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Surveying Laboratory, Civil Engineering Deptt., CWIT Pune 1.

Pract No. 1B
Time ______ am/pm to _____ am/pm
Place CWIT, Pune 1
Finding fore and bac bearing of line! of triangle appl"ing correction for local attraction.
Pri!matice compa!!, ranging rod #$ number, c%al piece! etc.
T%e magnetic needle doe! not point to t%e magnetic
nort% & !eriou!l" deflected from it! normal po!ition in
'icinit" of iron ob(ect, po)er line, magnetic roc! etc.
*uc% t%ing a! )ell angular de'iation of magnetic
needle! in %ori+ontal plane from it ! normal po!ition
due to !uc% t%ing i! called a! local attraction.
,ocal attraction ma" include an" !ource of attraction.
*uc% a! bunc% of e"!, nife, !teel -eamed !pectacle!,
)ri!t)atc%, c%ain rail!, arro)!, clearing a.e, !teel
!tructure, electric/p%one cable!, iron pipe!, railing!,
iron lamppo!t, automobile, /lectronic, gadget! lie cell p%one, pager!, calculator!, electronic
dairie! etc. in t%e 'icinit" of compa!!. 0t a gi'en place local attraction ma" c%ange from !tation
and time to time.
T%e local attraction i! !ome for eac% of barring ob!er'ed at affected !tation!, %ence difference of
bearing of t%e line at t%e !tation! )ill gi'e correct 'alue of angle e'en T%oug%t t%e !tation i!
!ub(ect to t%e local attraction. To detect t%e local attraction ob!er'ed FB & BB of a line, if t%o!e
differ! b" 1123 t%en eit%er bot% of terminal !tation! are free from local attraction or bot% of t%em
are !ub(ected to e4ual local attraction, pro'ided t%ere i! no in!trumental error. If local attraction
at t)o con!ecuti'e !tation! are different t%e FB & BB of a line ob!er'ed from t%o!e !tation! )ill
not differ b" 1123, t%o!e bearing need! to be corrected for local attraction.
Prt I: Mesur!n" #$ % $$ o& '!nes o& Tr(erse
5ar a tra'er!e on ground b" naming it! 'ertice! 0, B, C, 6. in anticloc)i!e direction. 0t !tn.
0 mea!ure FB of 0B and BB of C0, at !tation B mea!ure FB of BC and BB of 0B at !tn. C
mea!ure FB of C0 and BB of BC. T%i! )a" go on mea!uring bearing! at all re!t of t%e tra'er!e
Prt II: Correct!on &or 'oc) Attrct!on
1. T%e procedure of correcting bearing i! al)a"! !tarted from B. B. of an unaffected line.
$. If FB & BB of no line differ b" 1123, t%en bearing of a line )%o!e difference of FB & BB
i! near to 1123 are ad(u!ted to differ b" 1123. If difference of FB &BB for !uc% a line i!
le!! t%an 1123 !a" 1783, t%en add %alf t%e di!crepanc" i.e. 91123 # 1783:/$ ; <2= to eit%er
FB or BB )%ic% i! %ig%er and !ubtract !ame %alf di!crepanc" of <2= from eit%er FB or BB
)%ic% i! lo)er. If difference of FB & BB !uc% a line i! more t%an 1123 !a" 1123<2= t%en
Practical Write ups in Surveying for PTD E CIvil Page 1
Surveying Laboratory, Civil Engineering Deptt., CWIT Pune 1.
!ubtract %alf t%e di!crepanc" i.e. 91123<2=#1123:/$ ; 1>=from eit%er FB or BB )%ic% i!
%ig%er & add !ame %alf di!cripanc" of 1>= to eit%er FB ?- BB )%ic% i! lo)er.
<. Calculation of interairl" included angle!
Interiarl" included angle bet)een t)o line at !tation! i! difference of bearing of t%o!e t)o
line a! of ob!er'ed from t%at !tation. If )e %a'e to find out interiarl" included angle
bet)een line 0B & BC at !tation!. B, t%en )e %a'e to tae difference of bearing 0B &
BC a! ob!er'ed from !tation B. From !tation! B, )e )ill ob!er'ed BB of 0B & FB of
BC, %ence angle 0BC )ill be difference of BB of 0B & FB of BC. If !uc% difference i!
more t%an 1123, t%en 'alue calculated ma" of t%e Corre!ponding e.teriarl" included
angle. T%i! )a" calculate interiarl" included 0ngle at all !tation of clo!e tra'er!e "ou
%a'e condected . Wor out t%erotical !um of included angle u!ing relation @A$N # BC D
823E, )%ere N i! number if !ide of clo!e tra'er!e .!ub!tract t%erotical !um of included
angle from t%ere actual !um To find out t%ere total angular error .If t%i! total angular )it%
in t%e permi!!ible ,imit A ,CDFN C, t%i! di!tribute it among!t all t%e angle in multiple! of
minute! onl" , *uc% t%at t%eir actual !um ; t%eoretical !um .
B. Calculating bearing! corrected for local attraction commencing from BB of unaffected
line & u!ing corrected included angle t%e correct bearing of !ucce!!i'e line are calculated
u!ing formula
FB of ,ine BB of line merging included angle
/merging ; into t%at !tation G bet)een t%o!e
From !tation t)o line!
Plea!e note t%at bearing of line can not be more t%an <H23. If calculated Bearing of line i!
more t%an <H2 3 t%en !ubtract <H23 from it
F.B of a line BC BB of a line 0B included angle 0BC
/merging/!tarting ; merging/ending G i.e. angle bet)een
From !tn. B. in !tn. B line 0B & BC.

For tabulated ob!er'ed & corrected bearing! refer table on page No. FB ___________
Practical Write ups in Surveying for PTD E CIvil Page $