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46 NorCal Reformer Friday, September 19, 2014

International Health Symposium

The NCC is hosting a gathering of health professionals and
medical missionaries from around the globe at the Moriah Heights
starting this Sunday. The meetings are open to NCC members to
attend. Here are some highlights from the program:

Sunday, September 21
9:00 Christs Healing Ministry Liviu Tudoroiu (USA)
10:00 Welcome and Introduction Dragan Ivanov (Serbia)
11:15 Functional Foods Elias Souza (Brazil)
12:15 Living the Abundant Life Lilian Balbach (USA)
3:00 Organizing a Health Fair Marline Balbach & Mariola Dumitru
Monday, September 22
9:00 Christ Makes Men Whole Jorai Cruz (USA)
10:00 Sleep and Health M. Raileanu (Romania)
11:15 Lifestyle and Malignant Diseases Dragan Ivanov (Serbia)
12:15 Healing Oils Cynthia Machuga (USA)
3:00 Fitness for Life Analucia Souza (USA)
4:00 Colon Cancer Prevention Michelle Alexa (Romania)
Tuesday, September 23
9:00 Take Up Thy Bed and Walk David Zic (USA)
10:00 Boosting Your Immunity Naturally Elias Souza (Brazil)
11:15 How to Improve Your Brain Power Dragan Ivanov (Serbia)
12:15 Lifes Lessons: The Entering Wedge Michael Torpey (USA)
3:00 Cooking Schools Marline Balbach & Mariola Dumitru (USA)
Wednesday, September 24
10:00 Safe and Effective Fasting Reiner Kremer (USA)
11:15 Fitness Through Massage Cynthia Machuga (USA)
12:15 Digestion and Autoimmune Diseases Reiner Kremer (USA)
3:00 Keys to Successful Health Ministry Lilian Balbach (USA)
Thursday, September 25
9:00 What is a Medical Missionary? Tobias Stockler (USA)
10:00 Vitamin D & Autoimmune Diseases Ophelia Gherman (USA)
11:15 Colon Health, Body Health Demi Pintea (USA)
12:15 Value of Blood Tests Reiner Kremer (USA)
Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement Northern California Conference
September 21-27, 2014
General Conference
Medical Congress in
Moriah Heights

November 22-23, 2014
Food Bank concert in

December 20-21, 2014
Teen Summit in Moriah

December 20-21, 2014
Childrens Conference in
Moriah Heights
46 NorCal Reformer Friday, September 19, 2014
Friday, September 26
9:00 Social Relationships & Health Dragan Ivanov (Serbia)
10:00 The Obesity Epidemic Ophelia Gherman (USA)
7:00 The Effects of Anxiety and Stress Elias Souza (Brazil)
Sacramento LiveStream: Health Focus

Please join us this Sabbath at 11am PST for the transmission of
the divine service from Sacramento Church. This week the message
will be presented by Dr. Dragan Ivanov, the SDARM General
Conference Medical Missionary Director.
Join us to study what Gods professed people should be doing in
the line of health mission. This study will also be an introduction to
the international health symposium which starts on Sunday.
http://www.youtube.com/sdarmyouthreach contains past
sermons and digital content.
Childrens Conference Rescheduled

In order to maximize attendance and have the maximum effect
for the childrens conference and teen summit the NCC Council has
moved the date for this event to December 20 & 21. More details
will be released shortly. Registration is now open for both events,
which will take place in Moriah
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guidance and companionship when
God offers it to us now. Buy his new
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WNAU Events


External Events
September 21-28, 2014
Spiritual conference in
Nailongo, Uganda

September 26-29, 2014
Spiritual Conference in
Harvey, Western Australia

October 3-5, 2014
Youth convention in Vila
Matilde, Brazil

October 3-5, 2014
Sabbath school seminar
in Vitoria, Brazil

October 3-6, 2014
Youth conference in
Schoelds, New South
Wales, Australia

October 10-12, 2014
Youth convention in
Maringa, Brazil

October 24-26, 2014
Spiritual conference in
Curitiba, Brazil

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