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B-Gyan Session : Big Data

Analytics by Dr. N R
Srinivasa Raghavan
One should be blessed for listening to a speaker who has 19 years of industrial career in fortune 100
companies covering several domains like telecom, oil & gas, financial services, automotive etc. explaining
about the pros and cons of the todays needed technology i.e., BIG DATA. Students of NITIE got this
opportunity in the BGyan session conducted on 5
October on the topic Big Data Analytics by Dr. N R
Srinivasa Raghavan, Senior Vice President & Head Data Science/Big Data Analytics, Reliance.
What is data, why should it be collected, why should it be managed, why & how should it be stored, which
data is useful, these were the very simple questions asked by Dr. N R Srinivasa Raghavan at the start of the
session which made the session lively. Then he went on explaining about the present day needs of data
storage and maintenance. Dr. N R Srinivasa Raghavan used many real life examples to explain how the data is
generated day by day. It was rather surprising to know how difficult to identify the useful data and how
difficult to store it for the future uses.
After one and half hour of interesting interaction, Dr. N R Srinivasan Raghavan opened the session for
question & answers to clarify the doubts of the students. It was like students were actually waiting for this time
as they started showering the speaker with doubts they got after hearing to the speaker like him. Dr. N R
Srinivasa Raghavan again showed how an elegant speaker enjoy while answering the question raised after his
speech. The session ended with the positive note as the speaker himself said I enjoyed talking to the students
We thank Dr. N R Srinivasa Raghavan for accepting our request even in his busy schedule and sharing his
valuable insights about Big data Analytics.

Session : Challenges in project
management by Mr. P.V.Rao
These days sustainability became the new mantra of the industry and every industry is trying to find the
ways of doing business in a sustainable way. In order to mold this challenge into an opportunity one should be
equipped with the skills of ISO lead auditing and the implementation of EHS in various aspects of the business.
BGyan has invited Mr. Dhananjay Vyawahare, Head EHS, Nokia Solutions & Networks to speak up on the
topic ISO Lead Auditing & EHS Implementation. This session was organized on 12
March in NITIE.
With his 16 years of experience in various MNCs and the auditing certifications in various fields like ISO
14001, OHSAS 18001, ISMS ISO 27001 etc., Mr. Dhananjay Vyawahare elaborated the importance of EHS
department in various industries involved in both production & service. The ways of identifying the importance
of ISO auditing and the ways of performing the audit were clearly explained by the speaker. Mr. Dhananjay
also showed a short film which elaborated the importance of safety on the shop floor with real time scenarios.
The students were very interactive throughout the session as it was explained with day to day examples that
we all face in our daily lives.
The session ended with a short question & answers round in which some students got their doubts about
the in depth performance of ISO lead auditing and EHS plan implementation in the industry. Mr. Dhananjay
Vyawahare also gave career suggestions to the students like which certifications will help the students to learn
the realities of the business and in which industry there will be an immediate need of this EHS aspects. We are
sure these suggestions will help the students to take better decisions in choosing their career paths.
BGyan takes the privilege of thanking Mr. Dhananjay Vyawahare for visiting our campus and spending
valuable time with the students.

B-Gyan Session : After NITIE,
What Next? by Mr.
Faisal Farooqui
On 9th October, B-Gyan arranged a session on After NITIE, What Next by Faisal Farooqui,
CEO, and in NITIE Auditorium.
Mr. Farooqui inspired students to take up entrepreneurship after passing out from the college. He mentioned
that one should look just beyond money and comfort while taking up a job , the job should be intellectually
challenging and should require putting into use the knowledge one gains during studies. He stated that one
should always look for opportunities to innovate and develop something which can bring change to this world.
He cited how start-ups like Google, Facebook, Twitter went on to change our lifestyle and turned into global

During the Q&A session which followed the lecture, Mr. Farooqui went on to discuss the challenges he faced
when he started Mouthshut, how difficult it was for an U.S. based graduate to come back in India and start
making connections to open a start-up, how he recruited his first 10 employees and went on for four years
without making revenue. He mentioned the first few employees who joins an endeavor looks at the sacrifices
its founder is making for that endeavor and draws inspiration from that. Mr. Farooqui cracked few jokes on how
being involved with a start-up can affect ones marital bliss and distributed chocolates to everyone who asked
him a question. Overall it was an intriguing and thought provoking session and we wish to hear more from Mr.
Farooqui in the future.

B-Gyan Session : Tackling
Industrial Relations issues in
Industry by Mr. Rajen Mehrotra
Non Executive Independent Director on the Board of Swiss Multinational Novartis India Ltd., HR
consultant with Ministry of Health, Govt. of Timor Leste, an International Civil Servant with United Nations
International Labor Organization etc. These qualifications themselves will state how eminent industrial
personality Mr. Rajen Mehrotra is and how much lucky we are to have him in our campus to speak up on the
topic Tackling Industrial Relations issues in Industry. This session was organized on 28
February in NITIE.
Despite of having years of experience in his career book, Mr. Rajen Mehrotra started the session with a
very light and funny notes which changed the face of the session altogether. Mr. Rajen has very efficiently
crafted the session from lighter & funny discussion to the important learnings that every manager should make
him/herself acquainted with before entering the industry. He narrated very challenging situations that came
across his journey and explained how he tackled them perfectly.
The students were really pepped up because of the real life stories shared by Mr. Rajen Mehrotra. He
suggested all the students to be brave and act on their feet while handling the issues related to the labor union
problems. He asked students to appreciate any good that they will come across the industry while
reprimanding the workers bad activities in the work area. The session ended with the lighter stories that Mr.
Ashok K Pundir shared about his life as a student when he was studying under Mr. Rajen Mehrotra in NITIE.
This made the students to leave the auditorium with a smile on their faces.
It is our duty to thank Mr. Rajen Mehrotra for sharing valuable insights regarding the industry relations in
various sorts of business.

BGyan Session: ERP & Cloud
Applications by Mr Neeraj Athalye,
SAP India
A session on ERP and Cloud applications was conducted by BGyan on 9
of August at NITIE .Here our speaker
of eminence was Mr. Neeraj Athalye ,Head -Cloud Business at SAP India and an industry veteran with 16 years
experience. He addressed an enthusiastic gathering at NITIE with matching energy.
He started the session with a motivating message to the audience that the mental block is the only hindrance
between you and your dreams. He went on to give a brief snapshot of SAP which has its presence in 120
countries and 170000 customers across the world and caters to them through its wide range of more than 25
industrial solutions. He proceeded to discuss about how SAP is changing the game worldwide for its customers
by applying various time tested processes and best practices.
To elaborate this point, he gave examples on inventory management where forecasting is not just enough to
meet the demand. There is always a risk of losing sales or higher carrying costs due to inventory accumulation
and possible obsolescence. He gave an example of Asian paints which had come out with a strategy to provide
a trained painter to a customer within 24 hrs of creating a request. To meet this requirement, SAP customized
the CRM Solution to suit the needs of Asian Paints.
He said that ERP, due to its vast scope among 14 modules, cannot be completely mastered by anybody.
Therefore, an aspirant should pick and module or two and try to gain deep understanding of those modules. He
also talked about the strength of this tool that by using ERP, a business can look at the sale figures for a type
of biscuit in a particular node on a particular day. He said that because of this, companies are able to tweak
their supply chains to the needs of the customer, wherever she may be.
Coming to Cloud Computing, Neeraj, who is responsible for taking SAPs Cloud Solutions to market, said that
the Market for Cloud solutions cuts across domains like Customer Solutions, Sourcing Solutions, Manufacturing
Solutions, Supply Chain Solutions, HR Solutions and other Applications.
Throughout the session, the point which came out very clearly is that ERP is the backbone of all business
functions today and Cloud is going to share that responsibility with ERP tomorrow. And therefore, SAP is going
to remain as one of the topmost solution providers for complex business problems.
With an advice to students to stay ahead of the learning curve, Mr. Athalye ended a session which was
engrossing to say the least.