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A very good morning to our beloved lecturer, madam santhanamary and all my fellow
classmates. Before I start my speech, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Yang
Chin Yeen and im from 1PPISMP BIM&K. Today its my turn to give a persuasive speech
regarding the topic about the benefits of breakfast. May I ask a question ? How many of you
took your breakfast this morning? For my opinion, as a student , we should take our
breakfast everyday .
Everyone has heard the familiar clich : breakfast is the most important meal of the day ,
but how seriously do you actually consider it when planning your morning routine? I am sure
that up to 50% of teens and adults have their own excuses for skipping on breakfast or
skipping it entirely each morning. However, recent studies suggest more strongly that the
benefits of eating breakfast are more than the benefits of excuses for most of you give for
skipping it. Today, I will explain and share some benefits of having breakfast.
Breakfast provides the energy that our body requires in order to perform our day. A healthy
food that we used for breakfast will provide energy that can improve our mental function. For
example, for adults that enjoy their breakfast everyday will be more concentrate, focus and
productive. Meanwhile, foe children who did not missed their breakfast will perform well in
school such as improved their eye-hand coordination, increase their ability to concentrate,
enhanced their problem solving skills and more alert and creative. Moreover, the food that
we eat for breakfast also can provide energy and nutrition that can make our day physically
active. Nutrition that we gained from the breakfast can make us more active in physical
activities. It because our body needs energy to move and the more energy the more active
we will be throughout the day.
Otherwise, breakfast helps to shed the pounds. Belief that skipping breakfast helps you lose
weight is false. According to research, skipping meals especially breakfast actually make
weight control become more difficult. The practise is more likely to cause weight gain than
weight loss. Breakfast skippers tend to eat more food with higher proportion than usual at
the next meal. By having breakfast, it may control hunger for entire day. Adults and children
who eat breakfast for a regular basis, weight less than who dont. This it is because
breakfast can help to avoid the out of control hunger that can easily lead to overeating.
Breakfast can stimulate our bodys metabolism for the day and it also stabilizes blood sugar
levels, which regular our appetite control.
Furthermore, breakfast can helps to avoid diseases. According to US researchers, those
who eat breakfast are 50% less likely to have blood sugar problems. Consequently, they
have decreased risk of developing diabetes or having high cholesterol levels which can lead
to heart disease. Besides, some breakfast foods such as grains, seeds and fruits provide
vitamins and minerals that can make our body healthier and at the same time can increase
our body immunization. Other than that, by skipping breakfast also can make our health in
trouble especially for our stomach. When we started our day without breakfast, meaning that
we let out stomach work empty. As a result, all we are going to get is gastritis.
As we have seen, there are a lot of benefits by having breakfast in the morning before
starting your day. It can make your day more energetic, helps in preventing obesity and also
in maintaining a good health. Hopefully, from today onwards more people will realize that
breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we will get a lot of benefits from it. It is
the time for you to do something for your health. From now on , lets having breakfast as the
kick start of our day.