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Work Sheet for Winter Assignment

Class: 9
Subject: History
Lesson No. 1 Assignment No.1
Topic: The Fresh Revolution

Q1. Various thinkers and philosophers and revolutionary figures were instrumental in
bringing about the revolution about which you have read in the chapter? Which of these
impressed you the most. Write few lines about each of them.
Q2. What causes led to the French Revolution? Write the important causes of the revolution
and mention any three of its results.
Q3. Define term society? In how many estates French Society was divided during the late
eighteenth century. write in detail about these estates.
Q4. In the topic The struggle to survive the artist has portrayed the nobleman as the
spider and the peasant as the fly .Explain why?
Q5. From Box 1 on page 12. read the political symbols. Carefully and write a note on each of
them in connection with the French Revolution.
Q6. Who were the Jacobins? Who was their leader? And why did they change their pattern
of dress!
Q7. Why is the period from 1793 to 1794 referred to as the Reign of Terror. What is
Guillotine and Who has invented it?
Q8. Compare the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen of 1971 with the declaration of
rights with Olympe de Gouges in 1973.
Q9. Did women in French Society bring about a revolution. If yes, why?
Q10. Who were Negroes? What was slave trade? When and by whom was slavery finally
abolished in France.
Q11. Write down some important dates with regard to the outbreak of the French
Q12. Which groups of French Society would have gained from the constitution of 1971?
Which group would have reason to be dissatisfied?.
Q13. Who was Nepolean? Explain in your own words the rise of Napolean. In which year he
crowned himself Emperor of France?
Q14. What was the impact of French Revolution on India and other countries of the World.
Q15. Define term Revolution? Write the causes of French Revolution in a story pattern in
your own words.

Assignment No.2


Q1. Who was Karl- Marx? Discuss the role of Karl- Marx in the history of the socialist
Q2. Estimate the Russian Empire in 1914 and write in your own words about the same and
also describe the economy and society of Russian Empire?
Q3. Prepare a time line and show major events in the history of the socialist movement up
to 1919.
Q4. Why were the aims of the socialist movement internationalist in character from the very
beginning? Discuss.
Q5. Read the two views on the revolution in the countryside. Imagine yourself to be a
witness to the events. Write a short account from the stand point of
a. An owner of an estate.
b. A small peasant
c. A journalist
Q6. Collect information regarding the disintegration of USSR at the end of the 20
Discuss its causes.
Q7. What was the role of women in the February Revolution? Write a few lines to show
what you know about Women Workers between 1900 and 1930.
Q8. Describe and Discuss the economic, Social and political conditions of Russia before and
after Revolution?
Q9. Discuss in detail the conditions that brought about Russian Revolution? What were the
main ideas behind it? And what was the impact of the Russian Revolution over the
Q10. Explain the Revolution of October? Write about the changes after October.
Q11. Write a detailed note on the Civil War?
Q12. The Revolution of 1905 was known as a bloody Sunday. Explain why?
Q13. Why did France became a republic? What was its impact on the monarchy?
Q14. Find out more about any one of the Revolutionary figures you have read about in this
Lesson. Write a short biography of this person.
Q15. Go through a few documents connected with the socialist movement and select any
statement for a news - bulletin board display under the heading Ideas of Socialism?