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History and Background

Askari Bank was incorporated on October 09, 1991 as a Public Limited Company and is listed
on the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchange. It started its operations from April 01,
1992. The bank was declared as Best Bank in Pakistan in 2001 in
Global Finance. The banks registered office/Head Office is situated in AWT Plaza, The
Mall, P.O.Box No. 1084, Rawalpindi, (Pakistan).

Askari Bank Limited has expanded into a nationwide presence of over a 100 branches,
comprising commercial and Islamic banking branches, connected online and supported by a
network of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). It also enjoys an offshore banking unit in
Bahrain. Over the years, Askari Bank Limited has proven its strength as a leading banking sector
entity with ever increasing commitment to its clients, through a strategic investment in electronic
technology. It has A1+, the highest possible credit rating, for short-term obligation, and AA+ for
long-term rating. Beside day-by-day banking solutions, Askari Bank Limited has a wide range of
Corporate, Consumer, and Islamic
Banking products.

Askari Commercial Bank Limited was the first bank in Pakistan to offer Internet banking
Services and B2B e-commerce (Business to Business electronic Commerce) solutions for
merchants looking to purchase on credit. They believe that balanced growth is the key to survive
in the todays global banking environment.

Awards and Achievements:
Askari Bank continues its success in competition. They have received the Corporate
Excellence Award for the financial sector from the Management Association of Pakistan
(MAP) for the years 2002, 2003 and 2004. They have been given The Best Bank in
Pakistan award by Global Finance magazine twice i.e. for the years 2001 and 2002.
They have been given the Best Consumer Internet Bank award by Global Finance magazine
for the years 2002 and 2003. They won the Euro money and Asia money awards as early as
1994, 1996 and 1997. They won the prestigious Best Presented
Annual Accounts award from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan (ICAP), for the
Services Sector, for the years 2000, 2001and 2002. They have also received ranking prizes
during the last six years from the South Asian Federation of Accountants
(SAFA) for The Best Presented Annual Accounts for the financial sector, in the
SAARC region. In 2007 Askari bank won The Best Consumer Banking Award 2006 for the
third consecutive year from the consumer Association of Pakistan. In 2008, Askari
Bank has been given The Best Retail Banking Award 2008 by Pakistan Guarantee
Export Corporation Ltd.

Functions of ACBL:
ACBL is a commercial bank, which transacts the business of banking in accordance with the
provisions of BCO, 1962. Section 7 of the Act authorizes banks to engage in the prescribed form
of business. In the light of this section ACBLs functions can be categorized as under:
Agency services.
General utility services.
Underwriting of loans raised by the government
Providing specialized services to customers
Accepting deposits

Mission Statement: -
As it is said that an organizations culture, products, services, employees, their attitude,
philosophy, self-concept, markets and environment throws light on the corporate mission, so one
of the business executives at the bank, based on his personal observation and judgment, carved
the following mission of The Askari Commercial Bank Limited as
The mission statement of the bank is:
To be the leading private sector bank in Pakistan with an international presence,
delivering quality services through innovative technology and effective resource
management in a modern and progressive organization culture of meritocracy,
maintaining high ethical and professional standards, while providing enhanced value to all
their stakeholders, and contributing to society

Core Values:
We understand that our commitment to satisfy customers needs must be fulfilled within a
professional and ethical framework. We subscribe to a culture of high ethical standards, based on
the development of right attitudes. We believe in our 'core values' as the essential and enduring
tenets of our organization - the very small set of guiding principles that have a profound impact
on how everyone in the organization thinks and acts. They have an intrinsic value for us and bear
significant importance to all our employees. They are the few extremely powerful guiding
principles; the soul of the organization the values that guide all our actions.
The intrinsic values, which are the corner stones of our corporate behavior, are:

To be the Bank of first choice

From knowing our customers requirements to understanding employee needs, from utilizing
modern technology to making responsible social contributions, from enhancing stake-holders
value to practicing corporate ethics.... We are continuously and consistently striving to address
newer challenges with a single motivation: the power to inspire and be inspired

1. Deliver solutions that meet customer financial needs.
2. Build and sustain a high performance culture.
3. Build trusted relationships with all stakeholders.
4. Build and manage the Banks portfolio of business to achieve strong and
5. Sustainable shareholder return.
6. Create and leverage strategic assets and capabilities for competitive advantage.
7. To facilitate the bank with modern banking technique
8. To accelerate commercial activities and capture large market share.

Code of Business Principles:
Our Code of Business Principles is to:
Deliver solutions that meet customers financial needs
Build and sustain a high performance culture
Build trusted relationships with all stakeholders
Build and manage the Banks portfolio of businesses to achieve strong and sustainable
shareholder returns
Create and leverage strategic assets and capabilities for competitive advantage

Corporate Objectives:
1. To achieve sustained growth and profitability in all areas of business.
2. To build and sustain a high performance culture, with a continuous improvement focus.
3. To develop a customerservice oriented culture with special emphasis on customer care
and convenience.
4. To build an enabling environment, where employees are motivated to contribute to their
full potential.
5. To effectively manage and mitigate all kinds of risks inherent in the banking business.
6. To optimize use of technology to ensure costeffective operations, strengthening of
controls, efficient management information system, enhanced delivery capability, and
high service standards.
7. To manage the Banks portfolio of businesses to achieve strong and sustainable
shareholder returns and to continuously build shareholder value.
8. To deliver timely solutions that best meets the customers financial needs.
9. To explore new avenues for growth and profitability.

Strategic Planning:
To comprehensively plan for the future to ensure sustained growth and profitability.
To facilitate alignment of the Vision, Mission, Corporate Objectives with the business.
To provide strategic initiatives and solutions for projects, products, policies and
To provide strategic solutions to strengthen weak areas and to counter threats to profits.
To identify strategic initiatives and opportunities for profit.
To create and leverage strategic assets and capabilities for competitive advantage.

Code of Ethics and Conduct:
Askari Bank seeks to maintain high standards of service and ethics enabling it to be perceived as
impartial, ethical and independent. In addition to the general guidelines, the following are the
salient features of The Banks code of ethics and conduct.
Presence of a corporate culture that seeks to create an environment where all employees
are treated equitably and with respect.
Employees must carry out their responsibilities in a professional manner at all times.
They must act in a prudent manner and must avoid situations that could reflect
unfavorably on themselves, the Bank or its customers
Employees must commit to the continued development of the service culture in which the
Bank consistently seeks to exceed customers expectations. Fairness, Truthfulness and
Transparency govern our customer relationships in determining the transactional terms,
conditions, rights and obligations.
Employees must safeguard confidential information which may come to their possession
during the discharge of their responsibilities. Respect for customers confidential matters,
merits the same care as does the protection of the Banks own affairs or other interests.
Employees must ensure that know your customer principles are adhered to by obtaining
sufficient information about the customers to reasonably satisfy ourselves as to their
reputation, standing and the nature of their business activities.
Employees must avoid circumstances in which their personal interest conflicts, or may
appear to conflict, with the interest of the Bank or its customers. Employees must never
use their position in the Bank to obtain personal advantage or gain.
Employees must not enter into an agreement, understanding or arrangement with any
competitor with respect to pricing of services, profit rates and / or marketing policies,
which may adversely affect the Banks business.
Employees must not accept gifts, business entertainment or other benefits from a
customer or a supplier / vendor, which appear or may appear to compromise commercial
or business relationship.
Employees must remain alert and vigilant with respect to frauds, thefts or illegal activities
committed within the Bank premises.