
bulling procedure!. /ll pupil! and parent! receive a cop of the anti3bulling
procedure! on ;oining the !chool and the !ub;ect of bulling i! addre!!ed at regular
interval! in the per!onal# !ocial and health education <PSH2= curriculu". If the
bulling i! particularl !eriou!# or the anti3bulling procedure! are dee"ed to be
ineffective# the head teacher and the DSP will con!ider i"ple"enting child protection

Indicators of a*use and 0hat you ight see
Ph!ical !ign! define !o"e tpe! of abu!e# for exa"ple# brui!ing# bleeding or bro5en
bone! re!ulting fro" ph!ical or !exual abu!e# or in;urie! !u!tained while a child ha!
been inade>uatel !upervi!ed. %he identification of ph!ical !ign! i! co"plicated# a!
children "a go to great length! to hide in;urie!# often becau!e the are a!ha"ed or
e"barra!!ed# or their abu!er ha! threatened further violence or trau"a if the Dtell8. It
i! al!o >uite difficult for anone without "edical training to categori!e in;urie! into
accidental or deliberate with an degree of certaint. For the!e rea!on! it i! vital that
!taff are al!o aware of the range of behavioural indicator! of abu!e and report an
concern! to the de!ignated per!on.
+e"e"ber# it i! our re!pon!ibilit to report our concern!. It i! not our
re!pon!ibilit to inve!tigate or decide whether a child ha! been abu!ed.
/ child who i! being abu!ed and?or neglected "a:
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
have brui!e!# bleeding# burn!# fracture! or other in;urie!
!how !ign! of pain or di!co"fort
5eep ar"! and leg! covered# even in war" weather
be concerned about changing for P2 or !wi""ing
loo5 un5e"pt and uncared for
change their eating habit!
have difficult in "a5ing or !u!taining friend!hip!
appear fearful
be rec5le!! with regard to their own or other8! !afet
fre>uentl "i!! !chool or arrive late
!how !ign! of not wanting to go ho"e
di!pla a change in behaviour @ fro" >uiet to aggre!!ive# or happ3go3
luc5 to withdrawn
challenge authorit
beco"e di!intere!ted in their !chool wor5
be con!tantl tired or preoccupied
be war of ph!ical contact
be involved in# or particularl 5nowledgeable about drug! or alcohol
di!pla !exual 5nowledge or behaviour beond that nor"all expected
for their age.
Individual indicator! will rarel# in i!olation# provide conclu!ive evidence of abu!e.
%he !hould be viewed a! part of a ;ig!aw# and each !"all piece of infor"ation will
help the DSP to decide how to proceed. It i! ver i"portant that ou report our
concern! @ ou do not need Dab!olute proof8 that the child i! at ri!5.
The ipact of a*use
%he i"pact of child abu!e !hould not be undere!ti"ated. Ban children do recover
well and go on to lead health# happ and productive live!# although "o!t adult
!urvivor! agree that the e"otional !car! re"ain# however well buried. For !o"e
children# full recover i! beond their reach# and the re!t of their childhood and their
adulthood "a be characteri!ed b anxiet or depre!!ion# !elf3har"# eating
di!order!# alcohol and !ub!tance "i!u!e# une>ual and de!tructive relation!hip! and
long3ter" "edical or p!chiatric difficultie!.
Ta6ing action
)e point! to re"e"ber for ta5ing action are:
in an e"ergenc ta5e the action nece!!ar to help the child# for
exa"ple# call 000
report our concern to the DSP b the end of the da
if the DSP i! not around# en!ure the infor"ation i! !hared with the "o!t
!enior per!on in the !chool that da and en!ure action i! ta5en to report
the concern to children8! !ocial care
do not !tart our own inve!tigation
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
!hare infor"ation on a need3to35now ba!i! onl @ do not di!cu!! the
i!!ue with colleague!# friend! or fa"il
co"plete a record of concern
!ee5 !upport for our!elf if ou are di!tre!!ed.
If you suspect a child is at ris6 of har
%here will be occa!ion! when ou !u!pect that a child "a be at !eriou! ri!5# but ou
have no Dreal8 evidence. %he child8! behaviour "a have changed# their artwor5 could
be biEarre or ou "a have noticed other ph!ical but inconclu!ive !ign!. In the!e
circu"!tance!# ou !hould tr to give the child the opportunit to tal5. %he !ign! ou
have noticed "a be due to a variet of factor! and it i! fine to a!5 the child if the
are alright or if ou can help in an wa.
F!e the welfare concern for" <!ee: appendix &= to record the!e earl concern!. If the
child doe! begin to reveal that the are being har"ed ou !hould follow the advice in
the !ection DIf a child di!clo!e! to ou8.
If# following our conver!ation# ou re"ain concerned# ou !hould di!cu!! our
concern! with the de!ignated per!on.

If a child discloses inforation to you
It ta5e! a lot of courage for a child to di!clo!e that the are being neglected and or
abu!ed. %he "a feel a!ha"ed# particularl if the abu!e i! !exual# their abu!er "a
have threatened what will happen if the tell# the "a have lo!t all tru!t in adult!# or
the "a believe# or have been told# that the abu!e i! their own fault.
If a child tal5! to ou about an ri!5! to their !afet or wellbeing ou will need to let
the" 5now that you ust pa!! the infor"ation on @ ou are not allowed to 5eep
!ecret!. %he point at which ou do thi! i! a "atter for profe!!ional ;udge"ent. If ou
;u"p in i""ediatel the child "a thin5 that ou do not want to li!ten# if ou leave it
till the ver end of the conver!ation# the child "a feel that ou have "i!led the" into
revealing "ore than the would have otherwi!e.
During your con'ersation 0ith the child&
/llow the" to !pea5 freel.
+e"ain cal" and do not over react @ the child "a !top tal5ing if the
feel the are up!etting ou.
-ive rea!!uring nod! or word! of co"fort @ DI8" !o !orr thi! ha!
happened8# DI want to help8# D%hi! i!n8t our fault8# DGou are doing the right
thing in tal5ing to "e8.
Do not be afraid of !ilence! @ re"e"ber how hard thi! "u!t be for the
Fnder no circu"!tance! a!5 inve!tigative >ue!tion! @ !uch a! how
"an ti"e! thi! ha! happened# whether it happen! to !ibling! too# or
what doe! the child8! "other thin5! about all thi!.
/t an appropriate ti"e tell the child that in order to help the" ou "u!t
pa!! the infor"ation on.
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
Do not auto"aticall offer an ph!ical touch a! co"fort. It "a be
anthing but co"forting to a child who ha! been abu!ed.
/void ad"oni!hing the child for not di!clo!ing earlier. Saing DI do wi!h
ou had told "e about thi! when it !tarted8 or DI can8t believe what I8"
hearing8 "a be our wa of being !upportive but the child "a interpret
it that the have done !o"ething wrong.
%ell the child what will happen next. %he child "a agree to go with ou
to !ee the de!ignated per!on. 9therwi!e let the" 5now that !o"eone
will co"e to !ee the" before the end of the da.
+eport verball to the de!ignated per!on.
7rite up our conver!ation a! !oon a! po!!ible on the record of
concern for" and hand it to the de!ignated per!on.
See5 !upport if ou feel di!tre!!ed.
/ record of concern for" i! provided in appendix *.
Notifying parents
%he !chool will nor"all !ee5 to di!cu!! an concern! about a child with their
parent!. %hi! "u!t be handled !en!itivel and the DSP will "a5e contact with the
parent in the event of a concern# !u!picion or di!clo!ure.
However# if the !chool believe! that notifing parent! could increa!e the ri!5 to the
child or exacerbate the proble"# then advice will fir!t be !ought fro" children8! !ocial
)eferral to children7s social care
%he DSP will "a5e a referral to children8! !ocial care if it i! believed that a child i!
!uffering or i! at ri!5 of !uffering !ignificant har". %he child <!ub;ect to their age and
under!tanding= and the parent! will be told that a referral i! being "ade# unle!! to do
!o would increa!e the ri!5 to the child.
Children 0ith se#ually harful *eha'iour
'hildren "a be har"ed b other children or oung people. Staff will be aware of the
har" cau!ed b bulling and will u!e the !chool8! anti3bulling procedure! where
nece!!ar. However# there will be occa!ion! when a child8! behaviour warrant! a
re!pon!e under child protection rather than anti3bulling procedure!. In particular#
re!earch !ugge!t! that up to $1 per cent of child !exual abu!e i! co""itted b
!o"eone under the age of 1..
%he "anage"ent of children and oung people with !exuall har"ful behaviour i!
co"plex and the !chool will wor5 with other relevant agencie! to "aintain the !afet
of the whole !chool co""unit. Goung people who di!pla !uch behaviour "a be
victi"! of abu!e the"!elve! and the child protection procedure! will be followed for
both victi" and perpetrator.
Confidentiality and sharing inforation
/ll !taff will under!tand that child protection i!!ue! warrant a high level of
confidentialit# not onl out of re!pect for the child and !taff involved but al!o to
en!ure that being relea!ed into the public do"ain doe! not co"pro"i!e evidence.
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
Staff !hould onl di!cu!! concern! with the de!ignated per!on# head teacher or chair
of governor! <depending on who i! the !ub;ect of the concern=. %hat per!on will then
decide who el!e need! to have the infor"ation and the will di!!e"inate it on a
Dneed3to35now8 ba!i!.
'hild protection infor"ation will be !tored and handled in line with Data Protection
/ct 100. principle!. Infor"ation i!:
proce!!ed for li"ited purpo!e!
ade>uate# relevant and not exce!!ive
5ept no longer than nece!!ar
proce!!ed in accordance with the data !ub;ect8! right!
+ecord of concern for"! and other written infor"ation will be !tored in a loc5ed
facilit and an electronic infor"ation will be pa!!word protected and onl "ade
available to relevant individual!.
2ver effort !hould be "ade to prevent unauthori!ed acce!! and !en!itive
infor"ation !hould not be !tored on laptop co"puter!# which# b the nature of their
portabilit# could be lo!t or !tolen. If it i! nece!!ar to !tore child protection
infor"ation on portable "edia# !uch a! a 'D or fla!h drive# the!e ite"! !hould al!o
be 5ept in loc5ed !torage. 'hild protection infor"ation will be !tored !eparatel fro"
the child8! !chool file and the !chool file will be Dtagged8 to indicate that !eparate
infor"ation i! held.
'hild protection record! are nor"all exe"pt fro" the di!clo!ure provi!ion! of the
Data Protection /ct# which "ean! that children and parent! do not have an auto"atic
right to !ee the". If an "e"ber of !taff receive! a re>ue!t fro" a child or parent to
!ee child protection record!# the !hould refer the re>ue!t to the head teacher.
%he Data Protection /ct doe! not prevent !chool !taff fro" !haring infor"ation with
relevant agencie!# where that infor"ation "a help to protect a child.
%he !chool8! polic on confidentialit and infor"ation3!haring i! available to parent!
and children on re>ue!t.
)eporting directly to child protection agencies
Staff !hould follow the reporting procedure! outlined in thi! polic.
However# the "a al!o !hare infor"ation directl with children8! !ocial care# police
or the 6SP'' if:
the !ituation i! an e"ergenc and the de!ignated !enior per!on# their
deput# the head teacher and the chair of governor! are all unavailable
the are convinced that a direct report i! the onl wa to en!ure the
child8! !afet.
+elated !afeguarding portfolio policie!
Ph!ical intervention and the u!e of rea!onable force
Per!onal and inti"ate care
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
'o"plaint! procedure
/ppropriate ph!ical contact
7hi!tle blowing
Bi!!ing children
Safer recruit"ent
Banaging allegation!
-rievance and di!ciplinar

+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
%ey ser'ice contacts&
Initial )esponse Tea
&2 Gor5 Street
%71 $47
121 ..01 ,0*0
Child and 8aily Consultation
+ich"ond +oal
)ew Foot +oad
%70 2%2
121 .,,2 (**1
%ey professional contacts&
Principal :anager
Safeguarding and 8aily
&2 Gor5 Street
%71 $47
121 ..01 ,0*1
Child Protection and Planning
&2 Gor5 Street
%71 $47
121 ..01 ,.$1
;ocal Safeguarding Children
&2 Gor5 Street
%71 $47
Eergency out of hours contacts
In an e"ergenc# out!ide of office hour! and all da on Saturda!# Sunda! and
4an5 Holida! for child protection concern!:
Telephone& 121 .,&& 2&&2
:inico& 1.&( *11 ,,(2
Type Tal6& 1.11 1 121 .,&& 0&1&
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
Appendi# 1
Code of ethical practice for school staff
/ll !chool !taff are valued "e"ber! of the !chool co""unit. 2verone i! expected
to !et and "aintain the highe!t !tandard! for their own perfor"ance# to wor5 a! part
of a tea" and to be an excellent role "odel for our children.
/ll !chool !taff !hould:
place the !afet and welfare of children above all other con!ideration!
treat all "e"ber! of the !chool co""unit# including children# parent!#
colleague! and governor! with con!ideration and re!pect
adhere to the principle! and procedure! contained in the policie! in our
!afeguarding portfolio and in teaching and learning policie!
treat each child a! an individual and "a5e ad;u!t"ent! to "eet
individual need
de"on!trate a clear under!tanding of and co""it"ent to non3
di!cri"inator practice
recogni!e the power i"balance! between children and !taff# and
different level! of !eniorit of !taff and en!ure that power and authorit
are never "i!u!ed
under!tand that !chool !taff are in a po!ition of tru!t and that !exual
relation!hip! with a child# even over the age of 1*# "a be an offence
be alert to# and report appropriatel# an behaviour that "a indicate
that a child i! at ri!5 of har"
encourage all children to reach their full potential
never condone inappropriate behaviour b children or !taff
ta5e re!pon!ibilit for their own continuing profe!!ional develop"ent
refrain fro" an action that would bring the !chool into di!repute
value the"!elve! and !ee5 appropriate !upport for an i!!ue that "a
have an adver!e effect on their profe!!ional practice.
Staff na"e _____________________________________________
Signature _____________________________________________
Date _____________________________________________

+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
Appendi# 2
7hi!tle blowing code for i!!ue! relating to children and oung people
Purpose of the code
%he !chool adhere! to the local authorit whi!tleblowing polic and procedure! that
enable !taff to rai!e concern! relating to:
a "i!carriage of ;u!tice
health and !afet
environ"ental or propert da"age
unauthori!ed u!e of public fund!
concealing or atte"pting to cover up an of the above.
%hi! code provide! additional infor"ation to help !taff to under!tand the role of
whi!tle blowing in the context of poor practice and unacceptable conduct and
attitude! toward! children.
<hen to use the code
%he whi!tle blowing procedure! and thi! code "a be u!ed b anone e"ploed b
the !chool in a paid or voluntar capacit who believe! the have rea!on to !u!pect
that the conduct of an e"ploee toward! a child i! inappropriate.
Inappropriate conduct include!# but i! not confined to:
bulling or hu"iliation
contravening health and !afet guideline!
!eriou! breache! of the !chool8! code of ethical practice
profe!!ional practice that fall! !hort of nor"all accepted !tandard!
co"pro"i!ing pupil!8 welfare but in a wa that doe! not "eet the
thre!hold for child protection intervention.
)easons for *lo0ing the 0histle
Staff will naturall be reticent to report a concern about the conduct of a colleague.
However# each individual "u!t ta5e re!pon!ibilit for en!uring that children are fairl
treated. If poor practice i! allowed to continue unchec5ed# it could e!calate with
!eriou! con!e>uence!.
Gour action not onl protect! children# but al!o deter! an !ugge!tion that ou have
colluded with poor practice that ou 5new wa! occurring but cho!e to ignore.
7hi!tle blowing can al!o !upport the "e"ber of !taff who i! the !ub;ect of the
concern. %heir conduct "a re!ult fro" inexperience or lac5 of training that can be
addre!!ed b the !chool# or the "a be under !tre!! and be relieved when their
conduct i! >ue!tioned.
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
Staff who deliberatel fail children and !how no re"or!e or de!ire to i"prove are
unli5el to welco"e being expo!ed# but their conduct ha! to be confronted for the
!a5e of the child and the reputation of the whole !chool.
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
5arriers to 0histle *lo0ing
Gou "a worr that ou have in!ufficient evidence to rai!e a concern that ou will !et
in train an un!toppable chain of event!# that there will be adver!e repercu!!ion! for
our career# that ou "a !uffer hara!!"ent or victi"i!ation# or that our !u!picion or
concern "ight be totall "i!placed.
%he!e concern! are entirel under!tandable but ou can be rea!!ured that whi!tle
blowing procedure! addre!!e! the!e i!!ue!.
%he Public Intere!t Di!clo!ure /ct 100. protect! e"ploee! fro" repri!al! for public
intere!t whi!tle blowing. Gour union# a !olicitor or the local authorit legal !ervice!
can provide ou with infor"ation about our legal po!ition.
'onfidentialit and anon"it
/ll concern! are treated in confidence and# a! far a! po!!ible# our identit will not be
revealed if that i! our wi!h. However# ab!olute confidentialit cannot be guaranteed
if# a! a re!ult of an inve!tigation# ou are re>uired to provide a witne!! !tate"ent or
attend a court hearing.
Gou can# if ou prefer# rai!e our concern anon"ou!l. %he !chool would need to
decide whether the levit and credibilit of the concern warrant! inve!tigation if the
!ource of the concern# and the 5e evidence# i! not readil available.
%he !chool will full !upport ou and do all it can to protect ou fro" an hara!!"ent
or adver!e repercu!!ion! that "a ari!e fro" whi!tleblowing. /llegation! that prove
to be deliberatel fabricated and "aliciou! will be dealt with through !taff di!ciplinar
procedure!. However# no action will be ta5en again!t an "e"ber of !taff who rai!e!
a genuine concern that prove! to be unfounded.
)eporting procedure
It "a help if ou write down# for our own benefit# what ou have ob!erved or heard
that i! cau!ing alar". 9ne u!eful wa to decide whether our concern !hould be
reported i! to con!ider whether ou would want the conduct of thi! "e"ber of !taff to
continue unchec5ed if our own child or another oung fa"il "e"ber wa! involved.
Gou "a rai!e our concern verball or in writing. Gou !hould report
our concern directl to the head teacher.
If the head teacher i! the !ub;ect of our concern# !pea5 to the chair of
/ friend# colleague or union repre!entative "a acco"pan ou to the
"eeting if ou wi!h.
2n!ure the head or chair infor"! ou of their propo!ed action and !et! a
date for a !econd "eeting.
%i"e!cale! will depend on the co"plexit of the initial in>uir but the
ca!e !hould not be allowed to !tall and ou !hould receive initial
feedbac5 within 11 wor5ing da!. %he ti"e!cale for !ub!e>uent
feedbac5 !hould then be agreed.
/!5 for clarification about confidentialit and en!ure ou have our
wi!he! regarding the protection of our identit recorded.
Proce!! and outco"e
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
%he head teacher or chair will "a5e en>uirie! to e!tabli!h the fact! of the "atter and
whether poor practice or inappropriate conduct ha! occurred.
Be"ber! of the !chool co""unit# including governor!# "a be a!5ed to provide
infor"ation or advice.
2xternal advice# for exa"ple# fro" legal or hu"an re!ource! or
children8! !ervice! "a be !ought.
/ written record of the conduct# e!tabli!hed fact! and outco"e of the
in>uir will be 5ept.
%he whi!tleblower will be 5ept infor"ed of the progre!! of the in>uir.
%he outco"e of the in>uir will be one of the following:
6o poor practice or wrongdoing i! e!tabli!hed and the ca!e i! clo!ed
%he concern ha! !o"e !ub!tance and the !ub;ect of the concern will
receive advice and !upport fro" the head teacher to i"prove practice
Poor practice or wrongdoing i! e!tabli!hed and di!ciplinar proceeding!
are initiated
%he concern i! "ore !eriou! and an inve!tigation i! initiated. %hi!
inve!tigation "a involve the local authorit8! legal tea"# children8!
!ocial care or the police.
If# at an !tage in the proce!!# there i! rea!on to believe that a child i! at ri!5 of
!ignificant har"# children8! !ocial care will be i""ediatel involved.
Further action
If ou rai!e a concern and ou are di!!ati!fied with the wa it i! "anaged# or the
outco"e# ou "a contact the governing bod or local authorit for advice.
/lternativel ou can !ee5 advice fro" our union or profe!!ional a!!ociation# a
!olicitor# the police# children8! !ocial care or Public 'oncern at 7or5 <P'a7=# a
regi!tered charit that offer! free and confidential legal advice on wor5place
Public 'oncern at 7or5
$rd Floor# 4an5 'ha"ber!# *311 4orough High Street# London S21 0HH
121 ,&1& **10
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
Appendi# !
Confiration of receipt of safeguarding children and child protection policy
Date of ;oining !chool:
Date of induction:
6a"e and de!ignation of !taff "e"ber re!pon!ible for induction:
I confir" that I have received and read the !chool child protection polic.
I have been "ade aware of " dut to !afeguard and pro"ote children8! welfare.
%he procedure for reporting concern! about a child ha! been explained to "e.
Signature: ___________________________________________________________
6a"e: ______________________________________________________________
Date: _______________________________________________________________
Plea!e !ign and return thi! for" to the de!ignated !enior per!on:
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
Photographic 'on!ent For" <Fnder 1.!=
/t the ;ondon 5orough of )ichond upon Thaes we ta5e the i!!ue of child !afet ver
!eriou!l# and thi! include! the u!e of i"age! of pupil! of borough !chool! and local re!ident!
under the age of 1. ear! old. Including i"age! of "inor! in Council pu*lications and on
000.richond.go'.u6 can be "otivating for the "inor! involved# and provide a good
opportunit to pro"ote the wor5 of the 'ouncil. However# the 'ouncil ha! a dut of care
toward! "inor!# which "ean! that "inor! "u!t re"ain unidentifiable# reducing the ri!5 of
inappropriate contact# if i"age! are u!ed in thi! wa.
7e a!5 that parent!?legal guardian! con!ent to the 'ouncil ta5ing and u!ing photograph! and
i"age! of their children. 7e will not ordinaril include the full na"e of the "inor along!ide an
i"age but "a !ee5 individual per"i!!ion fro" the parent?guardian to do !o on occa!ion.
Plea!e co"plete# !ign and return thi! for" to =naed person> at the school.
I con!ent to photograph! and digital i"age! of the child na"ed below# appearing in ;ondon
5orough of )ichond upon Thaes printed publication!# on 000.richond.go'.u6? or
pu*lications produced *y or the 0e*site of =SC@OO; NA:E>. I under!tand that the
i"age! will be u!ed onl for 'ouncil purpo!e! and that the identit of " child will be
protected unle!! I have agreed to the publication of " child8! full na"e. I al!o ac5nowledge
that the i"age! "a al!o be u!ed in and di!tributed b other "edia# !uch a! 'D or DID# a!
part of the pro"otional activitie! of the 'ouncil.
Nae of child& ___________________________________________________________
Nae of parent9carer& ____________________________________________________
Address& _______________________________________________________________
Huerie! regarding thi! for" !hould be addre!!ed to the =contact nae and address>.
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy

Appendi# $
School 0elfare concern for
F!e thi! for" to record an concern about a child8! welfare and give it to the
de!ignated !enior per!on for child protection:
If ou !u!pect the child "a be !uffering abu!e or neglect# or ou have received a
di!clo!ure of abu!e fro" a child# or ou have heard about an allegation of abu!e# ou
"u!t co"plete the child protection record of concern for" in!tead# and hand it to the
de!ignated per!on toda.
'hild8! full na"e
Date of thi! record
7h are ou concerned about thi! childJ
7hat have ou ob!erved and whenJ

7hat have ou heard and whenJ
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
7hat have ou been told and whenJ
Date and ti"e ou handed thi! for" to the de!ignated per!on
'la!! teacher?for" tutor
Gour na"e and de!ignation
Signature ______________________________________
Have ou !po5en to the childJ Ge! 6o
7hat did the !aJ F!e the child8! own word!
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
Have ou !po5en to anone el!e about our concernJ Ge! 6o
I! thi! the fir!t ti"e ou have been concerned about thi! childJ Ge! 6o
Further detail!

+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
Appendi# (
'hild8! detail!
Full na"e
Date of birth
-ender: Bale Fe"ale
I! the child loo5ed3after b the local authorit or are there an other legal fa"il
<for exa"ple# a re!idence order=
7hen wa! the child fir!t ad"itted to thi! !choolJ
2thnicit and culture
Doe! the child have an di!abilit or !pecial educational needJ Ge! 6o
Plea!e !pecif
Preferred language of child
I! an tpe of language !upport re>uired to conver!e with the childJ Ge! 6o
Plea!e !pecif
Doe! the child 5now thi! for" ha! been co"pletedJ Ge! 6o
If not# wh notJ
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
If e!# what did the child !aJ
Detail! of tho!e with parental re!pon!ibilit
+elation!hip to child
2thnicit# culture and religion of tho!e with parental re!pon!ibilit if 5nown
Preferred language of tho!e with parental re!pon!ibilit
I! an tpe of language !upport re>uiredJ
Do tho!e with parental re!pon!ibilit have an di!abilit or !pecial needJ
How doe! thi! di!abilit or !pecial need affect the childJ
Detail! of an !ibling!
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
Doe! the child regularl !pend ti"e with other carer!# for exa"ple# after3!chool or
holida carer!# or at a !hort brea5 !erviceJ
Ha! a 'o""on /!!e!!"ent Fra"ewor5 <'/F= been co"pleted for thi! childJ
Ge! 6o
Plea!e give date and rea!on for the '/F
7h are ou concerned about thi! childJ
Plea!e provide a de!cription of an incident!?conver!ation! and the date! the
occurred. Gou "u!t "a5e clear what i! fact and what i! opinion or hear!a. Gou "u!t
not a!5 the child leading >ue!tion! or tr to inve!tigate the concern our!elf
7hat have ou ob!erved and whenJ
<%hi! relate! to anthing ou have per!onall witne!!ed=
7hat have ou been told and whenJ
<7rite here anthing ou have been told b the child or an other per!on. 4e clear
about who ha! !aid what=
7hat have ou heard and whenJ
<%hi! "a be third3part infor"ation that i! relevant but a! et un!ub!tantiated=
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
If an allegation ha! been "ade# give an detail! ou have about the alleged abu!er
Date and ti"e of thi! record
Gour detail!
Full na"e
Do tho!e with parental re!pon!ibilit 5now thi! for" ha! been co"pletedJ
Ge! 6o
If not# wh notJ
If e!# what did the !aJ
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111
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Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy
69%2: %ho!e with parental re!pon!ibilit !hould not be contacted b anone in the
!chool if thi! could place the child at ri!5. Spea5 to the de!ignated per!on fir!t
Doe! the child have an vi!ible in;ur# or have the told ou the have been in;uredJ
K Ge! K 6o
If e!# ha! "edical advice been !oughtJ
Ha! an action alread been ta5en in relation to thi! concernJ <for exa"ple# child
ta5en out of cla!!# fir!t aid=
6a"e and po!ition of the per!on thi! record wa! handed to:
Date and ti"e the above per!on received thi! record
If thi! record ha! been handed to anone other than the de!ignated per!on plea!e
explain wh
If ou have u!ed additional !heet! to co"plete thi! record of concern plea!e !taple
the" to thi! for" and write the nu"ber of additional !heet! here _____
Hand thi! for" to the de!ignated per!on before ou go ho"e. If the de!ignated
per!on i! unavailable# hand it to their deput# the head teacher or our line "anager.
N5& If ou do not have certain infor"ation# !uch a! the child or fa"il8! ethnicit# do
not dela handing in the for".
+eviewed b +ich"ond upon %ha"e! LS'4 on 0 Februar 2111