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Globalization and Interdependence

benefts of globalisation are not equitably and evenly distributed ,

the world based on capitalist system runs with afuence of the rich
countries and impoverishment of the poor countries -the resultant
inequality is the frst challenge of globalisation
Globalization has brought benefts and opportunities for many
people in many parts of the world. owever, many others have
been e!cluded from its positive impact. "!treme poverty remains a
daily reality for more than # billion people who subsist on less than
$# a day. %ore than &'' million people have too little to eat to meet
their daily energy needs.
subsistance of one dollar a day
Inequality between countries and within countries has also
increased and global environmental ris(s have increasingly become
a matter of global concern. )romoting a coherent approach to policy
ma(ing through greater coherence and co-ordination is essential to
ensuring that the benefts of globalization are e!panded and spread
more broadly and that its potentially negative e*ects are
institutional mechanism and governance has not been
strengthened with globalisation of information -trade and fnances
-that is the second big challenge of globalisation
globalization of production, fnance and information, among others,
has not been matched by a corresponding reshaping of institutional
mechanisms. +ddressing this institutional and governance gap is
the second great challenge of globalization.
global enforcement mechanism
,ith its universal membership the General +ssembly is particularly
well placed to serve as a forum for building consensus on how to
better manage globalization in order to promote development.
Globalization and interdependence has been included on the
agenda of the "conomic and -inance ./econd0 1ommittee of the
General +ssembly since #222, following a igh-3evel 4ialogue held
on #5 and #& /eptember #22& on the social and economic impact of
globalization and interdependence and the policy implications.
6he General +ssembly debates and in particular the special events
of the General +ssembly /econd 1ommittee have provided a forum
for e!change of views among %ember /tates and have helped to
forge a global consensus on actions which need to be ta(en at the
global, regional and national level to turn globalization into a
positive force for development that benefts all. -or its 7''& debate,
the General +ssembly requested the /ecretary-General in resolution
879#22 to prepare a report on the on the :
Impact of globalization on the achievement of the internationally
agreed development goals, including the
%illennium 4evelopment Goals; under the broader theme of
:Globalization and interdependence;.
Global Interdependence 1enter 6he Global Interdependence 1enter
.GI10 is a )hiladelphia based non-proft organization that holds
conferences and programming to increaseglobal dialogue and
promote free trade, in order to improve cooperation and
understandingamong nation states, with the goal of
reducinginternational con<icts and improving worldwide living
standards.=#> 4r. ,illiam 1. 4un(elberg serves as 1hairman and
"rin artshorn serves as the "!ecutive 4irector.=7>
increased global cooperation
removing con<icts