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0097156 7385359
More than 2 years in telecom industry with solid multi-vendor,
operator and international experience Of RA!/"SS
integration/transmission and maintenance
A good team player and willing to take responsibilities
xperienced in integration, troubleshooting and maintenance !#$%
3$ A!D L&'"
xperienced in (DH and SDH implementation, con#guration and
$trong hands on 'RI)SS*! tools such as M*SH'LL, 'MAS, *M&,
AL+, )!A ,*SS )*MM*! ',(L*R'R
%uawei tools -'"L)&, IMA!A$'R #000
&erformed up to date preparation of reports and documents
)URR'!& ',('RI'!)'
*R$A!I.A&I*!/ '&ISALA& &'L')*MMU!I)A&I*! U.A.'
D'SI$!A&I*! / '!$I!''R I! !*) 0Mo1il2 Acc2ss *324a5io6s7
('RI*D / S2352m124 #0138 &ill da52
9*" (R*:IL'/ (orked as Operation ) Maintenance ngineer for *+$A,A*
*,-OMM./+-A*+O/ .'A''
ricsson 20 new sites integration
Activation of new sites and inserting licence
ricsson 1$$ back-end support during troubleshooting which needs
con#guration and fault analysis in assistance for 2ield
Operation/&ro3ect Maintenance group'
ricsson 1$$ elements re-con#gurations and modi#cations for
problems in MOs !manage ob3ects" and 41$ cell creation
5eletion and re-creation of 41$, MO !*0, -2, *46", transmission
elements !41,*" if re-con#guration fails to solve the problem'
Monitoring and acknowledgement of 1$$ fault alarms !transmission,
power, environmental, miscellaneous"
&reventive alarm monitoring ) detection !external and power
+nterrogation/isolation of alarms during faults !software loop testing,
software resets, remote 1*$ hardware troubleshooting'
-reation of trouble tickets regarding the monitored faults !for
reference of dates, description of alarms, and possible cause of
faults, solutions made and updates of troubleshooting"
-oordination with 2ield ngineers for on-site troubleshooting and
maintenance !transmission loop testing, alarm testing, 1*$
hardware testing"'
&rovision and maintenance of databases !M.6 plans, transmission
diagrams, port assignments, site details"
Monitoring and maintenance of network
*roubleshooting and snag clearance
Monitoring 20, 70 8&+s and perform health tests
Analysing of 8&+ degradations and troubleshooting
(orked with ricsson 20, ,*, 1$c and %uawei 70
0ood experience in ricsson 1$-
xperienced with ricsson tools -itrix-20 and ,*
ricsson O$$ xplorer ) -ommon xplorer, Moshell, A,9, -/A
2amiliar with 8&+ statistics evaluation tools
%uawei tool iManager2::: for 70 and ,*
2amiliar with Alcatel and /$/ tools ,6ming, $AM client
.p to date reporting and activities for network ;uality
(R'+I*US ',('RI'!)'
*R$A!I.A&I*!/ $L*"AL &'L' S'R+I)'S
D'SI$!A&I*! / "&S '!$I!''R
('RI*D / !*+'M"'R #0118 :'"RUAR #013
9*" (R*:IL'/ (orked as 2ield Maintenance ngineer for 1harathi
Airtel in 4a3asthan, +ndia
1*$=s sites hunting, 42 survey, checking structure stability of
buildings ) site ac;uisition'
8nowledge of ricsson microwave transmission e;uipments
like A66, /&., *4A22+- /O5, MM., and $M.'
-oordination with /O-, 2M and 5/& *eam for planning and
execution of 1*$ con#guration
Optimi>ation of the /etwork by studying 5aily &erformance
4eports on working parameters likes $5--%, *-%, ) call drop
*esting of 9$(4, 4eturn loose, 1*$ &ower, xternal ) +nternal
*hrough <=s as per *ransmission planning for various sites in
the network'
4esponsible for &lanning and successful completion of
Acceptance *est !A*" and #nal veri#cation of 1*$, cell site=s
50, 1atteries ) 4esistance'
Mobili>ation of allocated vendor teams to cell sites for
installation activities'
-o-ordinate the all installation activities re;uired for cell site
A)AD'MI) (R*9')&
)*M(A! / HI<&')H I!DUS&RI'S
(R*9')& / $SM <"AS'D M*"IL' H'AL&H SS&'M
S)*(' *: &H' (R*9')&? Mobile %ealth $ystem 0M%$" utili>ed in
information technology and medicine as well as beyond state of the art
computer and telecommunication technology' +ts design and development
are based on the application of computer and telecommunication devices
managed by especially developed software=s
Microsoft O@ce !(ord, xcel, &ower&oint"
1asic programming skills !-, cAA,s;l"
('RS*!AL (R*:IL'
5ate of birth ? :<-:B-<BCB
&assport 5etails
&assport no ? D2EF<:B2
&lace of issue ? 8o>hikode
xpiry 5ate ? 2G-:C-2:2:
,anguages known ? nglish ,Malayalam ,%indi ,*amil
".&')H / 'L')&R*!I)S A!D )*MMU!I)A&I*! '!$I!''RI!$
I!S&I&U&' / "HARA&HIAR )*LL'$' *: '!$I!''RI!$ A!D
"A&)H / #007<#011
+ hereby declare that all the information provided above is true to the
best of my knowledge'