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Career Objective

A senior business analyst with solid experience in finance, corporate development & business strategy, willing to
join a leading executive position in a well reputed organization
Sector Exposure
Worked in F!", health, consultancy and education sector# worked in multinational corporate environment as
well as a freelance financial consultant# $nternational working experience in %A&
Skill Set
'reasury, placements and li(uidity management# feasibility reviews and $nvestments evaluations, divestments and
project exit strategies formulation, liaison with money markets and capital markets, erger & Ac(uisition planning
& restructuring operations analysis, )ero *ase *udgeting# Financial planning# &+, $mplementations# financial
reporting and financial consolidation accounting -$F+. based/, &xpertise in &xcel0based Financial odeling,
1evelopment of internal controls, regulatory compliances for banking and corporate matters
Prominent Accomplishments
anaged transfers and placement of funds for international projects
2iaised with all major financial market players for funding, investment, treasury and risk management of
the company at group level
!oordinated diligence and prepared strategic financial model for corporate restructuring for a prospective
deal worth %.345 mn# !apex of %.3 67mn
!onducted exploratory diligence review in 1ubai, *aniyas, Abu 1habi and Al Ain for new investment
avenues in education sector of %A&
,lanned and prepared financial models for foreign ac(uisitions in ,hilippines, alaysia
anaged a portfolio of international projects worth %.3 899 driven by %.A$1, 1Fi1, A1*, %:$!&F,
!$1A, $1A, .ave the !hildren, ;ohn <opkins %niversity, ;ohn .now $nc, 2A'< etc=
1eveloped scenarios & sensitivity analysis of for ac(uisition of ,ower ,rojects worth %.3 44>mn for a
model developed by the errill 2ynch
1eveloped zero0based budgetary framework as part of the *udget !ommittee and supervised strategic
budgeting for 4>5 business units, 8 divisions and 4> departments=
1eveloped *udget anual of Fiscal 1ecentralization for "ovt= of ,akistan?s 2ocal "overnments
@rdinance A994# 1eveloped cost and funds flow mechanism for ,!04 of $ntegrated <ealth %nit of
"overnment of *aluchistan for vertical programs=
Professional Experiences
Dec 2008 to Date
Compan! "he Cit School #roup
Position! Asset $ana%er &Corporate Development ' Plannin%(
2iaison with money market, funds managers and investors for new funding sources, rate obtainment and
negotiations, market analysis for spreads, interbank and forex rates, margins, float time etc=
,lacements and transfers of funds for international projects# Approvals and reporting to .tate *ank of
,akistan for international funds transfers
$nvolved in mainstream treasury activities including deposits, withdrawals, transfers, placements,
settlements, pooling, netting, sweeping, clearing and +'". operations
+eviews of generation of treasury returns, tax effects, benefits and claw backs etc=
+esponsible for strategic funding portfolio through liaison with capital markets at group level besides
exploring diverse financial products for hedging and risk mitigation
Syed Muhammad Ali Sadiq
Mobile: 00923064408203
E-mail: alisadiq@gmail.com
Skype: sadiqque1
Date of birth: 28/05/1976
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Pakistan
1esigning of structured debts, back0to0back loans for different investment projects
+esponsible for overall asset management and risk management for corporate asset portfolio at all levels
through insurance covers, tagging, physical verifications, inBout controls and other risk management tools
$nvolved in implementation of cash management solutions, cash positioning and li(uidity management,
interfacing for auto0bank reconciliations
Financial modeling and analysis C utilize and apply +@$, :,D, $++, ,ay *ack and !ash Flow analysis
$dentifying drivers of .ales, argins, ,rofit, @perating !ash and AB+
Foreign ac(uisitions B &A and financials consolidations for corporate restructuring assignments
*usiness intelligence reports# @perational risk analysis# arket pricing differential coverage planning
+esponsible for key0metric generation for use of senior leadership=
,repare periodic management reporting packages, identifying business drivers to support strategic
decision making and developing corrective action for underperformance
+esponsible for researching, analyzing and creating presentations related to transaction development
and execution=
Oct 200) * Dec 2008
Compan! Contech +nternational * ,ealth Consultants
Position! $ana%er -inance . -inancial Consultant
.teering of financial goals, strategies and policy making
.pearhead funding, investing and risk management decisions
$nternational and domestic relationship building with investors, bankers etc=
@rganization and strengthening of treasury, accounting, tax, budgeting, audit and F$. systems
,articipation in consortium0based collaborative decisions
:egotiations for international contracts
Advice for independence and related0party issues within the group
2iaison with legalB taxBfinancial advisors, auditors and other stakeholders of the group
+egulatory compliance and registration processes in different authorities e=g= 2!!$, +&A,, F*+ etc=
Oct /000 * Oct 200)
Compan! 1nilever 2estfoo3s 4imite3
Position! E5P Sstem Coor3inator
.upervision of monthly and annual closing of + & 1 information system
.upervision of .hop @rders processing of + & 1 1epartment and !oordination with production
department# 2iaison with engineers and production supervisors for routings definitions
,reparation of plant routings and *ills of aterials for work centers
;oint products cost reporting# .upervision of cycle counting and conduct of stock audits
1evelopment of master data in &+, regarding materials# .E%s, "20Accounts, +esponsibility !enters etc=
$mplemented financials, manufacturing and distributions modules of F"B,ro &+, .ystem
!onducted main integration of ,., +,, 1 and .F! modules of *,!. &+, in coordination with the
planning and production teams
C-A 4evel6/ Charlottesville7 1SA 2008
(Majors: Financial Analysis; Corporate Finance; Portfolio Management Fixed Income Investments;
Derivatives; E!ity Analysis"
$asters in -inance 1niversit of the Punjab7 4ahore7 Pakistan8 200)
(Majors: International Finance# Corporate Finance# P!$lic Finance# Financial Information %ystem"
C8A8 -oun3ation6/ +nstitute of Chartere3 Accountants of Pakistan /009
-ajorsF Financial Accounting, &conomics, *usiness aths & .tats/
Oracle -inancials //i e2usiness SuiteF !ash management, +eceivables, ,ayables, "eneral 2edger,
SAP 5.: 'raining by team of ,ackages 2imited, ,akistan
$-#.Pro E5P! ,roduction, 1istribution, anufacturing modules
2PCS E5PF $:D, 1, !.', A,2, A+2, 1, .F!, +,, ,. modules
Artificial +ntelli%ence Sstems! &xternship for coursework of asters 1egree
Computer Skills
Office Applications! &xcel, Word, ,ower ,oint, Disio, ,roject, @utlook (Expert level)
E5P . -inancial Sstems! @racle Financials, *,!. &+,, F"B,ro &+,, A.B899 &+,, Guick *ooks
&nterprise, ,eachtree Guantum Accounting, H@* Accounting (Expert Level)
2usiness +ntelli%ence Sstems! *usiness +estructuring &xpert .ystem# &+"@ 1ecision .upport
.ystem# &asy :eural :etwork# $nfo!aptor 1ashboard 1esigner# ,alo *$ +eporting .ystem
(Good understanding & working knowledge)