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Peek and his wife live in Wake County in Wake Forest.

Donna M. Peek - Alliance Manager at Sas Institute Inc.

Voter Affiliation Unaffiliated:

Bio via Storage Vision 2010:

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Ralph A. Peek
(R. Andre Peek)
Governor Appointee

Vice President, IBM Global Tech Services
NCBCE Vice Chairman
Teach For America, Eastern NC, Board of
Wake County


Page was locked down sometime between the announcement of appointment and the morning of 9/17/14.
The profile revealed he is on the Pro-Common Core Teach For America Board for Eastern NC.
This represents a conflict of interest for Peek.

Screenshot of LinkedIn profile as of 9/16/14:

Peek was part of NC DPIs Race To The Top Introductory Video.
Unable to locate the video on DPIs site anymore, however the transcript survived:

Related Text from the NC DPI RTTT Video:
Whats in it for our communities and businesses?

Better prepared students entering colleges, universities and the workplace
Higher skilled graduates for science, mathematics and technology careers
Increased graduation rates
More meaning fully involved future citizens
- AndrePeek,NC Business Committee for Education

We see Race to the Top as a tremendous win for North Carolina. Our businesses in North Carolina
Depend on a strong, motivated and talented workforce in order for us to be competitive in todays
Global economy and to succeed. The idea that North Carolinas going to have the tools and resources
And investments required for us to continue to be strong and competitive is just a terrific win for both
Businesses and our communities in North Carolina. We are excited to have young people to be better
Prepared to join the workforce. One of the things that we have learned is that a motivated employee is
a successful employee, and one of the ways to be motivated is to understand exactly what you want to
accomplishthe context of education, how that actually prepares you to be in the workforce. And that
gives you the tools and motivation needed in the jobs that we have available for employees.

NCBCE Board Member

NCBCE statements on Common Core Adoption

NCBCE Tweets

NCBCE Video On YouTube:
NCBCE Annual meeting 2015 with McCrory

NCBCE is a member of the Chamber of Commerces Hire Standards Coalition.
This only purpose of Hire Standards is to promote Common Core. This represents a conflict of interest for Mr. Peek:

NC Forum Member
NC Forum is a Whos Who of Pro-Common Core in NC. This represents a conflict of interest for Mr. Peek:

NCSU Presentation (2012)
Pathways to Workforce Development: A Systemic Approach to Change
Mark Sorrells (Moderator), Andre Peek, Newell Clark, Amy Loyd, and Tracy Hall

PolicyWatch (2014)

Herald Sun Reprint of PolicyWatch (2013)
At a meeting of Governor McCrorys education cabinet recently week, Andre Peek, director of Global Technology
Services at IBM and chair of the North Carolina Business Committee for Education asserted that North Carolina is now a
net exporter of teachers.
Its an observation Peek has made from working groups in which he has participated and in his travels across the state.
Its not rooted in data yet, he told N.C. Policy Watch.

News and Observer (2013)


Peek: I participate on a board for Teach for America, and I had some young teachers over to our house in the summer.
They were all very comfortable with technology. They said there are a couple of classrooms in their schools that have all
sorts of technology SMARTboards and so forth yet it isnt being used. The teachers just didnt really know how to
use it. So while the state has invested in and business community has contributed for technology, the teacher
wasnt really enabled to use it. We need to close the gap on that. Let me give you an example of how. IBM has almost
5,000 retirees just in North Carolina and a workforce of about 11,000-11,500. One of the ways were leveraging that
asset is by assisting some employees in the transition into teaching careers. People who are technology-savvy can get out
into the classroom. Weve got another program called MentorPlace. It uses technology to connect protgs teachers or
students with subject-matter experts.

MISC Information Related To IBM, Lenovo and Common Core
IBM is one of the early and bigger Common Core proponents.

Lenovo does apps for Common Core and one of the other NCBCE board members along with Andre Peek is from
Lenovo: http://www.lenovo.com/education/us/en/k12/common-core-overview.shtml

IBM is on the CCSSO List of Businesses Committed To Pushing Common
Core: http://www.corestandards.org/assets/k12_statements/Business_Endorsement_Letter_on_CCSS.pdf

This commitment is not surprising since Lou Gerstner, former IBM CEO is involved in Achieve, Inc.
Related article w/ excerpt below: http://truthabouteducation.wordpress.com/2014/07/28/common-core-stealing-

"In a March, 1997 article published by Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D. it states, in March 1996 then N.C. Gov. Hunt and five
other governors along with six CEOs adopted a policy statement at the National Education Summit then calling for the
states to establish internationally competitive standards, assessments tools and accountability systems within two years.
(Notice the presence of leading governors on the Achieve, Inc., board allows one to call Achieve a state-led
organization and by the same token, one might also call Achieve a business-led organization since its board is also
comprised of business leaders.)
It went on to say the policy statement also indicated an entity called Achieve would be established to measure and
report each states annual progress in setting those standards. Although the Standards would be voluntary, one of the
CEOs, IBMs Lou Gerstner, Jr., said his company is the largest in North Carolina and companies could easily threaten
not to open plants in states that didnt comply.

IBM mentioned again in relation to the beginnings of Common Core. Link and excerpt below:

That seems to depend on how one defines state-led.

Former Virginia Gov. George Allen told School Reform News NGA is less a policy forum and more a networking
opportunity, because any resolutions governors vote on are not binding and governors often disagree.

He attended NGA meetings particularly so he could recruit IBM into Virginia.

IBM was picked in NY for their 'Common Core review panel' too:
The NY panel recommendations are here: http://www.governor.ny.gov/press/03102014-common-core-implementation-