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More and more of the top pro athletes and teams ln football, baseball, basketball and tennls are

turnlng to Kangen
water for that edge they are looklng for.
Only recently, the U.S. Olymplc Skl Team dlscovered Kangen water durlng thelr preparatlon at vall for the Olymplcs,
bought a machlne and took lt to the Olymplcs!
X 8errer RyJrnrien
5uerier lecrrelyre Relenishmenr
lnsrer Muscle Recevery
5rrenger PerIermnnce
7his cenverreJ skeric cnn henesrly sny yeu ewe ir re yeurselI nnJ yeur nrhleres re srnrr rhem en Knngen wnrer seener rnrher rhnn lnrer.
CoIIege Director of Sports Medicine 7ests kangen Water: N0 CRAMPINCl
Pead what Coach Pob woodall says about hls football players who are "crampers".when they drank Kangen water,
they experlenced NO cramplng, yet those players less susceptlble to cramplng who were not drlnklng Kangen water
contlnued to cramp.
xrrncrs: in my 12 yenrs serving ns n cerri6eJ nrhleric rrniner nnJ srrengrh cench, l hnve never seen n reJucr reviJe rhe rye eI resulrs rhnr we
exerienceJ while using rhis reJucr. l hnve nlwnys been n skeric re rhese ryes eI "jusr Jrink rhe wnrer nnJ yeull Ieel grenr" clnims.
we had seven athletes who we classled as "crampers".
we started the week before our 9/26/09 game and contlnued for the rest of the season.
-No cramplng eplsodes from any of the seven durlng thls tlme. we dld experlence cramplng eplsodes from athletes
not on the program.
-They all loved lt because they felt llke they could drlnk and drlnk and never feel bloated.
--went through the whole game and not one athlete cramped. Actually had several of the opposlng teams' players
go down late ln a close game due to cramps.
-|'ve had several athletes say they feel "stronger", "more athletlc" or "llghter on thelr feet"
Hydration & IectroIytes
There are many sports drlnks used to replenlsh electrolytes, such as Gatorade and Power Alde. Although the electrolytes are
replenlshed ln the nulds OUTS|DL the cells, the electrolytes themselves do not necessarlly get enough where you need them:
|NS|DL the CLLLS! Kangen water' provldes NATUPAL electrolytes, but most lmportantly, because of lts mlcro-clusterlng,
Kangen water transports electrolytes lnto the cells slx tlmes more emclently than Gatorade. Gatorade and most other sports
drlnks are acldlc. Acld deprlves the body of necessary nutrlents needed for cell re[uvenatlon, hydratlon and stamlna. Kangen
wa water' better than any other water or drlnk goes deeply lnto the nuld surroundlng the cells and bathes and feeds those
cells thus glvlng them more hydratlon that allows for qulcker recovery, lncreased stamlna and extended energya far more
superlor approach to healthy athletlcs and rapld reductlon of lactlc acld rather than the alternatlve unhealthy Gatorade.
1iIIian MichaeIs - 7he iggest Loser
1llllan Mlchaels, famous welght loss & tness expert, and tralner on N8C's "The 8lggest Loser" recently endorsed
Kangen water' from Lnaglc on Los Angeles KP| AM Padlo Talk Show as the seclo/ lonlzeJ o/ko/lne, mlcro-c/ustereJ
woter people should be drlnklng for welght loss and gettlng thelr bodles back lnto balance.
MuscuIar DeveIopment Magazine
".pH has a profound enect on health, but also on muscle mass. Havlng an acldlc pH not only causes lower muscle
mass, but can also lower plasma levels of |GP-l. Havlng an acldlc pH ls not conduclve to bulldlng muscle."
Leading Pro Sports Nutritionist Picks nagic
ls a Sports Nutrltlonal Consultant for the N8A, NlL, ML8, PGA, LPGA, NA5CAk, NPL,NY YANkLL5, AZ
lAMON8ACk5, PO057ON kOCkL75, the LA OGLk5. He has worked wlth countless famous athletes llke kurt
worner, Morlo 5horoovo, keggle 1ockson, Cynthlo Cooer onJ on onJ on.
After promotlng and counsellng the use of hlgh quallty supplements, enzymes, and problotlcs to the athletlc
communlty for over l5 years, Shan states:
"Drlnklng Kangen water' ls the mlsslng llnk to overall health and performance for athletes."
Perspectlves by an Athletlc Tralner to Hlgh Performance Athletes are studles descrlblng how alkallzlng your body
lmproves performance and endurance and reduces electrolyte loss. Qulck recap:
Study l: |ncreaslng alkallnlty resulted ln 50% lncrease ln sprlnt endurance (2.98 m|nutes vs. 2.00 m|nutes at 95%
maxlmum oxygen lntake (vO2 mox.
SStudy 2: Sprlnt endurance at the hlghest power output (95%) was lncreased 62% (438 seconJs vs. 270 seconJs lot
conttol lf the body ls relatlvely alkallne, and ls l75% greater than an acldlc (ty|col othlete body (160 sec-
Study 3: Sprlnt endurance at the hlghest power output (95 was l35% greater (5.44 m|nutes vetsus 3.13
m|nutes lf the body ls relatlvely alkallne versus acldlc. 8lood plasma ln an acldlc body has less lactlc acld (to nush
from the body through the kldneys) because the lactlc acld appears to be remalnlng ln the muscle tlssue and
glycolysls (metoool|c teleose ol h|h enety comounJs ls lnhlblted.
Study 4: Carbon Dloxlde exhalatlon emclency was 8.7% hlgher ln an alkallne(l,867) versus acld (l,7l7) body.
The acld sub[ects had lower peak oxygen lntake and carbon dloxlde output.
Study 5: Alkallnlty enhances exerclse performance and reduces electrolyte loss. Tlme to fatlgue ls lncreased sub-
stantlally. Llectrolyte nows lnto muscle tlssue more emclently and lactlc acld was nushed out more enectlvely.
MuscIe Soreness
by ove 5., Me/bourne 8eoch, lL
| was lntroduced to Kangen water' 3 months ago and lmmedlately experlenced benets after only one day. | was
complalnlng about muscle soreness and stlnness ln my [olnts for the past 4 weeks, due to an lncrease ln lntenslty
ln my workouts. After drlnklng the water for one day, | awoke the next mornlng to nd 90% of my soreness and
stlnness was gone. | then began to research the sclence behlnd the water lonlzer and was convlnced enough to
purchase the SD50l for myself. After drlnklng the water for 2 more months my cholesterol came down from 255
to l78. My doctor had been trylng to get me on medlcatlon for over 2 years but | refused and trled every natural
wa way | could nd to get lt down. Lvery slx months | would have my blood checked and the doctor told me lt was
stlll hlgh and that | was [ust one of those people who's llver [ust produces too much cholesterol.
After he saw the sudden drop ln my numbers he wanted to know what | had done. | told hlm about the water
and he was very lntrlgued and told me to [ust keep dolng what |'m dolng. | keep drlnklng the water and now
have notlced the arthrltls ln my knees ls less palnful and | can now play sports that | haven't been able to play ln
years such, as 1udo and softball. | now tell everyone about my experlence.
AthIetes Who Drink kangen Water"
Amazlng lmprovements ln performance have taken place for athletes who have lntroduced Kangen water' lnto
thelr llfestyle and tralnlng reglmen. Kangen water' has changed the posslbllltles for numerous athletes. Marathon-
ers are runnlng better tlmes than when they were 20. Hockey players are comlng on the lce wlth no body aches.
Gymnasts are more nexlble. Lven weekend warrlors are gettlng better muscle denltlon wlth less straln.
There are numerous enects that Kangen water can provlde for muscular movement, performance and nexlblllty.
Lvery breath you take, every tlme a muscle contracts, there are metabollc aclds that are produced, such as lactlc
and pyruvlc acld. The presence of these aclds creates a burnlng sensatlon ln the muscle, muscle fatlgue and
muscle weakness. Thls prevents further exertlon of the muscle untll recovery takes place.
The more water that you have avallable ln the tlssues, the easler lt ls for these aclds to be removed from the
muscle tlssue. Thls can hasten recovery tlme and lessen mlcro scar tlssue and weakness from the metabollc aclds.
when thls water ls Kangen water', then the hlgher alkallnlty wlll reduce acldlc resldue even further and faster,
wlth less posslblllty of ln[ury. Athletes and tralners know that even small changes ln pH can really anect perfor-
mance, because muscles do thelr best work ln a very narrow pH range. Thls ls why when metabolltes lower pH,
muscle functlon ls reduced and the productlon of ATP energy ls also reduced. So the more acldlty that ls present,
the less muscles can the less muscles can contract. Lven the electrlcal stlmulus necessary for peak performance drops slgnlcantly.
Fitness and HeaIth
The lmportant thlng to know ls that [ust because an athlete ls t, doesn't mean he's healthy. |n fact, many athletes
suner from chronlc ln[ury, lnnammatory dlsorders, even early cancer. The hlgh level of metabollc aclds chronlcally
present ln muscle tlssue could be a strong factor. Comblnlng Kangen alkallne water wlth an alkallne-dense dlet ls
the answer. 8y lncreaslng alkallnlty and reduclng acldlc byproducts, the body's bunerlng systems can work more
emclently and enectlvely.
7he ects 0f kangen Water"
Super Hydration and AthIetic Performance
The super hydratlon that ls the hallmark of restructured Kangen water' makes performance amazlng. Llectrlcal
slgnallng ls llghtenlng fast, more oxygen gets to the cell lncreaslng vO2 max and acldlc waste that ls often stored
ln fat cells ls easlly removed. And thls type of hydratlon ls unlque because lt reaches every cell. Hydratlon drlnks
used by athletes have hlgh levels of acldlty, whlch rob the body of alkallnlzlng mlnerals and steal vltal calclum
from bones, cartllage and tlssues. The restructurlng of the water also means lt ls absorbed lnto tlssues faster than
any other type of water. And all the mlnerals are already present ln the water and ln a form that every cell has
access to.
IndividuaI xampIes and ProfessionaI Verication
woJe Llghtheort, 3 -7lme ConoJlon Noturo/ 8oJybul/Jlng Chomlon
wwade came back after several years of retlrement from body-bulldlng to wln the Canadlan Natural 8odybulldlng
Champlonshlp. He has wrltten a book about hls experlence wlth Kangen water and has sald that wlthln days of
drlnklng the water, he lost a slgnlcant amount of body fat and was able to traln more than double hls peak
volume levels wlth no paln, no fatlgue and no lnnammatlon. wade shares hls personal success story uslng Kangen
water' as well as the sclence behlnd HOw thls remarkable water works. He also presents crltlcal lnformatlon about
hydratlon, dehydratlon, acld-alkallne balance, and the role of free radlcal damage ln relatlon to sports ln[ury. He
sh shows how others can use Kangen water " to dramatlcally speed up recovery tlmes, lmprove vO2 MAX (oxygen
carrylng capaclty), and decrease the chance of ln[ury.
5hon 5trotton, 5orts Nutrlono/ Consu/tont
Shan ls a Sports Nutrltlonal Consultant for the N8A, NPL, ML8, PGA, LPGA, NASCAP, NHL,N ANKLLS, AZ D|A-
MOND8ACKS, HOUSTON POCKLTS, LA DODGLPS, etc. He has worked wlth countless famous athletes llke Kurt
warner, Marla Sharapova, Peggle 1ackson, Cynthla Cooper and on and on.
He states that drlnklng Kangen water' ls the mlsslng llnk to overall health and performance for athletes after
promotlng and counsellng the use of hlgh quallty supplements, enzymes, and problotlcs to the athletlc com-
munlty for over l5 years.
Shan researched Lnaglc's Kangen water, even trylng lt hlmself before endorslng the Kangen water lonlzer. Shan
met wlth Lnaglc's executlve stan and sclentlsts, and personally lnvestlgated the lntegrlty of both the company
and the products.
The reason for thls ls that he has tremendous lntegrlty at stake wlth hls lnvolvement wlth so many hlgh pow-
ered sports gures and coaches lnternatlonally. Shan ls known lnternatlonally for hls tralnlng sesslons and cor-
porate speaklng events as a nutrltlonlst, a sports supplementatlon speclallst, and a renowned motlvatlonal
Shan ls commltted to the mlsslon of changlng the "slck care" of Amerlca and the world over to a true Health &
wellness Care system. He ls passlonate about belng an |nternatlonal speaker helplng educate the world about
the tremendous health benets of drlnklng alkallzed, antloxldant-charged, super-hydratlng Kangen water'
from the only company that has the seal of approval from the 1apanese medlcal communlty.
5uson Lork, M, 7he Chemlstry of 5uccess: 5ecrets of Peok Performonce
|n her book, The Chemlstry of Success: Secrets of Peak Performance, Susan Lark, MD, talks about the role of
acld/alkallne balance ln peak performance and health. The followlng ls her assessment of alkallne water.
""The benets of the alkallne water created through electrolysls far exceed [ust lts ablllty to gently ralse the pH
of the cells and tlssues of the body and to neutrallze aclds. 8ecause the alkallne water has galned a slgnlcant
number of free electrons through the electrolysls process, lt ls able to donate these electrons to actlve oxygen
free radlcals ln the body, thereby becomlng a super antloxldant. 8y donatlng lts excess free electrons, alkallne
water ls able to block the oxldatlon of normal tlssue by free oxygen radlcals."
She She contlnues by notlng that another slgnlcant benet of the electrolysls process ls that the cluster slze of
the alkallne water ls reduced by about 50 percent from the cluster slze of tap water. "Thls allows lonlzed alka-
llne water to be much more readlly absorbed by the body, thereby lncreaslng the water's hydratlng ablllty and
lts ablllty to carry lts negatlve lons and alkallzlng enect to all the cells and tlssues of the body.
"|f you are overly acldlc, an alkallne water devlce can provlde a safe, gentle, and enectlve way of restorlng the
pH balance of all the cells ln your body as well as provldlng excess free electrons to act as super antloxldants,"
Lark recommends.
Most people, lncludlng most athletes, do not consume enough alkallne mlneral-rlch foods, such as nuts, frults,
and vegetable. |nstead thelr dlets contaln hlgh amounts of acld-formlng foods, such as meat, sh, poultry,
eggs, and dalry. 8ecause of thls dletary lmbalance, they may be at rlsk for lncreased acldosls that anects over-
all health and sports performance.
Slnce proper hydratlon ls also a key factor ln preventlng exerclse fatlgue, consumlng lonlzed Kangen water
before, durlng and after exerclse can help.
||n addltlon to a compromlsed performance, not consumlng enough water can lead to muscle cramps, general
tlredness, and a lack of coordlnatlon.
|n short, nn nrhlere whe is nJequnrely hyJrnreJ will nlmesr nlwnys erIerm berrer rhnn ene whe is ner.