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Taing Vida and Stuart White
DEPUTY Prime Minister Sar
Kheng yesterday called on
government ministries to
clean up their civil service
entrance tests, which are
widely perceived to be
plagued by corruption, and
pointed to the Ministry of
Education, Youth and
Sports drastic reform of
this years grade 12 final
exams as an example.
Speaking at a graduation
ceremony for students of
the University of Human
Resources, Kheng said the
strict clampdown on cheat-
ing in the grade 12 exams
which resulted in abysmal-
ly low passing rates could
be a boon to human
resources if implemented in
the civil service as well.
Despite pockets of
criticism for the grade 12
testing crackdown, Kheng
said, if we did not start
[somewhere], we would
for civil
on radar
Eddie Morton
and Chhay Channyda
AGACORP, the par-
ent company of
Phnom Penhs
NagaWorld casino,
has confirmed that it is eyeing
land occupied by the Buddhist
Institute for a new hotel devel-
opment, a revelation that
comes mere months after the
government proclaimed in
no uncertain terms that the
institute was there to stay.
The expression of interest,
made in a conference call with
NagaCorp investors on August
7, confirms the suspicions
of activist monks, but the gov-
ernment says no concrete
proposal has come its way.
Philip Lee, chief financial
officer of NagaCorp, told inves-
tors and analysts during the
August conference call that the
company had plans for Naga3
a hotel without gaming oper-
ations which, if approved,
would result in relocating the
Buddhist Institute not far from
its current location.
Now, it is important to note
that . . . presently Naga3 is very
much in planning. It is concep-
tual. We are in discussions with
the authorities to develop that
location, Lee is quoted as say-
ing in the calls transcript,
which has since been removed
Naga eyeing institute land
New development would displace Buddhist centre if government approval secured
People loot a supermarket in San Jose del Cabo on Monday after Hurricane Odile knocked down trees and power lines in Mexicos Baja California peninsula. AFP
Hit and run
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from the companys website.
So we are working we have
proposed or at least to build
Naga3, which will comprise in
the centre, you see that pyram-
idal kind of structure . . . And on
the left of it, the white structure
would be the new office of the
Buddhist Institute.
Yesterday, Mark Brown, chief
operating officer of NagaWorld,
said the company was in talks
with the Cambodian govern-
ment over the land.
For Naga3, the image is our
dream and does not represent
actual event, Brown told the
Post via email.
We hope we can convince
the government to grant the
rights of usage of the land,
which unfortunately, has not
been obtained yet.
NagaCorps negotiations with
the government over the insti-
tutes land come as the com-
pany nears finishing its Naga-
Walk retail project along
Sihanouk Boulevard and as
construction continues on the
$370 million Naga2 project,
which is slated for completion
in early 2017.
Both of the gaming firms con-
struction sites now entirely sur-
round the Buddhist Institute.
NagaCorps expansion has
long fuelled rumours that the
institutes land is slowly being
sold off to accommodate the
casino operators proposals.
But Sar Sokny, acting director
of the Buddhist Institute, told
the Post yesterday he had not
yet been approached nor was
he aware of NagaCorps devel-
opment ambitions for Naga3.
Chea Vuthy, deputy secre-
tary-general of the Cambodian
Investment Board, a depart-
ment of the Cambodian Devel-
opment Council, which
approves projects, also said he
was unaware of the plans.
Seng Somony, a spokesman
for the Ministry of Cult and
Religion, which oversees the
work of the institute, said he
was too busy to comment yes-
In May, members of the activ-
ist Independent Monks Net-
work, who believed that the
institute would be moved, held
demonstrations, basing their
actions on construction at
the site that the government
said was part of an electricity
During the march, Somony
personally attempted to stop
the monks, brandishing copies
of documents detailing exactly
what the government had
agreed to with NagaCorp.
If NagaWorld does not fol-
low this contract, I myself will
bring all of you to protest in
front of NagaWorld, he said at
the time.
The substation will, however,
be used to power part of the
casinos new development
plans across the street, but the
government hasnt sold or
leased any of its land, the min-
istry said.
While the protests stopped,
the monks in June called on the
Ministry of Cult and Religion to
release all the paperwork prov-
ing that an agreement it struck
with NagaCorp to help con-
struct the substation does not
involve the selling of any of the
centres land to the casino.
Contacted yesterday, Inde-
pendent Monk Network leader
But Buntenh said he had heard
about the Naga3 project from
staffers at the institute. They
allegedly told him that the new
office would be moved to Chbar
Ampov district.
If the government approves
it, we will have a big protest
against the land of the Bud-
dhist Institute being sold to the
gambling company, he said.
The ambition of them is to
swallow the land step by step
. . . and if there is no public pro-
test or any reaction, they will
grab all the land.
Testing for civil
service on radar
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never experience of any kind
of reform, and this is a good
Noting that some of the 11
students nationwide to receive
an A grade on the exams came
from humble families while
many wealthy students failed,
Kheng went on to assert that
nepotism and position-buy-
ing was far from ideal.
Thus, to make institutions
work effectively, ministries
will also have to follow [the
Education Ministrys] move
in order to have intelligent
[staff], he said.
Public Function Minister
Pich Bunthin, who oversees
the civil service, said that un-
der the law, he had the right to
appoint monitors to oversee
other ministries entry exams,
but even if those monitors ob-
served improper behaviour,
only the ministry involved
would have the authority to
take action. But ministries
policing themselves would be
better in the long run, he said.
To ensure transparency, it
is necessary for each ministry
to strengthen itself, he said.
Over the years, numerous
government institutions have
come under re for their hir-
ing and promotion practices.
An Asian Human Rights
Commission report in 2006
linked skyrocketing police re-
cruitment gures to politically
motivated hirings. In 2009, the
International Finance Corpo-
ration called reform of Cam-
bodias civil service a key mea-
sure. And just last year, the
Anti-Corruption Unit sought a
response from the Ministry of
Information over allegations
that prospective civil servants
were being made to pay to
pass entrance exams.
The same year, the Educa-
tion Ministry itself came un-
der re from a teachers union
for restricting tests governing
promotions to those already
holding high-level positions.
Yim Sovann, a spokesman
for the Cambodia National
Rescue Party, said that while
cracking down on the entry
process certainly couldnt
hurt, it shouldnt be seen as an
excuse to ignore existing cor-
ruption higher in the ranks.
Its almost too late . . . but it
is OK to wake up and work on
it as soon as possible, he said.
San Chey, coordinator for
the Afliated Network for So-
cial Accountability, said that
while his organisation had no
concrete research on the sub-
ject, there was anecdotal evi-
dence that poorer candidates
were disadvantaged when
seeking jobs and promotions
within the civil service.
The Education Ministrys
model could prove effective in
civil servant exams, he added,
but only if backed up by the
same strict enforcement that
dogged this years grade 12
test takers.
Strict exams to qualify the
persons . . . would be much
appreciated, he said.
Though Khengs recommen-
dations do not carry the weight
of law, Cambodian Center for
Human Rights chairman Ou
Virak said yesterday that he
would not be surprised if they
represented the position of
the ruling Cambodian Peoples
Party as a whole.
I think it must have come
from the CPP. Maybe Hun Sen
doesnt want to say it again,
[but] Hun Sen has said it be-
fore, he said. I think its a
sign that the CPP is going to
take some reforms. Whether
those reforms are too little, too
late remains to be seen.
And while the reforms are
feasible to an extent, Virak
added, they wouldnt be easy.
The problem is that every-
body is trying to hang on to
their turf . . . so there is prob-
ably going to be very little re-
form unless theres a complete
changing of the guard.
land eyed
by Naga
Workers from the neighbouring NagaCorp construction site demolish a
section of wall at the Buddhist Institute in May. HENG CHIVOAN
[Naga3] is
conceptual. We are
in discussions with
the authorities to
develop that location
Jail order
get 7 months
in bride plot
WO Chinese men and
two Cambodian women
were convicted and
sentenced yesterday by Ph-
nom Penh Municipal Court to
seven months each in prison
for attempting to sell two
Cambodian women to Chinese
husbands in February. They
were also fined $1,000 each.
Judge Keo Mony said Zu
Zhisheng, 39, Xu Jing, 34, Lam
Na, 45, and Sok Bora, 25, had
conspired to send the women,
aged 20 and 24, to China.
They were charged with
attempting the act of selling,
buying or exchanging a person
with purpose.
Zu Zhisheng and Lam Na
were arrested by our police
at Phnom Penh International
Airport while they were brin-
ging the victims to the airport
in preparation [to go] to China,
said Major Phat Phalla, deputy
chief of the Municipal Anti-Hu-
man Trafficking and Juvenile
Protection Unit, adding that
the two other suspects were
picked up later that day.
Lawyers for the accused
could not be reached for com-
ment yesterday. BUTHREAKSMEY
China targets online brokers
Laignee Barron and Sen David

INGLE Cambodian
women are extraordi-
nary, boasts a match-
making website called
rosebrides.com that offers 69
eligible Cambodian brides in
search of a foreign husband.
Such online bride advertise-
ments are the targets of a new
anti-human trafcking initia-
tive in China, where police
on Monday announced they
would stamp out the marriage
brokering services to prevent
the exploitation of women
from poorer countries. And
Cambodian ofcials are keen
to help scrub the internet of
proteering brokers.
We support the crackdown
and elimination of these
websites, Interior Ministry
spokesman Khieu Sopheak
said. Marriage websites, and
any kind of bride brokerage in-
volving a middleman, is illegal
in Cambodia.
Yet ample bride-shopping
opportunities for a quickre,
mail-order wedding persist.
To get around the legality of
selling brides, some websites
disguise their services as dat-
ing sites. At rosebrides.com,
gentlemen are warned that
mail order brides dont exist,
but can peruse ve searchable
pages of Cambodian mail or-
der brides. The women, aged
19-51, are arranged like items
up for auction, with clickable
mug shots and details on their
height, weight and what kind
of man they want.
Other sites offer group pack-
age tours catering to men from
Singapore, China and Japan. In
exchange for $5,000-$12,000,
some pledge a 90 per cent suc-
cess rate after the men take a
ve to seven day gander. Oth-
ers guarantee the womens vir-
ginity, and a few even promise
a replacement wife if the rst
runs away within a year.
Reports of abuse in brokered
overseas unions abound. The
Foreign Affairs Ministry reports
that more than 30 Cambodian
women have been repatriated
this year from China alone.
But rights groups said tak-
ing aim at the websites to solve
trafcking would be shooting
at the wrong target.
Rather than shutting down
websites, a better, more effec-
tive approach is to bolster regu-
latory oversight of these brokers
in both Cambodia and China,
and set up effective Khmer-
language hotlines in China so
that women who are trafcked
can seek assistance, said Phil
Robertson, deputy Asia direc-
tor for Human Rights Watch.
The initiative against mar-
riage websites follows a slew
of peculiar measures taken to
counter potentially abusive in-
ternational marriages. In 2008,
the government outlawed all
Cambodian-foreigner marriag-
es, but lifted the ban six months
later. In 2010, Cambodia tem-
porarily banned women from
marrying South Koreans. And
in 2011, the government forbid
foreign men older than 50 and
earning less than $2,500 per
month from marrying a Cam-
bodian woman.
Its like when the govern-
ment decided to shut down
brothels to stop trafcking. It
didnt help it pushed the trade
into nightclubs or massage
parlours. The people who are
violating women will continue
to nd ways to do so, said Ros
Sopheap, executive director of
Gender and Development for
Interior Ministry spokesman
Sopheak admitted that the tech-
nicalities involved in taking ac-
tion against the marriage sites,
including how to actually shut
them down, currently elude
the Kingdom. For now at least,
marriage shoppers can contin-
ue to seek their bride through
searchable hashtags.
A screenshot of rosebrides.com, showing prole photos of potential Cambodian brides.
Community representatives from Koh Kong province speak to local media at the Phnom Penh Appeals Court
yesterday about an ongoing land dispute. HENG CHIVOAN
K Kong villagers seek
PMs help in capital
Chhay Channyda

Kong province have
descended on the
capital, ready to peti-
tion Prime Minister Hun Sen
and the government today to
intervene in their long-run-
ning land dispute with promi-
nent businessman Heng Huy.
Phav Nhoeung, a represen-
tative of 15 families in Sre Am-
bel districts Chi Khor Krom
commune who claim to have
resisted threats from Huy to
vacate their homes since 2009,
said yesterday that 30 villagers
would camp out in Phnom
Penh overnight.
I will stay in Phnom Penh
to wait to submit a petition to
the prime ministers cabinet
and the National Assembly.
We will also go to the Ministry
of Interior to submit our peti-
tion, she said.
Nhoeung said that since Huy
won a case against fellow busi-
nessman Sok Hong in 2009 re-
garding a plot that borders the
villagers, he had attempted to
encroach on their land.
They bordered each other,
but when Heng Huy imple-
mented the verdict [granting
him Hongs land], it was on
our land, she said
Only stubborn villagers like
us still resist . . . but its been
our land for a long time and
Heng Huy wants to grab it,
she added.
The villagers had timed their
trip to the capital to coincide
with an Appeal Court hearing,
scheduled for yesterday, over
the disputed land, but the
hearing was postponed be-
cause Huys attorney needed
more time to collect evidence,
Nhoeung said.
Nhoeung herself is sched-
uled to appear in court next
month to face the companys
accusations of violence.
Last month, Hun Sen blamed
the inaction of local ofcials
for ongoing land disputes.
Tuon Seila, Sre Ambel dis-
trict governor, said that the
case was beyond his author-
itys capacity, but added that,
had he known about the vil-
lagers plans, he would have
asked them to solve the prob-
lem in the community.
Huy could not be reached
for comment yesterday.
Lawmakers set to amend
constitution, change NEC
Last Kbal Thnal detainee freed
Meas Sokchea
THE National Assembly will sit
next month to amend the con-
stitution and enshrine a
revamped National Election
Committee, opposition party
officials said yesterday.
According to Cambodia
National Rescue Party lawmak-
er and spokesman Yem Pon-
harith, working groups from the
CNRP and ruling Cambodian
Peoples Party have finished
debating exactly what will be
added to the constitution.
We have already finished the
new constitutional draft [chap-
ter], and the parliament will
pass the amendment of the
constitution in early October,
he explained.
Ponharith added that party
working groups aimed to
complete a new draft law gov-
erning the NEC by the end of
the month.
The committee has long been
labelled a politically partisan
body by the CNRP and civil
society watchdogs. A July 22
agreement between the two
parties that ended nearly a year
of political deadlock saw the
CPP agree to its overhaul and
to make it a constitutionally
mandated institution.
On September 29, we will
finish the main points of the
entire draft law. There remains
a little [to finish] and we will let
the leaders of both parties
decide, he said.
Changes to the election law,
however, are only expected
to be finalised by the end of
the year.
Hang Puthea, executive
di rector of the Neutral and
Impartial Committee for Free
and Fair Elections in Cambo-
dia, bemoaned the fact that
cross-party talks over consti-
tutional amendments and
draft laws related to elections
had been kept secret from
civil society.
The passing of all these laws
is based on the agreement of
the two parties, who are think-
ing of their own partys inter-
ests, he said.
[It] has been a mystery, but
at least reform is happening. It
is better than there being no
reform at all.
Sik Bun Hok, a CPP lawmaker
and working group member,
declined to comment in detail
but said that the NEC would be
independent and neutral after
legal changes were made.
National Assembly spokes-
people could not be reached
for comment yesterday.
Khouth Sophak Chakrya
and Daniel Pye
A YEAR after security forces
opened fire on a protest at the
Kbal Thnal bridge in Phnom
Penh, killing 29-year-old Mao
Sok Chan, the last suspect
charged for taking part in what
the authorities said was a vio-
lent protest has been released.
Nguyen Thydoc was released
shortly before 11am yesterday
morning after spending a year in
Prey Sar prison, his lawyer said.
He was found guilty of inten-
tional violence and intentional
destruction of property, along
with two others arrested during
the clash on September 15,
2013, and given a three-year
sentence with two years sus-
Van Neun and Lach Sameun
were also sentenced to three
years in February but were let
go with time served.
Sam Sokunthea, a lawyer from
rights group Licadho who is
representing Thydoc, said his
client continued to seek an
appeal hearing in his case.
Since the judge read out the
verdict, we have appealed the
decision, but until now, the
appeal court did not schedule a
hearing, he said.
Sokunthea added that Thydoc
had gone to visit his grand-
mother after his release.
Nguyen Thysaw, Thydocs
67-year-old grandmother, spoke
yesterday of her joy at seeing
him again.
I cried almost every day dur-
ing the year that I waited for my
grandson to get out of jail.
Sometimes I thought I would
die before I saw him again.
The anniversary of the shoot-
ings and Thydocs release
prompted questions over the
progress of an investigation into
authorities use of force that the
government said it had launched
after Sok Chans death.
We dont know how much
evidence they collected . . . we
dont know who is the investigat-
ing judge . . . We have not heard if
they interviewed any witnesses,
legal expert Sok Sam Oeun said.
Ou Virak, chairman of the
Cambodian Centee for Human
Rights, said the investigation
had never existed.
Sen David and Pech Sotheary
TWO journalists were charged
by Kampot Provincial Court
on Monday evening with ex-
torting money from a deputy
governor, while a construction
worker who was also arrested
in connection with the case
was released after questioning,
a court ofcial said yesterday.
The reporters were arrested
on Friday by the Anti-Corrup-
tion Unit, marking the rst ar-
rest of journalists by the organ-
isation, which usually targets
government ofcials.
Khai Samphorse, deputy
prosecutor at Kampot Provin-
cial Court, said the two journal-
ists Tol Hok Ly, a stringer for
TV 9; and Sor Bun Ly, a stringer
for Hang Meas TV had alleg-
edly demanded $1,000 from a
deputy governor.
After the ACU arrested and
questioned them and sent
them back to Kampot court,
the court charged them with
extortion, Samphorse said.
He added that a third man,
construction worker Sok So-
van, had been released after
questioning, because he was
found to not be connected
with the case.
Meas Rithy, a news anchor
at Hang Meas, said that he
supported the charges against
his colleague.
I support arresting any re-
porters that do not obey the
journalism code, he said.
In a separate case yesterday,
Kampong Chhnang Provincial
Court dropped charges against
ve journalists accused of ex-
torting money from an illegal
timber dealer.
The reporters from Deum
Ampil, Apsara TV, Nokorwat
and Today Newspaper stood
accused of extorting money
from a wood smuggler in 2010.
A sixth suspect passed away
earlier this month.
Defence lawyer Kong Pisey
celebrated the decision.
It is the right decision,
because the witnesses rep-
resented by the prosecutor
didnt answer clearly and
didnt see my clients commit-
ting the offences, so the arrest
warrants have to be dropped
Kampot court charges
journos with extortion
Factory walkout to kick off $177 drive
Mom Kunthear and Sean Teehan
MORE than 1,000 garment workers at a
Phnom Penh factory entered their second
day of striking yesterday, ahead of todays
start of global and national union cam-
paigns to raise the minimum wage in Cam-
bodias garment sector.
Workers at the Huey Chuen garment fac-
tory in Meanchey district began striking on
Monday, in opposition to the suspension
of employee Heng Siheoun.
Huey Chuens administrative manager
said Siheoun had come to work drunk and
tried to force workers to protest, but Siheoun
denies wrongdoing.
The industrial action seemed like a warm-
up for todays planned walkout at about 300
garment factories nationwide, in which 18
different unions plan to take part.
The protests mark the beginning of a
campaign for garment workers minimum
wage to be raised to $177 next year.
Our campaign for demanding [a hike in
the] minimum wage will start tomorrow, but
the workers in Huey Chuen factory started
today, Fa Saly, president of the National
Trade Union Confederation, said.
Unions are demanding $177 the high
end of what a Ministry of Social Affairs sub-
committee found to be a living wage last
year but leaders have admitted they would
accept a monthly wage as low as $150.
Strikers at Huey Chuen yesterday wore
T-shirts and stickers with $177 encircled
by the logos of eight international brands
that source from Cambodia.
Its time for the brands to take notice . . .
they have to act on their commitments,
said Joel Preston, a consultant for the Com-
munity Legal Education Center (CLEC).
We just see over and over again repackaged
sustainability programs, repackaged pilot
programs involving minimum wage.
CLEC yesterday released a statement
signed by one local and two international
unions, saying actions were planned at the
retail outlets and offices of foreign brands
that source from Cambodia in more than 40
major cities across the globe today.
Jeff Hermanson, director of global strate-
gies at US-based Workers United, SEIU, said
that more than 1,000 people in the US and
Canada would demonstrate in front of
stores, including H&M and Gap.
Garment workers hold placards in front of the Huey Chuen garment factory during a protest
yesterday in Phnom Penhs Meanchey district. PHOTO SUPPLIED
Phak Seangly and Daniel Pye
SOLDIERS have been stationed
at the site of a road block that
was manned by environmental
activists protesting the planned
Stung Cheay Areng dam in Koh
Kong province.
Twelve Royal Cambodian
Armed Forces (RCAF) officers
have been posted on the road at
the entrance to the Areng Valley
since security forces detained
11 activists on Monday.
Neng Van, RCAF commander
in Thma Bang district, said the
soldiers had been deployed to
guard the road to stop the activ-
ists from blocking it again.
We are guarding [the road]
around the clock in order to
maintain order and security
there, and to avoid the road
being blocked, which disturbs
the villagers, he said.
Alex Gonzales-Davidson,
founder of NGO Mother Nature,
was released shortly after 1am
yesterday morning after signing
a letter apologising for parking
his car across the road.
Ten other activists were
released by the provincial
police at about the same time,
officials said.
We had to make a contract
with the authorities, promising
to stop doing any activities, but
we will still carry out our cam-
paign, because its not illegal,
Mother Natures Heng Sam-
nang, 21, said.
The authorities confiscated
several cameras from the activ-
ists on Monday and deleted
images and videos of the inci-
dent, Mother Nature represent-
atives said.
Three of our cameras were
thrown into the jungle. Were
hearing that the relocation sites
been taken over by soldiers,
Gonzales-Davidson said.
These are people under the
pay of [dam builder] Sinohydro
. . . Were not going to let them
in regardless of who they are.
Um Serey Vuth of Sawac Con-
sultants, which has been con-
tracted to carry out an environ-
mental impact assessment at
the planned dam site, said he
was waiting on authorisation to
go back into the valley.
Sam Khitviet, Koh Kong pro-
vincial police chief, said that if
the campaign continued, the
activists could face tough
The Cambodian Youth Net-
work issued a statement yes-
terday condemning the arrests
as an act of intimidation on
the protesters who work to
preserve the forest and natural
Money still owed in
Global Fund scandal
Kevin Ponniah
and Chhay Channyda

HE Ministry of Health
still owes $83,053 to
the Global Fund, the
remaining portion of
$473,300 in misused funds
identied by the international
donor body in a damning cor-
ruption investigation last year.
The results of the more than
two-year-long probe were re-
leased publicly in November
and uncovered signicant
corruption in two ministry
All remaining funds are
owed by the National Center
for Parasitology, Entomology
and Malaria Control (CNM),
which was implicated in the
most signicant graft in the
funds investigation, a fund
spokesman said on Monday.
The Anti-Corruption Unit
(ACU) has yet to hold anyone
to account for the corruption.
Former CNM director Duong
Socheat and an unidentied
deputy director were found to
have obtained improper com-
missions from mosquito net
suppliers between 2006 and
2011 worth $410,782.
According to fund commu-
nications head Seth Faison,
the National Center for HIV/
AIDS, Tuberculosis and STDs
(NCHADS) and umbrella
NGO MEDiCAM, which were
also implicated in the report,
have paid back their portions
of misused funds in full.
Faison said the fund was still
engaging with the government
to recover the rest.
The fund threatened in De-
cember to slash more than
$100 million in health fund-
ing if everything was not
repaid a month later, but it
backed down.
Faison said that the ACU was
still being cooperative, but
declined to comment further.
Huy Rekol, who replaced
Char Meng Chuor as CNM
director this month, said yes-
terday he didnt know about
remaining funds, which were
not his responsibility.
Meng Chuor could not be
reached for comment.
Health Minister Mam Bun
Heng, who has repeatedly
declined to comment on the
Global Fund scandal, could
also not be reached.
A ministry ofcial who re-
quested anonymity because
he feared repercussions said
the government believed that
complicit individuals, whom
he claimed included foreign
experts involved in disburse-
ments, should be responsible
for repayment.
However, he could not con-
rm where funds already paid
back by CNM and NCHADS
had come from.
Socheat, he added, had been
questioned by the ACU during
their investigation but was
now overseas.
ACU deputy chairman
Chhay Savuth said that the
investigation had been com-
pleted but declined to com-
ment further.
Opposition lawmaker Keo
Sovannaroth, the recently ap-
pointed head of the parlia-
ments commission on health,
said she would team up with
the parliaments anti-corrup-
tion commission to question
the minister on the issue.
Preap Kol, executive director
of Transparency International
Cambodia, said it was impor-
tant the matter was not bur-
ied, lest it become another
obvious case of impunity.
Activists against the Stung Cheay Areng dam stand in front of police at a
makeshift checkpoint in Koh Kong province yesterday. PHOTO SUPPLIED
Soldiers sent to Areng post
Jerk tells tearjerker,
scams pal out of moto
A SOB story involving a sick
mum and a trip to hospital
was enough to get a 22-year-
old capital man to fall for the
oldest grift in the blotter: the
borrowed moto. Police said
the soft-hearted chap was
quick to loan his ride to a
friend after swallowing the
story, only to find himself non-
plussed a week later when it
still hadnt been returned.
After a police report, the
friend was arrested at his
home, where he admitted to
selling the bike for some easy
Accidental brush sees
partygoer bum-rushed
A PCHUM Ben dance at a
pagoda in Svay Riengs Chant-
rea district saw a man take a
beating for what he insisted
was a bum rap. Police said the
24-year-old was assaulted
after he touched the rear end of
another man during a dance.
Although he denied intentional-
ly touching the suspects bot-
tom, he refused to apologise.
The suspect and his friends
then proceeded to beat the
man before fleeing the scene.
Police are hunting the assail-
Leaving no man behind
gets two men caught
A PAIR of alleged Kandal prov-
ince moto thieves failed to
account for every contingency
during a Monday night robbery.
Police said the duo had run
down a motorist on his way
home from Phnom Penh, forc-
ing him to crash and sustain
serious injuries. One then
hopped on the bike and they
both sped off with police in hot
pursuit. Their hoped-for escape
petered out when the victims
moto ran out of gas. Showing a
rare bit of honour among
thieves, the gassed up cohort
stopped to aid his chum, giving
police just enough time to

Burglars busted by
watchful neighbours
A KRATIE family can thank their
lucky stars for nosy next-door
neighbours after the ad hoc
neighbourhood watch foiled a
robbery on Monday. Police said
three men had waited for the
family to leave home before
breaking in and scooping cash,
jewellery and some five com-
puters. Watching from their
windows, neighbours rang the
police, who arrived before the
men had even cleared the
threshold. All three were sent
to court. DEUMAMPIL
Man fails to practise
proper road, gun safety
YET another helmet stop led to
a more significant collar in
Banteay Meanchey on Monday.
Police said the 35-year-old
suspect was stopped by cops
in Poipet for driving without a
helmet, only for them to dis-
cover he was packing heat.
While no crimes are known to
be attached to the gun, hes
been sent to court on illegal
firearm charges all the same.
Translated by Sen David
Two murder suspects pose with evidence after police apprehended them in Tbong Khmum province and
charged them over the murder of a 52-year-old woman. PHOTO SUPPLIED
Charges in farm killing
Khouth Sophak Chakrya

WO suspects were
charged yesterday
with murder and theft
after 52-year-old Thai
Huy was killed and dumped in
a 10-metre well on her cashew
farm in Phnom Penhs Daun
Penh district on Saturday.
Khorn Chhay, 20, and Mach
Ro, 19, both from Kampong
Cham province, had been
employed by Huy for several
months on the farm, and were
arrested in Tbong Khmum
province after eeing to a rela-
tives house there, said Heng
Vuthy, police chief of Kampong
Chams Cheung Prey district.
The suspects, who were paid
270,000 riel ($67.50) a month
to guard and work at the farm,
were brought to Kampong
Cham following their arrest,
Vuthy said.
Sem Kheang, Kampong
Cham provincial police chief,
said that during the suspects
interrogation, Ro admit-
ted they slit Huys throat and
dumped her body into the
well, stealing her motorbike
and $900.
However, [Ro] said he was
not the murderer, but just
colluded by helping throw
the body down the well,
Kheang said.
Kaing Kimhoy, the victims
brother-in-law, demanded 100
million riel ($25,000) in com-
pensation from the suspects,
and asked they be punished to
the fullest extent of the law.
Sen David
WORKERS looking to South
Korea for employment should
pay less than currently charged
to take a required language
test, a letter from a national
assemblywoman to Cambo-
dias labour minister says.
Cambodia National Rescue
Party lawmaker Ke Sovannaroth
this week sent a letter to Labour
Minister Ith Sam Heng arguing
that the $24 Cambodians seek-
ing work in South Korea must
pay to sign up for the test is too
much for people wanting to
move for higher wage opportu-
nities. Both countries stipulate
that Cambodians seeking work
in South Korea must pass the
language test.
This round of Korean lan-
guage tests, for which prospec-
tive migrant workers to South
Korea can buy sign-up forms in
Phnom Penh, Kampong Cham,
Kampong Chhnang and Takeo
provinces until Thursday,
should be cheaper because
many migrant workers who
ed Thailand in June may now
be seeking work in South Ko-
rea, Sovannaroth wrote.
We have a job crisis where
more than 10,000 workers em-
ployed in Thailand ed back
to Cambodia, Sovannaroth
wrote, referring to the mass
exodus of about 100,000 Cam-
bodian workers from Thailand
fearing political turmoil when
the Thai junta came to power
in a May coup detat. So the
government should reduce
the price of the test forms to
encourage our citizens who
ed Thailand.
Furthermore, Sovannaroth
argued, many people spend
upwards of $100 to travel from
far-ung areas just to pick up
the forms.
Ya Navuth, executive direc-
tor of Coordination of Action
Research on AIDS and Mobil-
ity, agreed with Sovannaroths
suggestion on the language
tests cost, adding that South
Korea is seen as a more desir-
able place to work among mi-
grant Cambodians.
Most workers would rather
work in Korea than countries
such as Thailand or Malaysia,
because they think they will
have more success and less
likely to fall victim to exploita-
tion, Navuth said. They feel
they can earn a better salary
in Korea, so the [language test]
price should be reduced, so it
is more available.
Labour Ministry spokesman
Heng Sour was not available
for comment yesterday.
Korean-language form
too costly, says ofcial
Eddie Morton

ORE details have
emerged of ca-
sino operator Na-
gaCorps concert-
ed effort to target the Chinese
gaming market, with the re-
lease of an investor conference
call transcript dated August 7.
In the 19-page transcript,
NagaCorp chief nancial of-
cer Philip Lee states that the
rm is on the verge of launch-
ing its own airline in partner-
ship with state-owned China
International Travel Services
(CITS) and under the lessor
name Bassaka Air.
Bassaka Air is a new startup
airline which is in the process
of obtaining its aircraft opera-
tion certicate issued by the
Cambodian authorities, Lee
is quoted as telling analysts
during the conference call.
And what we do is that we
lease our two Airbuses to Bas-
saka Airline, and Bassaka Air-
line has signed up a general
sales agency with CITS.
According to Lee, NagaCorp
purchased two Airbus A320s
and one Gulfstream 450 at a
cost of $44 million. Through
Bassaka Air, the aircraft will be
used exclusively to y in gam-
blers from mainland China
and Macau, in an effort to in-
crease VIP junket patronage at
the NagaWorld casino.
While NagaCorp envisions
the airline beginning ights as
early as this month, the State
Secretariat of Civil Aviation
on Monday conrmed with
the Post only that Bassaka Air
would receive its Airline Op-
erations Certication by the
end of 2014.
The transcript also reveals
NagaCorp has developed
plans for a $15 million VIP
section at Phnom Penh Inter-
national Airport.
Norinda Khek, spokesman
for Cambodia Airports, de-
clined to comment on Naga-
Corps VIP airport project, say-
ing that no ofcial plans for the
project had been submitted.
Michael Ting, vice president
of research for Hong Kong and
China gambling at CIMB Se-
curities, said NagaCorps con-
certed effort to y in VIP Chi-
nese gamblers aboard its own
airline was a gamble.
Its a chicken-and-egg thing
in terms of commercial ight
availability versus VIP attraction
to Phnom Penh, Ting said.
Right now, I would say
that the commercial aircraft
is probably not needed, but
assuming demand ramps up,
the commercial ights would
be benecial to overall VIP vis-
its from China.
NagaCorps interim nancial
statement shows the compa-
ny made $86 million from VIP
gambling operations between
January and June, while mass
market gambling revenue
reached just $54 million.
The casino operators bid
to attract more Chinese high
rollers does not stop at direct
ights or fancy airport lounges.
According to Lee, the com-
pany has also signed up one
of CITSs subsidiaries, China
Duty Free Group (CDFG), to
have exclusive retail space
along the soon-to-be com-
pleted Naga City Walk on Si-
hanouk Boulevard.
[CDFG] operate in all the
Chinese international air-
ports, and we have signed up
China Duty Free as the tenant,
as the sole tenant, for our City
Walk, the retail development
in front of Naga, which will be
complete by end of this year
and open in the rst half of
next year, Lee said.
Indicative Exchange Rates as of 16/9/2014. Please contact ANZ Royal Global Markets on 023 999 910 for real time rates.
NagaCorps Chinese gamble
Trafc passes the NagaWorld casino in Phnom Penh last month. NagaCorp has acquired three aircraft with the aim of increasing VIP junket patronage at NargaWorld. SCOTT HOWES
Amal Jayasinghe

HINESE President Xi
Jinping arrived in Sri
Lanka yesterday to
launch construction
of a Beijing-funded $1.4 billion
port city and seek closer de-
fence ties that could provoke
unease in neighbouring India.
China is increasingly as-
serting its inuence in the
Indian Ocean, with Sri Lanka
a midway point on one of the
worlds busiest international
shipping lanes.
It is already the largest in-
vestor in Sri Lanka, having -
nanced the construction of a
deep-sea port elsewhere and
an international airport.
Xi will today kick off con-
struction of the new port city,
to include the countrys rst
Formula One track.
In a letter published on the
front page of Sri Lankas state-
run Daily News yesterday, Xi
said he wants to enhance
exchanges and cooperation
between us in maritime, busi-
ness, infrastructure, defence,
tourism and other areas.
The reference to defence
came despite the repeated in-
sistence of Sri Lankan ofcials
that relations were based on
commercial rather than securi-
ty considerations, an apparent
attempt to allay Indian fears.
Sri Lankas Economic De-
velopment Minister Basil Ra-
japakse said ahead of the visit
his countrys close ties with
China should not be a cause
for concern in India.
We are looking for trade, in-
vestment and tourism, Raja-
pakse said. India is also look-
ing to China so I do not see
anything wrong in our having
close ties with them.
Some ofcials in New Delhi
have voiced fears in the past
that Chinas growing engage-
ment in the region is a deliber-
ate strategy to encircle India.
A military aircraft mainte-
nance facility which Sri Lanka
sought to establish with Chi-
nese help has been in limbo
since India privately objected
to its chosen venue, the eastern
port district of Trincomalee.
Trincomalee is a natural
deep-sea harbour which al-
lied forces used as a staging
post during World War II. It is
still considered strategically
Xi also said no country
should be allowed to intervene
in the affairs of the small island
nation, which has historically
come under Indias inuence.
China . . . opposes any move
by any country to interfere in
Sri Lankas internal affairs un-
der any excuse, Xi said
Beijing has consistently sup-
ported Colombo in its efforts
to resist a UN investigation
into alleged war crimes against
Tamil Tiger rebels, while India
has pushed Sri Lanka to en-
sure accountability. AFP
Chinese President Xi Jinping and Sri Lankan counterpart Mahinda
Rajapakse at a welcome ceremony in Katunayake yesterday. AFP
CHINA will ban the sale and
import of dirty coal in less
than four months, a top gov-
ernment body said, in an an-
ti-pollution move that could
have repercussions for key ex-
porters including Australia.
Coal with sulphur content
of more than 3 per cent and
ash content of more than 40
per cent will no longer be per-
mitted as of January 1, accord-
ing to a notice posted late on
Monday on the website of the
National Development and
Reform Commission, Chinas
top economic planner.
The Chinese government
made the move in an effort to
improve air quality in its ma-
jor cities, Xinhua news agen-
cy reported yesterday.
Chinas three decades of rap-
id industrialisation have seen
incomes soar but also brought
severe environmental conse-
quences including smog that
regularly blankets its cities.
Much of that pollution is
driven by the Asian giants
heavy reliance on coal. China
is the worlds largest con-
sumer of coal, accounting
for around half of global con-
sumption. AFP
Alarm ringing over SK
economy: finance chief
SOUTH Koreas finance minister
said yesterday that alarm bells
were ringing over Asias fourth
largest economy, and warned of
the sort of protracted slowdown
that hit Japan in the 1990s.
While stressing that South
Koreas fiscal position remained
very strong, Choi Kyung-hwan
said action was needed to avoid
a damaging and extended
slump. Alarm bells are ringing
that the economy is falling into a
low level equilibrium trap of
stagflation, where both
economic growth and price
hikes become stagnant and
both domestic consumption and
overseas exports slump, he
said. AFP
Alibaba raises target
for IPO to $25 billion
CHINESE online giant Alibaba
on Monday boosted the price
range for what was already
expected to be the biggest
stock offering on record, to as
much as $25.03 billion.
Documents filed with US
regulators upped the price
range for the stock offering to
$66-$68 per share, resulting in
proceeds which would break
the record for stock flotations,
set in 2010 by Chinas AgBank.
Alibaba would raise between
$24.3 billion and $25.03 billion
based on the newly filed
documents. AFP
Xi to launch
$1.4B project
in Sri Lanka
China to
ban dirty
coal trade
Daniel de Carteret

bility in the garment
sector has led the
Garment Manufac-
turers Association in Cambo-
dia (GMAC) to forecast a bleak
outlook for the rest of 2014.
According to a sample of
survey results supplied to the
Post, 50 per cent of GMACs
247 members said they did
not have enough orders to ll
production for the remainder
of the year. About 160 factories
said orders had been reduced
on average by 40 per cent, and
26 per cent said they had been
forced to close lines or partial-
ly suspend operations due to a
lack of orders.
Buyers dont have con-
dence in stability here, in the
factories ability to deliver the
goods, because we are under
the constant threat of strikes,
regardless of whether the
unions, or those that threaten
to strike, even have the ability
or the power to deliver on their
threats, GMAC secretary-gen-
eral Ken Loo said on Monday.
The main buyers that have
reduced orders are Wal-Mart,
H&M, Levi Strauss and Adi-
das in addition to a number of
smaller buyers, factories said.
Contacted yesterday, nei-
ther Wal-Mart, H&M nor Levi
Strauss would comment di-
rectly on the status of their or-
ders in Cambodia, but all called
for stability in the industry and
respect for workers rights.
Predictability of supply
and its converse, disruption
of production, is a concern
to Levi Strauss & Co. and any
brand sourcing from Cam-
bodia, a spokesperson from
Levi Strauss said via email.
For Levi Strauss & Co., re-
pression of worker and human
rights in Cambodia is also a
very serious concern.
The GMAC survey comes
as debate over the industrys
minimum wage is heating up.
On Monday, eight union
leaders held a press conference
threatening nationwide strikes
if minimum wage discussions
went down a similar path to
talks last year, when they be-
lieve their demands were not
seriously considered.
On December 25, a 10-day
strike over the minimum wage
led to the death of at least ve
demonstrators after security
forces opened re with live
rounds on January 3.
Unions at Mondays confer-
ence are calling for the current
$100 minimum wage to be
raised to $177 a month.
Loo denied the timing of the
GMAC data had anything to
do with Mondays union an-
nouncement. He said he was
sharing this information with
unions, the government and
the Labour Advisory Com-
mittee to demonstrate buyers
reaction to industry turmoil
and to support his members
position that a $110 minimum
wage rise was the maximum
the sector could afford.
Anything above this means
that places will not be able
to afford it and will have to
close, so the higher the mini-
mum wage the more difcult
it will be for factories to con-
tinue operating in Cambodia,
Loo said.
Dave Welsh, country direc-
tor for labour rights group Sol-
idarity Center, said yesterday
he could not verify the GMAC
data but that there was no
doubt that orders had dropped
in the second half of the year
after Januarys protests.
There is a decline, but our
point is that the decline is not
linked to minimum wage dis-
cussions the decline is linked
to buyers increasing frustra-
tion over so many unresolved
issues from the events in Janu-
ary, he said, referring to unin-
vestigated deaths of protesters
and current charges against
union leaders.
Further industrial unrest on
the scale that we saw last year
could really be devastating
for the industry, but that has
nothing to do with the eco-
nomics of the wage demand,
he added.
Orders sliding in 14: GMAC
A garment worker performs quality control checks on a jacket at a fac-
tory in Phnom Penhs Por Sen Chey district earlier this year. VIREAK MAI
Daniel de Carteret
THE European Union will
spend 3 million ($3.9 million)
on a program to encourage
small and medium enterpris-
es to invest in Cambodia.
Speaking at a conference
yesterday in Phnom Penh,
EU Ambassador to Cambodia
Jean-Francois Cautain said the
ve-year grant to be man-
aged by EuroCham would be
used to market Cambodia as
an investment destination for
European businesses and to
strengthen advocacy to create
a favourable business envi-
ronment in the Kingdom.
I think that 24 per cent of
total FDI in ASEAN countries
are coming from European
Union investors. If we look at
Cambodia it is only 2 per cent
coming from European Union
investors, Cautain said.
So I think there is room for
improvement when it comes to
businesses here in Cambodia.
Curtain added that a larger
presence from European
businesses would help cre-
ate greater competition and
a more sustainable business
EuroCham chairman Em-
manuel Menanteau said Eu-
ropes proximity to Southeast
Asia and lack of knowledge of
Cambodias business climate
meant European businesses
had a much smaller presence
here than countries like Chi-
na, Japan and South Korea.
Especially for small and me-
dium enterprises, we usually
see Cambodia as a very faraway
country with a different way of
doing business, and we are
unable to approach the mar-
ket because mostly they dont
know how to do it, he said.
Menanteau said that the
grant would allow EuroCham
to boost Cambodias image
in both in the EU and in ASE-
AN, where many European
investors were already well
They [European business-
es] dont know what kind of
businesses opportunities are
represented here, he said.
The EuroCham chairman
said that his organisation
would focus on attracting Eu-
ropean SMEs looking to invest
in value-added manufactur-
ing, as well as in sectors such
as hospitality and tourism,
where European rms already
have some presence.
The grant would strengthen
EuroChams ability guide rms
on how to do business in Cam-
bodia, Menanteau said.
EU gives $3.9 million
to attract investment
Orange offers $4B for Jazztel
RENCH telecom gi-
ant Orange Sa offered
to acquire Spanish
broadband provider
Jazztel Plc for about 3.4 bil-
lion ($4.4 billion) in cash,
marking the French carriers
biggest takeover attempt in al-
most a decade.
Orange is bidding 13 for
each Jazztel share, or 22 per
cent more than the stocks Sep-
tember 12 close in Madrid, the
companies said on Monday.
The transaction is conditional
upon Jazztel shareholders
tendering at least half of the
stock excluding an almost 15
per cent stake held by Chair-
man Leopoldo Fernandez Pu-
jals and executives who have
agreed to sell.
Jazztel jumped as much as
6.6 per cent. Orange is Spains
third-largest wireless car-
rier, behind Telefonica SA and
Vodafone Group Plc Buying
Jazztel would give Orange
about 1.5 million broadband
subscribers to help bolster of-
fers of combined broadband,
TV and wireless packages.
The deal is the latest example
of European land-line assets
being snapped up. Vodafone
completed the takeover of
Spanish cable provider Grupo
Corporativo ONO in July. On
Monday, TDC A/S of Denmark
agreed to acquire Norwegian
cable company Get As.
Bloomberg News reported
in February that Orange had
intensied its search for acqui-
sition targets in Spain includ-
ing Jazztel to avoid being left
out of potential consolidation
in the countrys telecommuni-
cations market.
Orange plans to nance the
bid with a capital increase of
no more than 2 billion, and
a sale of hybrid bonds. The
combination will generate ad-
ditional revenue and cost sav-
ings amounting to 1.3 billion,
Richard said.
Including the synergies, Or-
ange is paying 8.6 times the
targets projected 2015 earn-
ings before interest, taxes, de-
preciation and amortisation.
Jazztel has expanded in Spain
over the years by offering low-
cost broadband Internet and
phone service and eventually
wireless plans to win over cus-
tomers from Telefonica. The
company has boosted revenue
every quarter since 2008. This
year, sales may reach 1.2 billion
euros, quadrupling from 2007,
according to data compiled by
Bloomberg. Jazztel posted its
rst annual prot in 2010.
Jazztel, which last week was
in talks with TeliaSonera Ab
over a possible offer for its
Spanish wireless unit Yoigo Sa,
has put the acquisition plan on
hold. Orange has said it doesnt
plan to bid for Yoigo.
The last time Orange made
a purchase that topped $4
billion was in 2005, when it
agreed to take control of Span-
ish mobile carrier Amena Sa
for 6.4 billion, data compiled
by Bloomberg show.
Orange already offers bun-
dled phone, Internet and TV
packages in France and has
said the strategy helped it
retain customers in the face
of cheaper offers, led by Iliad
Sas mobile service under its
Free brand.
Orange CEO Richard has
been saying for about a year
that hell consider deals to
help him consolidate busi-
ness in Spain. Targets had
so far been deemed too ex-
pensive by the French car-
rier, standing in the way of a
transaction, people familiar
with the matter said.
Bank of America Corp and
Banco Santander Sa advised
Orange while Jones Day and
Norton Rose Fulbright pro-
vided legal assistance. Lin-
klaters was Jazztels legal ad-
The ofces of Jazztel in Madrid. French telecom giant Orange has of-
fered $4.4 billion for the Spanish broadband provider. BLOOMBERG

Investor sentiment in
Germany falls again
INVESTOR sentiment in
Germany fell for the ninth
month in a row in September
amid jitters about the
economic fallout from global
crises, a survey indicated. The
widely watched investor
confidence index for Europes
top economy calculated by the
ZEW economic institute fell by
1.7 points to 6.9 points in
September. The economic
environment is still marked by
great insecurity, ZEW
president Clemens Fuest said.
There is still the danger of a
sanctions spiral with Russia
and the eurozone economy is
still showing disappointing
development. AFP
Panama Canal project
gets $400M, meets goal
A WIDENED Panama Canal
will be open for business in
2016 after a $400 million cash
injection to help complete the
long-delayed project was
received, the waterways chief
administrator said on Monday.
Jorge Quijano, the Panama
Canal Authoritys lead
administrator, told reporters
that the $400 million loan to
complete a $5.3 billion
expansion was received by the
consortium widening the
canal in Central America. The
project was planned to have
been completed this year. AFP
Air France
strike brings
travel chaos
PASSENGERS faced a second
day of travel disruption yester-
day as Air France pilots extend-
ed a strike in protest at the air-
lines plans to expand its
low-cost subsidiary.
Air France was forced to scrap
60 per cent of its flights as
unions estimated three quar-
ters of pilots followed their call
to strike.
Unions fear the flag carrier is
seeking to bolster its Transavia
France subsidiary, a leisure air-
line that flies to holiday destina-
tions, because pilots there earn
less than Air France pilots.
A pilot for the French flag car-
rier earns about 75,000
($97,000) a year on average
while captains of long-haul
flights can earn up to
In a bid to soothe fears that
management is seeking to
expand Transavia at the cost of
the higher-paid Air France
pilots, the company announced
the Transavia fleet will be lim-
ited to 30 planes instead of the
37 originally planned.
There is not yet a break-
through in the crisis but we
are continuing to negotiate,
Air France boss Frederic Gagey
said. AFP
EUROPEAN aircraft manu-
facturer Airbus said yesterday
that it would sell off several
subsidiaries at its defence divi-
sion to focus on its core busi-
nesses of space activities, mili-
tary planes and missiles.
Some business areas are
identied as divestment can-
didates as they do not t the
strategic goals, the company
said, citing budget troubles
among key state clients.
These include communi-
cations businesses such as
commercial satellite activities
which will have better chanc-
es for growth and market suc-
cess in different ownership
Airbus cited specic units
that would go on the auction
block including Fairchild Con-
trols, Rostock System-Technik,
AvDef and Atlas Elektronik.
It said further industrial al-
ternatives for its Security and
Defence Electronics business-
es would be explored.
Chief executive Tom Enders
said the new priorities were
the logical follow-up to a
strategic review last year.
They will foster the
strengths of the division and,
hence, will result in an even
stronger focus on our Groups
core activities, aeronautics
and space, Enders said in the
The head of the Airbus De-
fence and Space division,
Bernhard Gerwert, said that
the tight budgetary situation
in our home countries and
increasing competition on
global markets had prompt-
ed the shift. AFP
Airbus reveals plan to
restructure, sell units
Two days to save Britains Phones 4u
PHONES 4u Ltds administra-
tors planned to spend yester-
day and today trying to find a
new mobile carrier ready to sell
its service through the stores or
the chain will be liquidated.
Weve got some conversa-
tions to have with a range of
people over the next 24 or 48
hours to reopen a few shops, a
few outlets, and see if some-
one would like to buy, Rob
Hunt, a partner at PriceWater-
houseCoopers Llp acting as an
administrator for the busi-
ness, explained in an inter-
view yesterday.
A new carrier partner will
allow PwC to reopen a few
stores as it looks for a buyer,
Hunt said. PwC has been
appointed to oversee Phones
4us business after the mobile-
phone retailer lost contracts
with Vodafone Group Plc and
EE Ltd, representing 90 per
cent of the plans it sells.
EE and Vodafone said on
Monday that theyd consid-
ered a joint bid for Phones 4u
earlier on this year. EE said
that the deal was too complex
and Vodafone said it walked
away after receiving legal
advice on a bid. Hunt declined
to comment on how much
Phones 4u might be worth.
The business faces substan-
tial costs, and if theres not
enough funding to pay for
those costs and theres not a
realistic prospect, I wouldnt be
doing my job properly, Hunt
said in an interview. Wed have
to liquidate.
The company, owned by BC
Partners Holdings Ltd, shut its
stores on Monday and has said
it will refund customers who
have ordered devices, like
Apple Inc.s new iPhone 6, and
not received them.
John Caudwell, who founded
the business in 1987 and sold it
in 2006 for 1.46 billion ($2.4
billion), said that he thinks that
prospects are dim for a sale of
Phones 4u now that the three
biggest UK wireless carriers,
EE, Vodafone and Telefonica
Sas O2 have declined to renew
their contracts.
Administration is formal
protection from creditors
similar to U.S. bankruptcy.
The Newcastle-Under-Lyme,
England-based retailer has
635 million of debt as well as
a 125 million revolving cred-
it facility, according to data
compiled by Bloomberg.
Microsoft to buy maker of Minecraft for $2.5 billion
MICROSOFT Corp, maker of the Xbox
video-game console, agreed to acquire
Mojang Ab, the software company
behind the popular game Minecraft,
for $2.5 billion, in a bid to boost its
Xbox and mobile businesses.
Microsoft, the worlds largest soft-
ware maker, said Stockholm-based
Mojang will join its game-studio divi-
sion, though the companys founders
will move on to other projects. The
purchase is projected to close late this
year, and will break even in fiscal 2015,
Microsoft said yesterday.
Buying Mojang would be the biggest
deal struck since Satya Nadella took
over as Microsofts chief executive
officer in February, succeeding Steve
Ballmer. The purchase gives Nadella a
game that is popular across consoles,
computers and mobile devices made
by Microsoft and rivals like Apple Inc.
It also bolsters a push to woo serious
gamers back to Xbox after a lackluster
attempt to turn the system into an all-
in-one device that serves up broader
content such as movies and music.
Acquiring the Minecraft game
through the Mojang acquisition gives
Mr. Nadella & Co. the right product at
the right time as the company contin-
ues to invest in its Xbox strategy and
begins its foray into the intensely com-
petitive mobile-phone space with
Nokia now under Microsofts hood and
the restructuring plan under way,
Daniel Ives, an analyst at FBR Capital
Markets & Co, wrote in a note.
Microsoft will continue to make
Minecraft available across all software
platforms, including personal comput-
ers, Apples iOS, Google Incs Android
and Sony Corps PlayStation console.
The deal came together after Mojang
co-founder Markus Persson reached
out to Microsoft a few months ago,
based on a positive working relation-
ship on Minecraft for Xbox, a person
familiar with Microsoft said last week.
The two companies quickly agreed on
a framework and approximate price
and had been working out the details
since, the person said.
Persson in a note on his personal
website yesterday discussed the stress
he has felt coping with the massive
Minecraft community and cases where
feedback has turned hostile.
I dont want to be a symbol, respon-
sible for something huge that I dont
understand, that I dont want to work
on, that keeps coming back to me,
Persson wrote. Im not an entrepre-
neur. Im not a CEO. Im a nerdy com-
puter programmer who likes to have
opinions on Twitter.
Redmond, Washington-based
Microsoft plans to pay for the acquisi-
tion with cash held overseas, said Peter
Wootton, a company spokesman. That
would have favourable tax conse-
quences for the software maker, which
has its vast majority of cash and short-
term investments outside the US.
Minecraft is more than a great game
franchise it is an open world plat-
form, driven by a vibrant community
we care deeply about, and rich with
new opportunities for that commu-
nity and for Microsoft, Nadella said.
Since taking over as CEO, Nadella
has been refocusing Microsofts efforts
around software for mobile gadgets
and the cloud, as the PC market slows.
Hes advocated a strategy of making
the firms programs compatible with
rival operating systems and devices.
Minecraft, a game that puts users
inside a vast, pixelated virtual land-
scape, is made for multiple platforms
including game consoles, PCs and
smartphones. As of June, 4-year-old
Mojang had sold more than 54 million
copies of the game. BLOOMBERG
Minecraft is . . . driven by a
vibrant community we
care deeply about, and rich
with new opportunities
International commodities
Thailand Vietnam
Singapore Malaysia
Hong Kong China
Japan Taiwan
Thai Set 50 Index, Sep 15
FTSE Straits Times Index, Sep 15 FTSEBursaMalaysiaKLCI, Sep 15
Hang Seng Index, Sep 15 CSI 300 Index, Sep 15
Nikkei 225, Sep 15 Taiwan Taiex Index, Sep 15
Ho Chi Minh Stock Index, Sep 15
2,388.77 24,136.01
1,847.30 3,272.92
627.66 1,052.74
South Korea Philippines
Laos Indonesia
India Pakistan
Australia New Zealand
KRX 100 Index, Sep 15 PSEI- Philippine Se Idx, Sep 15
Laos Composite Index, Sep 15 Jakarta Composite Index, Sep 15
BSE Sensex 30 Index, Sep 15 Karachi 100 Index, Sep 15
S&P/ASX 200 Index, Sep 15 NZX 50 Index, Sep 15
30,107.72 26,609.18
5,130.50 1,434.49
7,180.34 4,314.80
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Gasoline R 5250 5450 3.81 %
Diesel R 5100 5200 1.96 %
Petroleum R 5500 5500 0.00 %
Gas Chi 86000 76000 -11.63 %
Charcoal Baht 1200 1300 8.33 %
Construction equipment
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Rice 1 R/Kg 2800 2780 -0.71 %
Rice 2 R/Kg 2200 2280 3.64 %
Paddy R/Kg 1800 1840 2.22 %
Peanuts R/Kg 8000 8100 1.25 %
Maize 2 R/Kg 2000 2080 4.00 %
Cashew nut R/Kg 4000 4220 5.50 %
Pepper R/Kg 40000 24000 -40.00 %
Beef R/Kg 33000 33600 1.82 %
Pork R/Kg 17000 18200 7.06 %
Mud Fish R/Kg 12000 12400 3.33 %
Chicken R/Kg 18000 20800 15.56 %
Duck R/Kg 13000 13100 0.77 %
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Steel 12 R/Kg 3000 3100 3.33 %
Cement R/Sac 19000 19500 2.63 %
Food -Cereals -Vegetables - Fruits
Cambodian commodities
(Base rate taken on January 1, 2012)
Crude Oil (WTI) USD/bbl. 92.84 -0.08 -0.09% 5:37:43
Crude Oil (Brent) USD/bbl. 97.87 -0.01 -0.01% 5:38:02
NYMEX Natural Gas USD/MMBtu 3.91 -0.02 -0.61% 5:38:00
RBOBGasoline USd/gal. 253.48 0.4 0.16% 5:38:08
NYMEX Heating Oil USd/gal. 273.35 -0.61 -0.22% 5:37:44
ICEGasoil USD/MT 829 -2.5 -0.30% 5:37:44
CBOT Rough Rice USD/cwt 12.73 -0.04 -0.27% 4:21:05
CME Lumber USD/tbf 336.6 -2 -0.59% 21:55:01
The case for a bigger iPhone
Hayley Tsukayama
O YOU want to get a new iP-
hone. Well, nows the time to
do it: preorders started on
Friday on Apples website and
through carriers websites, though
supplies are going fast.
This time around, Apples given
you two new iPhone options to
chose between: the iPhone 6, with a
4.7-inch screen, or the iPhone 6 Plus,
with a whopping 5.5-inch screen.
Here are four reasons you might
consider that big, big screen and
getting a new wardrobe with big-
ger pockets along with it plus, a
few caveats.
Its great for watching videos. One
major driver of the trend towards
big screens is the crazy amount of
videos that people are watching on
their phones. And while Apples cur-
rent 4-inch screen will do for a 3-5
minute YouTube clip, it gets a little
trying to look at for a full feature-
length lm. For Apple fans who love
videos, the iPhone 6 Plus is a very
attractive option, and may even be
able to replace your need to buy a
tablet for enjoying videos on the go.
That said, even at 5.5 inches, the
iPhone 6 Plus is not exactly sharing
size. Youll still have to get pretty cozy
with your friends to watch anything
together for a long period of time.
The iPhone 6 Plus will take better
videos. The iPhone 6 Plus will also
come with better video stabilisa-
tion, which Apple showed off with
a smooth video of a bumpy moun-
tain bike ride. Steadier video while
shooting will be great for parents
and more active users, whose fami-
lies may be seasick from looking at
all their shaky footage.
Of course, you still shouldnt nec-
essarily take your iPhone out with
you to shoot rough and tumble
videos; the new iPhones have ion-
strengthened glass thats more du-
rable than years past, however that
doesnt mean its an action phone.
Web browsing will be roomy. All
that space means that you have a
lot of room for the mobile web, so
that you can get through more of an
article with fewer scrolls. And even
though the phone is big, Apples built
in a feature called Reachability to
let you use the phone one-handed
and type in the top of a browser win-
dow. Double-tap the home button,
and the whole display will drop half-
way down the phone to let you reach
the top with ease.
Just dont double-
click the home but-
ton that will call up
the normal menu that
lets you see how many
apps you have open.
Fewer clumsy thumb
typos. You may have to
always type two-handed
er, thumbed but those
with clumsy thumbs
will also appreciate
the extra room to
save themselves
from some ty-
pos. Additional-
ly, Apples going
to update its key-
board software
with iOS 8 so that
you can use other
types of keyboards
and will also have
better predictive typ-
ing options.
Holding the phone might be a bit
more of a challenge, but once you
get that down you may actually be
able to type a coherent email.
The battery life will be good. At
least, thats the promise. After all, a
bigger phone has a bigger battery.
Dont get me wrong: 5.5 inches is
really big, and its certainly not a size
for everyone. But if any of those fea-
tures sound like must-haves to you,
then it could be time to go shopping
for cargo pants. THE WASHINGTON POST
The iPhone 6 (left) has a 4.7-inch screen, and the iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen. BLOOMBERG
Sovannaphumi School is fully committed to achieving a high standard of excellence
in education, in partnership with MoEYS in the development of human resources
in Cambodia. We are urgently seeking qualified Cambodian national for the
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Position Based in
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Contact Details
Name : Mr. BivSovireak, HR Officer, NTC Group
H/P : (855) 15 219 259
E-mail : hr.ntcgroup@gmail.com
Address : No.100, Pasteur Street, SangkatPhsarThmey III, Khan Daun
Penh, Phnom Penh.
PhnomPenh Autonomous Port (PPAP) wishes to informNational and
International passengers that the Fast boat service (Phnom Penh-
Siem Reap, Siem Reap - Phnom Penh) will start operating fromthe
of September 2014 onwards. For additional information, please do not
hesitate to contact us on:
011 988 899 -
012 789 531 -
012 784 586 -
012 754 033 -
012 992 168 -
012 918 768 -
OKs rapists
request for
BELGIUM, one of only a few
countries to allow euthanasia,
has accepted a serial rapists
request to be allowed to die, his
lawyer said on Monday.
Frank van den Bleeken, who
has spent the past 30 years in
prison for repeated rape con-
victions and a rape-murder,
has for years requested that the
state help him end his life due
to unbearable psychic suffer-
ing, lawyer Jos Vander Velpen
told Belgian television.
Van den Bleeken is to be
transferred from his prison in
Bruges to a hospital within the
next few days where he will be
euthanised, he said.
Belgium legalised euthanasia
in 2002, the second country in
the world to do so after the
Netherlands, and logged a
record 1,807 cases of euthana-
sia in 2013.
Its strict conditions for a
mercy killing include that
patients must be capable, con-
scious and have presented a
voluntary, considered and
repeated request to die.
Lawyer Vander Velpen said
that the sex offender met all
legal conditions, and for the
past four years had felt he
couldnt stand to live like this
any longer and could no longer
accept the pain.
I am a human being, and
regardless of what Ive done, I
remain a human being. So, yes,
give me euthanasia, Van Den
Bleeken said.
Van den Bleeken, consider-
ing himself to be a menace to
society, had refused to be con-
sidered for early parole, but
found the conditions of his
detention inhumane.
He had requested a transfer
to a specialised psychiatric
centre in the Netherlands for
treatment or, failing that, a
mercy killing.
Belgian authorities denied
the transfer request earlier this
year. A source close to the case
said Van den Bleeken had been
informed that a new centre
providing appropriate psychi-
atric care would open later this
year in Belgium.
But the convict, who in 30
years left prison only once to
attend his mothers funeral
opted to pursue euthanasia, for
which he had already received
medical approval. AFP
US strikes at jihadists near
Baghdad for the first time
HE US has bombed militants
near Baghdad in support of
Iraqi forces, striking close to
the capital for the rst time
in its expanded campaign against Is-
lamic State jihadists.
But in a sign of their growing
strength, a monitoring group said
the jihadists had managed to bring
down a Syrian warplane conducting
strikes over their stronghold of Raqa
in north-central Syria.
The US airstrike against IS ghters
in the Sadr al-Yusuyah area, 25 kilo-
metres from Baghdad, came as world
diplomats pledged to support Iraq in
its ght against the militants and less
than a week after US President Barack
Obama ordered a relentless war
against IS.
The strikes destroyed six IS vehicles
near Sinjar and an IS position south-
west of Baghdad that had been ring
on Iraqi forces. They bring the num-
ber of US airstrikes across Iraq to 162.
An Iraqi security spokesman yester-
day welcomed the expanded Ameri-
can action, saying the US carried out
an important strike against an enemy
target in Sadr al-Yusuyah.
Sadr al-Yusuyah lies in the Eu-
phrates Valley, between the militant
stronghold of Fallujah, west of Bagh-
dad, and the key battleground of Jurf
al-Sakhr, further south.
It is one of the closest front lines
to Baghdad where Iraqi government
forces and allied militia have strug-
gled to defend their positions.
As part of the extended campaign
against IS Washington has vowed to
carry out strikes in Syria as well, de-
spite warnings from Bashar al-Assads
regime against violating its airspace.
Yesterday, the jihadists shot down a
Syrian jet conducting strikes against
them, the rst time they have done so
since the regime began bombing their
stronghold of Raqa in July, the Syrian
Observatory for Human Rights said.
Mondays Paris statement made no
mention of Syria, but US Secretary of
State John Kerry stressed again at the
talks that were not going to coordi-
nate with the Syrians.
A senior US ofcial, speaking anon-
ymously, warned that US forces will
target Syrian anti-aircraft systems if
they take aim at American planes con-
ducting strikes inside Syria against IS.
On the ground in Iraq, sporadic
clashes broke out on Monday near
the town of Dhuluiyah, north of Bagh-
dad, where security forces and allied
tribesmen prepared for an operation
against IS-led militants.
The area would appear to be the tar-
get of the next major drive against IS
in Iraq, after a successful operation to
break the siege of the town of Amerli
further north.
US debate on Syria action
Republican leaders were to seek
to convince lawmakers yesterday to
authorise the Pentagon to train and
equip moderate Syrian rebels to ght
extremists, while also putting checks
on President Barack Obamas use-of-
force powers.
The plan was to be debated in the
House of Representatives and in a
closed-door Republican meeting early
yesterday, when party leaders were to
sell the legislation to their rank-and-
le members as a crucial step against
IS, but also one that restricts the White
Houses authority.
Lawmakers are set to leave Wash-
ington later this week and not return
until after the November 4 congres-
sional elections, leaving limited time
to pass the measure. A vote is expect-
ed today. AFP
British aid
worker, 44
reporter, 31
US reporter,
August 19
Extent of the Islamic State
Mosul Mosul
Kirkuk Kirkuk
Arbil Arbil
Najaf Najaf
Nasiriyah Nasiriyah
Deir Ezzor
Sinjar Sinjar
Rutba Rutba
Karbala Karbala
Fallujah Fallujah
Ramadi Ramadi
IS Control Zones
IS Attack Zones
IS Support Zones
Iraqi Kurdistan
100 km
Source: Institute for the Study of War
Yesterdays action near the capital brought the number of US airstrikes across Iraq to 162. AFP
OWERFUL al-Qaeda branches in
Yemen and North Africa called
yesterday for jihadists in Iraq and Syria to
unite against the common threat from a
US-led coalition.
In an unprecedented joint statement,
al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)
and al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
(AQIM) urged their brothers in Iraq and
Syria to stop killing each other and unite
against the American campaign and its
evil coalition that threatens us all.
The al-Qaeda leadership has disavowed
the main target of the US-led campaign,
the Islamic State (IS) group that has
seized swaths of Iraq and Syria, and has
its own branch fighting in Syria, the
al-Nusra Front.
But the joint statement, released on
two jihadist Twitter accounts, called for
differences to be set aside in the face of
the growing coalition.
Both the Yemen-based AQAP,
considered the networks most
dangerous branch, and AQIM rejected
ISs declaration of an Islamic caliphate in
June and said they remained loyal to
Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Egypt-born
successor to al-Qaeda founder Osama
bin Laden. AFP
Ukraine and the EU ratify landmark pact
HE Ukrainian and Europe-
an parliaments on Tuesday
simultaneously ratied a
landmark pact at the heart
of the former-Soviet countrys blood-
iest crisis since independence.
The vote on an accord that de-
cisively steers Ukraine towards
the West came just moments after
parliament agreed to offer limited
self-rule to the pro-Russian east
to try to end a bloody ve-month
separatists uprising.
But renewed deadly ghting in the
east has heaped further pressure on
a fragile truce, and raised new ques-
tions about whether President Petro
Poroshenko will succeed in keeping
his splintered country together.
Poroshenko said the adoption of
the 1,200-page cooperation agree-
ment with the European Union was
Ukraines rst step towards mem-
bership of the 28-nation bloc.
Tell me, who will now dare to shut
Ukraines doors to Europe? the pro-
Western leader said.
Who will be against our future
membership of the EU, towards
which today we are taking our rst
but very decisive step?
Lawmakers rose for a rousing
rendition of the Ukrainian national
anthem sung with their right hands
solemnly placed on their hearts. Eu-
ropean MPs in Strasbourg also all
stood and cheered.
But the historic occasion was mut-
ed by the two sides decision to bow
to Russian pressure and delay until
2016 the implementation of a free
trade deal that would pull Ukraine
out of a rival union being built by
the Kremlin.
The rejection of the same EU asso-
ciation agreement deal by Kremlin-
backed president Viktor Yanukovych
in November triggered the bloody
chain of events that led to his Febru-
ary ousting and Russias subsequent
seizure of the Crimea peninsula.
The decision by Kievs new pro-
Western leaders to still strike the
agreement saw Moscow cut off gas
supplies and allegedly orchestrate
a separatist revolt in the industrial
east that has now claimed more
than 2,700 lives.
Russias denials of involvement
have not spared it from waves of
punishing Western sanctions that
have left President Vladimir Putin
more isolated and acting less pre-
dictably than at any stage of his
dominant 15-year reign.
But a European-mediated truce
Kiev and Moscow clinched on Sep-
tember 5 has offered the rst signi-
cant glimmer of hope that the crisis
may at last be abating and allowing
East-West tensions to mend.
Lawmakers in the 450-seat parlia-
ment also yesterday adopted a peace
plan drafted by Poroshenko that of-
fers three years of limited self-rule
to parts of the rebel-held territory.
The measures give Poroshenko
a big political boost ahead of his
trip to Washington for crunch talks
with US President Barack Obama
tomorrow and a special appear-
ance before Congress.
The legislation also crucially guar-
antees the right for Russian to be
used in all state institutions, which
is a particularly sensitive issue in the
war zone.
The Ukrainian leader argued on
Monday that his plan offered Kiev
the best way out of the crisis because
it guarantees the sovereignty, terri-
torial integrity and independence of
our state.
But some political leaders and
especially members of right-wing
groups that played a small but in-
strumental role in protests that
forced out the old regime, have
questioned whether Poroshenko
was ceding too much to Moscow.
The broad-ranging political pro-
posals allow local legislatures in
rebel-held regions to set up their
own police forces and name judges
and prosecutors.
Snap local polls on December 7
will establish new councils in the ar-
eas in Ukraines vital coal and steel
belt that will seemingly not be ac-
countable to Kiev in any way.
A separate law passed in the same
closed-door hearing protects from
criminal prosecution participants
of events in the Donetsk and Lugan-
sk regions a measure that appears
to apply to both the insurgents and
Ukrainian government troops.
Amnesty International has accused
ghters on both sides of abuses that
might be classied as war crimes.
Yet the broader autonomy offer
appears to have done little to sate in-
surgency leaders who want member-
ship in Novorossiya a charged term
Putin uses to describe a tsarist Russia
that incorporated parts of Ukraine.
Local authorities said four civil-
ians were killed in separate shelling
incidents in Donetsk and another
in the neighbouring village of Maki-
ivka bringing the total number to
10 in two days.
Kiev said at least three Ukrainian
soldiers were also killed on Mon-
day in a new rebel advance toward
the long-shuttered Donetsk airport
that had been one of the wars main
ashpoints since Poroshenkos elec-
tion at the end of May.
Western allies kept up the pres-
sure by launching more than a week
of US-led NATO war games in west-
ern Ukraine on Monday that are
meant to send a blunt message to
Russia about having any thoughts
of pushing its troops deeper into the
former-Soviet state. AFP
European MPs applaud during a video-link with lawmakers in Kiev as legislators
voted to ratify a pact at the European Parliament yesterday. AFP
22 International Awards: 2009 - 2014
Automobile in Cambodia
The 4
edition special report of
Sat, 04 October 2014
Offers the latest news, analysis, lifestyle, entertainment and much, much more.
Weekend is not a weekend without CambodiaWeekend!
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Focused on:
The preparing of the 2
Phnom Penh International Auto Show 2014 at Koh Pich
Interview with Auto Show 2014 exhibitors
New luxury cars arrived in Cambodian market
Which driving school should be considered? Whats its requirements?
Interview with president of Cambodia automobile federation and presidents of car distributors
Interview with all car engine experts
Car price in Cambodia compared with neighbor countries and global market
Big motorbike market catching Cambodian youths interest
Start of luxurious bike selling in Phnom Penh
Knowing about usage, maintenances, check, prepare, lubricant change, spare parts
and car-wash in raining season.
Published in Khmer language, inserted in
CambodiaWeekend or Kampuchea Chong Sabada
US to send 3,000 troops
to W Africa to turn tide
was to turn the tide on the
Ebola epidemic yesterday by
ordering 3,000 US military
personnel to West Africa to
curtail its spread as China also
dispatched more experts to the
region. The White House said
Obama will travel to the
Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention in Atlanta
where US Ebola victims were
treated to make the
announcement, meant to spur
a global effort to tackle the
outbreak that has already killed
2,400 people. Most of the US
effort, which will draw heavily
on its military medical corps,
will be concentrated in
impoverished Liberia the
worst hit nation with plans to
construct 17 Ebola treatment
centres with 100 beds in
each. AFP
Evacuation as Philippine

peak threatens to blow
THOUSANDS of people living
near the Philippines most
active volcano began leaving
their homes yesterday as lava
trickled down its slopes and
authorities warned of a
dangerous eruption. Mayon, a
volcano famed in equal parts
for its near-perfect cone and
brutal volatility, had begun to
stir again with magma rising to
the top and small earthquakes
rattling deep inside, authorities
said. Residents within an
8-kilometre radius were to be
forcibly evacuated, said regional
civil defence director Bernardo
Alejandro. AFP
NATO soldiers killed in

Kabul suicide bombing
A TALIBAN suicide bomber
rammed an explosives-laden
car into a NATO convoy in Kabul
yesterday, triggering a massive
blast that killed one Polish
soldier and two other foreign
troops as well as wounding at
least 13 civilians. Two
Americans were among those
killed. The attack was mounted
during morning rush-hour
traffic outside the Supreme
Court and near the heavily-
fortified US Embassy, on a
route used by NATO convoys
everyday. Meanwhile,
Afghanistans disputed
presidential election inched
towards a possible conclusion
on Monday with a senior
government official, declining
to give details, hailing a
breakthrough in talks
between the two candidates,
who both claim to have won the
vote. AFP
Thai woman perishes
after leap into croc pond
A 65-year-old Thai woman has
committed suicide by leaping
into a pond of crocodiles at a
farm popular with tourists on
Bangkoks outskirts, police
said yesterday. The incident
occurred during opening hours
at the farm which doubles as a
zoo and draws visitors who
can feed the deadly reptiles
from a walkway. The woman
jumped on Friday from a
resting point on the walkway
into the middle of pond
which contains hundreds of
adult crocodiles, Preecha Iam-
nui of Samut Prakan police
said. Her sister said the
victim was suffering from
stress and depression,
Preecha added. AFP
Yemeli Ortega
destroyed homes
and shut down
airports in Mex-
icos Baja California penin-
sula on Monday, sparking
looting, marooning thou-
sands of foreign tourists and
injuring 135 people.
The powerful storm caused
heavy material damage in Los
Cabos resort towns and hotels
were badly ooded. Nobody
was killed.
Hundreds of looters ran-
sacked supermarkets
and electronic stores,
snatching rice, wa-
ter, toilet paper,
alcohol, televisions
and fans after the
passage of the hurri-
cane, which weakened
as it moved north.
More than 1,000
troops were deployed
to the disaster area,
which was without
electricity and running
water. Scores of wood-
en-plank and tin-roof
homes were levelled in
one neighbourhood.
Im taking water for
the children and food for the
baby. You never know what
can happen tomorrow, Os-
valdo Lopez, 41, said as he left
a convenience store.
Some 26,000 foreigners
and 4,000 Mexican beachgo-
ers were looking at a second
night in hotels that served as
temporary shelters.
Authorities scrambled to
reopen the international air-
ports in Los Cabos and La
Paz in order to send military
planes to airlift the tourists.
But National Civil Protec-
tion coordinator Luis Fe-
lipe Puente said the rst
planes would only leave
yesterday because of the
damage caused by strong
winds at the terminals.
We dont have optimal
conditions to begin ights in
the next few hours, he told a
news conference, adding that
sick tourists and the elderly
would be airlifted rst.
The hurricane smashed ho-
tel windows, ooded rooms
and sent palm trees ying into
swimming pools.
Im disappointed about
my vacation, but above all
my heart aches for the people
from here who lost every-
thing, said Tifani Brown, a
34-year-old American tourist
who had only arrived on Sun-
day the day the hurricane
hit from California.
Its one thing to see hur-
ricanes on TV, its another to
live them.
Some tourists said they
spent the night at the Los Ca-
bos airports luggage room af-
ter ights were cancelled on
Sunday. They were now look-
ing at a night in a hotel near
the airport.
When the hurricane hit,
the light went out in the air-
port, windows shattered, the
ceiling fell and some comput-
ers exploded, said Mariana
Perez, a 26-year-old engineer.
Odile crashed ashore as a
category three hurricane in
the ve-scale Safr-Simpson
scale, packing winds of 205 ki-
lometres (125 miles) an hour.
It weakened to category
one on Monday as winds
slowed to 120kph and was
later downgraded to a tropi-
cal storm, the US National
Hurricane Center said.
While 11,000 local residents
took refuge in schools and
other temporary shelters,
some braved the storm in
their humble houses.
Soledad Mayo, 52, sent four
of her children to a neigh-
bours home while she stayed
in her wooden house with her
We spent the night stand-
ing there, waiting to see what
would be left of our house. But
look, it took everything, she
said, surrounded by rubble.
The hurricane hit the Pacic
coast around the rst anniver-
sary of a twin tropical storm
battering on both coasts that
left 157 people dead. AFP
Mass looting
as hurricane
hits Mexico
People loot a supermarket in San Jose del Cabo, on Tuesday after hurricane Odile knocked down trees and
power lines in Mexicos Baja California peninsula. AFP
Hunt for Brits killer goes on as men freed
Nigeria mutiny troops sentenced to death
THAI police yesterday ruled out three
Myanmar workers in connection
with the murder of two young British
tourists, as Thailands military ruler
appeared to call into question the be-
haviour of the victims themselves.
David Miller, 24, and Hannah With-
eridge, 23, were found naked and
beaten to death early on Monday near
a beachside bungalow on the island, a
diving hot-spot near Koh Phangan in
the Gulf of Thailand.
A bloodied hoe was discovered 35
metres from the murder scene.
Three male Myanmar migrant work-
ers were held for questioning but ruled
out of the probe yesterday afternoon,
southern regional police commander
Panya Maman said.
They were very far from the scene
. . . it was probably not them, he said,
adding that DNA samples had been
collected from the men.
He did not give details of any further
leads as the manhunt stretched into a
second day without an arrest. Police
have also cleared a number of British
tourists who travelled with the victims
of any involvement in the killings.
Earlier yesterday local television
showed Thai authorities searching
several shacks belonging to Myanmar
migrants on Koh Tao.
Thai authorities frequently accuse
migrants from Myanmar and Cambo-
dia of committing crimes in the king-
dom, where they make up a vast, poorly
paid and low-status workforce.
The bodies of the victims, who ar-
rived in Thailand on August 25, were
being driven the 500 kilometres from
southern Surat Thai province and
were due in Bangkok later yesterday
for forensic tests.
Koh Tao, home to stunning white
sandy beaches and azure waters, is
popular with divers but is smaller and
more laidback than neighbouring
Koh Phangan which draws hordes
of backpackers to its hedonistic full
moon party.
Yesterday Thai junta chief and
Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha
appeared to call into question the vic-
tims conduct in addition to the per-
petrators of the attack.
We have to look into the behaviour
of the other party too, because this
kind of incident should not happen
to anybody and it has affected our im-
age, he told reporters, referring to the
two tourists.
Speaking a few hours later he
said that Thai authorities must tell
tourists when the safe times are
to be outside, we have to help them
Police earlier said the pair had been
seen partying at a local bar just hours
before they died.
Dismayed Kho Tao locals said the
grisly crime was the rst of its kind on
the normally sleepy island.
Television footage late on Monday
showed many residents wearing black
as a sign of mourning. AFP
TWELVE Nigerian soldiers
were yesterday sentenced
to death for mutiny after
shots were red at their com-
manding ofcer in the restive
northeast city of Maiduguri
earlier this year.
A nine-member military tri-
bunal, sitting in Abuja, con-
victed the soldiers following
the incident on May 14 when
shots were red at the com-
manding ofcer of the Nigeri-
an Armys 7th Division, which
is tasked with ghting Boko
Haram insurgents.
Court president Briga-
dier General Chukwuemeka
Okonkwo said the sentences
were subject to conrmation
by Nigerias military authori-
ties but added that there was
no doubt about the gravity of
the offence.
Nigerias army has been un-
der pressure to end the bloody
ve-year insurgency that has
claimed thousands of lives.
Frontline troops have fre-
quently complained of a lack
of adequate weapons and
equipment to ght the rebels.
Residents in towns raided
by the Islamists have said the
insurgents are often armed
with rocket-propelled gre-
nades and anti-aircraft weap-
ons mounted on trucks and,
in some cases, armoured per-
sonnel carriers.
Soldiers by contrast have at
times reportedly lacked am-
munition and been sent out to
the bush to ght without basic
communication equipment.
Last month dozens of Ni-
gerian soldiers refused to
deploy for an offensive to try
to retake the captured Borno
town of Gwoza, which the Is-
lamists claimed as part of an
Islamic caliphate.
Soldiers wives also demon-
strated at the gate of a mili-
tary base in Maiduguri trying
to stop their husbands from
heading to Gwoza without
proper equipment.
The court martial heard
that on the day in question,
the soldiers from 101 Battal-
ion opened re on a convoy
containing the 7th Division
commander General Amadu
Mohammed at an army med-
ical centre in Maiduguri.
The soldiers had demanded
that Mohammed speak to
them after a number of their
colleagues were killed in an
ambush on the way back
from the Borno state town
of Chibok.
Witnesses said the soldiers
became unruly and threw
stones at an ofcer when he
arrived and shots were red
into the air. Mohammed then
had to take cover as they
trained their guns on him but
he was not injured.
The soldiers succeeded in
shooting at his staff car, there-
by causing bullet impressions
at the right rear door where
the GOC [general ofcer com-
manding] sat, Okonkwo told
the court.
He said thank God for the
staff ofcer who rushed him
into his car and that the staff
car is armour-plated.
Eighteen soldiers in total,
ranked from private to cor-
poral, were charged with mu-
tiny, criminal conspiracy, at-
tempted murder, disobeying
orders, insubordination and
false accusation.
Twelve were sentenced to
death for mutiny, one was
given 28 days hard labour on
another count and ve were
acquitted. All pleaded not
guilty. AFP
Climate: 15 years to transform world
Fiona Harvey

HE world can still act in time
to stave off the worst effects
of climate change, and enjoy
the fruits of continued eco-
nomic growth as long as the global
economy can be transformed in the
next 15 years, a group of the worlds
leading economists and political
leaders argued yesterday.
Tackling climate change can be
a boon to prosperity, rather than a
brake, according to the study involv-
ing a roll-call of the globes biggest
institutions, including the UN, the
OECD group of rich countries, the In-
ternational Monetary Fund and the
World Bank, and co-authored by Lord
Stern, one of the worlds most inu-
ential voices on climate economics.
The report comes ahead of a UN-
convened summit of world leaders
on global warming next week.
Technological advances in areas
as diverse as renewable energy, city
design and food production are
making low-carbon growth possible
at a scale that was simply not avail-
able when we wrote the Stern review
eight years ago, Stern said.
The examples have strengthened
still further, from China to Ethiopia
and Copenhagen to New York, show-
ing that there is now an alternative
to the old high-carbon development
model. But there is still no substitute
for leadership: governments must
choose the low-carbon path. It wont
happen on its own.
It is his most signicant interven-
tion in climate politics since the
2006 Stern review of the economics
of climate change, which made the
case that tackling climate change as
a matter of urgency will be cheaper
than attempting to deal with the
effects of the problem decades in
the future.
That report changed the think-
ing on global warming and was a
signicant factor in the agreements
forged in Copenhagen in 2009 by
which developed and major devel-
oping countries for the rst time set
out joint measures to reduce green-
house gas emissions.
The economic transformation pro-
posed in the new report will improve
the lives of billions, the authors ar-
gue, from people suffering from air
pollution in crowded cities to farmers
struggling with poor soils in devel-
oping countries. But achieving this
change will require strong political
action to set limits on carbon dioxide
emissions, while promoting alterna-
tives such as renewable energy.
Stern gave the example of cities,
which if designed on public trans-
port can have more efcient econo-
mies because people arent spend-
ing hours commuting and polluting,
with its attendant effects on health
as well as better quality of life and
lower carbon emissions.
At next weeks climate summit, UN
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will
convene heads of states and govern-
ments from around the world to dis-
cuss climate change for the rst time
since the 2009 Copenhagen confer-
ence, which produced the rst com-
mitments from countries such as
China and India to curb emissions,
and marked the rst time the US
agreed to binding emissions targets.
Convening world leaders again is a
risky strategy, but is seen by the UN
as essential to lay the ground for a
crunch meeting in Paris next year, at
which governments will attempt to
forge a new agreement that will cut
global greenhouse gas emissions af-
ter 2020, when current pledges run
out. The EU has vowed to cut emis-
sions by 40 per cent by 2030, com-
pared with 1990 levels, but is the only
major developed country bloc to
have laid out clear plans.
Yesterdays report, The New Cli-
mate Economy, from the Global
Commission on Economy and Cli-
mate, says that although tech-
nological xes to climate
change such as renewable
energy, low-carbon fuels,
and better urban design
are growing fast, they are
nowhere near enough to
produce the transformation needed.
As power stations, cities and trans-
port networks are built, they are still
being engineered on a high-carbon
basis coal-red power plants, roads
rather than public transport, slums
without facilities rather than planned
developments. Breaking that cycle
requires a coordinated effort, from
rich and poor countries, that prior-
itises sustainability and penalises
high-carbon growth, for instance
through a price on carbon.
Ottmar Edenhofer, chief econo-
mist at the Potsdam Institute for
Climate Impact Research, an ad-
viser to the report, said: Economic
growth and emissions reductions
can be achieved together, the report
clearly conrms . . . Pricing CO2 is
key. The heaven above us today is a
waste dump for gases that harm our
climate. If emitting CO2 came at a
reasonable price, this would stabi-
lise investors expectations so they
can push forward the innovation of
climate technologies.
A drought this year exposes the bed of a lake in Colombia. A report on the climate and
economy comes ahead of a summit of world leaders on global warming next week. AFP
Chris Dawe
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Media Co Ltd.
FEW months ago it looked
like East Asia might be the
place where the crumbling
global order of the past quar-
ter-century, centred on US power and
values, would face a decisive crisis.
Chinese boats, planes and oil rigs were
pressing into territories claimed by
Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines;
there was anti-Japanese fervour in the
Chinese media and disturbing nation-
alist gestures from the most hawkish
Japanese government in years.
Instead, it was Vladimir Putin who
launched a frontal military assault to
stop the spread of Western influence
and institutions to Ukraine, and the
Islamic State that forced President
Obama to reverse the US retreat from
foreign military commitments. In
Asia to which Obama promised to
shift US attention and security
resources tensions are, somewhat
surprisingly, inching downward.
Senior Japanese officials here in
Tokyo say Chinese naval incursions
around the disputed Senkaku islands,
the most likely trigger point for a cri-
sis, have dropped in recent months. A
Chinese oil rig that had appeared in
waters claimed by Vietnam was with-
drawn. Nationalist propaganda has
paused, envoys are quietly shuttling
among capitals, and diplomats are
thinking that Chinese leader Xi Jin-
peng and Japanese Prime Minister
Shinzo Abe may finally meet in
November, breaking a long freeze in
high-level contacts.
That Asia remains peaceful, if far
from tranquil, is in part the result of
some effective diplomacy by Obama,
who made it clear that the United
States wouldnt hesitate to help Japan
defend the tiny, uninhabited islands
China was probing. The White House
also pressed Abe to curb his provoca-
tive displays of nationalism. Mainly,
however, the non-crisis here reflects
the difference between Xis China and
other would-be disrupters of the glo-
bal status quo, such as Putin.
Unable to modernise Russias econ-
omy or satisfy its middle class, Putin
has made a risky bet that nationalist
adventurism will sustain his regime.
Xi, in contrast, appears to be settling
into comfortable control over a coun-
try with still rapidly expanding eco-
nomic and military strength. Beijings
assault on the post-Cold War order
can be more patient and subtle.
That, of course, is its own problem.
Without exception, Japanese officials
and analysts I have spoken with here
over a week believe China has not
moderated its ambition to replace the
United States as the dominant power
in Asia. But it aims to avoid the sort of
crisis and Western pushback Rus-
sia has provoked by moving in small
increments, interspersed with tactical
retreats when necessary. The result,
over time, could be as momentous as
a war. Some people call it the creep-
ing invasion, said Akio Takahara, a
China expert at Tokyo University.
Japanese officials believe the recent
easing of Beijings pressure on the
Senkakus is the result of several fac-
tors besides Obamas defence com-
mitment, including a steep drop in
Japanese business investment in Chi-
na that Beijing wants to reverse, and
some quiet outreach. Unofficial
envoys have assured Xi that Abe will
not repeat his visit to a Tokyo war
memorial where World War II leaders
are enshrined the trigger for anti-
Japanese riots earlier this year.
No one here, however, believes that
Japan, the United States and their oth-
er Asian allies have formulated a work-
able strategy for responding to Chinas
ambitions. In nearly two years in office,
Abe the strongest Japanese leader in
a decade has modestly increased
defence spending, tried to build closer
security ties with states ranging from
India to the Philippines and Australia,
and announced a reinterpretation of
Japans postwar constitution to allow
its armed forces to engage in collective
self-defence with allies.
Japanese defence spending, howev-
er, is less than a third of Chinas, and is
growing less than half as fast. Other
Asian nations remain wary of security
cooperation, and Japans relations
with South Korea are at a low point.
Though viewed with alarm by some
neighbours, the constitutional change
amounts to a small tweak. It will allow
Japanese forces to protect a US ship
that is defending Japan, something
not currently legal, but not to join
multilateral military operations, much
less launch offensive attacks.
Meanwhile, as the Japanese see it,
Obamas promised shift to Asia has
been lost somewhere between east-
ern Ukraine and western Iraq. The
equipment is still coming, said one
senior official of the US ships and
planes being redeployed to the Pacif-
ic. But the attention focus is not
there, and that makes it hard for us.
Abe himself has been losing
momentum. The constitutional
change was unpopular domestically,
and it may take a year or more to pass
the enabling legislation through par-
liament. The governments ambitious
attempt to revive the Japanese econo-
my is faltering; growth dropped
sharply after a consumption tax was
raised in the spring.
Japanese officials like to point out
that no one is dying in Asias power
struggles, though there have been
some near misses in encounters
between Chinese and American and
Japanese warplanes. But the region is
not quiet because the democracies
are succeeding. It is because that is
what China, for now, has chosen. THE
Long game: Chinas patient
assault on the global order
Experts say China has not moderated its ambition to replace the US as the dominant power in Asia, but it is moving in small increments
to avoid the sort of crisis Russia has provoked. BLOOMBERG
Jackson Diehl
Lifestyle Lifestyle Lifestyle Lifestyle
Leave homework to parents
Jay Mathews

get much screen time.
By that I mean that they
are almost never ex-
posed to television, laptops, tablets,
smartphones and whatever is the lat-
est thing keeping our youth awash in
I thought my son and daughter-in-
law might be too strict on this. Was it
right that the boys 5, 3 and 1 knew
nothing of the hit lm Frozen other
than what their friends told them at
school? My children had watched TV
while growing up without any notice-
able harm.
But my kids, I realised, had been
outdoorsy types who did not spend
much time with the tube. As a new
book reminded me, research is show-
ing that screen time is a much bigger
problem now, with consequences
not only for learning but also having
healthy lives.
The books recommendations of a
45-minute daily limit on passive
watching and a regularly scheduled
homework period more than twice
that number for high school students
make sense to me.
Technology has . . . become an
ever-present inuence on our lives,
say Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman,
Rebecca Jackson and Robert M Press-
man, authors of The Learning Habit: A
Groundbreaking Approach to Home-
work and Parenting That Helps Our
Children Succeed in School and Life.
When you exceed 45 minutes of
what the book calls daily media time,
the negative effects on educational,
emotional and social development be-
gin to kick in. Ninety minutes of screen
time a day can lower a childs achieve-
ment nearly one grade level, according
to their book.
The authors are a bit hysterical
about teen culture, but reasonable
people can disagree on that. The
books major weakness is its reliance
on the authors very large online sur-
vey. It yielded 50,000 responses, but,
as they acknowledge, such a ood of
volunteered, self-reported data can
be skewed. The book benets from
several smaller, more scientic re-
search results.
We have known for decades from
solid data, such as the University
of Michigan time diaries, that high
school students on average spend less
than an hour a day on homework and
more than twice as much time with TV
and video games. Those of us who re-
member the ill effects of not doing our
homework know that poor time man-
agement has something to do with our
learning slump.
So how do you get teenagers to study
more and spend less time with their
gadgets? The authors offer a clever ap-
proach I have never seen seriously dis-
cussed in our long national homework
debate. Each family should pick a rea-
sonable amount of homework time,
perhaps 10 minutes for every grade
so second graders do 20 minutes a
day and 12th graders do 120 minutes.
Once the student has worked the allot-
ted time, he or she should stop, even if
the assignments are not done.
The authors provide research and
case studies that convince even me
that if teachers have assigned more
than what ts into the reasonable pe-
riod a family has adopted, they have
probably included some useless busy
work that is best not done at all.
Once the homework is done, under
the Learning Habit system, students
are free to play with their devices,
catch up on The Walking Dead or
shoot some baskets. Learning should
not be a nightly battle, the authors say,
but a dependable part of the day. Good
time management, once internalised,
makes college and life easier.
My grandsons are getting a gradual
introduction to screen-heavy popu-
lar culture. They got to watch Frozen
twice during a vacation last month.
Their parents, and others, will nd The
Learning Habit a helpful addition to
their shelves. THE WASHINGTON POST
Ninety minutes of screen time a day can lower a childs achievement nearly one grade
level, according to the new book The Learning Habit. AFP
Not my lines: Robin Thicke admits he didnt write hit
ROBIN Thickes blockbuster but much
criticised hit Blurred Lines grew even
more controversial on Monday as the
singer revealed he never wrote it,
according to court documents.
The Hollywood Reporter printed
Thickes previously confidential dispo-
sition to a Los Angeles court where he
volunteered that he had been high on
the painkiller Vicodin and alcohol
when he recorded the song and
that he was not sober during later
media interviews.
Thicke, speaking under oath, said
that Pharrell Williams who later
released the smash hit Happy had
written Blurred Lines on which both
perform. Thicke said that he was
envious and lied.
After making six albums that I
wrote and produced myself, the big-
gest hit of my career was written and
produced by somebody else and I was
jealous and wanted some of the cred-
it, he said.
The record would have happened
with or without me. I just was lucky
enough to be there when he [Wil-
liams] wrote it and I was in the room,
Thicke said, according to the court
documents reproduced by the Holly-
wood Reporter.
Blurred Lines was a worldwide hit in
2013 but faced charges it was misogy-
nistic due to its refrain Im gonna
take a good girl / I know you want it
and an accompanying video that
prominently featured naked women.
The hearing in April was part of a
court process over claims by Marvin
Gayes children that Blurred Lines
copied the late legends song Got to
Give it Up. A trial is expected
next year.
Thicke earlier said that Blurred Lines
was inspired by the Motown great. In
court, Thicke hinted that racial factors
were at play in his earlier comments,
saying he had been called the white
Marvin Gaye and sought to embel-
lish the connection.
Despite his frank admissions, Thicke
said he was sober during the court
appearance. He said his separation
two months earlier from his wife,
actress Paula Patton, had led him to
clean up his lifestyle. AFP

Apple tool allows users
to delete free U2 album
APPLE on Monday began
helping people boot U2 off
their iTunes accounts after a
cacophony of complaints about
not wanting the automatically
downloaded free album by the
Irish rock band. U2 performed
at the close of an Apple event
last week marked by the
unveiling of new iPhones, a
smartwatch and word that free
copies of the bands new
Songs of Innocence album
were instantly delivered to the
more than half-billion iTunes
accounts around the world.
The musical gift hit a sour note
as iTunes users took to social
media to complain about
precious iPhone storage space
being taken up by a digital
album they didnt want and
couldnt figure out how to get
rid of. AFP
Eminem song lands NZ
ruling party in trouble
NEW Zealands ruling
National Party is being sued
for alleged unauthorised use
of rapper Eminems song
Lose Yourself in campaign
ads ahead of next Saturdays
general election. Detroit-
based Eminems publishers
said in a statement yesterday
it had started court
proceedings in New Zealand.
The proceedings stem from
allegations that unauthorised
use has been made of
Eminems Grammy and
Academy Award winning
song, Lose Yourself, in
election campaign advertising
run by the National Party, the
statement said. Lawyer Garry
Williams told Fairfax Media it
was the owners of the song,
not Eminem, taking the
action. The National Party
said in a statement it rejected
the allegation, saying it
purchased the music from a
recognised production music
supplier and was assured it
did not infringe any copyright
and was an original work. AFP
Clooney to get prize for
humanitarian efforts
HOLLYWOOD megastar
George Clooney will receive
the Cecil B DeMille Award at
the Golden Globes for his
work on screen and off. The
Hollywood Foreign Press
Association, which decides
the awards, said Clooney was
chosen in large part for his
humanitarian work, in
particular for speaking out
against the genocide in
Darfur. The prize honours a
celebrity who had a
substantial impact on the
entertainment industry.
Clooney, 53 and soon to marry
British-Lebanese Amal
Alamuddin, has won three
Golden Globes. AFP
Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus perform
Blurred Lines at the 2013 MTV awards. AFP
Retailer sorry for bloody sweatshirt
HIPSTER retailer Urban Outfit-
ters apologised on Monday for
offering a one-off Kent State
sweatshirt with faux blood-
stains that recalled the 1970
student massacre at the
Ohio university.
It pulled the $129 gar-
ment from the womens
wear section of its website
after Kent State said it took
great offence to a company
using our pain for their pub-
licity and profit.
Four students were killed,
and nine injured, on May 4, 1970
when the Ohio National Guard
opened fire on a mid-day
campus protest against then-
president Richard Nixons
expansion of the Vietnam war
into Cambodia.
The incident was immortalised
in the Crosby, Stills, Nash and
Young song Ohio and a Pulitzer
prize-winning photo of a female
protester crying out in anguish
over the prone body of one of the
slain students.
Urban Outfitters sincerely
apologises for any offense our
Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt
may have caused, the Philadel-
phia-based retailer said in a
statement. It was never our
intention to allude to the tragic
events that took place at Kent
State in 1970 and we are extreme-
ly saddened that this item was
perceived as such, it said.
The one-of-a-kind item was
purchased as part of our sun-
faded vintage collection. There is
no blood on this shirt nor has this
item been altered in any way.
The red stains are discolora-
tion from the original shade of
the shirt and the holes are from
natural wear and fray.
A Kent State statement said
that the sweatshirt is beyond
poor taste and trivialises a loss of
life that still hurts the Kent State
community today.
This shows the continued low-
brow of Wall Street, and Urban
Outfitters continues to perpetu-
ate a low standard of ethics,
added Dean Kahler, 64, a fresh-
man. AFP
Sitting down is killing you
WE SPEND half our lives sitting
down and studies show it
increases our risk of dying from
practically any disease you can
think of. But there is something
we can do about it we can
simply stand up.
Research in the British Jour-
nal of Sports Medicine shows
that reducing sitting time
increases the length of your
telomeres. Not familiar with
telomeres? They are the protec-
tive caps made of DNA and
protein that sit on the end of
chromosomes and try to
stop damage during cell
division. They affect how
long cells live, with shorter
telomeres being linked to
diseases related to ageing,
such as heart disease,
many cancers, diabetes,
obesity and strokes.
Researchers are hypothesising
that developing longer telom-
eres may be a mechanism by
which standing up delivers a
longer, healthier life.
Even doctors are advocating
they should stand at work so
it must be serious.
This latest study is particu-
larly interesting because longer
telomeres were most marked
not in people who exercised,
but in those who most reduced
their sitting exercise cannot
neutralise the ill-effects of
being sedentary for the rest of
the day. This supports previous
studies that found it was some-
thing specifically about sitting
for hours that wasnt healthy.
Earlier this year, a study over
12 years of 92,000 women
who were postmenopausal
found that those who spent
most time sitting (11 hours or
more a day) had a 12 per cent
rise in dying from any condi-
tion, a 27 per cent rise in deaths
from heart disease and a 21 per
cent rise in dying from cancer
compared with those who sat
for four or fewer hours.
Sitting for long periods means
you dont contract your large
skeletal muscles and this may
impact on the bodys metabo-
lism. Levels of unhealthier
types of fat, such as triglycer-
ides, increase while the high-
density lipoproteins (good
cholesterol) are reduced.
Shorter sitting times, regular
short walks and watching less
TV may all reduce the risk of
heart disease and diabetes. One
study was brutal in how it put
the facts: an adult who
watches an average of
six hours of TV a day
over his or her lifetime can
expect to live 4.8 years less than
someone who does not watch
television. THE GUARDIAN
Virus hunter faces the big one: Ebola
Todd C Frankel

OSEPH Fair hunts viruses. Thats
his thing. The 37-year-old Amer-
ican loves chasing dangerous
pathogens, studying them in
secure labs or searching for them in
jungles where the microbes lurk.
And one virus has always loomed
as the big one Ebola. The scientists
who rst chased this dreaded mi-
crobe back in the 80s and 90s be-
came legends, inspiring a generation
of virologists like Fair.
He read their books and papers.
He studied how they contained the
pathogens spread. And the scientists
always won. The outbreaks ended,
Ebola driven away.
So when the call came in March
to travel to Sierra Leone, Fair was
excited. He loved Mama Salone, as
locals know the nation. Hed worked
here for years. His new job: to ad-
vise Sierra Leones government on
a tiny Ebola outbreak in neighbour-
ing Guinea, at the behest of the US
Defense Department. He set up an
Ebola emergency operations centre.
He trained medical staff. He drew up
just-in-case plans. By mid-May, the
outbreak seemed on its way out. Fair
packed his bags and left.
Then Ebola exploded.
Now, Fair is back in West Africa, in
the middle of the worst Ebola out-
break in history. A viral epidemic. The
worlds ability to respond is stretched.
Plans are being devised on the y.
This is the big one no one
expected, Fair says.
I t
h a s
humbling time. Fair has worked sev-
en days a week, hunting for ways to
curb the outbreak, at times begging
international groups for staff and sup-
plies. He is exhausted. Hes put on 15
pounds. He sent his girlfriend home
to California months ago. Too danger-
ous here, he told her. Hes seen Sierra
a n d
nurses friends hes known for years
get infected and die. He sweated out
his own Ebola scare.
Its like he was trying single-hand-
edly to stop this outbreak, says Ran-
dal Schoepp, chief of the US Armys
applied diagnostics branch at Fort
Detrick, Maryland, who has worked
with Fair in West Africa.
But the number of new Ebola cases
has just kept shooting higher, like an
unbreakable fever.
For Fair and other scientists, this
has not felt like failure. It is more
complicated than that.
As bad as it has been, observes
Connie Schmaljohn, senior research
scientist at the Armys Medical Re-
search Institute of Infectious Diseas-
es, it couldve been worse if people
like Joseph hadnt been there.
Now, Fair is taking a rare break.
He is sitting on the outdoor deck
at a hotel where UN peacekeepers
used to live after this countrys long
civil war. The Mammy Yoko today is
lled with aid workers and doctors.
Fair wears a black T-shirt and blue
jeans, his blonde hair going gray
near the temples. He is nursing a
double shot of whiskey, a nod to both
his eastern Kentucky roots and his
mounting stress.
The son of a nurse and a college
professor, Fair grew up with dreams
of being a missionary. He wanted
to help people. In college at Loyola
University New Orleans, he read
Virus Hunter, about famed virolo-
gist CJ Peterss career chasing Ebola
and other pathogens. Fair discov-
ered a new calling. A few years later,
he was working at Peterss lab at the
University of Texas Medical Branch
in Galveston. Peters recalls how Fair
volunteered to work with hot viruses
in the highest-security labs.
That indicated right away that he
was going to do things, Peters re-
calls. Its been gratifying to see him
take up the cudgel.
Now, on the hotel deck, another
famed Ebola hunter sits at a nearby
table. Tom Ksiazek was recently
tapped by the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention to help in
Sierra Leone. He and Fair work to-
gether at the Ebola emergency op-
erations centre.
A CDC legend, Fair says with admi-
ration after Ksiazek stops by to say hi.
In a far corner, a group gathers to
welcome the new World Health Or-
ganization representative in Sierra
Leone. The previous one had been
shipped home. The organisation
blames exhaustion. But many here
see it differently.
Someone has to take the fall when
things go like this, Fair says.
Like this would be the criticism
that the WHO and other interna-
tional groups were slow to respond
to the tragedy in West Africa. Gov-
ernments are under pressure, too. Li-
berias government could fall. Sierra
Leones health minister, who was of-
cially directing the national Ebola
response, lost her job last month.
But no one expected this epidemic.
No one anticipated that Ebola a
disease with no cure and a 21-day
incubation period that is spread
through close contact with blood, sa-
liva or sweat would sweep into ur-
ban areas, especially in West Africa.
Every previous outbreak occurred in
remote settings.
Fair knew Sierra Leone from his
work at a US-funded lab that focused
on Lassa fever, a hemorrhagic fever
similar to Ebola, but spread by rats.
The small lab in the eastern city of
Kenema was the countys most ad-
vanced, the only one capable of test-
ing for Ebola. Before he could get
settled, Guineas mystery illness was
conrmed as the dreaded Ebola.
The world has never seen an Ebola
outbreak like this. The famed virus
hunters of the past never dealt with
a hemorrhagic fever entrenched in
cities. In two weeks, Fair will y to
Washington for a congressional pan-
el discussion on Ebola, joining CDC
director Tom Frieden. Fair wants to
draw more attention to whats hap-
pening in Sierra Leone. He could also
use the break. Exhaustion is creeping
back in. But hell be going back to
Mama Salone. He is not giving up.
If the world lets me, he says, I
wont let this ever happen again. THE
Dr Joseph Fair, an American virologist, at the WHOs headquarters in Freetown, Sierra Leone. THE WASHINGTON POST
George the goldsh recovering
after surgery goes swimmingly
A GOLDFISH called George
was on the mend in Australia
yesterday after undergoing
high risk brain surgery in an
operation the vet described
as fiddly.
The 10-year-old fish had a
tumour protruding from its
head, leaving his owner with
two options: have it operated on
or have the fish put to sleep.
The Melbourne-based owner
opted for the delicate surgery.
She was dedicated enough
to give it a go, the vet who per-
formed the operation, Tristan
Rich, told commercial radio
station 3AW.
George was knocked out with
anaesthetic for the 30-minute
procedure and is now recover-
ing well back in his home pond,
Rich said.
He said that the whole opera-
tion was done using three buck-
ets of water, with different levels
of anaesthetic in the first two to
knock the fish out and keep him
under during the procedure.
It was quite fiddly as you can
imagine and you have to con-
trol any blood loss. You can
only lose half a millilitre, said
Rich from the Lort Smith Ani-
mal Hospital. Obviously it was
high risk but everything went
well in the end.
Rich said that he knew of
goldfish that had lived till they
were 30 and he had performed
similar operations before.
The owner was quite
attached to him, he said.
Everyone forms bonds to
pets in different ways and it is
not up to us to distinguish
between species.
Rich added that the opera-
tion cost a few hundred dol-
lars. A new goldfish from a pet
shop would cost less than A$10
(US$9). AFP
George the goldsh lies on the operating table after having a tumour
removed during an operation in Melbourne. AFP
Do you have a death
wish? PHOTO SUP-
A foreign tourist rides a bike down a street in Bangkok. AFP
Bangkok on
two wheels
ANGKOK, with its
congested trafc,
choking pollution
and lack of driver
courtesy, is unlikely to be on
many cyclists dream desti-
nation lists. But there are still
some secluded areas with a lit-
tle history and culture where a
bicycle tour is a great way to
spend the day.
The origins of Bangkok start
in Thonburi, across the river.
For this ride, were going to
start at the Pak Khlong Talat
ferry on Chak Phet Road and
cross to Wat Kalayanamit for
a handful of baht. Some of
the earliest settlers in this area
before the capital was moved
from Ayutthaya were the Chi-
nese, and king Taksin felt com-
fortable with them because he
was half Chinese.
Though the capital eventu-
ally moved across the river
because the Burmese army
would attack from the west,
the Chinese community
stayed, and in the early 19th
century a rich Chinese trader
named Chao Phraya Nikon-
bodin built Wat Kalayanamit
and dedicated it to King Rama
III, a trader himself. The name
Kalayanamit means true
friend, as Chao Phraya Nikon-
bodin was a close friend to
the king. Today, the temple re-
mains a very auspicious site of
worship during New Year, but
is overlooked by international
tourists in favour of the over-
whelming Wat Arun nearby.
Pedal back to the Chao Phra-
ya River and follow the current
downstream a few minutes to
reach Santa Cruz Church. Part
of the joy of cycling around
this area is the old build-
ings youll see, such as the
wooden Windsor House
on your right, just past Wat
The Portuguese and
French moved here from
Ayutthaya and set up
their own communities
and places of worship.
In those days, the king
would not allow anyone
to convert to Chris-
tianity for security
reasons. Portuguese
was so prevalent, if
foreigners had to
with the royal court, they had
to do so in that language. The
current version of the church,
adorned with stained glass, is
the third incarnation.
There are some 1,000 house-
holds in Kudee Jeen, and it is
estimated that 80 per cent
have descended from Portu-
guese roots. Among them is
the family that runs Thanus-
ingha Bakery House, which
still uses the original cen-
turies-old Portuguese cake
recipe consisting of duck eggs,
sugar and our.
Continue south to Thanon
Arun Amarin and cross the
street to get to Bang Luang
Mosque. This area is called
Kudee Khao, so-named be-
cause the mosque one of
the oldest in Bangkok and the
only built in the Thai style is
white. Muslims settled in this
area even before Thonburi
was settled. In fact, the grave-
yard behind the mosque pre-
dates Bangkok, and in Muslim
cemeteries they just keep put-
ting more bodies down on
top of each other. This grave-
yard has a wonderful aura,
like Tim Burtons production
designer had a hand in the
layout, and the ride in is lled
with cats on ledges and win-
dowsills, ready to pounce.
Next, continue north to
Wat Hong Rattanaram, one
of the few temples in Bang-
kok where the ordination hall
features round pillars, as most
feature rectangular support
structures. Three inuences
can be seen on the front pan-
elling, with a Chinese-style
ower, European leaf and
Thai-style supporting ele-
ments, particularly evident
on the front door.
If youve started this ride
during the afternoon, n-
ish up at Wat Arun, as its a
lot less crowded and takes
on a regal quality when
its lit up at night. This
ride will also take you
past some outstanding
street food, including
the best khanom jeeb
Ive ever tasted, at the
end of the alley on the
left as soon as you exit
the Wat Kalayanamit
ferry pier. BANGKOK
Flighs Days Dep Arrival Flighs Days Dep Arrival
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PG 934 Daily 15:20 16:30 FD 606 Daily 15:00 16:20
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2817 7 13:20 16:10 2816 7 11:30 12:30
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Take a ride past Bangkoks towering Wat Arum. BLOOMBERG

Life changes in an instant for young Mia Hall
when a car accident puts her in a coma. During
an out-of-body experience, she must decide
whether to wake up and live a life far differ-
ent than she had imagined. Stars Chloe Grace
Moretz, Mireille Enos and Jamie Blackley in the
key roles.
Citymall: 9:30am, 4:40pm, 9:50pm
Tuol Kork: 12:10pm, 3:35pm, 9:50pm
Light-years from Earth and 26 years after being
abducted, Peter Quill finds himself the prime
target of a manhunt. Stars: Chris Pratt, Vin
Diesel, Bradley Cooper.
Citymall: 5:25pm
A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal,
turns the tables on her captors and transforms
into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human
Citymall: 9:30am, 2pm, 6pm, 7:55pm
Tuol Kork: 9:30am, 1:30pm, 8:05pm, 10pm
Storm trackers, thrill-seekers and everyday
townspeople document an unprecedented on-
slaught of tornadoes touching down in the town
of Silverton. Stars: Richard Armitage, Sarah
Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh.
Citymall: 12:05pm
Tuol Kork: 5:30pm
(As above)
1pm, 6:25pm
In a peaceful forest, the remains of a picnic trig-
ger a ruthless war between rival ant colonies,
obsessed with gaining control of the same prize:
a box of sugar cubes!
Salsa @ The Groove
Beginner salsa lessons will precede
a salsa party open to participants of
all skill levels. The cost of the lesson
is $5 per person, but the party is free
for all.
The Groove, #1C Street 282 on top of
Terrazza Italian Restaurant. 8pm
Lipstick @ St Tropez
Groups of four women get one free
bottle of vodka (except for Grey Goose)
and 50 per cent o on all cocktails
and wine for the evening. With music
by DJ Naga.
Maison Saint Tropez, #31 Street 174.
Get in shape in an unusual way with dodgeball classes, on tonight. ELI MEIXLER
Foxx and Tatum in White House Down. BLOOMBERG
Frisbee @ 53G
Competitive frisbee at 53G Sports
Field, Assembly Boulevard.
Contact Greg at gbloom88@gmail.com
for more information.
53G Sports Fields, Assembly
Boulevard. 8pm
Dodgeball @ St 123
Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge
again. Great exercise and a lot of fun.
All men and women are welcome,
beginners and experienced.
$1.50 per person.
#55-57 Street 123.
5:35pm - DADDY DAY CARE: Two men get laid off
and have to become stay-at-home dads when they
cant find jobs. This inspires them to open their
own day-care centre. HBO
9pm - WHITE HOUSE DOWN: While on a tour of the
White House with his young daughter, a Capitol
policeman springs into action to save his child and
protect the president from a heavily armed group
of paramilitary invaders. HBO
11:10pm - THE LEFTOVERS: TV series revolving
around mysterious disappearances, and specifically
follows a group of people who are left behind in the
suburban community of Mapleton. They must begin
to rebuild their lives after the loss of more than
100 people. Stars: Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman,
Christopher Eccleston. HBO
Thinking caps
1 Dried-up riverbeds
6 Apparently amazed
11 Cool amount
14 Public square, in ancient Greece
15 Mouselike rodents
16 Certain tax shelter
17 Shake things up
19 Made use of a divan
20 Kind of silence
21 Rushers make it
23 High beams
27 Triangle corner
28 Local groups
29 Turn informer
31 Proctors handouts
32 An Aussie call
33 Cincinnati threesome
36 Theyre just for laughs
37 There are five in this puzzle
38 Orchestra tuner
39 Lanka preceder
40 Quite similar
41 Elliptic
42 Seedless oranges
44 Summer Nights musical
45 Got back, as hair
47 Computer accessory
48 Smoldering ash
49 Town noted for its shroud
51 Shout of disapproval
52 What a destroyer might target
58 Airport info, informally
59 Cleans up text
60 String quartet instrument
61 Pig tail?
62 Audition tapes
63 City near Salt Lake
1 Doves aversion
2 Reminiscers word
3 Disney dwarf
4 Aggravate
5 Cotton fabrics
6 Asserts
7 Expanding desert
8 Hand lotion ingredient
9 Ammo in a harmless shooter
10 Connoisseur of beauty
11 Be too late
12 More than ticked
13 Surgical glove material
18 Towel monogram
22 Continuing story line
23 Buzzi and Ginsburg
24 Lend ___ (pay attention)
25 Common sight in Alaskan waters
26 Typically messy eaters
27 Competes
29 Douses
30 Do, for one
32 Heater component
34 Bing, bang or boom
35 Exodus commemoration
37 Exploded, as a tire
38 Hansel and Gretels weapon
40 Sidestepped
41 Venezuelan river
43 What ___ the odds?
44 Crossword framework
45 Confederate soldier
46 Go overboard on stage
47 Newspapers, collectively
49 Barbershop touch-up
50 Whatve you been ___?
53 Lyric work
54 Dog command
55 Antiquated
56 Pale pub potable
57 Unit of weight
Tuesdays solution Tuesdays solution
South Koreans banned from
waving North Koreas flag
SOUTH Koreans are banned from
carrying North Korean flags into Asian
Games venues and anyone waving one
at an event could face arrest, games
organisers said yesterday. Under South
Koreas strict National Security Law, its
citizens are banned from activities
deemed to praise or sympathise with
the North. Weve been ordered to
check at security screening if anyone is
carrying North Korean flags into a
venue, and confiscate them
immediately, said an organising
committee spokesman. North Koreas
presence has been one of the main
talking points in the buildup to the
Asian Games, which officially open in
the South Korean port city of Incheon
on Friday. Meanwhile, North Koreas
reporters at the Asian Games will have
to file stories using fax because their
web access is restricted in South
Korea. Seouls Ministry of Unification
told the Korea Times that North
Korean media would not get special
access to their countrys websites,
which are blocked in South Korea. AFP
India veteran Paes says he
wants to retire while on top
INDIAN veteran Leander Paes has
said he wants to retire from tennis on
a career high by aiming for gold in Rio
in 2016, 20 years after winning his
first Olympic medal. The 41-year-old
doubles specialist, who is a Tennis
Cambodia Goodwill Ambassador,
said he wanted to follow in the
footsteps of greats such as Michael
Jordan and Pele by calling time while
still at the top of his game. Paes, who
is playing for his 21st year as a
professional and whose performance
has dipped in 2014, said doubles gold
in Rio would be the perfect
opportunity. That would give me a
chance to go on a high from the
game, Paes told the Press Trust of
India news agency in an interview
published late on Monday. AFP
Aussie star Magnussen splits
with longtime swim coach
AUSTRALIAS world 100m freestyle
champion James Magnussen
yesterday said he was splitting with
longtime coach Brant Best to get a
fresh start heading towards the 2016
Rio Olympics. The 23-year-old, who is
battling a persistent back injury, said
he wanted to reinvigorate his training
program and was looking for a new
mentor. Brant has been such an
important part of my journey as a
professional swimmer, and in shaping
me as a person, he said in a
statement. Those things combined
have made this decision incredibly
difficult. AFP
Eagles rally for comeback
win over Colts in NFL clash
CODY Parkey drilled a 36-yard field goal
as time expired on Monday to lift the
Philadelphia Eagles to a 30-27 come-
from-behind NFL victory over the
Indianapolis Colts. Darren Sproles
starred for the Eagles, catching seven
passes for 152 yards and running for 26
yards and a touchdown as Philadelphia
improved to 2-0 in the young season
with their second straight second-half
rally. Hes just a special player,
Eagles coach Chip Kelly said of Sproles.
He came through and came up huge
for us tonight. AFP
Sam Whitelock and Jerome
Kaino to return for All Blacks
FOUR injured All Blacks headed by
Jerome Kaino and Sam Whitelock are
set to return for their last two Rugby
Championship matches away to
Argentina and South Africa. Liam
Messam and Ryan Crotty also came
out of the infirmary to be in the
30-man squad named yesterday,
while there is one newcomer in
hooker Nathan Harris. AFP
I am not a child abuser,
says reinstated Peterson
running back Adrian
Peterson, reinstated
on Monday by the NFL
team, declared he was not a child
abuser despite charges of injuring
his 4-year-old son with blows from
a switch.
Peterson, who was deactivated
from the playing roster for Sundays
30-7 home loss to New England, is
able to return to practice, with plans
to play next Sunday at New Orleans.
The Vikings sidelined Peterson last
Friday after he was charged in Texas
with reckless or negligent injury to
a child after using a tree branch to
spank his son with blows so hard he
still bore the marks days later.
I am not a perfect son. I am not a
perfect husband. I am not a perfect
parent, but I am, without a doubt,
not a child abuser, Peterson said in
a statement released by the Vikings.
I am someone that disciplined
his child and did not intend to cause
him any injury. No one can under-
stand the hurt that I feel for my son
and for the harm I caused him. My
goal is always to teach my son right
from wrong and thats what I tried to
do that day.
Peterson surrendered himself to
Texas authorities early Saturday
morning and was released on bail,
with a trial not expected until next
year, after the end of the season.
Later on Monday, Petersons law-
yer Rusty Hardin refuted a report by
KHOU-TV in Houston that Peter-
son was under investigation over
allegations he injured another son
in June of 2013.
According to the report, Peterson
allegedly disciplined the boy for
cussing to a sibling, resulting in an
injury to the 4-year-olds head.
Hardin said in a statement quoted
by the Pioneer Press of St Paul, Min-
nesota, that the allegation of anoth-
er investigation is simply not true.
This is not a new allegation, its
one that is unsubstantiated and
was shopped around to authorities
in two states over a year ago and
nothing came of it, Hardin said.
An adult witness adamantly insists
Adrian did nothing inappropriate
with his son. There is no ongoing or
new investigation.
Peterson said on Monday that he
knew many had strong opinions
on the issue of corporal punish-
ment of children and his conduct
in particular.
Regardless of what others think,
however, I love my son very much
and I will continue to try to become
a better father and person, he said.
Peterson said he was imposing the
same discipline to his son that had
been used upon him as a child.
I have learned a lot and have had
to re-evaluate how I discipline my
son going forward, Peterson said.
I have always believed that the
way my parents disciplined me has
a great deal to do with the success I
have enjoyed as a man.
I love my son and I will continue
to become a better parent and learn
from any mistakes I ever make.
Peterson said he had met with a
psychologist over the matter and
had learned there are other, alter-
native ways of disciplining a child
that may be more appropriate.
Peterson said his attorney has
asked that he not discuss details of
the case.
Nevertheless, he said, I want
everyone to understand how sorry I
feel about the hurt I have brought to
my child.
Peterson said he told a grand jury
and two different police interviews
without a lawyer that it was never
his intention to harm his son.
Before Petersons statement, Vi-
kings owners Zygi and Mark Wilf, in
a statement on the teams website,
defended their decision to let legal
matters play out before making any
more steps to bench the star rusher.
We take very seriously any mat-
ter that involves the welfare of a
child. At this time, however, we be-
lieve this is a matter of due process
and we should allow the legal sys-
tem to proceed so we can come to
the most effective conclusions and
then determine the appropriate
course of action.
Petersons scandal hit the worlds
richest sports league the same week
the league saw an uproar over star
rusher Ray Rice, who was red by
the Baltimore Ravens and banned
indenitely by the NFL after a video
was released showing him brutally
punching the woman who is now
his wife in a hotel elevator. AFP
Adrian Peterson issued a statement saying he is sorry about the hurt I have brought to
my child, hours after the Minnesota Vikings reinstated him to the team. AFP
Woods takes McIlroy comments in stride
TIGER Woods, his 39th birth-
day looming in December,
laughed off twentysomething
Rory McIlroys recent estima-
tion that the 14-time major
winner and compatriot Phil
Mickelson are in the back
nine of their careers.
I thought it was funny, a
relaxed Woods said on Mon-
day as he promoted the Hero
World Challenge unofficial
event he will host in Florida
in December.
I mean, he added, Phil
has less holes to play than I
do, though.
Woods, hindered all sea-
son by injury, acknowledged
that, all kidding aside, McIl-
roy had a point.
Its a reality, you know?
Were all older, he said. Im
nearing my 20th season on
tour here coming up pretty
soon. Ive been out here for a
while, and Phil has been out
here for a while.
Phil has made every single
Ryder Cup and Presidents
Cup team since, I think, what,
95? Pretty remarkable.
As long as youre still part
of that conversation, you
cross generations in this game
of golf, he said.
Woods said hes as curious
as the rest of the world to see
how hell play when he tees it
up at Isleworth Golf and
Country Club for the tourna-
ment he hosts for the benefit
of his charitable foundation
December 4-7.
He hasnt played since
missing the cut at the PGA
Championship in August
with back spasms, saying
doctors told him he needed
time to strengthen his back,
although he insisted at the
time the trouble wasnt
related to the surgery he
had in March to relieve a
pinched nerve.
He was sidelined for near-
ly four months thanks to
that trouble, missing the
Masters and US Open as he
Golf-wise, nothing, he
said of his current training
I havent swung a golf club
yet. Ive just been shadow
swinging without a club. But
Ive been busting my butt in
the gym pretty hard.
Ive got my strength back,
which is nice. Now the next
goal is to get my explosive-
ness and my fast twitch
going. Thats the next phase
of my training.
Woods said he hoped to be
swinging a club in late Sep-
tember or early October.
We have our goals and
benchmarks, he said. But
its also day-to-day. Some
days Im making better gains
than others.
His schedule for the 2014-
15 season will depend large-
ly on how he plays in the
World Challenge, he said.
Thats something Im
curious about, just like Im
sure most of the media guys
are here, how Im going to be
feeling how Im going to be
playing, Woods said.
If I dont have any set-
backs or pain, then I foresee
a very full schedule next
While Woods had already
ruled himself out of possible
Ryder Cup selection, he
admitted he would miss
playing for the United States
in the match-play showdown
with Europe next week.
You have bonds just
because of that one week
that youre bonded for life,
he said of the lasting ties
formed with teammates.
We beat each others
brains in 51 weeks of the
year, and then we all of a
sudden come together and
make friendships for a life-
time. Its pretty cool. AFP
Tiger Woods of the United States hits his tee shot on the 15th hole during the second round of the 96th
PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky in August. AFP
ETIRED spin king Saqlain
Mushtaq on Monday de-
fended the controversial
doosra delivery he in-
vented, which has come under re-
newed scrutiny since fellow Paki-
stani Saaed Ajmals chucking ban
last week.
The doosra, which means the
second one in Urdu, turns from
legside to offside the opposite di-
rection to orthodox off breaks.
It is bowled from the back of the
hand with a lot of top-spin, though
the bowlers wrist still moves in a
clockwise direction, making it dif-
ficult for a batsman to pick.
Saqlain is credited with its inven-
tion, adding to a list of Pakistani
innovations in cricket including
the batsmans reverse-sweep and
reverse swing bowling.
But the delivery has come to be
regarded with deep suspicion by
many, particularly in Australia
and England, where critics charge
that doosra bowlers bend their
arm beyond the permissible 15
degree limit.
Saqlain, who took 208 Test and
288 one-day wickets, told AFP
from London the naysayers were
in the wrong.
Who says doosra is illegal?
Saqlain asked.
It can easily delivered within
the allowed rules. It is not an easy
delivery to bowl but if a bowler
becomes expert he doesnt trans-
gress limits.
You need to have strong mus-
cles to bowl a doosra, then fitness
matters, also grip, rhythm and fol-
low through. If just one of these
things is missing then you get out
of limits, he added.
Saqlain, who comes from a hum-
ble background, recalled he dis-
covered the delivery while playing
cricket with a table tennis ball.
I used to play with my brother
and cousin at the roof of my house
in Lahore and tried the doosra with
a table tennis ball, he said.
I got very excited when the ball
turned the other way.
I tried and tried and perfected it
and when I used to go to play club
matches I would baffle the bats-
men with doosra, and on winning
the matches I was rewarded with
sumptuous lunches and dinners.
And from there I broke into the
Pakistan team.
Saqlain will arrive in Lahore
next week to start remedial work
on Ajmals action, reported dur-
ing the Galle Test against Sri Lan-
ka last month.
The ban was imposed by the In-
ternational Cricket Council.
Ajmals action was then assessed
in a bio-mechanics lab in Brisbane,
Australia, which revealed he flexes
his elbow up to 43 degrees for his
off-spinner and 42 for his doosra.
Saqlain said he hoped to alter Aj-
mals action, though some believe
Ajmal may be too old to change his
ways at 36.
I am quite hopeful of helping
him. I am not making any guar-
antees but will see his reports and
footage and then try my best.
Ajmal, for his part, told reporters
on Monday he was focused on his
comeback as he began his reme-
dial program.
I am sitting in front of you with-
out any tension, whatever hap-
pened was disappointing but I am
focused on staging a strong come-
back, he said.
Pakistan have considered off-
spinners Atif Maqbool and Adnan
Rasool to replace Ajmal in the
short-term. Both are prolific per-
formers at domestic level but
both have suspect actions. AFP
Doosra is not illegal,
says inventor Saqlain
Pakistan spin bowler Saqlain Mushtaq says his doosra delivery is not against the rules. AFP
Windfall for Thai women

despite 5-0 thrashing
THAILANDS womens football
team are being treated to a cash
hand-out despite being
hammered 5-0 in their first
match at the Asian Games. Its
disappointing that we gave away
goals so easily in the first half,
[but] we fared better in the
second half, Thai FA president
Worawi Makudi said, according
to Tuesdays Bangkok Post.
The association had planned to
give the team 200,000 baht
[US$6,200] if they won the
match. But, for the players
efforts, we decided to hand
them 100,000 baht as
consolation. Thailands women
have secured a berth at next
years Womens World Cup, the
first in their history, but they
were outclassed on Monday by
hosts South Korea. AFP
Champagne confirms he
will stand against Blatter
Sepp Blatter will have at least
one rival for next years
presidential election as former
senior FIFA executive Jerome
Champagne confirmed on
Monday he would contest it. The
56-year-old Frenchman, who
worked closely with Blatter
between 2002 and 2005 when
he was deputy secretary-
general, said on Twitter he had
sent a letter to FIFA
headquarters in Switzerland
that he would be a candidate
confirming his initial declaration
in London back in January.
Champagne had said at the
time of the original declaration
that he did not think he could
beat 77-year-old Blatter, who
has been in charge since 1998, if
he ran but he had a chance if
UEFA chief Michel Platini was a
candidate. Since then, though,
Blatter has declared himself as
a candidate despite stating
beforehand he would not stand
again and Platini pulled back
from the brink even though he
declared in Brazil prior to the
World Cup finals in June that he
could no longer support Blatter.
Champagne said he was
delighted that a debate had
begun about the future of FIFA
and football and thought more
candidates would throw their
hat into the ring. AFP
Struggling Hamburg
end Slomkas brief reign
MIRKO Slomkas tenure as
coach of Bundesliga tailenders
Hamburg ended on Monday
after just seven months as he
paid the price for a dreadful
start to the Bundesliga season.
The 47-year-old who
replaced former Dutch
national coach Bert van
Maarwijk in February this year
when Hamburg were in freefall
and in danger of relegation for
the first time in their history
saw his fate sealed ironically by
a 2-0 defeat at the hands of his
former club Hanover on
Sunday. Defeat left Hamburg at
the foot of the table with just a
point to their name after three
matches and with the visit of
champions Bayern Munich to
come this weekend. AFP
Englands big guns face up
to German club challenge
NGLISH heavyweights Chel-
sea and Manchester City get
their Champions League cam-
paigns off the mark tonight
against German rivals Schalke 04 and
Bayern Munich, with Paris Saint Ger-
man star Zlatan Ibrahimovic return-
ing to his old club Ajax and Spanish
giants Barcelona also in action.
All games kick off at 1:45am Cambo-
dian time.

Group E
Bayern Munich (GER) v
Manchester City (ENG)
Five-time winners Bayern, who made
a third consecutive European semi--
nal last season, face off against English
Premier League winners Manchester
City for the third time in four years in
the group stage starting in Munich.
City came from two goals down to
end Bundesliga champions Bayerns
record 10-game run of Champions
League wins last season. Both teams
nished level on points with Bayern
coming out on top after their 3-1 win
at City.
Roma (ITA) v CSKA Moscow (RUS)
Roma coach Rudi Garcia is set to
hand former Barcelona midelder Sey-
dou Keita his full debut when the Gial-
lorossi end a four-year absence from
the Champions League by hosting
CSKA Moscow.
Malian international Keita, who has
come off the bench in two league wins
so far, is set to step in for the suspended
Daniele De Rossi.
Roma last competed in the compe-
tition in the 2010/2011 season, when
they reached the round of 16, and will
be desperate to make a positive start in
Group E.

Group F
Barcelona (ESP) v Apoel Nicosia (CYP)
New Barcelona coach Luis Enriques
European campaign debuts with La
Liga runners-up hosting Cypriot outt
Apoel, competing in the group stage
for the third time and quarter-nalists
in 2011/12 .
Last season the Catalans failed to
reach at least the semi-nals for the
rst time since 2007 being stopped in
the quarter-nals by eventual runners-
up Atletico Madrid.
The four-time winners are however
boosted by the statistic of having lost
just one of their last 27 home Champi-
ons League matches.
Ajax (NED) v Paris Saint Germain (FRA)
Dutch champions Ajax, who won the
last of their four European titles two
decades ago, face a potentially tricky
test at home against last seasons quar-
ter-nalists Paris Saint-Germain.
The Amsterdam outt will also have
to contend with their former Swedish
striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, now an in-
ternational star 13 years after he joined
Ajax, as they bid to survive the group
stage for the rst time since 2006.
But French champions PSG, who
play their rst ever tie in the Nether-
lands, have won just one of their last
seven away games, being held Satur-
day in Ligue 1 action.

Group G
Chelsea (ENG) v Schalke 04 (GER)
In-form Premier League leaders
Chelsea, with maximum points on the
domestic front after four games, will be
looking to repeat last seasons display
against Schalke 04 whom they beat 3-0
home and away.
Bolstered by new signings Diego
Costa and Cesc Fabregas, Chelsea are
favourites to advance past the group
stages as they bid for a second title after
2012. The Londoners reached the semi-
nals last year and can be boosted by
the fact they have never lost against a
Bundesliga side at home.
Maribor (SLO) v Sporting Lisbon (POR)
Resurgent Sporting Lisbon return
to the Champions League group stage
after a six-year absence with Nani
among a new-look side strengthened
by 11 new signings who open against
Slovenian champions NK Maribor,
themselves back in Europe after a 15
year absence.
Maribors squad can take inspira-
tion from coach Ante Simundza, who
played an important role in the clubs
last European qualication as a player
in the 1999-2000 season, scoring the
winning goal in the group opener to
defeat Dynamo Kyiv.

Group H
Athletic Bilbao (ESP) v
Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR)
Athletic return to the Champions
League group stage for just the second
time and the rst in 16 years after their
4-2 aggregate victory over Napoli in
qualifying last month and are hopeful
of making it out of a group which also
includes Porto and BATE Borisov.
The Basque side have struggled in La
Liga this season with just three points
from three games, while Shakhtar have
notched up six consecutive victories in
their league despite playing their home
games in the western Ukranian city of
Lyviv because of unrest in the country.
Porto (POR) v BATE Borisov (BLR)
Portuguese side Porto will be look-
ing to put their struggles at home last
season behind them when they host
Belarus outt BATE Borisov, who are
in the group stage for the third time in
four seasons.
Porto, winners in 1987 and 2004, will
be playing their 200th elite European
Manchester Citys Edin Dzeko (right) vies with Bayern Munichs Jerome Boateng during
their UEFA Champions League Group D match on December 10, 2013. AFP
Wham, bam, Barcelonam
Dan Riley
THE Premier League kicked
back over the long weekend
after the international fixtures
break, with some of the sum-
mers marquee signings start-
ing to pay dividends on their
hefty price tags.
Spanish striker Diego Costa
has been nothing short of a
revelation in his debut season
for Chelsea, scoring in every
match so far including notch-
ing a classy hat-trick in Satur-
days game against Swansea.
His performance helped
keep his club firmly on top of
the table with four wins out
of four, whilst also earning
the 25-year-old a superlative
17 points in the Cellcard Fan-
tasy League.
Meanwhile, Man Uniteds
record breaking recruit Angel
Di Maria was inspired in his
goal and assist over QPR on
Sunday for 14 points.
Another Argentinean mak-
ing the A-grade in gameweek
4 was Crystal Palace keeper
Julian Speroni, who saved a
penalty on the way to keeping
a clean sheet against Burnley
to gift 15 points to the 2.5 per-
cent of fantasy mangers wise
enough to select him.
The weekly competition was
won by Quoc Nam Buis Bar-
celonam, whod also topped
the charts last week only to
come a cropper for excessive
There was no disputing this
weeks result, however, with
Quocs team amassing 98
points to stand a full five clear
of his nearest rivals.
Barcelonam included Costa
as captain for 34 points, as well
as his assist-laden team-mate
Cesc Fabregas (10 points), Di
Maria and Arsenals Jack
Wilshere (13). Quoc could even
afford to field Chelseas own
goal scoring John Terry at neg-
ative one point.
Quoc picks up the US$20
phone card from sponsors
Cellcard for his oracular
squad choices.
The next round fits snuggly
inside of the weekend, head-
lined by the epic clash of Man
City v Chelsea.
The facebook challenge, run
off the Cellcard Fantasy fan-
page, was an interesting affair
in that a correct answer was
actually given as an example
in the original post.
The total number of goals in
gameweek 4 was 30, with Man
United, Chelsea and South-
ampton all finding the net
four times.
Seven users Ratana Nge,
Nara DK, Ah Ka Lonely-hearts,
Lin Ranndeth, Tashiyo Hon-
estyHeart, Seyha Titiz and
Denny Nau Ah got the total
and team right. Each will
receive $3 phone credit as
their prize.
H S Manjunath
JAPANS star of the 90s
Masao Kiba, who is creat-
ing a pathway for talented
youngsters from Southeast
Asia to make it to the famed
J-League through his Japan
Dream Football Association
(JDFA), conducted a well-
attended clinic at the Navy
grounds on Sunday.
Scores of attentive young-
sters took part in the clinic as
Gamba Osakas leading play-
er from 1993 to 2004 cast his
expert eye on the sprouting
footballing skills in search
of a special one who can live
the Japanese dream.
Kiba set up JDFA in 2011
with the GL Group stepping
in as its rst sponsor, a part-
nership that has prospered
over the last three years.
My main objective is to
create an opportunity for
a Cambodian youngster to
make the J-League cut that
will eventually help the coun-
trys football as a whole, said
the JDFA Director.
Addressing the partici-
pants, Riki Ishigami, Chief
Operating Ofcer of GL Fi-
nance, pledged to continue
his companys support to
Kiba and his cause, contend-
ing that both shared the same
vision of sporting success.
Our business is inspired
by and connected to sports
and forms the basis of our
business philosophy, Ish-
igami said.
GLF is proud to lead the
way as JDFAs sponsor and we
would like to see Kiba reach
the milestone in his pursuit,
the one we have just reached
in our company.
That is registering our
10,000th contract which
makes us one of leading
hire purchase entities in the
country today, he added.
J-League legend Kiba
hosts childrens clinic
English Premier League
Hull 2 West Ham 2
Spanish La Liga
Eibar 0 Depor la Coruna 1
Italian Serie A
Verona 2 Palermo 1
Lee takes
a shot at
title glory
BADMINTONS Lee Chong Wei has
made a habit of falling just short in
major tournaments but he now has a
chance to settle a score with old foe
Lin Dan at the Asian Games.
Top-ranked Lees list of failures grew
again last month when, despite the
absence of the much-decorated Lin,
he was shocked by Chen Long in the
world championships final.
After repeatedly being denied by
Chinas Lin in world and Olympic
finals, it seemed Malaysias Lee, 31, had
blown a huge chance to place a major
trophy in his cabinet.
Even the sympathetic Malaysian
media have started to wonder
whether their hero, who has lost the
last two Olympic finals against Lin,
is a choker.
Now he will take aim at his first Asian
Games title and, along the way, end a
dismal run of reverses against his irre-
pressible Chinese rival.
Four years ago in Guangzhou, Lee
was a despondent onlooker as
Super Dan ripped off his shirt and
celebrated wildly after winning a
thrilling three-setter to clinch Asian
Games gold.
Its a scene that Lee has watched only
too often, notably at the 2012 Olym-
pics when he was a game up before
unravelling as Lin fought back.
Last year, Lee also went a game up
against Lin in the world champion-
ships final but had to retire in the third
the fifth major final he has lost
against Chinas golden boy.
A rematch in Incheon would please
the fans, and it would make for an
engrossing spectacle between two
warriors past their physical prime but
still at the peak of the sport.
Lin, 30, has spent long spells away
from badminton since the London
Olympics, and was out of the top 100
earlier this year before recovering to
his current ranking of 19.
Lee, almost exactly a year older than
Lin, has been dealing with a thigh
problem which forced him out of the
Commonwealth Games.
But Kenny Goh, general manager
of the Badminton Association of
Malaysia, said Lee was on track in his
preparations and scheduled to arrive
in Incheon on September 17. We are
now into the final phase of our prep-
aration. He is training every day . . .
he has recovered from his injury,
Goh told AFP.
Lee himself said the Asian Games
are maybe . . . even more important
than the world championships
because they are only held once every
four years.
Ive came back from defeats many
times. I just need to be mentally strong-
er this time, he said after returning
from the world championships,
according to Malaysias Star.
I also think that the Asian Games
will definitely be a tougher challenge
for me as Chinas top two [Lin Dan and
Chen Long] will be competing.
So, it will be up to me to be strong
enough to rise to that challenge, Lee
said AFP
World badminton No 1 Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia will hope to shed his chokers tag in the mens singles competition at the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea. AFP
Cambodian squad off to Games
H S Manjunath

fuls, accompanied
by several ofcials,
ew out of Phnom
Penh late on Monday evening
heading for the 17th Asian
Games in Incheon, eager like
never before to end the 44-
year medal drought.
The Kingdom picked up
four medals at the 1970
Games in Bangkok, having
won a bronze eight years ear-
lier before the Khmer Rouge
and its aftermath forced the
Kingdom to abandon partici-
pation until 1994.
As Cambodia marks a mile-
stone 60th anniversary of its
rst appearance in the worlds
second biggest sporting spec-
tacle after the Olympics, the
country is craving for a medal
of any hue.
Best wishes for a medal
success in Incheon, the third
South Korean city to stage the
Games after Seoul and Busan,
have been pouring in for the
Cambodian squad right from
a young and fast expanding
supporters group to the coun-
trys top leaders.
Even as Prime Minister Hun
Sen, an ardent sports fan, sent
out his blessings for the con-
tingent, Deputy Prime Min-
ister Sok An presided over an
ofcial farewell function on
Monday at the Peace Building,
which houses the ofce of the
Council of Ministers.
Minister of Education
Hang Chuon Naron, National
Olympic Committee of Cam-
bodia President and Minis-
ter of Tourism Thong Khon
and NOCC Secretary Gen-
eral Vath Chamroeun were
among several high ranking
ofcials in attendance for a
Wish the Games squad suc-
cess gathering.
The 17th edition of the
Games, running from Septem-
ber 19 to October 4, will offer
as many as 1,400 medals in 439
events across 39 disciplines in-
cluding 28 Olympic sports.
Incheon won the bid to host
the games in 2007 ahead of its
only competitor, the 1982 ven-
ue New Delhi, the hosts of the
inaugural Asiad in 1951.
There are 49 competition
venues and 48 training facili-
ties that will be used during
the Games, which is estimated
to cost South Korea close to
US$2 billion.
Among the venues, 10 fea-
ture in six cities of Gyeonggi
Province while two each are
located in Chungju and Seoul.
The rest of the venues are
spread across eight districts
and a county inside the met-
ropolitan city of Incheon.
Ten venues were construct-
ed for the 2014 Games, which
will provide athletes, coaches,
ofcials and media personnel
drawn from 45 participating
countries up to 3,300 units
and 9,500 rooms.
Hem Bunting gets recall
Multiple international half
marathon winner at home,
Hem Bunting, who was side-
lined from the national team
four years ago after the Guan-
zhou Asiad, is back to where
he belongs, triggering lively
anticipation of a medal suc-
cess on the track.
Bunting has proved beyond
a shadow of a doubt that
he is the best long distance
runner that the country has
seen this decade.
The axe fell on the stormy
petrel of Cambodian athletics
after the authorities charged
Bunting with unsportsmanlike
conduct at the 2010 Games,
where he was out of sorts in
the 10km run and failed to n-
ish the marathon.
That discipline issue was
controversially stretched in
the last four years despite
Buntings string of half mara-
thon victories. A SEA Games
silver and a bronze medalist,
he was overlooked for both
the 2011 event in Indonesia
and the next in Myanmar last
year, besides the 2012 London
While the NOCC has made
it clear that it is happy to have
him back, the athlete is thrilled
to the gills that he has a shot at
the Asian Games again.
I am training hard. I am
condent of a good perfor-
mance, Hem Bunting told
the Post. I am really red up
after my run in the Paris Mar-
athon where I did my career
best timing.
The 28-year-old Bunting,
who skipped last months full
marathon in Siem Reap to fo-
cus on his training, will run
the 5km and the marathon
just like his other team-mate
Ma Viro.
Cambodias third athlete,
Neko Hiroshi, winner of the
42km run in Siem Reap, will
only take part in the mara-
thon. While Ma Viro and Neko
Hiroshi have been training in
Japan for the last two weeks,
Hem Bunting had to give it a
miss because of a procedural
issue with his travel docu-
ment, which is now in order
for him to make this trip.
Pool prospects
The Cambodian swimming
scene has been dominated by
the legendary Hem Thon fam-
ily. The third generation swim-
mers, Hem Ponleu and Hem
Vithiny, who have more inter-
national experience than any,
will carry Cambodian aspira-
tions in the pool. Hem Lum-
phat will be at hand as their
coach in Incheon.
The performances of Ponleu
and Vithiny are nothing much
to write home about but they
have few equals when it comes
to national competitions.
Beach challenge
Cambodian beach volleyball
players Sim Khlouk and Lim
Samart will have a tough task
dealing with some of the best
in the business.
Coach Chum Rotha has
put them through a rigor-
ous training regimen and is
anxious as to how well his
two trainees will fare against
classy opposition.
Meanwhile, Cambodias judo
hope has been dealt a serious
blow with Cambodian French
judoka Khom Ratanak Mony
picking up a leg injury.
Our target is a medal in
Incheon, any medal for that
matter, said NOCC Secretary
General Vath Chamroeun.
I think our preparations
have gone on very well. We
know that Asian Games med-
als are not easy to come by.
The competition is always
erce but I expect good per-
formances from our wres-
tling, taekwondo and athlet-
ics teams.
Young journalist
A ninth-grade student from
Phnom Penhs CIA First Inter-
national School, Tieng Kim-
leng, who won the writing con-
test last October will be among
11 other young regional re-
porters heading to Incheon
under a program sponsored by
the Olympic Council of Asia.
With an eye on the future of
its member nations strength-
ening the Olympic movement
and solidarity, the OCA will
organise a summit on sports
sponsorship and marketing
during the Games.